Barr Homes to Redmond, Christopher and Jennifer, 16309 Craig Ave., $366,297.

Pacesetter Homes to Homann, Derek B. and Jennifer L., 7333 N. 154th Ave., $348,648.

Sherwood Homes to Dugan, Pamela S. and Masilko, William J., 8635 N. 169th St., $313,198.

Denker, Beau E. and Erin R. Trust to Shah, Imam J. and Nazia, 9008 N. 157th St., $262,750.

Cizek Development Inc. to Bonella, Gloria M. Trust, 17015 S. Reflection Circle, $235,000.

West, Craig D. and Lindsey to Schroen, Joseph E. and De Sales Schroen, Mary, 14851 Mormon St., $193,500.

Camgrave LLC to Heller, Sharon K., 8614 N. 159th Court, $190,000.

Camgrave LLC to English, Lyn M., 15959 Clay Plaza, $185,500.

Concannon, Craig A. and Susan L. to Griffith, Daniel R., 15306 Young St., $138,000.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Moyer, Matthew S. and Karen, 20924 Cedar St., $769,373.

Advantage Development to Wilson, Joseph A. and Nichole R., 1893 Blue Sage Parkway, $572,131.

Hildy Construction to Tierney, Todd A. and Jean M., 19317 Ruggles Circle, $380,000.

Paradise Homes to Kriha, Jeffrey L. and Margaret A., 20807 William St., $360,734.

Hildy Construction to Kudirka, Tom and Wannette, 20706 Boyd St., $355,000.

Trademark Homes to McKernan, Colin J. and Brittany J., 1606 S. 207th St., $326,772.

Pacesetter Homes to Eckert, Gregory A., 3807 N. 189th St., $301,804.

Dave Paik Builders to Carritt, Megan C., 1130 N. 184th St., $278,484.

Charleston Homes to Kissinger, Danny J. and Christine M., 20616 Larimore Ave., $264,082.

McLeay, James to Garrett, James N. and Sandra M., 18821 Jones St., $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to New Leaf Properties, 18619 Mason St., $245,365.

Charleston Homes to Brooks, Dustin L. and Candice D., 20906 Emmet St., $228,100.

Good, Todd C. to Sorensen, Lori A., 1509 N. 209th St., $195,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Pohland Custom Homes, 21979 Brookside Ave., $130,000.

Pascoe, Troy and Melissa to Potter, Travis, 21210 Old Coach Road, $125,000.

Winterburn, Elaine K. to Cohn, Jonathan M. and Amber, 3419 Gateway Road, $115,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Ames, Stephen and Zender-Ames, Constance, 2259 S. 218th Ave., $103,500.

Pacific Windgate II to Siciunas, Roman and Renada, 21106 Cedar St., $90,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Landmark Performance Corp., 2351 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Landmark Performance Corp., 2313 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Platinum Builders to Delaney, Brian J. and Abigail A., 1404 N. 191st Ave., $84,500.

3Sheets LLC to Cheek, Bobbi J. and Thomas G., 21034 X St., $70,000.

Crown LTD to Neppl, Wendy K. and Larry T., 1341 S. 211th St., $70,000.

FRK Development to Dynasty Homes, 4101 N. 191st St., $49,900.

Marque Custom Builders to Landmark Performance Corp., 3108 N. 192nd Ave., $45,800.


Bluewater Development Corp. to McKeever, Aaron, 5906 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Jordan Michael Signature Homes, 5714 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Bluewater Builders, 5702 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.


Spence, Maurus A. and Churchill, Diana M. to Kennedy, Kathryn J., 349 Waterloo Drive, $264,000.

Century Development Co. to Grace Custom Homes, 303 S. 243rd St., $90,000.

Grace Custom Homes to Legenza, Michelle P. and Michael P., 135 S. 243rd St., $81,283.


McCabe, Joseph R. to Wastell, Chad E. and Anna K., 2027 N. 54th St., $242,500.

Murphy, Katherine C. and Brady C. to Fisher, Ben and McConaughy, Samantha, 2615 N. 52nd St., $187,000.

