Landmark Performance Corp. to Hausmann, Jerod J. and Heidi R., 18533 Northern Hills Drive, $475,288.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 8133 N. 172nd St., $344,250.

Daniels, James E. and Heye, Wendy J. to Chilipweli, Arthur and Mwatcha, Rosalia, 8815 N. 157th St., $248,000.

Bloedorn, Dustin and Cielo to Oltmans, Peggy L. and Cox, Craig M., 7314 N. 155th Terrace, $240,000.

Fredricks, Jason E. and Jennifer to Daniels, James E. and Heye, Wendy, 8104 N. 149th Ave., $198,000.

Primm, Jennifer L. and Patrick G. to Riley, Ashley B. and Lawrence D., 14920 Grebe St., $181,000.

Schrader, Amy L. to Beebe, Blaine and Kaylie, 11924 N. 156th Ave., $147,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Fuller, Matthew P. and Megan R., 12828 N. 184th St., $68,950.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 17145 Bondesson St., $48,200.

Stratford Park Development to Proline Custom Homes, 17303 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $43,600.

State Street Investments to Barr Homes, 16271 Reynolds St., $40,950.

State Street Investments to Proline Custom Homes, 15963 Reynolds St., $40,950.


Feldhacker Custom Homes to Siddiqui, Bebi, 19028 Lafayette Ave., $668,000.

Wilson, Lee and Shelley A. to Ramsey, John J. and Judith A. Trust, 19322 Spencer St., $523,000.

Royal Development to Scott, Michael D. and Tricia, 18726 Nicholas St., $454,900.

Anthony, Lloyd A. and Karen K. to Jarnagin, Joel J. and Vicki L., 4849 S. 236th Circle, $430,000.

Ramm Construction to Simpson, Adam S. and Elizabeth A., 1701 S. 210th St., $426,056.

Todd Menard Construction to Cascio, Joseph J. III and Jorgensen, Julie R., 1217 S. 209th Circle, $425,000.

J Dubbya Land LLC to Ardon Investments LLC, 22101 West Maple Road, $350,000.

Fujan, Harlow J. to Danner, Robert J. and Phyllis E., 18884 Leavenworth St., $307,000.

Charleston Homes to Engebretson, James and Susan, 4613 N. 208th St., $305,275.

Gomez, Christopher B. and Crystal A. to Walters, Bradley and Jessica, 556 S. 180th Ave., $280,000.

Charleston Homes to Beaudoin, Jeffry M. and Julie A., 21005 Flavin Circle, $246,422.

Peters, Jason and Jodi to Kantheti, Venkat S. and Sale, Suneetha, 569 S. 180th Ave., $245,000.

Badalucco, William C. and Anna M. to Funke, Jeffrey R. and Julie A., 4011 N. 208th St., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Amo, Rhett and Mindi, 20803 Clark St., $197,600.

Pacific Windgate II to R & A Builders, 20701 Cedar Circle, $140,000.

Shatoma LLC to Tonsfeldt, James R. and Robbi B., 20515 Cleveland St., $138,000.

Falcone Enterprises to Nelson, Nick L. and Sandra B., 2224 S. 214th Avenue Circle, $125,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to R & A Builders Inc., 2223 S. 218th St., $113,850.

Lanoha Real Estate to Eickman, Matthew and Laura, 21803 Miranda St., $103,500.

Homesellers of Omaha to Falcone Enterprises, 2224 S. 214th Avenue Circle, $84,800.

Charleston Homes to Pacesetter Homes, 4611 N. 205th Ave., $84,000.

SNGF Development to Royal Development, 1513 N. 188th St., $65,000.

Pacific Windgate II to JKC Construction, 1624 S. 207th St., $55,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Heavican Homes, 2721 N. 190th St., $41,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Heavican Homes, 2711 N. 190th St., $41,000.

FRK Development to Landmark Performance, 18928 Sahler St., $39,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 20517 Taylor St., $37,900.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2524 N. 191st Ave., $35,000.

