Davis, Dick C. II and Laday-Davis, Lisa L. to Schultz, Craig and Joni, 11915 N. 178th Circle, $525,000.

Kronaizl Investments to Fredricks, Aaron L., 14909 Hanover St., $444,437.

Good Life Homes to Smith, Jerall and Redinbaugh, Misty, 12812 N. 182nd St., $391,000.

Carrillo, Joel J. and Diony M. to Frerichs, Brittian and Breanna, 7210 N. 153rd Circle, $335,000.

Heggen, Marcy J. and James A. to Hunter, Kendra K. and Kuhns, Corey L., 9016 N. 159th St., $228,000.

Jurgens, Sara and Storovich, Trevor to Monteith, Sarah, 7905 N. 155th St., $204,000.

Fredricks, Aaron L. to Gompert, Matthew and Katrina, 14460 Knudsen St., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes to Klug, Jered L. and Melody R., 7810 N. 147th St., $157,600.

Bradley, David C. II and Kayla N. to Schaffer, Glen and Bueltel, Theresa, 14533 Grebe St., $147,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Avenell, Jason L. and Alyssa L., 12124 N. 178th Circle, $135,000.

NS-NEWHILL LLC to Fools Inc., 18111 Ford St., $49,000.

NS-NEWHILL LLC to Charleston Homes, 18432 Stargrass Road, $42,000.


Crown LTD to Newman, Marie M., 19013 Cuming Circle, $430,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Wike, Scott A. and Melissa K., 1732 S. 221st St., $404,000.

Schnack, Rob A. and Kay to Halbleib, Cole B., 827 S. 184th St., $319,900.

Starmer, Heather D. to Soejoto, Cory and Caela, 18610 Marcy St., $297,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Todd Menard Construction, 2307 S. 218th Ave., $255,000.

Weel, Brenden B. and Alison A. to Bohnker, Joni and Wheeler, Jason R., 1220 N. 207th Circle, $217,000.

Von Dollen, Daniel L. to Dittrich, Jerome R. and Mary B., 20070 Gateway Road, $153,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Grojean, Christopher R. and Angie, 2369 S. 218th Ave., $95,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2421 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Cypress Group Inc., 22002 Kent Circle, $78,750.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2442 S. 219th St., $76,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Cypress Group Inc., 2302 S. 220th Circle, $76,500.

EVE LLC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 19310 Binney St., $59,950.


Schulz, Charles H., personal representative, to Carper, James F. and Laura A., 125 E. Vass St., $83,000.


Kennedy, Kathryn J. and Shawn to Ebel, Robin and Bradfield, Adam, 501 Lakehurst Drive, $306,000.


Hatterle, Steven A. and Stephanie J. to 60th and NW Radial LLC, 6028 Binney St., $170,000.

Stalheim, Nicholas R. to Moser, Robert E., 2302 N. 67th Ave., $72,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to SLCA LLC, 3340 N. 56th St., $64,500.


Hippen, Charlene E. to Pallas, Amber and Brunt, Julian, 1314 S. 35th Ave., $200,000.

McKenny, Thomas C. and Carmen M. to Evers, John J., 4320 Barker Ave., $147,500.

Hughes, Justus M. and Ashten to Uhlig, Ronald and Alison, 3401 Martha St., $102,000.

Maliszewski, John J. to Apache Properties, 2916 Martha St., $72,750.


Lanoha, Lindsay to Hager, Matthew, 5819 Mason St., $160,000.

Bockerman, Brent C. and Kristine M. to Aksarben Properties, 1359 S. 56th St., $120,000.


Tourek, William J., trustee for Tourek, Joseph E. Trust to Hippen, Keith, 4022 S. 13th St., $60,000.


Toro, Chasity to Johnson, John, 4133 Maple St., $49,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Marmie, William R. Jr. and Kim, Kyounghee, 4303 Parker St., $42,250.

Legacy Partners LLC to Fanning, Dustin H., 4226 Ohio St., $22,000.

Just Right Homes to Arellano, Timoteo, 3917 Blondo St., $20,000.


First National of Nebraska Community Development Corp. to Foye, Lena C., 3036 Vane St., $68,000.

Hicks, James C. to Verbeek, Robbie D., 2429 Whitmore St., $67,000.


Patzlaff, Stacey J. and Quinton G. to Ziskey, Joseph R. and Christina L., 1916 N. 103rd Ave., $175,000.