Owens, John A. and Shela to Fritz, Craig and Jessica, 2012 N. 50th St., $178,500.

U.S. Bank to Gaudio, Dominic W. and Deborah, 2535 N. 65th St., $47,000.

Witt, Catherine Trust to Moore, Richard D., 6016 Parker St., $45,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Anderson, Caleb P., 5813 Spaulding St., $44,700.

Barfield, Jackie L. to Thomas Properties, 6425 N. 68th St., $22,000.


Hain, Mandy J. to Peters, Angela R., 3276 Vinton St., $126,900.

Hobbs, Colleen M. and Edward D. to Steward, Matthew K. and Adrianne L., 3615 Valley St., $125,000.


Frichot, Bert C. III and Joy C. to DeJong, Jeffrey J., 6707 Mason St., $124,000.

Hammes, Elizabeth K. to Klesitz, Frank M. and Katy, 4827 Poppleton Ave., $119,000.


Caveye, Richard T. and Paula M. to Rayno, Mark J. and Nancy M., 6225 S. 42nd St., $135,000.

Mission for All Nations to Imperio Inc., 5218 S. 21st St., $125,000.

Bank of the West to MBI Inc., 5062 S. 40th St., $59,900.


Evans, Ellen R. to Brown, David K. and Knight, Alejandra, 605 S. 94th Ave., $457,500.

Christ, Carole L. Trust to Niehaus, Roland F. and Joyce A., 10076 Fieldcrest Drive, $377,000.

Lustgraaf, Marion J. and Jeanette M. to Golda, Ed and Barb, 8544 Western Ave., $187,500.

Hollinger, Jaclyn S. and David C. III to Brown, Trevor J., 1636 N. 107th St., $152,000.

Lemmers, Timothy J. and Shirley J. to Trahan, Samuel and Ashley, 1821 N. 78th St., $109,500.

Racine, Myrtle I. Estate to KFM Properties, 8210 Decatur St., $91,000.

Coffman, Carol W. to Inserra, Randy L. and Macy L., 7731 Izard St., $87,000.


Hallmarq Construction to Andrews, Nicholas E. and Erin C., 15114 Hartman Circle, $325,972.

Hultman, Todd S. and Sally M. to Raver, David A. and Cathleen R., 17103 Corby St., $312,000.

Celebrity Homes to Weidner, Benjamin W. and Haley L., 17413 Redman Ave., $303,100.

Pine Crest Homes to Emery, Eugene E., 15471 Jaynes Circle, $282,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Jacobsen, Jason T. and Sarah K., 2519 N. 166th St., $265,334.

Celebrity Homes to Wirth, Travis J. and Angela D., 4526 N. 175th St., $233,600.

Andersen, Grant and Sandra to Dinh, Tuan V. and Nguyen, Thuy T., 14716 Sprague St., $195,000.

King, Jessica to Caraway, James F. and Margarita V., 6636 N. 149th Ave., $150,000.

Garcia, Norma C. to Edwards, Quaid M., 5117 N. 159th Circle, $143,000.

Shah, Imam J. and Nazia to Khan, Khushal and Jandad, 4107 N. 169th St., $140,000.

Schmidt, Philip P. and Jessica to Baczwaski, Carey, 16756 Crown Point Plaza, $120,000.

Advantage Investment Properties to Weddell, Matthew D. and Olivia J., 17660 Burdette St., $55,679.


Kimble, Glenn E. Trust to Ramirez, Victor R. and Parra, Morahima I., 4413 S. 62nd Ave., $63,000.

Galbraith, Norma Estate to Cardenaz, Lorenzo, 5617 M St., $34,000.


Havick, Kerri to Shimokawa, David A., 641 N. 163rd St., $825,000.

Collier, Kyle K. and Georgann Trust to Venteicher, George W. Trust, 17326 Harney St., $595,000.

Jackson, Denise D. to Burns, Patrick M. and Deborah L., 214 N. 161st Circle, $202,500.

Rockwell Omaha LLC to Thomas, Heather H., 17121 Marcy St., $150,000.