Stevens, Christine R. Trust to Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A., 5232 N. 193rd St., $635,000.


DKL Properties to Henson, Cecil V. and Kerry G., 107 W. Whittingham St., $70,000.


Century Development Co. to Novak, Freida, 525 S. 243rd St., $77,500.


Hargiss, John to 6061 Maple St. LLC, 6061 Maple St., $250,000.

Creighton University to Beers, Lauren R. and Thomas P., 5119 Grant St., $180,000.

Ainscow, Sara A. and Sally A. to Sauzameda, Raul F., 5024 Decatur St., $170,000.

Satorie, Spencer J. and Jessica L. to Mu, Kaw and Htoo, Kay, 5422 N. 69th St., $115,000.

Simons, Kevin J. and Michelle L. to Escusar, Jackielyn, 5834 Sprague St., $102,000.

Aken, Grace N. and Donald L. Trust to Auction Investments, 6751 Seward St., $71,000.


Capital Construction to Miller, Lisa, 4307 Mayberry St., $195,500.

Zach, Denise K. and James G. Sr. to Smith, Lindsay E., 3211 S. 43rd St., $129,100.

Greenwood, Michael P. and Katie L. to Amen, Douglas J., 814 S. 35th Ave., $129,000.

Kattan, Esmin and Sindy L. to Czarnick, Anneliese and Andrew, 3624 Olin Ave., $123,000.

Polinko, Robert and Patricia to Community Alliance Inc., 826 S. 41st St., $90,000.

Thompsen, Bruce A. and Sharon L. to Delgadillo, Ecliserio and Carly, 1119 S. 31st St., $75,000.

Garnette, Colleen, trustee for Garnette Trust to Dome, Leslie M., 3114 S. 32nd Ave., $173,000.


Wyllie, Kimberly K. to Sambol, Michael D., 835 S. 51st St., $163,950.

Smith, Patricia M. to Keuhl, Stephen T. and Mary L., 5823 Pacific St., $155,000.

Schlautman, Margaret and Robert to Weiss, John B., 3027 S. 49th St., $130,000.

Beebe, Blaine and Kaylie to Senn, Jeffrey J. and Lori A., 5111 Pierce St., $110,000.

Merrill, Michelle L. to Vacek Home Services, 4639 Center St., $50,000.


Wajda, Rita A. to Sosa, Rosa M., 3906 N St., $133,000.

Zagozda, John F. Jr. and Tricia to Regalado, Tomas M. and Denise, 1425 N Ave., $93,400.

U.S. Bank to Dewey Properties, 3435 V St., $60,000.

Murcek, Dan J. and Shelly L. to Joe Real Estate Ventures, 2809 Washington St., $50,000.

Bank of New York to Rothlisberger, Jeff, 6518 S. 31st St., $27,000.

Grzywa, Virginia A. Trust to Failla, Lisa, 4055 E St., $110,500.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust to Flores, Braulia, 4429 S. 20th St., $85,000.

Chatelain, John C., trustee, to Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, 1210 Blaine St., $49,000.


Schlesinger, Sue A. to Franco, Higinio T., 720 Hickory St., $325,000.

Finn Rentals LLC to Proctor, Benjamin, 1419 Park Wild Ave., $92,000.

Kopecky, Kathleen J. to Jaime, Salvador J., 2523 S. 24th St., $60,000.


Green, Anthony E. to RH Land Management Co., 2220 Willis Ave., $30,000.

Lindhorst Investments to J Adams Investments LLC, 1405 Sherwood Ave., $28,500.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Armstead, Jennifer M., 4227 Burdette St., $128,000.

TPC Corp. to Trademark Heating and Cooling, 3743 Ohio St., $45,000.

Carlson Properties to Prince, Brenda M. and Kevin C., 4016 Maple St., $43,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Patmos LLC, 6007 N. 42nd St., $22,500.

King, Linia R. and Benjamin C. to Redboy, Simone Y., 3727 N. 41st St., $21,000.

