Weist, Herman D. and Ellen C. to Vacanti, Joseph S. and Cynthia L., 12115 N. 178th Circle, $608,750.

Kronaizl Investments to Fredricks, Jason E. and Jennifer M., 14901 Hanover St., $503,314.

Ramm Construction to Sutton, Shawn T. and Cynthia L., 17234 Bondesson St., $409,872.

Homestead Custom Builders to Jackson, Stacey and Matthew, 8121 N. 163rd Ave., $356,197.

Landmark Performance Corp. to McDonough, Kenneth L. and Connie K., 15507 Potter St., $297,000.

Blankenship, Charles F. and Ok R. to Marcinek, Matthew T. and Amanda M., 8018 N. 164th St., $276,000.

Fools Inc. to Krienert, Mark A. and Micah D., 15131 Whitmore Circle, $250,438.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Oliver, Jennifer, 12118 Elmwood Drive, $242,500.

Marcinek, Matthew T. and Amanda M. to Albright, Kevin W. and Kimberly A., 7928 N. 151st St., $202,000.

Camgrave LLC to Burke, Lloyd J. Sr., 16003 Tucker Plaza, $194,000.

Swarthout, Cheyanne J. to Stephens, Kirstin M. and Chadwick W., 7842 N. 154th Ave., $178,000.

Celebrity Homes to Langer, Nicholas A. and Danielle L., 7714 N. 147th St., $162,600.

Waterford Development to Hopkins, Mark R. and Debra A., 7114 N. 154th St., $150,000.

Huskins, John M. Jr. and Amenta, Amanda E. to Stacy, David P., 14617 Knudsen St., $139,900.

Perez, Abner and Ana F. to Lockner, Justin P., 8508 N. 155th St., $138,000.

Waterford Development to Fitzhenry, Cathy S., trustee for Feldballe-Fitzhenry Trust, 14809 Iowa Circle, $130,000.

Paramount Land Co. to Kroeger Real Estate Partners, 12204 N. 149th Circle, $44,900.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 17124 Clay St., $44,600.

Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Renter, Jacob J., 7734 N. 159th St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development to Timber Creek Homes, 17225 Clay St., $31,600.


Royal Development to D’Angelo, Louis and Jacqueline, 18673 Oregon Circle, $625,000.

Flash Inc. to Agemark at Indian Creek LLC, 3703 N. 200th St., $505,000.

Prairie Homes to Morrissey, James D. and Julie M., 1707 S. 208th St., $412,681.

Ramm Construction to Maxwell, Kenneth J. Jr. and Lynn C., 18954 Manderson St., $364,000.

Prairie Homes to Johnson, Alexandria A. and Stacy J., 1505 S. 211th St., $356,353.

Proline Custom Homes to Otool, Nicholas D. and Molly K., 20759 Ames Ave., $338,979.

Dynasty Homes to Morgan, Todd R. and Kimberly L., 19024 Boyd St., $329,900.

Pine Crest Homes to Warnsing, Jeremy R. and Jennifer L., 18965 Manderson St., $316,771.

McCaul Contracting to Richard, Rick E. and Debra E., 20705 Ames Ave., $290,762.

Charleston Homes to Sasaki, Sean and Justine, 20716 Fowler Ave., $258,406.

Shaw, Troy D. and Sheri N. to Brobst, Daniel and Amy, 20035 Farnam St., $253,900.

Lancaster, Richard L. and Jane A. to Paasch, Jeffrey R., 220 S. 202nd St., $250,000.

Stodden Enterprises to Shaw, Stacy L., 18827 Jones St., $229,000.

Warnsing, Jeremy R. and Jennifer L. to Hatten, Phillip R. and Jennifer L., 3334 N. 209th St., $208,000.

Choice Homes to Seemann, Clint and Lisa, 1601 S. 218th St., $180,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Choice Homes, 1528 S. 218th St., $140,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Echelon Homes, 2357 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Frazell Contracting and Design, 2340 S. 220th Ave., $78,750.

SNGF Development to Foutch, Brian J. and Kelly L., 18633 Honeysuckle Drive, $65,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Prairie Homes, 1805 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Lux, Andrew and Courtney, 20051 Stryker St., $55,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Prairie Homes, 20106 Stryker St., $52,000.

Caniglia, John L. and Cindy L. to JKC Construction, 19253 Binney St., $21,000.