Hardiman, Stacie K. and Jirka, Phillip A. to Melino, Michelle C. and Yerkes, Christopher M., 1730 N. 106th St., $159,900.


Couchonnal, Luis F. and Julie K. to Subramaniapillaie, Ravikumar and Sundaram, Umasankari, 2912 N. 161st St., $390,000.

Gleason, Milton L. and Deborah K. to Bristol, Mark S., 15101 Hartman Circle, $365,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Shanahan, Kuhneena and Scott, 15480 Ogden Circle, $274,136.

RME Properties to Klabunde, Rocky J., 16303 Ohio St., $234,000.

Hinman, Timothy G. and Becky to Incontro, Nicholas T. and Courtney T., 15202 Butler Ave., $200,000.

Despain, Devin E. and Amy J. to Miller, Kimberly L. and Lee A., 16547 Meredith Ave., $195,000.

Tulley, Gregory A. and Charlene R. to Shellabarger, Paul V. and Shelly A., 14514 Grand Ave., $190,000.

Hausman, David L. and Laura A. Trust to Schmitt, John M. and Leesa C., 4227 N. 172nd Ave., $152,000.

Roach, Samuel P. to Meyer, Craig J. and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri L., 16406 Camden Ave., $145,500.

Horak, Katie M. and Jeff to Mead, Corey and Robyn, 16922 Redman Ave., $142,000.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 3306 N. 164th St., $79,900.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15270 Crown Point Ave., $44,950.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 15480 Ogden Circle, $40,000.


Acosta, Blanca to Schlotfeld, Joshua G., 4713 S. 51st St., $109,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REOCO Inc., 5029 S. 49th St., $97,646.

Bawld Guy Note Fund LLC to Black Diamond Properties, 4456 S. 62nd St., $35,000.


Gaebler, David M. and Maria K. to Rosenberger, Michael J. and Stephanie L., 16320 Decatur Circle, $235,000.


Kuhr, Matthew O. and Miranda E. to Dinslage, Kyle and Savannah D., 10613 Baker St., $167,000.

Bernard, David G. and Jessica R. to Polinko, Cherith A., 7512 N. 77th Terrace, $127,000.


Bolander, Nicholas B. and Michaela A. to Banaszek, Mallory K., 2915 S. 76th Ave., $137,500.

Pondelis, Nan, trustee for Pondelis Living Trust to Shurter, Joanne C. Trust, 3003 Paddock Plaza, $88,500.


Kettleson, Alicia N. to Jones, Justin W., 5212 S. 82nd St., $140,000.

Slepicka, Craig to Thomits, James R. and Kathleen M., 7615 Serum Ave., $128,000.

Markus, Sean E. to Yost, Thomas V. and Debra J., 8008 Main St., $92,000.


Widhalm Custom Homes to Mowery, Kevin W. and Cynthia, 3336 S. 188th St., $439,020.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to TAB LLC, 16105 Shirley St., $117,501.


Midtown Properties to Peters, Ryan and Kristina, 403 N. 38th St., $75,000.


Sipos, Eric J. and Jennifer L. to Vavra, Benjamin R. and Erin, 5115 Nicholas St., $235,000.

C Street LLC to Lund, Jay, 5014 Chicago St., $179,000.


Anderson, Adam C. and Pamela to Winfrey, Deisha J. and Ronald W., 9692 Ames Ave., $145,000.

Costanzo, Janice K. to Gordon, Sarah E., 9918 Evans St., $132,000.

Piechota, Matthew P. and Kami L. to Bauer, Brittany L., 7805 Curtis Ave., $125,000.

Melski, Maria and Mieczyslaw to TRI LLC, 9211 Grand Ave., $91,000.

Reed, Margaret R. to Marti, David D. and Andrew D., 2621 N. 79th St., $88,000.

Faulkner, Anthony and Maria to Gbadoe, Dodji, 3109 N. 95th St., $78,000.

McNew, Alex to Thrasher, Randall, 8941 Miami St., $64,000.


Ancona, Michael J. Trust to Parker, Michael S. and Whitney-Parker, Ruth A., 4511 S. 167th Ave., $581,000.

Fillbach, Kimberly J. to Hall, Welsey W. and Ann W., 6208 S. 181st St., $320,000.

Stichler, Cole G. and Katie L. to Boring, Shane L. and Kimberly C., 19323 G St., $320,000.