Anderson, Dana L. and Ben to Cortese, Judeanne, 1768 N. 177th Plaza, $145,000.


Marine, Paul and Marine Trust to Perry, Marc and Lesly, 6615 N. 102nd Ave., $190,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Khadka B. and Tika, 9002 Black St., $144,900.

Celebrity Homes to Shrestha, Arjun K. and Sashikaia, 9010 Black St., $143,400.

Celebrity Homes to Castro, Luis A. and Quezada, Lucero, 9006 Black St., $140,900.

Wells Fargo Bank to Scott, Johnnie L. and Sie R., 7159 N. 82nd Ave., $119,000.

Gramazio, Anthony M. to Cushing, Alan L. and Rachel E., 8005 Craig Ave., $117,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 8733 Quest St., $96,000.


Martzahl, Bryan and Cydney R. to Cutchall Property Management, 2106 S. 84th St., $205,000.

Lunkwitz, Shelby to Echevarria, Olga L., 3283 S. 77th St., $133,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Cottage Grove Properties, 9216 Adel Circle, $89,000.


Hempel, Michael A. and Jayme L. to Claussen, Zachariah and Carly, 6623 S. 91st Ave., $174,900.

O & H Properties to Novacek, Jason L. and Amy L., 6839 S. 73rd Ave., $148,900.

Jones, Corey A. to Sales, Hector A., 10218 T Circle, $139,000.

Craig, Elva G. to Simon, David and Bacome, Adam, 7217 Washington St., $94,000.


Carson, Adrianne M. and Scott W. to Heidenreich, James and Ann, 2206 S. 190th Circle, $1,275,000.

Brugmann, Jamie M. and Melissa M. to Grotelueschen, Jason A. and Elizabeth A., 2412 S. 177th St., $288,000.

Tapprich, Elliot A. and Pullen, Stephanie L. to Ethridge, Russel E. and Moon, Jessica L., 2218 S. 161st Circle, $170,000.

Hurley, Molly A. to Dillon, Joseph J. and Nickoli, Autumn M., 3105 S. 159th St., $163,000.


Woobs LLC to DPD Limited LLC, 4161 Wakeley St., $86,000.


Boulas, Mari M. and Bowe, Christine A. to Strunk, Erin E., 744 N. 58th St., $282,500.

SK Rentals LLC to Becker, Carmen L., 7003 Western Ave., $120,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Anderson, Caleb P., 1315 N. 50th Ave., $59,000.


Hauptman, Gregory L. and Teresa A. to Hanna, Rofael A. and Iriny F., 8101 Arlington Drive, $157,500.

Blueside Properties to Taye, Garretson T. and Patricia W., 3927 N. 94th St., $140,000.

Haferbier, Rodney J. and Christine A. to Moehring, Melissa, 4721 N. 82nd St., $131,000.

Watanabe, Ichiro and Mariko to Cushing, Alan L. and Rachel E., 6219 N. 78th Ave., $119,000.


Doyle, Ryan P. and Jennifer L. to Doll, Jason, 6208 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $340,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Sturgeon, Amy, 19623 Blaine Circle, $325,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Leon, Marco A., 18331 Polk St., $287,428.

Richland Homes to Moseman, Craig, 18319 Polk St., $273,952.

Wells Fargo Bank to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance, 16137 V Circle, $228,222.

Zimmerman, Paul D. and Jessica M. to Wescott, Kathy J., 5833 S. 191st St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes to Poppleton, William S. III, 5306 S. 195th St., $161,900.

Kerr-Connolly, Jeanne P. to Thorsvik, Anthony and Tara, 17711 K St., $158,000.

Brown, David A. and Kristina R. to LeGrow, Christopher, 19638 W St., $144,000.

Jurgensen, Lois M. and Roland to Brown, Charles R. and Marcia A., 4324 S. 178th St., $132,500.

Whitehawk Development to Krobot, Jeff J. and Lindsay M., 19704 L St., $46,150.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 19511 Z St., $39,000.


