Home Co. to Primm, Patrick G. and Jennifer L., 9107 Kilpatrick Parkway, $285,000.

Stratford Park Development to Nelson Builders, 9005 N. 172nd St., $40,500.

Thompson, Katherine A. to Highland, Christopher and Laura, 8210 N. 150th Terrace, $185,000.

State Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 7702 N. 158th St., $40,950.

Mathes, Michael J. and Vecchio, Misty to Goodsell, Joel and Kara, 7227 N. 154th Ave., $240,000.

Taylor, Douglas M. and Heidi M. to Glantz, Tracy L., 15513 Knudsen Circle, $200,000.


Brazer, Thomas A. and Kathleen M. to TC Accomodator 88 LLC, 8303 N. 230th St., $411,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Castle Brook Builders, 625 N. 189th St., $85,000.

Charleston Homes to Wozny, Robert J. and Lesko, Nicole, 4615 N. 206th St., $275,027.

Ramm Construction to Snyder, Christopher A. and Lindsey R., 4010 N. 189th St., $377,174.

Scheer, Patricia A. and Jack, Scott M. to Voigt, Leslie and Jeffrey W., 260 Skyline Drive, $175,000.

Echelon Homes to Lindenfelter, Ryan, 2357 S. 218th Ave., $99,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 2323 S. 219th St., $82,800.

Jordan Michael Signature Homes to Pittack, Becky S., 20801 Frances Circle, $850,000.

Paradise Homes to Schultz, Robert J. and Eileen M., 20057 Water Lily St., $350,063.

Wipfli, Gerald P. and Christina L. to Likness, Virgil, 18219 Dewey Ave., $325,000.

Thomas David Builders to Metzler, Drew M. and Stephanie A., 1704 S. 207th Ave., $435,318.

Thomas David Builders to Markin, Nicholas and Kara, 1609 S. 212th Circle, $160,650.

Pohlad Custom Homes to Hill, Chad and Jennifer, 1314 S. 211th St., $98,000.

ER-North Development to Huntington Homes, 1202 Elk Ridge Drive, $60,000.

Halweg, John M. and Kari L. Trust to Wehber, Kevin R. and Solheid, Rachel A., 21390 Harney St., $217,900.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Cosgrove, Dominic and Carol, 6105 N. 295th St., $225,000.

Cosgrove, Dominic and Carol to Bluewater Development Corp., 6101 N. 295th St., $225,000.


Knobbe, Michael and Carol to Patel, Mahesh N. and Asha M., 208 N. 245th Circle, $1,340,000.


Planck, Brenda L. to C Street LLC, 6016 Franklin St., $34,000.

Nipper, Verne F. to Ross, Verlie Jr., 5524 Himebaugh Ave., $112,000.

Garcia, Cesar and Bohnenkamp, Jean to Dila, Ermond A., 5070 Lake St., $180,000.

Leach, Edward D. and Kathleen K. to LeFlore, Jasmyn C., 5008 Bedford Ave., $109,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to End of the Road LLC, 4517 Browne St., $20,000.

Bezdicek, Karen K. and Vincent C. to Fleetwood Investments, 4127 N. 55th Ave., $54,000.

Beneficial Financial I Inc. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3340 N. 48th St., $69,150.

Marsh, Justin and Anna to Moorman, Dean A. Trust, 2952 N. 55th St., $115,000.

Hennessy, Therese to Seaman, Daniel and Nielson, Brittany, 2519 N. 56th St., $243,000.

Fleissner, Nickolas to Fleming, Steve T., 2337 N. 67th St., $100,000.

Shonka, Christopher M. and Nicole A. to Hecker, Amy N., 2015 N. 54th St., $255,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties, 6205 Nebraska Ave., $58,000.

Klingforth, Clara M., personal representative, to Wood, Kristine L., 6904 Spencer St., $85,000.

Ketteler, Jerome B., personal representative, to C Street LLC, 6039 Decatur St., $60,000.


Norris, Anne E. and Mary to Csobaji, Stephen S., 523 S. 36th Court, $165,500.

Huntzinger, Elisabeth M. to Feger, Daniel L. and Sherrie D., 3821 Castelar St., $96,000.

Brown, Jason and Brooke to Stern, Katherine L., 3712 Castelar St., $126,000.