Gude, Jimmie Jr., personal representative, to Redboy, Simone Y., 3727 N. 41st St., $22,500.


Yarbrough, Charles I. and Robin K. to Bumann, Todd E. and Mercer, Jon A., 9614 N. 35th St., $328,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Brooks, Christa N. and Mayfield, Shawn M., 6546 Florence Blvd., $90,000.

Legacy Partners to Bond, Patrick A. and Sharon E., 2871 Potter St., $85,000.

McCoy, Daniel O. and Jacqueline to Huber, Steve J. and Waugh, Cindy I., 8124 N. 30th St., $50,000.

Ro-Dan LLC to Wheeler, Matthew S. II, 2876 Vane St., $45,880.


Bachman, Trula E. Trust to Gansen, Andrea R., 717 N. 89th Plaza, $330,000.


King, Charles D. and Judith A. to King, Scott A., 2616 N. 179th St., $400,000.

Trademark Homes to Jones, Brian F. and Jessica I., 2419 N. 179th St., $332,607.

Johnston, Douglas A. and Tamra L. to Nave, Jason F. and Rachel K., 3120 N. 169th Ave., $282,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Ham, Sandra, 2620 N. 166th Ave., $260,022.

Richland Homes to Citro, William E. and Lauri J., 17555 Wirt St., $258,860.

Celebrity Homes to Bianchette, Michael D. and Colleen R., 4736 N. 174th Ave., $248,400.

Koenig, Jon M. and Amy K. to Langan, Brian K. and Malynda S., 6603 N. 150th St., $233,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Scobee, Lawrence R. and Joyce R., 15163 Nebraska Ave., $209,716.

Celebrity Homes to Mincer, Beth A., trustee for Shimko, Jean A. Trust, 17505 Ames Ave., $203,050.

Banerjee, Shamik and Lopamudra to McClurkin, Josh J. and Hope K., 6416 N. 148th St., $169,824.

Atkinson, Jeffrey J. and Kristin K. to Behrendt, William and Jeanette, 4214 N. 169th St., $145,000.

Miller, Laura L. to RO-Dan LLC, 4707 N. 160th St., $140,000.

Meyer, Lloyd and Charlene A. to Bresleys Inc., 17224 Taylor St., $130,000.

Burrel, Rosa to Goeden, Joe and Melissa, 5052 N. 155th Ave., $124,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Advantage Development, 17711 Erskine St., $51,313.


RD Blair to Kidder Heights LLC, 4502 S. 60th St., $375,000.

Adkins, Susan B. to Life, Joseph W. and Traci C., 5020 Q St., $130,000.

Morequity Inc. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 5457 S. 52nd St., $50,000.

Svanda, Amanda L. and Solveig N. to Iflip Omaha LLC, 5184 Y St., $32,000.


Rockwell Omaha to Miller, Richard W. Trust, 17121 Marcy St., $100,000.

Rockwell Omaha to Aras Capital Co., 17121 Marcy St., $100,000.


Catania, Karin J. to Freese, Morgan and Daphne M., 7721 Morris St., $140,000.

Langan, Brian K. and Malynda S. to Swanson, Joel C. and Shara L., 7814 Potter Plaza, $133,000.

O’Neel, Jessica R. to Danielson, Anna an d, 7406 N. 77th Ave., $131,500.

United Equity LLC to Damicus, Sheri L., 8919 N. 76th St., $129,900.

Brown, Michael J. and Christina M. to Kemp, James and Jane, 8001 Newport Ave., $126,000.

Samuels, Jerry Jr. and Sherita to Xiong, Simon S. and Song, Ying, 6971 N. 87th Ave., $122,000.


RA Holdings to Workman, R.T., trustee for Eliga Trust, 2656 S. 96th Circle, $577,000.

Horst, Michael R. and Joanne M. to Perkins, Guy A. and Elizabeth A., 3116 S. 96th St., $343,000.

Straub, Edward H. to Martin, Tim and Soraya-Martin, Azita, 9803 Woolworth Ave., $155,000.