Singer, William E. Jr. and Rhonda G. to Barratt, Scott, 6021 S. 109th St., $180,000.

Barker, Jaime to Lozano, Nancy C., 15212 Dayton St., $173,000.

Barratt, Scott J. to Matthews, Rebecca J., 6724 S. 142nd St., $132,000.

Fitch, Lloyd L. and Sherry L. Trust to Beaton, Chris and Renee, 6536 S. 109th St., $115,000.


Vesta Properties to Macaitis, Stephen G. and Jodi L., 7361 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $360,000.

Wescott, Kathy J. to Ouren, William H. and Georgia L., 11408 Iowa Circle, $275,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Lindbloom, Charles E., 7616 N. 116th St., $221,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Tika M. and Khadka B., 14207 Wyoming St., $183,300.

Celebrity Homes to Garcia, Norma C., 6910 N. 142nd Ave., $170,750.

Celebrity Homes to Tamang, Sita M. and Laxmi M., 14209 Vane St., $166,600.


Grove, Raymond L. Jr., trustee for Grove, Dorothy E. Trust to Hill, Warren H. and Betty J., 1615 S. 113th Plaza, $290,000.

Smith, Donald F., trustee for Smith, Lois L. Trust to Erland, E.P. III, trustee for Erland, Angela M. Trust, 13930 Walnut Circle, $157,000.

Ridgeland Homes to Schmidt, Ronald R. and Kathleen M., 13307 Spring St., $275,800.

Bray, Tierry L. and Richard D. to Cleveland, Jeffrey and Sara, 14911 Cedar Circle, $196,000.

Integrity Leasing to DJR and DLR Enterprise, 13457 Wright St., $110,000.


Marks, Johnny J. and Victoria A. to MCS Rentals LLC, 5470 King St., $115,000.


Hoffart, Brent R. and Barbara A. to Kaiser, Josh and Erin, 14017 Seward St., $350,000.

Fields, Steven M. and Dana K. to Fox, Michael A. and Kristine A., 14204 Franklin St., $305,000.

Gauger, Eric J. and Stosz, Margaret C. to Perry, Gregory and Rebecca, 15357 Hillside Circle, $288,000.

Swagler, Robert L. and Mary L. to Lercara, Joseph A., 622 N. 155th Ave., $190,000.

Hegstrom, Phyllis M. to Stolp, Carol A. Trust , 14807 California St., $184,500.

Fox, Michael A. and Kristine A. to Frazier, Cody C. and Jamie L., 1405 N. 149th Court, $180,000.

Hahn, Virginia E. to Perry, Paula A., 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $98,000.


Growth Equity Group to Teresa J. Sanders IRA, 12931 Laurel Ave., $146,000.

Erickson, Kenneth V. and Patricia D. to Roxburgh, Jeremy and Genners, Noelle, 11065 Martin Ave., $142,500.

Engel, Sidney M. and Sharise Trust to Dahl, Josh J., 2209 N. 141st Ave., $140,000.

Scott, Kevin J. and Dolhenty, Jennifer L. to Vomhof, Cheryl A., 6429 N. 142nd Ave., $139,700.

Bruning, Jessica N. to Lichtas, Lance E., 6420 N. 131st St., $138,000.

Placek, Helen to Davis, Anthony R., 2245 N. 140th Ave., $111,000.



Silverthorne Partners to Hunt, Ryan C., 1913 Winnie Drive, $80,000.

Stensvad Properties to Brown, Marilyn D., 2105 Leisure Lane, $91,000.

Reed, Kanani R. to Condrey, Phillip A., 2110 Victoria Ave., $136,000.

Brown, Jeremiah L. and Mary C. to Mick, Holly J., 2904 Angie Drive, $120,000.


Roberts, Donald A., trustee for Mowinkel, Terry Estate to Mowinkel, Sean P. and Alison N., 11450 S. 216th St., $171,000.

Johnson, Craig R. and Jeanne M. Trust to Spiehs Gilroy, Stacie A. and Stuhr, David J., 13000 S. 224th Circle, $433,000.