Kimble, Lois J. Trust to Villezcas, Jesus J., 2915 S. 26th St., $55,000.


Nguyen, Christine T. and Tran, Catherine G. to Olsen, Kevin R. and Horvath, William, 626 S. 67th St., $174,000.

Bower, Jerad J. to Smolsky, Anna and Robert, William A., 4847 Krug Ave., $122,000.

Dutton, Jan E. and Beecham, Robert M. to Jenkins, John D. and Jessie S., 4621 Woolworth Ave., $130,000.

Quinn, Daniel J. to Huppert, Samuel A. and McLarty, Brianna L., 1807 S. 45th St., $130,000.

Keen, Lyndee M. to Secor, Spencer, 1323 S. 51st Ave., $111,264.


Long, Jason S. and Jaylynn S. to Cavada, Jose and Juana, 4525 S. 18th St., $50,000.

Zeman, James J. and Jennifer to Alback, Sheryl L., 3918 S. 14th St., $99,000.

Sena, Tammy J. to Martinez, Sandra E., 3615 T St., $87,000.

Andahl, Patricia A., personal representative, to Sotelo, Juandedios A., 3452 F St., $80,000.


Midfirst Bank to CML Properties, 723 Dorcas St., $54,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Bonilla, Rosalinda, 2718 S. 23rd St., $100,000.


Lyons, Harold P. to Three Investments, 3819 N. 24th St., $30,000.


Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Dognon, Oksana B., 4323 Grant St., $30,000.

Watson-Hodges, Diane to Gurley, Antoinette, 4304 Ohio St., $30,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 4006 N. 33rd St., $20,000.

Ragne LLC to Kiley, Candace T., 3959 N. 40th St., $20,000.

Salter, Matt and Laura D. to Collins-Dean, Oralia and Lovemore, Theresa, 3225 N. 41st St., $24,500.


Thonen-Schaefer, Debra and Schaefer, Nick T. to Pope, Kelly M., 6909 Minne Lusa Blvd., $89,000.

Postma, Steven R. to Knighten, Tashaunda and Equity Trust Co., 2879 Bauman Ave., $35,000.


Bansal, Vikas and Nirupama to Sutton, Charles and Carolyn, 9830 Ascot Drive, $690,000.

Samiev, Abdurashid and Tahmina to Shukry, Mohanad and Annette L., 9313 Davenport St., $307,500.

Bennett, Rodney L. and Doris G. to Hvistendahl, Andrea and Aguirre, Julio, 914 Cole Creek Drive, $119,000.

McGill, Terry M. and Teri A. to Neubauer, Kevin and Lauren, 8614 Douglas St., $330,000.

Heffron, Matthew F., trustee for Heffron, Patricia J. Trust to Palikhya, Nripesh and Bomzon, Sonia, 112 S. 89th St., $275,000.


Danielson, Erin to Finochiaro, Paul M., 4703 N. 170th St., $154,000.

Celebrity Homes to Evans, Jacob P., 4701 N. 174th Ave., $232,700.

Echter, Gregory and Lynette to Micek, Richard A. and Renee M., 4324 N. 162nd Ave., $228,500.

Backes, Alvin E. and Gayle M. to Bruns, Christopher D. and Ashley N., 2627 N. 161st St., $415,000.

Garcia, Charles B. and Melissa A. to Fink, Peter J. Sr. and Carolyn I., 17807 Burdette St., $435,000.

Richland Homes to Jorgensen, Nancy L. Trust, 17579 Wirt St., $205,915.

Kumm, Nichole L. to Kent, Sean and Karen, 16922 Camden Ave., $162,500.

Celebrity Homes to Barnes, Veronica A., 16303 Saratoga St., $191,900.

Martinie, Richard A. and Bobbie L. to Shrestha, Kapil and Rai, Dipta, 16214 Burdette Circle, $185,000.

Foley, Diane L. to Sutter, David and Amber, 15653 Himebaugh Circle, $265,000.

Cleveland, Timothy J. to Bower, Jerad and Keathley, Megan, 14862 Ellison Circle, $225,000.

Guzman, Enrique and Ruth to Neary, Kylie J., 14519 Saratoga St., $165,000.


Carman, David T. and Patricia A. to HBI LLC, 5511 O St., $115,000.