Shafer, Anne to Shafer, Thomas E. and Mertz, Patrick J., 3523 S. 106th St., $152,500.

Ayers, Kathleen M. to Labs, Zachary A., 3618 S. 91st St., $128,000.

Conklin, Debra R. and Tracy R. to Than, Kyaw, 7721 Grover St., $127,388.

Anderson, Virgil D. and Virginia to Brayton, Sara J. and Laura M., 7434 Wright St., $120,000.

Jamrozy, Kathleen E. and Steven J. to CBNFVR LLC, 9105 Arbor St., $74,500.


Erickson, Larry E. II and Kelsey to Hambel, Kevin M., 8017 Wildewood Drive, $152,000.

O’Doherty, Kevin J. and Christy E. to Schmidt, Patrick and Holly, 5141 S. 77th Ave., $142,000.

Wester, Robert C. and Mary V. to Klinker, Mark A., 5025 S. 80th St., $102,500.

Little, Roger L. and Jane E. to Frost, Ryan, 8304 Oakwood St., $98,000.

Vance, Josephine M., personal representative, to WG Holdings, 7713 Sunset Drive, $90,000.


Froehlich, Stephen R. and Sarah M. to Tapprich, Elliot A. and Stephanie P., 3513 S. 201st Avenue Circle, $293,000.

O Street LLC to Marshall, Bryan and Skarda, Sarah, 18125 C St., $250,000.

Novotny, Tyson A. to Davis, Alexander E., 1230 S. 169th St., $178,000.

HBI LLC to King, Brian M. and Shawna S., 1616 S. 162nd Circle, $118,000.


Jones, Sandra L. and George W. to Stacy, Darci and Benjamin C., 320 N. 37th St., $129,000.

Hoyt, Mark F. and Victoria C. Trust to Fundamental Investment, 4410 Cass St., $61,000.

Community Bank to Nielsen, Mark T., 1022 N. 32nd St., $26,250.


Gansen, Andrea and Hess, Frederick M. to Estabrooks, Paul A. and Hill, Jennie L., 5122 Burt St., $625,000.

Huse, Patrick and Sara to Heiser, Nicholas and Rachel, 5107 Cuming St., $325,000.

London, Mark A. Trust to Vacanti, Anthony and Muth, Alecia, 5116 Burt St., $337,000.


Dennis, Ryan M. and Crystal to Wrich, Henry R., 9229 Ames Ave., $130,000.

Comstock, Debra K. to Stoetzel, Haley R., 10513 Hartman Ave., $125,000.

Connor, Hazel, personal representative, to Hunter, Larry, 2418 N. 79th St., $95,000.


Dame, John D. and Jodi R. to Decher, Peter and Stacey, 17471 Orchard Ave., $467,500.

Wray, Steven R. and Rose M. to Hansen, Patrick A. and Becky M., 5816 S. 176th St., $293,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Goldie, Jon and Rachel, 6233 S. 193rd St., $278,002.

Kuiken, Richard M. and Laurie J. to Morton, Douglas V. and Nancy A., 5141 S. 195th Circle, $194,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bouckaert, James W., 5309 S. 196th St., $164,400.

Celebrity Homes to Gregg, Abbe L. and Matthew D., 5316 S. 195th St., $163,200.


Chambers, Harrison P. and Melissa K. to Eischeid, Kimberly D. and Kevin J., 15404 Hillsdale Ave., $203,900.

Harvey, Terry and Roylene to Anderson, Kevin L. and Jacqueline D., 6615 S. 129th St., $203,000.

Henning, Andrew R. and Anna to Packer, Jeffrey and Kelsey, 6218 S. 115th St., $165,000.

Lough, Stephanie D. and Diana R. to Robertson, Cindy L., 10887 Polk St., $145,000.

Cosentino, Connie and Carmella to Sparano, Jamy J. and Kylee M., 11222 Washington St., $144,900.

Olechoski, Christopher J. to Kim, Kum S. and Cong, Qing Z., 11306 Jefferson St., $141,000.