Griencewic, Jennifer L. and Dennis E. to Hawkins, Brian M. and Lori A., 5404 S. 163rd Ave., $315,000.

Vyhlidal, John C. and Sandie K. to Burr, Oliver A. and Britten, Allison J., 17529 Y St., $295,000.

Fools Inc. to Meraz, Robert M. and Lynnelle J., 6022 S. 195th St., $288,567.

Richland Homes to Vamalur, Veeraraghavalu, 18561 Drexel St., $229,665.

Maxwell, Joseph L. and Alyssa to Vrba, Joseph A. and Burton, Christina M., 19639 V St., $148,500.

Boring, Kimberly C. and Shane L. to Eastwood, Matthew A. and Lacey J., 19006 S Circle, $147,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Byrd Properties, 19479 T St., $120,600.

Zeb, Shahzad to Bangert, Elizabeth and Joseph G., 18157 Hayes Court, $105,500.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18524 Cinnamon St., $39,500.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 6302 S. 185th Ave., $38,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18303 Drexel St., $38,900.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 18343 Polk St., $32,950.


Record, Richard L. and Diane M. to Bowles, Michael N. and Kayla S., 14334 Polk Circle, $157,000.

Green, Kathleen, trustee for Kujawa, Diane A. Trust to Saucedo, Rene Jr., 13579 Y St., $156,900.

Dinslage, Kyle J. and Savannah to Loeffler, James M. and Alicia J., 13515 Washington Circle, $143,500.

O’Grady, Jacquelyn R. to Bisaillon, Brett and Jill L., 4414 S. 154th Circle, $130,100.

Boyd, Matthew P. and Debra L. to Blue Jay Development, 12911 Old Cherry Road, $121,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 5017 S. 128th St., $108,200.


Gascoigne, Carolyn E. Trust to Turille, Emil A. and Melinda A. Trust, 11751 Whitmore St., $493,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hentschke, Kurt W., 7457 N. 139th St., $194,450.

Celebrity Homes to Brown, Megan M. and Robert, 14201 Vane St., $164,900.

Simpson, Jennifer and Springer, Jon to Braun, Priscilla and Scott, 7455 N. 111th St., $163,000.


Altman, William J. and Danielle to Herold, Lance J. and Debra K., 13852 Frances St., $224,000.

Workman, David C., trustee for Workman, Elaine A. Trust to Boesch, Michael P. and Angela J., 3008 S. 113th St., $171,750.

Koel, James S. and Foehlinger, Tami to Woitzel, Tracy L., 3413 S. 152nd St., $165,500.

Beran-Kinyanjui, Jennifer to Forney, David, 2828 S. 146th St., $158,500.

RJL Real Estate 2 LLC to Yanke, Jerry, 15267 Ontario St., $149,000.

Honke, Emily E. to Frantz, Benjamin and Wittenburg, Blair, 2718 S. 118th St., $133,000.

Russavage, Jacob P. and Dugdale, Tamika J. to O’Connor, John and Linse, Amanda L., 13732 Wright St., $130,000.

Cabral, Joseph L. and Mary C. to West Realty Solutions LLC, 2923 S. 135th St., $127,000.

Stamps, Virginia M. to Muci Enterprize LLC, 2430 S. 123rd St., $113,000.

Carson, Wyatt D. and Ranie N. to Gegzna, Mason M. and Molly M., 12224 Bel Drive, $106,500.

Floersch, Katherine A. to Chamberlain, Catherine S., 12609 C St., $103,000.

Kingswood Estates to Ridgeland Homes, 3136 S. 133rd St., $41,900.


SAS Properties to Macdissi, Bonnie and Fox, Susan, 515 S. 119th St., $266,500.

McNeil Co. to Aufenkamp, Joshua R. and Kara M., 1420 N. 135th St., $200,000.

Engel, Michael R. and Elizabeth A. to Villalongo, Kevin O. and Rosario, Milka L., 12335 Decatur St., $200,000.

Carper, James F. and Laura A. to Jirka, Phillip and Stacie, 1129 N. 153rd Ave., $194,000.

Mohr, Adam R. and Rachel A. to Mohr, William H., 1421 N. 155th Ave., $185,000.

Deutsche Bank to ASA Properties, 1605 N. 144th Ave., $114,500.

Robbins Consulting and Management Co. to Mistry, Satyam and Bhargav, 816 N. 123rd Court, $113,000.