Bluestone Custom Builders to Coddington, Wendy 19426 Bellbrook Blvd., $405,000.

Koch, Lance R. and Kristine L. to Reoh, Lee E., 20717 Frances St., $167,000.

McCaul Contracting to Hempel, Jayme and Michael, 21330 Quarry Lane, $297,000.

Home Building Consultants to Batty, Jennifer and Justin, 22216 Ponderosa Road, $443,000.

Tisthammer, Patricia and Curtis to Boldt, Jared C. and Jennifer L., 413 Brentwood Drive, $248,000.

Boldt, Jared C. and Jennifer L. to Roche, Nathan D. and Crosgrove, Sarah A., 512 Pawnee Drive, $143,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Mon and Dhan, 8538 S. 68th Circle, $208,000.


Sherwood Homes to Brooks, David R. and Kelly L., 10204 S. 124th St., $339,000.

Showcase Homes to Gray, Damon P. and Kimberly, 12129 Montauk Drive, $425,000.

Winter, Alexandra W. and Kurt W. to Jorn, Vincent R. and Dawn M., 2101 Ridgeview Drive, $185,000.

Lopez, Nathan and Mindy S. to Collera, Brian A., 2103 Walnut Creek Drive, $205,000.

HBI LLC to Lin, Shu H. and Dong, Yan Q., 2305 S. Mineral Drive, $224,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7321 Leawood Court, $62,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7947 Ponderosa Drive, $68,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 8125 Ponderosa Drive, $71,000.


Aldana, Abigail K. and Efren to Busch, Amy, 1000 N. Third St., $124,000.

Murry, Brian to Colgrove, Nate, 18602 S. 150th St., $125,000.

Beals, Margaret L. to Kildow Properties LLC, 445 Hilltop Ave., $82,000.


James, Scott D. to Wallace, Ryan E., 10704 S. 18th St., $154,000.

Cummings, Paul A. and Elaine J. to Kraker, Judith and Phillip, 10706 S. 27th Ave., $210,000.

Richardson, Charles A. and Heather R. to Van Denburg, Monica T., 13610 S. 14th St., $213,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wendt, Andrew A. and Ashley M., 13712 S. 42nd Ave., $200,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dieterich, David M. and Jeseca L., 14905 S. 23rd St., $280,000.

Neal, Andrew S. and Makala M. to Karr, Ryan L., 17515 Kraft Drive, $162,000.

Celebrity Homes to Machacek, Paige and Brian, 1905 Meadowlark Lane, $283,000.

Gray, Randall L. and Brittney T. to Pomfret, Zach and Tiffany, 2702 Arrowhead Lane, $164,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Nichols, Jonathan W. and Carla M., 2806 Yorktown St., $195,000.


Metro 1st MTG LLC to Romero, Alejandro G., 7312 Lillian Ave., $73,000.

K & B Associates to Barnes-Sandoval, Erick and McCartney, Mickala, 7801 Leafplum Drive, $139,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 8601 S. 98th St., $166,000.


Hanig, Kathleen M. to Shewmaker, Jeffrey and Nichole, 1408 Cherry Tree Lane, $187,000.

Newport Homes to Fausett, Trent D. and Staci C., 1807 Titan Springs Drive, $301,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Plechas, Stephanie, 2310 Park Crest Drive, $252,000.

Boccovi, Ayitevi to Eckert, Charles L. and Julianne, 2605 Aberdeen Drive, $188,000.

Charleston Homes to Bathgate, Crystal, 4462 Brook Drive, $251,000.

Charleston Homes to Harmsen, Scott W. and Cynthia G., 4708 Brook Circle, $239,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Wertzberger, Michael P. and Mary T., 6632 Park Crest Drive, $371,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fuksa, Linda E. Trust, 6807 Elmhurst Drive, $214,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kandel, Krishna and Sapkota-Kandel, Kamala, 8532 S. 69th Circle, $200,000.

Kainesville Builders to Keathley, Thomas A., 9382 S. 70th Ave., $276,000.