Gotto, Heather M. to Merryman, Michael and Stacey, 4962 Magnolia St., $140,200.

Podany, Anthony T. and Sarah M. to Renner, Merle G. and Kathryn Trust, 15309 Amy Plaza, $137,000.

Theisen, Traci R. to Medina, Martha, 6648 S. 151st St., $131,000.

Clark, Heather to Usonia Properties, 11416 Nancy Circle, $105,000.

Blessing, Shirley A. to Rouse Properties, 12583 O St., $103,000.

Gabbert, Scott J. Trust to Bowyer, Denise M., 12723 Woodcrest Plaza, $99,000.

Carman, Bradley L. and Diana to Flanagan, Jamie L. and Bradley J., 5922 S. 137th St., $95,000.


Keel, Amanda E. and Jason P. to Smith, Shelley D. and Cohn, Edwards S., 11823 Deer Creek Drive, $430,000.

Brady, Mark R. and Jean C. to Koenecke, Bradley and Kathleen, 7354 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $375,000.

Celebrity Homes to Johnson, Sheryl S., 7408 N. 143rd St., $179,900.

Deer Creek Holdings to Adamson, Gordon R. and Susan K., 13021 Craig St., $52,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Goodsell, Darwin L., 12314 Grebe St., $48,000.


Fehr, David C. and Angela M. to Callaghan, Martin J. IV and Angela C., 3320 S. 114th Ave., $292,000.

Wurth, Suzanne L. to Wurth, Timothy J., 11825 Hickory Road, $215,000.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Keith, Larry R. and Kristi K., 12708 Hickory St., $189,000.

Todd, Daniel and Marjolyn J. to Stevenson, Dena L., 12236 William Circle, $185,000.

McCord, James D. and Holly to Graf, Christina L., 13462 Spring St., $148,000.

Rose, James G. and Jana to Peot, Jean S., 12509 Seldin Drive, $127,500.

O & H Properties to Roth, Amanda L., 12412 C St., $125,900.

Kohrt, M.J. to Look At Me Rentals LLc, 12317 C St., $85,000.

Fuerst, Dale and Viva Trust to Simpson, Kathryn, 11726 Hickory Road, $249,000.

Gathmann, James C., trustee for Gathmann Living Trust to Donato, Giacinto and Amy, 3387 S. 114th Ave., $210,000.

Hofeldt, Ray R., trustee for Hofeldt Family Trust to Hofeldt, Travis R., 2605 S. 124th St., $132,000.

Smutny, Sherry E., personal representative, to Wood, Lewis P. and Ana T., 2330 S. 125th St., $123,500.


Glaser, Emily J. to Tannehill, Zachary and Sarina, 1619 N. 129th St., $320,000.

Menzies, Kathleen to KP3 Investors LLC, 12617 Leavenworth Road, $185,100.

Babcook, Jeffrey L. and Tami L. to Guerrero, Michael H. and Jennifer L., 616 S. 124th St., $185,000.

Coles, David D. and Beaty, Claudia A. to Vertovec, Daniel, 721 S. 154th St., $152,900.

Foster, Sandra L. and Fred D. to Moseley, Ryan, 1918 N. 151st Plaza, $152,500.

Herman, Richard M., trustee for RL Herman Estate Trust to Pullen, Jean, 1434 N. 133rd St., $625,000.

Axtell, Maureen, personal representative, to Landen, Marsha, 12727 West Dodge Road, $115,000.


Jackman, Matthew C., trustee for Jackman, Dan E. and Kathryn A. Trust to Moore, Matthew D. and Traci L., 11406 Spaulding St., $188,000.

Dawson, Justin C. and Stephanie D. to Johnson, Luke A. and Jennifer R., 11542 Ruggles Circle, $164,000.

Keairnes, Kenneth D. and Patricia M. to Waller, Mary A., 2711 N. 125th Circle, $163,500.