Groninga, Amy J. and Nathan B. to Kaufman, Nathaniel D. and Ashley N., 13511 Hillsborough Drive, $223,500.

Pugmire, Jonathan R. and Heather D. to Schulz, Jeffrey L. and Stacey L., 13950 Ames Ave., $215,000.

Ponec, John R. and Tracy J. to Hahn, Raylee H. and Brittney B., 11441 Sunburst St., $170,000.

Huber, Bryan A. to Smith, Dustin L., 2105 N. 129th St., $140,000.

Ziskey, Joseph R. and Christina L. to McNeese, Luke V., 5018 N. 126th Ave., $136,500.

Plantz, Brian E. and Jill to R & B Enterprises, 13018 Fowler Circle, $115,000.

Sitti, Elliott A. and Sena V. to Mellor, Tami S., 2335 N. 113th St., $105,000.



Martin, Adolph R. and Rita K. to Zart, Catherine A., 2110 Main St., $128,000.

Whitmire, James M. and Wingard, Sherri to Whitmire, Elijah, 2213 Woodbine Ave., $112,000.

Gillett, Joseph M. to Bills, Matthew A. and Kimberly N., 2802 Columbus Ave., $107,000.

Burnett, Anne K., trustee for Dennis, Judith A. Trust to McIntire, Marjorie A., 301 Lorraine Drive, $155,000.

Johnson, Scott L. and Dayle A. to Lassiter, Bonnie D. and Robert L., 403 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $155,000.


Charleston Homes to Herbolsheimer, John R. and Laura D., 11409 S. 173rd St., $236,000.

Weeder, Clint and Hollie to Craven, Scott and Sarah, 11718 S. 211th St., $211,000.

Zych Construction to Lovstad, John E. and Corliss L., 19001 Hampton Drive, $438,000.

BT Properties LLC to Bennett, Dennis A. and Sherry A., 21429 Parkview Drive, $214,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Showcase Homes, 7915 S. 194th St., $53,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 8125 S. 194th St., $53,000.


Southbrook Development to Baranko Construction, 11714 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Riggle, William J. and Roberta E. to Armstrong, Jacob C., 1204 Laport Drive, $173,000.

James, William L. and Nancy J. to Linear, Tavares and Tanya, 1324 Scott Road, $205,000.

Griffin Homes to Reed, Dondi W. and Jasmine, 7442 Reed St., $418,000.

Wilen, John G. and Madelyn T. Trust to Schure, Ryan E. and Rachel K., 805 N. Polk St., $284,000.


Klusaw, Anna M. to Klusaw, Kenneth E., 16815 W. Highway 31, $19,000.


Glenn, Terry J. and Corrin N. to McRae, Kalem and Ashley, 1020 Parkway Drive, $106,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Showcase Homes, 13710 S. 49th St., $50,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Sierra Homes, 13711 S. 48th St., $43,000.

Pivonka, Elaine, personal representative for Haas, Diane J. Estate to Girgis, Amgad F. and Morgan, 2007 Yorktown St., $126,000.

Mills, Kathleen A. to DeVries, Daniel P. and Jessica L., 2706 Alpine Circle, $198,000.

Meyer, Jerome R. to Meyer, Jerome R. and Stutts, Rebecca D. 3406 Scott Drive, $79,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Dynasty Homes, 5266 Waterford Ave., $80,000.

Lacy, John L. II and Samantha E. to Pieper, Ryan T. and Andrea L., 837 Bordeaux Ave., $158,000.

Rowe, Eugene L. and Joan W. to VanLeuven, Jason and Michelle, 9704 S. 25th Ave., $200,000.

Kha, John C. to Haugland, Tyler L. and Michelle R., 9903 S. Ninth Ave., $173,000.


Callahan, Joshua and Lori to Garcia, Ebely, 7029 Michelle Ave., $185,000.

Hoevet, Owen R., personal representative for Hoevet, Linda A. Estate to Miller, Paul J. and Jenny L., 7608 Susan Ave., $115,000.

Tunink, Corey D. and Melissa L. to James, Scott D. and Shafer, Ann M., 8209 S. 104th St., $289,000.

Eastwood, Tobin L., personal representative for Eastwood, Terryl B. Estate to Sedlak, Michael and Sharon, 8801 Bayberry Road, $101,000.

Celebrity Homes to Slaughter, Jason and Angela, 9910 S. 203rd St., $220,000.


Tucker, William D. and Misty L. to Kalbach, David, 1514 Raleigh Circle, $160,000.