Schmidt, Ronald R. and Kathleen M. to Zych, Brian S. and Tracy L., 10008 S. 173rd Circle, $300,000.

Sweetman, Dan R. to Zigler, Austin and Kelsey, 15714 Cottonwood Ave., $145,000.

Rahmanzai, Mohammad and Nafas to Kahler, Peter M. and Barbara G. Funnel Trust, 16101 Greenleaf St., $154,000.

Brenner, Michael M. and Suzanne K. to Krecklow, Tyler and Sarah, 16535 Greenleaf St., $224,000.

Amacher, Jacqueline A. to Jenner, Terry L., 17477 Riviera Drive, $225,000.

Barkley, Charles H. and Sharon C. to Honig-Behney, Stephanie D. and Behney, Brandon J., 18484 Cornhusker Road, $325,000.

Carnahan, Scott L. and Deanna L. to Hills, Robert W. and Kathleen M., 17808 Pinehurst Ave., $273,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hein, Stanley L. and Eufracia, 18310 Emiline St., $180,000.

Dreamscape Homes to Vandenberg, Chris and Brandi, 18716 Alder Drive, $299,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rezac, Zachary R. and Lindsay K., 18805 Redwood St., $229,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tripp, Beau J., 7219 S. 183rd Ave., $175,000.

Caffin, Joseph G. and Sanna E. to Olson, Roger W. and Marion A., 7237 S. 173rd St., $282,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Schwartzer, Jordan D. and Taylor E., 7717 S. 169th St., $233,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Zemunsky, Andrew and Dawn, 9616 S. 173rd St., $290,000.


Kotera, Alex to Neal, Andrew and Makala, 13410 Lillian St., $156,000.

Wilbeck, Jason H. and Elza to Hall, Brent, 15121 Irene St., $116,000.

Parker, Nicholas R. and Kerri A. to Sinkevich, Ashley, 15140 Chalco Pointe Drive, $145,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties, 2718 Bonnie St., $81,000.

Great Western Bank, trustee for Tripp, Marianne L. Trust to FBEW LLC, 3701 Suburban Drive, $116,000.

Abundis, Manuel and Torres, Evangelina B. to Guerrero, Marisol S., 6912 Sarpy Ave., $80,000.

Randall, James to Nevitt, Brianna E., 7036 S. 41st Ave., $140,000.

Miller Moore, Teri and Moore, Douglas to Landsperger, Christopher and Lori, 7216 S. 41st Ave., $138,000.

Rydberg, Steven J. to Martin, Kain J. and Eager, Amanda E., 7616 S. 39th Ave., $80,000.



Baxter, Rorella and Ted L. to Madison, Gary A., 1418 S. 13th St., $137,000.

Hite, Linda M. and Roger D. to Salvo, Chelsea and Chris, 3503 Twin City Drive, $126,500.

Boehm, Michael and Luann Family Trust to Stephens, Harley L., 208 21st St., $55,000.

Basch, Amy M. and Michael to Smith, Jamie N. and Richard G. Jr., 2641 Ave. B, $85,000.

Taylor, Laura L. to Dorr, Bryan A. and Casie I., 2502 S. 16th St., $128,000.

Liston, John E. and Rebecca to Magboul, Siragaldeen, 509 10th St., $52,000.

Danker, Sheri M. to Schnackel, Todd, 1738 Ave. F, $114,000.

Carter, Cindy L. and Thomas M. to Williams, Vickie V., 2815 Seventh Ave., $77,500.

Phillips, James R. and Lilly G. to Bolton, Mervin D., 3500 Eighth Ave., $58,000.

Tallman, Carole K. and Richard L. to Stuart, Mark L. Jr., 3320 Third Ave., $42,000.

Poole, Virginia K. to MAC Investments, 2721 Sixth Ave., $25,000.

Wilson, Candace and Jay to Council Bluffs Community School District, 1703 Ave. J, $112,000.

Doueiry, Charlotte K. and Larrew, Glenora A. and Steven J. and Peterson, Debra R. to Benzl, Andree J., 2833 Ave. A, $50,000.