Vanecek, Troy and Ryan-Vanecek, Jillian to Davison, Dinah G., 11215 Ellison Ave., $150,000.

Knowles, Darian and Sara K. to Bhatt, Bhakta and Sajana A., 6408 N. 131st St., $145,000.

Wilhelm, Jason and Alicia to Van Hoose, Peter J. and Nicole L., 5408 N. 128th St., $128,000.

McCowen, Melvin Jr. to 3Sheets LLc, 11042 Taylor St., $126,000.

U.S. Bank to Andsam LLC, 2628 N. 130th St., $110,000.

Hlevyack, Robert A., trustee for Hlevyack, Betty J. Trust to Dehmer, Justin and Mackenzie, 11711 Camden Ave., $157,000.



Lewis, Charles and Amy to Linden, Robert, $100,000.

Ging, Bradley A. and Melisa A. to Slocum, Joshua A. and Danielle L., 1806 Thurston Ave., $126,000.

Westergard, Elaine, personal representative for Westergard, Robert J. Estate to Juniors Property Management, 7009 Railroad Ave., $28,000.

Wendl Properties to Stage, Eddie J. and Kathryn S., 920 Bellevue Blvd. North, $156,000.


Jennings, Karen K. and Peoples, Ronald D. Jr. to Robertston, Eugene J., 11709 S. 209th St., $190,000.

Price, Richard L. and Deborah C. to Swain, Terry D., 11713 S. 201st St., $345,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 12119 S. 217th Ave., $144,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to H & S Partnership, 12119 S. 217th Ave., $170,000.

Richland Homes to Snodgrass, Justin and Rose Snodgrass, Rachel, 16912 Centennial Road, $249,000.

Haverkost, Jason W. and Ann E. to Rangel, Sergio and Sarah, 17012 Morgan Ave., $238,000.

Charleston Homes to Kinzel, Amanda, 17206 Jackson Ave., $238,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Heavican Homes, 19317 Greenleaf St., $42,000.

Jeck & Co. to Brandon, Michael P. and Kelly K., 19805 Ash St., $434,000.

McCaul Contracting to Walters, Steven R. and Sharon E., 20104 Maple St., $318,000.

Walters, Steven R. and Sharon E. to Kline, Bryan M. and Katharine R., 20815 Oak St., $168,000.

Salverson, Eric P. and Tamara R. to Swanson, Loren D. and Jean L., 21855 Plum Creek Drive, $211,000.

Heavican Homes to Prokupek, Patrick C. and Julie A., 8020 S. 193rd St., $298,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Heavican Homes, 8109 S. 193rd Ave., $47,000.


Heavican Homes to MacTaggart, Rob D. and Christon L., 1005 Jacqueline Drive, $260,000.

Cernik, Raymond R. and Elaine Trust to Dankenbring, Nolan H., 1005 Woodview Drive, $170,000.

Woodland Homes to Carlson, Brandon A. and Anna V., 10112 S. 124th Ave., $426,000.

Woodland Homes to Freed, Timothy W. Sr. and Jennifer L., 10353 S. 124th St., $316,000.

Branstetter, David G. and Sprau, Traci to Hill, Melissa A., 1112 E. Cary St., $275,000.

Zych Construction to Anderson, Robert E. and Mary M., 12414 Osprey Lane, $443,000.

Sturgeon, Dustin J. to Nadrchal, James L., 16533 S. 96th St., $99,000.

Shcherbiy, Roman and Bogdana to Wolk, Ethan, 323-325 S. Polk St., $219,000.

Schneider, Mark A. and Julie A. to Shulo, Jeff, 413 Remington Road, $235,000.

Wells, Daniel A. and Koeberle-Wells, Karena M. to Punteney, Shyla A., 704 Edgewood Blvd., $235,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7439 Reed St., $62,000.

Woodland Homes to Johnson, Gareth and Shannon S., 7439 Reed St., $428,000.

Bendfeldt, Mike and Muhr Bendfeldt, Betty to Richardson, Amy N., 7913 Maui Circle, $505,000.