Hamad, Mahmoud H. and Mary L. to Williams, Jeffrey R. and Megan B., 2008 Dana Lane, $211,000.

Strabbing, David A. and Audra to Moran, Dennis and Janet, 2112 Crest Ridge Drive, $315,000.

Den Hoed, Timothy R. and Danielle M. to Hayes, Erica and Jonathan, 303 Castle Pine Drive, $285,000.

Charleston Homes to Garcia, Randy Q. and Sarah J., 4712 Brook Circle, $322,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ansu, Franklin and Rita, 6803 Elm Hurst Drive, $202,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fischer, Daniel C. and Jennifer E., 8537 S. 68th Circle, $212,000.


JMF LLC to Brian Carder Construction, 11007 S. 175th St., $76,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Amouzou, Koffi, 16601 Meridian St., $205,000.

Gerdes, Lowell R. and Twyla D. Trust to Espinosa, Joann, 17476 Riviera Drive, $206,000.

Gove, Travis C. to Owen, Garrett, 18013 Gertrude St., $178,000.

TJL Consulting Inc. to Santos-Dejesus, Miguel L. and Caroline T., 18660 Summit Circle, $353,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Spence, Teri P., 7738 S. 162nd St., $217,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to B Properties LLC, 12833 Chandler St., $104,000.

Fleming, James A. and Sarah to Sawyer, Nathan J., 13603 Slayton St., $135,000.


Gerren, Michael J. and Tammy L., co-personal representatives for Gerren, Warren G. Estate to Satriano, John M. and Tricia A., 7635 S. 39th Ave., $105,000.

Masters, Daniel J. and Jamie J. to Martin, Adolph R. and Rita K., 9204 S. 17th St., $225,000.



Tweedy, Anne M. and Richard R. to Francisco, Magdalena, 3523 Scott Drive, $20,000.

U.S. Bank to Danielsen, Fritrena R. and Richard V., 505 N. 35th St., $80,500.

Wilson, Craig and Lynda to Hartman, Linda and William E., 1319 Lenox Circle, $264,000.

Faust, Patricia L. and Richard J. to Mowery, Steven, 2015 Ave. F, $100,500.

Midas Holdings LLC to King, Kevin S., 2223 Ave. G, $86,000.

Vanderwerf, Matthew and Sara to Richey, Jacqueline R., 918 Fourth Ave., $100,000.

Riveros, Ricardo to Prine, Christina L. and Michael L., 3730 Fourth Ave., $79,500.


Mikel USA to Meeker, Anthony S., 813 McKenzie Ave., $90,000.

Reed, Lillian K. to Kriley, Mark S., 312 N. Ninth St., $46,500.

Hewett, Jill and Michael to Moore, Ashley and Bryan, 1318 Larchmont Drive, $239,000.

Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Girres, Christopher J. and Sarah E., 502 Sierra Drive, $75,500.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 2326 Thallas St., $132,000.

Gaut, Amy C. Trust to Boese, Clifford K. and Deanna, 17704 Garrett Circle, $590,000.

Roane, Jennifer and Nathan to Brannan, Roger A. and Tanya, 713 Ridge Road, $158,000.

Morrow, Mary K. and William E. III to Campbell, Harriett L. and Joseph M., 21253 Ashwood Lane, $641,000.

Crilly, Cara and Karis to Benedict, Alysia K. and Andrew M., 16801 State Orchard Road, $170,000.

Commers, James R. and Jeanette M. to Williams, Lori K. and Michael L., 234 Frank St., $134,000.


Madden, Marie D. and Corey D. to Bryant, Kacie, 813 N. Chestnut St., Avoca, $86,000.


Prine, Daniel J. and Diane L. to Kiser, Allison K. and Mayer, Richard E. Jr., 511 Crescent Drive, Crescent, $162,000.


Wiech, Christopher E. and Jennifer S. to A & N Enterprises, 111 Mulberry Circle, Neola, $310,000.

Schneckloth, Beth A. and Roger R. to Schierbrock, Kelly A. and Michael J., 30632 Tamarack Road, Neola, $32,500.


Cole, Andrew and Peggy to Bailey, Sarah A. and Sean M., 917 Scenic Drive, Oakland, $135,000.

Groh, Carl W. and Tammy L. to Schwartzkopf, Guy and Sieren, Michaela, 40876 Lombardy Road, Oakland, $267,500.

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