Jackson, Randy to Wilson, Joseph L., 1006 15th Ave., $138,000.

Debbaut, Maurice M. Trust to Coats, Helen C., 4313 Cottage Row, $152,000.

Batenhorst, Chris M. and Osborn, Stephanie to Thomson, Cynthia E. and Richard L., 16 Wallace Ave., $105,000.

RD Homes to Soriano, Roy S., 2393 Ave. M Way, $142,500.

Thrush, Maryann and Paul to Garmann, Skye B., 1122 Eighth Ave., $55,000.

Knox, Robert W. and Schlott, Kathryn E. to Claeys, Beverly K. and John R., 2511 Third Ave., $470,000.

Strietbeck, Carolyn M. to Riedmann, Michael S. 2811 Ave. C, $120,000.


Schroeder, Ashley K. and Austin G. to Matulka, Michael D. and Sarah E., 1400 S. Larchmont Drive, $293,000.

Liston, John and Rebecca to Rasmussen, Kaylee and Zachery, 1318 N. Larchmont Drive, $239,000.

Propst, Floyd E. and Suzanne M. to Jacobsen, Barbara J. and Chris N., 33 Horizon Drive, $230,000.

Rogers, Janie and Ryan to Jefferis, Jerrid, 12922 Traceview Loop, $65,000.

Matulka, Michael D. and Sarah E. to Hass, Tracy L., 304 Marinda Drive, $250,000.

Schwartz, Donald A. and Lisa E. to Tijerina, Ruth, 301 Stutsman St., $115,000.

Stortz, Andrew and Stefanie to Morley, Charles E. Jr., 310 Glen Ave., $163,000.

HCC Investments to J. Duggan Construction, 1425 S. Larchmont Drive, $54,000.

Witt, Melva M. and Nathan to Devine, Annette M. and Dennis P. Jr., 22006 Chestnut Road, $300,000.

Hiers, David and Michelle to Jedlicka, Nicholas A. and Penny S., 23893 McPherson Ave., $350,000.

Croft, Stanley and Kennedy-Croft, Jennifer to Bethany Lutheran Home, 24 Sylvan Drive, $140,000.

Jedlicka, Nicholas and Penny S. to Western Iowa Land Development, 24988 Dogwood Road, $276,500.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Eicher, David and Janelle, 1925 Glen Cove, $287,000.

Mills, Harold A. Jr. to Graeve, Amy L. and Chad W., 20643 McPherson Ave., $170,000.

Coats, Helen C. to Okerbloom, Barbara L., 85 Crown Road, $185,000.

Ballenger, Alicia C. and Jeffrey A. to Coats, Jeffrey A. and Stephani M., 12626 Greystone Court, $351,500.

Brannan, Roger A. and Tanya toHuntoon, William, 523 Elliott St., $119,500.

Hadfield, Jason R. and Samantha to Nolan, Catherine C., 322 First St., $92,000.

McNeely, Terri L. to Batenhorst, Chris M. and Osborn, Stephanie K., 118 Rosebud Lane, $140,000.

Washburn, Alice M. to Deaf Missions, 21173 Greenview Road, $180,000.


Hilger, Jamie K. and Scott M. to Kay, Austin K. and Michelle K., 805 Valley Drive, Crescent, $188,500.


Mikel USA to Willard, Charley D. and Cyndey J., 29470 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $312,500.

Pfennig, Virgil O. and Cynthia A. to Brookfield Relocation, 28552 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $373,500.


Benedict, Doug and Kelly to Kiviranta, Christine and Robert, 10627 370th St., Macedonia, $136,500.


Standley, Michael W. and Pamela J. to Kopiasz, Walter G. and Callanan, Stephanie, 29176 298th St., Neola, $175,000.


Hecker, Connie D. and Michael D. to Schroeder, Ashley K. and Austin G., 11057 270th St., Silver City, $340,000.


A & N Enterprises to Baker, Rebecca L. and Shane M., 208 Faith Ave., Underwood, $276,000.


Adrian, Dwight to Glenn, Jerry M., 500 Park St., Walnut, $60,000.

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