Klimek, Troy to Brezina, Malachi and Kyra, 11305 Buffalo Road, $85,000.

Baughman, James R. and Natasha L. to Murphy, Roberta K., 875 N. Second Ave., $132,000.


Thorne, Chelsea M. and Matthew A. to Benjamin, Brandon M. and Michelle C., 10706 S. 18th St., $156,000.

Buckli, Timothy R. and Kacee R. to Hahn, Andrew M. and Goss, Jazmond B., 11803 S. 27th St., $158,000.

Celebrity Homes to McElwain, Gregg W. and Lisa K., 13805 S. 43rd St., $200,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Brown, Michael J. and Christina M., 13813 S. 49th St., $303,000.

Clark, Casey A. and Loghry, Elizabeth A. and Jake to McElroy, Caitlin D. and Clifford J. II, 14303 S. 22nd St., $225,000.

Cernik, Kevin, trustee for South 28th Street Trust to Criswell, Kevin R. and Jennifer G., 14505 S. 28th St., $148,000.

Zemunsky, Andrew and Dawn to Nolte, Carl J., 3258 Briar Oak St., $124,000.


Allis, Kelly A. to Hamilton, Michael C. and Nancy J. Trust, 10506 Brentwood Drive, $195,000.

Kozol, Steven and Nancy to Prather, Curtis M. and Lynn M., 6720 Crabapple St., $192,000.

Ames, Delores A., personal representative for Ames, Dwayne C. Estate to Ames, Jeffrey D. and Melisa M., 7344 Park Crest Drive, $115,000.

Jenkins, Steven K. and Eleza E. to Richters, Trevor and Chevance, Erin, 7409 Harvest Hills Drive, $144,000.

Carnazzo, Thomas J. to Kluza, David and Rosie, 7828 S. 71st St., $157,000.

Schreiner, Kevin J. and Susan M. to Palimenio, Jessica E. and Treightin, 8139 S. 105th St., $310,000.

Home Co. to Becker, Michael E. and Mary D., 8161 S. 93rd St., $227,000.


MJ Design Build to Horn, Mark E. and Phyllis, 9223 S. 71st Ave., $254,000.


Casey, Patrick M. and Doreen M. to Aten, Patrick K. and David L. Sr., 16210 Greenleaf St., $275,000.

Skokan, Thomas M. and Stefanie R. to Shrestha, Babu R. and Dhan L., 16262 Loop St., $189,000.

Berner, Jason D. and Medea M. to Hoffman, John T. and Suhr, Rebecca L., 16639 Loop Circle, $240,000.

Bear, Daron and Kara to Dietrich, Thomas J. and Stacy L., 16568 Birch Ave., $265,000.

Masilko, William J. and Dugan, Pamela D. to Desh, Bret A., 17904 Margo St., $150,000.

Gourka, Gregory J. and Amie to Reynolds, Christopher P. and Amy C., 7118 S. 158th St., $186,000.

Timberline Homes to Charleston Homes, 9812 S. 173rd St., $47,000.

Charleston Homes to Timberline Homes, 9818 S. 173rd St., $47,000.


Compton, Joseph R. to Nelson, Geoffrey B., 14724 Margo St., $124,000.


Hunter, Howard L. Trust to Dyer, Candace A., 7405 S. 76th Ave., $108,000.


Castlebridge Homes to Warren, John T. and Karolyn E., 2105 Barbara Ave., $275,000.

Mallory, Potenciana G. Trust to Pascual, Mateo G., 2317 Emiline St., $98,000.

Woodruff, Larry and Martha to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2827 Harrison St., $45,000.

Medlin, Brandon and Cabrera, Jamie to Medlin, Brandon, 7306 S. 24th Ave., $56,000.

Welch, Goldie M. Trust to King, Scott G. and Tammy L., 8105 S. 30th St., $115,000.


Western Financial LLC and OM 4662 64 Schroeder Trust to Reyes, Luis F. and Dominguez, Armando R., 4662-4664 Schroeder Drive, $147,000.