Leon, Cesaria L. and Carlos T. to Parsons, Franklin A. and Jennifer J., 5124 S. 48th St., $123,000.

Davlin, Karl and Ernaline to Eipperle, Douglas G. and Mary E., 5067 Q St., $70,000.

Kimble, Glenn E. Trust to Ramirez, Victor R. and Parra, Morahima R., 4509 S. 60th Ave., $62,000.


Rockwell Omaha LLC to Wilson, Stephen E., trustee for Wilson Family Trust, 17121 Marcy St., $300,000.

Hamearbane, Sahamak and Mary A. to Rodino, Theresa A., 15618 Seward Circle, $172,900.

Hogan, Dustin T., personal representative, to Wright, Heather A. and Lucas, 15666 Shamrock Circle, $218,000.


Finley, Shawn M. and Hillary J. to Doty, Brooke R. and Shawn S., 8841 N. 81st Ave., $129,900.


Decker, Clifford A. Jr. to Bluestem Real Estate, 9727 Nina St., $96,000.

Usonia Properties to Watson, Cliff, 9183 Frances St., $289,900.

Stukenholtz, David and Jan to Griego, Joshua B. and Amber L., 7623 Nina St., $152,200.

Burdick, Maxwell J. and Melissa E. to Hurley, Molly A., 3624 S. 102nd St., $289,000.

Madsen, Charles R. to Zikas, Erica L. and Timothy E., 1207 S. 107th St., $240,000.

Bartee, Joshua J. and Dana J. to Schwery, Mark J. and Summer M., 1125 S. 97th St., $190,000.

Smith, Joseph P. IV to Buetow, Ryan G. and Jill R., 10314 Brookside Lane, $253,000.

Weick, Robert D. and Lyn B. to DiPrima, Adam M. and Taylor-DiPrima, Katherine M., 10211 Woodridge Lane, $530,000.


Mathouser, Matthew J. and Tobi A. to Boots, Jeff, 6522 S. 92nd St., $254,000.

Mostek, Debra E. to Miller, Reed A., 6414 S. 106th Circle, $210,000.

Dynamic Properties to Ostendorf, Kelsey L., 4933 S. 77th Ave., $135,000.


Brown, Brian C. and Armstrong-Brown, Carolyn A. to Mead, Steven and Alexa, 3555 S. 185th Ave., $305,000.

Kavan Homes to Karre, Brian A. and Vakara M., 3205 S. 186th St., $675,000.

Cowardin, Spencer L. and Courtney to Kading, Shirley A. and Darrell W., 2305 S. 165th St., $173,000.

Oxton, Jay A. and Marilyn K. to Sartore, Paul E. and Laura L., 2023 S. 185th St., $480,000.

Pfeifle, Robert M. and Kozal, Christine M. to Copley, Jonathan E. and Gretchen W., 19103 Marinda Circle, $400,000.

Drilling, D. Dale to Krusinowski, Connie J., 1730 S. 173rd Plaza, $212,500.

Heisner, Jaimie A. and Jeffrey A. to Reitz, Beth M. and David, 16609 Bancroft St., $258,000.

Holmes, T.J. and Mary B. to Smith, Christopher P. and Sheana I., 1508 S. 182nd Circle, $515,000.

Austin, Martha W. Trust to Gottsch, Sheila L. Trust, 3084 S. 160th Plaza, $140,000.


Lincoln Federal Savings Bank to Rossitto, Justin, 6648 Charles St., $50,000.

Heaton, Scott L. and Michele C. to Team Rhine PC, 615 N. 45th St., $70,000.

Sautter, Michael L. and Heintzman, Kathryn J. to Ward, Kyle and Calli, 5018 Cuming St., $200,000.


Jackson, Jesse and Cassandra to Punch It Out Inc., 9503 Wirt St., $86,700.

Krueger, Ryan D. and Laura to Baber, Daniel C. and Moore, Brittany J., 9212 Fowler Circle, $129,900.

Naab, Ruth M. to Turnage, Bathsheba and Andre, 8529 Evans St., $109,760.

Couch, Rita K. to Kaufman, Melissa S., 4918 N. 93rd St., $97,000.

Johnson, Harlan W., personal representative, to Bier, Donald E. and Karlee M., 10605 Hilltop Road, $128,900.