Stahr, Joshua and Kimberly M. to Harris, Tanya, 6463 Elm Hurst Drive, $222,000.

Bratetic, Sean M. and Tara to Dill, Cody, 7202 S. 50th St., $147,000.



Nelson, Diane J. and Kenneth J. to Council Bluffs Community School District, 1800 Ave. G, $70,000.

Old Lincoln Investments to Fischer, Gary P., 2401 S. 13th St., $40,000.

Huggins, Christopher J. and Michelle D. and Woods, Justin M. to Loghry, Ariel D., 2215 S. Eighth St., $119,000.

EClass Properties to Head, Allison J. and Jacob R., 916 23rd Ave., $107,500.

Swanson, Christy and Scott to Luong, Thu T. and Nguyen, Thoi T. and Tran, Hai M., 100 Crogans Way Circle, $260,000.

Merryman, David L. to Berryman, Donna J. and William J., 300 N. 40th St., $90,000.

Bird, Carman E. to Hatfield, Donna J. and Lawrence T., 2011 Ave. F, $90,000.

Beck, Jill C. and Smith, Richard P. II to Coffman, Paul S., 2907 Heard Lane, $94,500.

Old Lincoln Investments to Hunter, Jacqueline K., 2606 Seventh St., $85,500.

U.S. Bank to Contreras-Puente, Manuel and Martinez De Contreras, Ana M., 2310 Ave. D, $26,500.

Morris, Edward L. and Frances M. to Norville, Kristin M and Peter R., 720 Ninth Ave., $300,000.

Stazzoni Property to Rosas Holdings, 811 17th St., $235,000.

Drickey, Melinda and Neal to AJR Properties, 2732 Ninth Ave., $240,000.

Drickey, Melinda and Neal to AJR Properties, 2743 Eighth Ave., $240,000.

Schumann, Daniel and Melissa to Santa Cruz Hernandez, Rosalio, 2423 S. Eighth St., $45,000.

Deutsche Bank to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 2123 Ave. D, $45,000.


Davidson, Jane A. to Svoboda, Charles V. and Trescott, William D. Jr., 2224 Longview Loop, $160,000.

Johnson, Brandi and Paul to Burrows, Luanne E. and Michael E., 335 Logan St., $126,000.

Larsen, Donald P. and Janice R. Trust to Dean, Gregory L. and Gwyn R., 221 Timber Drive, $175,000.

Michaelsen, Virginia M. to Equity Trust Co., 200 Adrian Ave., $125,000.

Thornton, Carla S. and Joseph D. to Glaser, Emily J. and Jordan T., 23340 Sunshine Lane, $469,000.

Godfrey, Emma L. to Hicks, Connie J. and David B., 2320 Thallas St., $201,000.

McNeil, Doreen M. and John T. II to Sanchez, Juan N., 1215 Third St., $20,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Wilson, Craig A. and Lynda A., 1400 Tanglewood Drive, $586,500.

Anderson, Judith A. to Burnside, Eric M. and Jennifer J., 324 Woodland Drive, $165,000.

Handley, Shannon K. and Steven M. to Perkins, Nichole M. and Tyler A., 402 Fuller Ave., $78,000.

Western Iowa Investments to Gilman, Timothy D. and Wenda L., 651 Simms Ave., $175,000.

Aynes, Gregory A. and Kathy to Rains, Steven L. and Teresa R., 409 Wendy Heights Road, $163,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Earlywine, Patricia A., 233 Euclid Ave., $243,500.


Bank of New York to Long, Kevin Sr., 1330 Mayper Drive, Carter Lake, $29,000.


Justice, Keith A. to Teepee Properties, 100 Pecan Lane, Minden, $120,000.


Rains, Steven L. and Teresa R. to Gannon, Jeanette and Pavkov, James, 110 Main St., Treynor, $150,000.


Carrit, Trevor L. and Wright, Carol A. to Welcome Homes, 22239 Bret Loop, Underwood, $64,000.

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