Stanton, Sheila and Koeller, James M. II to Stott, Karen, 5829 S. 191st Terrace, $220,000.

Boots, Jeffrey A. to Usmanov, Daler and Akhmedova, Mavzuna, 5715 S. 161st St., $250,000.

Haynes, Eric to Edwards, Elizabeth, 5405 S. 157th St., $197,000.

Johnson, Lindsey R. and Michael J. to Rahmanzai, Kabir M. and Adela B., 5309 S. 194th St., $143,500.

Carson, Ronald H. II and Jillian L. to Delgadillo, Mauser and Brittany, 4811 S. 162nd St., $187,000.

Eccleston, Harry A. and Lori S. to Carpenter, Eric A. and Terry A., 4607 S. 168th Ave., $219,000.

Kolar, John and Mary to Bell, Stephen P. and Zhang, Jennifer, 4550 S. 163rd St., $370,000.

McGovern, John E. and Gail L. to Tiger International LLC, 4542 S. 163rd St., $370,000.

Celebrity Homes to Moran, Gary L. and Patricia D., 4532 S. 199th Ave., $299,050.

Glantz, Tracy L. to Haverkost, Ann E. and Jason, 19619 Laci St., $148,000.

Hepinstall, Sherry R. and John to Daryani, Ramona and Fakhrolzaman, 19276 Holmes St., $150,510.

Grebe, John H. and Lindsey to Schlumpf, Tyler and Alicia K., 17325 Cinnamon St., $320,000.

Shiffermiller, Roger L. and Barbara J. to Carson, Ronald H. II and Jillian L., 17319 Sharp St., $300,000.

Siebler, Julie C. to Kirby, Gary T., 17059 Drexel St., $255,000.

Cozette, James M. and Gail A. to Tucker, Jason D., 16826 L Circle, $245,000.

Peterman, James L. and Nancy G. to Toombs, Nicole M., 16142 V Circle, $250,000.

First National Bank Omaha to HBI LLC, 4979 S. 157th Circle, $91,500.


Special T Masonry Inc. to Morrison, Paul and Cathleen, 6617 S. 140th Ave., $142,900.

Vacanti, Sandy J. to Wheat, Alisha, 5629 S. 138th Ave., $134,000.

Parriott, Zachary J. and Nicole E. to Canterberry, Sharon K., 5104 S. 142nd St., $124,000.

Piniarski, John P. to KR Properties, 14924 Polk St., $100,000.

Doerneman, Douglas V. and Paula to Bouma, Melissa S., 14223 Drexel Circle, $162,000.

Anderson, Nanci J. to Mier, German M. and Hernandez, Alicia G., 11617 Monroe St., $153,000.

Blocker, Peter J. Trust to McNeil, Karen E., 12571 Weir St., $80,000.


Spittler, William J. and Allison K. to Edward Bedel Construction, 7225 N. 126th Ave., $36,000.

Celebrity Homes to Brill, Wayne E. and Jeanetta-Brill, Phyllis, 6921 N. 143rd St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes to Barnet, Mark D. and Marjorie E., 14203 Wyoming St., $164,400.

Satorie, Timothy J. and Joan M. to Trejo-Cruz, Jonathan and Lauren, 11014 Girard St., $131,000.


Miller, David C. and Nancy E. to Versendaal, Adam and Alyssa, 3728 S. 155th St., $165,000.

McAlpine, Michael G. and Linda S. to Hollier, Jolene A., 3624 S. 126th St., $109,500.

Kiefer, William F. and Kathleen M. to Wood, David J. and Katherine A., 3514 S. 117th St., $220,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 3014 S. 138th St., $121,000.

Grote, Angela M. and Aaron J. to Montag, Ericka J. and Blaze, 1884 S. 133rd St., $170,000.

Wees, Becky and Stark, Ronald to Wittman, Linda and Richard C., 14476 Spring Circle, $106,611.

Oltman, Joseph D. and Bartunek, Andrea L. to Mitchell, Randy V. and Sanata, 14166 Frances St., $220,000.

Cackin, Sherill A. to DeSalvo, Jules G. and Sarah, 1211 S. 137th Ave., $178,000.

White, Daniel P., trustee for White, Raymond Trust to Lee, Thinh and Nguyen, Hien, 2111 S. 123rd St., $140,000.


Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to O & H Properties, 4252 Harrison St., $42,000.


Massey, Marshall and Avery, Pam to Hale, Cory, 9125 Timberline Drive, $207,000.

Callahan, Jeremiah and Jacqueline to Wade, Kenneth and Mitchell, Deborah, 5803 Girard St., $140,000.

Jackson, Jack H. and Janice J. to Johnson, Gavin D. and Sarah A., 10916 N. 62nd St., $230,000.


Wetig, David J. and Tristeen to Snoza, Adam C. and Colleen T., 862 N. 154th St., $193,750.

Cordell, Steven G. and Yvette to Timmerman, Michael L. and Megan E., 828 S. 131st St., $270,000.

Bruning, Allison R. to KBL Investments, 618 S. 113th Ave., $139,500.

Howell, Robert and Crystal to Gill, Sukhraj S. and Joei L., 15021 California Circle, $199,000.

Scott, Donald C. to Samiev, Abdurashid and Samieva, Tahmina, 13910 Cuming St., $1,250,000.

Bohn, Linda F. to Morrisey, Roger F. and Cindy S., 11314 Harney Plaza Circle, $250,000.

Brown, Elliot B. Trust to Schaefer, Chelsey L. and Garey, Cole R., 772 Leawood Drive, $175,000.


Roberts, Brandon S. and Guthrey, Kathryn J. to Mattan, Chadwick D. and Barkes, Hally L., 4714 N. 136th St., $229,750.

Van Houten, Randall J. and Diann M. to Mooter, Paul H., 4035 N. 117th St., $167,000.

SEVRENWF LLC to Nelson, Luke D., 2188 N. 124th Avenue Circle, $105,000.

Broderick, Thomas E. to Castilow, David W. and Nancy D., 13010 Binney St., $376,000.

Miller, Shelly to 12927 Hartman LLC, 12927 Hartman Ave., $112,500.

Ethridge, Scott D. and Barbara to Rosso, Larry, 12667 Grand Ave., $80,000.

Dorsey, Tyler J. and Rachel M. to Ristau, Rick J. and Johnson, Alyssa N., 11920 Bauman Ave., $135,000.

Reit, Royce D. and Lucille C. to Martines, Melchor D. and Lemus, Cecila A., 11712 Meredith Ave., $139,000.

May, Mary C., trustee for Heston, Virgil D. and Mary J. Trust to Ludvik, George A. and Julie A., 5101 N. 134th St., $162,000.

Severa, Mamie E., personal representative, to SEVRENWF LLC, 2188 N. 124th Avenue Circle, $20,840.



Conley, Elaine E., personal representative for Conley, Elisabeth C. Estate to Peters, Brandon and Jessica and Pamela K. and Lloyd L., 114 Kirby Ave., $100,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Walker, Nancy L., 1901 Thurston Drive, $76,000.

Irvine, Mark and Ginny to Guffey, Tabetha J., 2502 S. Washington St., $90,000.

Stiefer, Jason C. and Lisa M. to Zipse, William J. and Abendroth, Marie C., 503 Dowding Court, $280,000.

Menke, Duane H. and Koukol, David J. to Wall, Justine, Lot 2 Fair Hill Addition, $14,000.


Meyerott, Alan V. and Karen M. to Fannon, Jon D., 10710 S. 213th St., $235,000.

Richland Homes to Naylor, Matthew A. and Karen, 16908 Centennial Road, $259,000.

Charleston Homes to Fichter, Kirk and Susan, 20017 Oak St., $40,000.

Fannon, Jon D. and Patty J. to Kinchen, Clint T. and Kallie C., 20212 Hackberry Drive, $225,000.

Parker, David C. and Brook E. to Meyer, Mark E. Jr. and Megan N., 402 N. Park Drive, $142,000.

Carter, Paul S. and Shelley R. to Haake, Jason A. and Joy M., 442 Michael Drive, $188,000.

Sherwood Homes to Beahm, Matthew A. and Heather M., 8121 S. 193rd Ave., $336,000.


Lake View 126 LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 10355 S. 124th Ave., $47,000.

Sartan, Jacquelyn N. to Prugger, Daniel A. and Donna J., 10710 S. 110th Ave., $175,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Bellino, Vincent J., 1138 Michelle Parkway, $134,000.

Zych Construction to Bissen, Theodore N. and Sharon E., 12361 Osprey Lane, $401,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 12451 Osprey Lane, $47,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Fritz, Joseph and Kelly, 12513 Pintail Circle, $355,000.

Brisse, Kellie D. and Wade to Skidmore, Craig A. and Sarah M., 12701 S. 83rd St., $343,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Nelson, Jenna N. and Foral, Michael J., 702 S. Taylor Circle, $146,000.

Burghardt, Mira, trustee for Elliott Living Trust to Rothlisberger, Keith, 812 Matthies Drive, $120,000.

Connell, John W. and Deanna L. to Miller Brown, Janet L., 826 Clearwater Drive, $168,000.

Harshbarger, Kelly L. and Mandy to Johnson, Jason L., 914 Iron Road, $215,000.


Murtha, Scott M. and Kacie L. to Heisner, Albert M. Jr. and Julie A., 565 Vine St., $118,000.


Slachetka, Tammy S. to Wilson, Brett and Paula, 13404 S. 35th St., $140,000.

Snodgrass, Edward I. and Angela to Tocheny, Chaz T. and Jordan D., 13409 S. 30 St., $156,000.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to Slachetka, Tammy S., 13607 S. 41st Circle, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Cradit, Mason and Kolby, 13716 S. 43rd Ave., $201,000.

Celebrity Homes to Young, Matthew D. and Melissa L., 13717 S. 43rd St., $181,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bryant, Richard D. and Lori A., 15103 S. 19th St., $226,000.

Schliesman, Kevin J. and Jennifer L. to Simpson, Garrett W. and Neff, Nicole L., 2010 Nottingham Drive, $130,000.

Yancy, Heather J. and Fornasier, Antonio Jr. to Muhle, Cathy S., 2106 Plymouth Rock Road, $248,000.

Albrecht, Chris J. and Miriam L. to German, Hannah L., 2302 Arlington Place, $190,000.

Poole, Erick and Brittany J. to Parker, David C. and Brook E., 2913 Arrowhead Lane, $197,000.

Richland Homes to White, Michael J. Jr. and Rachel L. ?, 2913 Arrowhead Lane, $236,000.

Goodmanson, Douglas J. and Shelly to Hornbeak, Curtis A., 3271 Tammy St., $183,000.

Lavallee, Jordan and Lacey K. to Pepin, Wesley, 3312 Coffey Ave., $155,000.

Herall, Frank R. and Kelly J. to Petersen, Jason L. and Noel R., 9608 S. 27th Ave., $240,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Fools Inc., 11909 S. 212th St., $140,000.

Martinez, James A. and Rita M. to Wood, Mason J. and Jessica M., 7801 Elm Drive, $125,000.


Peterson, Adam R. and Natalie M. to Craig, Scott and Kathleen, 108 Citadel Drive, $135,000.

Wegner, Roxanne and Charles to Croteau, Matthew J. and Jessica M., 13906 S. 47th St., $218,000.

Brandt, Michelle M. to Johnson, Jeremiah and Mio, 209 Fleetwood Drive, $228,000.

Chudy, John to Johnson, Maria T. and Dale O., 2122 Betsy Ave., $257,000.

Hirz, Barbara J. and James H. to Burns, Kelly D. and Karen S., 2601 Leigh Lane, $338,000.

Charleston Homes to Frank, Ryan R. and Tonya R., 606 Ruby Road, $244,000.

Celebrity Homes to Greene, Tracey H., 6609 Elm Hurst Drive, $200,000.


Home Co. to Yates, Charles and Bresette-Yates, Cara, 17233 Colony Drive, $317,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Pettinger, Benjamin D. and Elizabeth K., 17209 Camp St., $257,000.

Babe, Daniel G. and Christine E. to Fortenberry, Allyson, 17620 Olive St., $151,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Sy, Adrienne and Noree, 19030 Josephine St., $204,000.

Williams, Linda D. and Mark to Williams, Linda D., personal representative for Rogers, Scott J. Trust, 7007 S. 164th St., $173,000.

Bolstad, Jason M. and Jennifer M. to Felton, Jacob P. and Sullivan, Meghan K., 7320 S. 169th St., $330,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rahmanzai, Safiullah and Sami, 7807 S. 188th St., $241,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Otto, Teresa C. and Jay E., 8709 S. 167th St., $228,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Connell, John W. and Deanna L., 9602 S. 171st Ave., $284,000.


Toy, Tracey K. to Wees, Douglas P., 14905 Olive St., $128,000.


Valenzuela, Yesenia and Salomon to Fuksa, James D. and Marcia J., 2517 Childs Road, $133,000.

Bottolfson, Carl B. to Simmons, Clinton and Katherine, 2703 Fairview St., $216,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 2720 Olive St., $20,000.

Boster, Delores A. to Miranda, Roberto M. and Linda S., 3627 Emiline St., $94,000.

Schlueter, Philip J. Jr. and Marie E. to Jensen, Misti and Shurila, Joseph N., 3805 Groves Road, $146,000.

Toledo, Jennifer A. to Renteria, Diana, 7009 S. 33rd St., $117,000.

Croteau, Matthew J. and Jessica M. to Cervantes, Jesse and Lori J., 905 Childs Road West, $130,000.


Erickson, David W. and Susan M. to Stutzman, Mary P. and Travis D., 7301 S. 52nd St., $184,000.

Weldon, Cody and Kristi to Cancino, Salvador C., 8708 S. 45th Ave., $145,000.



Van Wyhe, Shirley A. to Lee, Rebecca L., 2615 Second Ave., $68,000.

Dunsmore, Sarah and Shawn to G7 Innovations, 2726 Third Ave., $45,000.

Hinton, Cody J. and Kimberly K. to Redmond, Jeremy and Kelly L., 3606 Ramelle Drive, $125,000.

92 Investments to BC Homes and Hume, Mary F. Trust, 3224 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

Timothy Lutheran Church to Norman, Kylie N., 3111 Ave. A, $99,000.

Hubbard, Aaron and Stevie to Engel, Adam, 2613 Pavich Drive, $155,000.

Primstar Fund TRS to Olsen Rental Group, 3305 Ave. F, $45,000.


Perry, Dean and Pauline Trust to Remund, Rachel L., 15032 Pinehurst Drive, $152,500.

Kolln, Jennifer M. and Lonny L. II to Kinish, Tonia N., 315 Parkwood Drive, $224,000.

Welcome Homes to Hinsley, Tamra J., 1307 Larchmont Drive, $229,000.

Mathews, Spencer F. and Tracy A. to Ebertowski, Krista K. and Lonnie L., 135 Shevi Drive, $197,500.

Tweedt Engineering and Construction to Hurley, Julie and Robert W., 1917 Glen Cove, $277,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Mathews, Spencer and Tracy, 262 Euclid Ave., $264,000.

Hurley, Julie E. and Robert W. to Bell, Steven P. and Verona M., 18101 Bent Tree Ridge, $480,000.

Eldridge, David G. and Rachael to Landon, Dawn and Shawn, 304 Wildwood Road, $197,500.

Barak, Charlene F. and Stephen J. to Lewis, Herman and Richard and Wynona, 14956 Capella Lane, $163,000.

Klepfer, Jordan A. and Leeann K. to Margritz, Brian, 389 Harrison St., $96,500.

Lynds, Gayle and Sheldon, John to Reddish, John and Lorrie, 501 Frank St., $134,000.


Ohlinger, Dorothy M. to Odd Properties, 41 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $60,000.

Barton, Geoffrey D. and Stefanie M. to Klement, Jeffrey and Nancy, 1021 Shoal Point Drive, Carter Lake, $205,000.

Blue Sky Properties to Brunner, Michael F., 1547 Walker St., Carter Lake, $28,000.


Maasen, Margaret to Holtz, Bruce G., 713 Frost Ave., Avoca, $117,500.


Albers, Jacki J. and Kevin G. and Johnson, David M. and Cheryl and Dennis L. to Lauenroth, Joseph A., 549 Washington St., Carson, $94,000.


Klement, Jeffrey H. and Nancy A. to Rodarte, Michael J., 21845 Old Lincoln Highway, Crescent, $315,000.


Alfers, Bernard J. to Andersen, Nathan L., 409 Fourth St., Neola, $125,000.


Petersen, Faith E. and Joel J. to Nelson, Megan R. and Thad D., 31 Countryside Drive, Treynor, $144,500.

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