Wojtacki, Victoria, personal representative, to Lant, Doris, trustee for Lant Family Trust, 18871 Marcy St., $220,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Richter, Chad and Kathryn, 6303 N. 293rd Circle, $225,000.

Goff, Vernon L. Jr. and Arlene-Authier, Allison to Voss, Joshua J. and Hanna E., 130 W. Vass St., $147,500.


Bilek, Anthony J. and Lisa M. to Breitenfeld, Katherine and David J., 2612 N. 51s t Ave., $156,000.

Bear Homes to Reed, Michael, 6439 Ogden St., $118,000.

Wayne, Brandon and Julius L. to Kendle, Sean and Joy A., 4601 N. 54th Circle, $99,500.

Bartos, George A. and Kathy K. to Wright, Robert L. Jr. and Lessley-Wright, Richana E., 4121 N. 56th St., $87,000.

Williams, Vivian W. to Nave, Matthew Jr. and Knave, Jacobee W. Sr., 6012 N. 68th St., $84,000.

Newell, James and Debbie K. to Caro, Rosa L., 4727 Burdette St., $78,000.

Tsuji, Rebecca L. to Blue Group LLC, 4140 N. 65th St., $72,000.

Larson, Lucille J. to Boyle, Alexandria O., 4527 Wirt St., $67,000.

Great Western Bank to Fundamental Investments, 2044 N. 48th Ave., $61,500.

Styl Properties to DS LLC, 2044 N. 63rd St., $45,000.

Bronte Co. to Coronado, Jesus E. and Jennifer, 5032 Spaulding St., $38,000.

Buss, Ruby L., personal representative, to Terry, Andy and Sarah, 6130 Jaynes St., $70,000.


Dendinger, Eileen K. to Turman, Dennis M. and Cathleen, 2146 S. 38th St., $150,000.

Goble, Michael and Clara to Fisher, Mary C., 3921 Castelar St., $124,500.

Sanchez, Adalberto and Martinez, Maria to EGAD LLC, 2962 Poppleton Ave., $124,000.

Tanner, Betty and Lewis, Leland to Community Alliance Inc., 824 S. 41st St., $95,000.

Midtown Properties to K6 Properties LLC, 542 S. 30th St., $22,458.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Powers, Mark A. and Tina M., 4212 Pacific St., $70,000.


Stolinski, Paul M., trustee for Stolinski, Alice C. Trust to Schlautman, Margaret M. and Robert J., 5215 B St., $175,000.

McClellan, Ronald J. and Carol to Novotny-Morin, Gayle and Morin, Douglas, 5529 Emile St., $168,000.

Witt, David M. to Tietz, Nathan and Samantha, 530 S. 51st St., $165,000.

Cutchall Property Management to Huen, Parker A. and Marlee A., 6303 Pacific St., $146,900.

Wiggins, Kelly K. to Comstock, Geoffrey and Elisabeth, 4673 Poppleton Ave., $144,000.

Vaculik, Marjorie S. Trust to Van Sant, Erin, 5814 Oak St., $121,500.

Schoreit, Frank R. and Lori A. to Liberty, Dean R. and Kelly A., 4537 Marcy St., $110,000.

Hoelzel, Jacqueline M. to McClellan, Steven A. and Rita M., 5874 Gold St., $93,000.

First National Bank of Omaha and Finnegan, Leonard Jr. Trust Agreement to Manning, David and Lisa, 5710 Mayberry St., $113,500.

Gift, Ruth M., personal representative, to Bredemeyer, John D. and Constance S., 2315 S. 46th Ave., $102,040.


Sage, Donald and Jean to Guerrero, Jose L., 4241 I St., $125,000.

Joe Real Estate Ventures to Gonzalez, Rosa E., 3239 Madison St., $85,000.


PNP LLC to Petersen, Stephanie L. and Navarrette, David R., 808 Forest Ave., $118,000.

Sequenzia, Sam J. and Catherine R. to Narwicz, Christina, 1424 S. 12th St., $96,000.

Harnett, Sheryl K. and Gary to Melendez, Melvin, 3315 S. 19th St., $46,500.


FH REM 1 LLC to Caruso, Richard J. and Mary A., 4721 N. 42nd St., $56,895.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Moneytree Realty Investments, 2436 Laurel Ave., $26,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Williams, Jon, 3048 Evans St., $22,000.


Khan, Ali S. and Kristin R. to Staton, Andrea and Chamberlain, Donald, 9515 N. 31st St., $95,000.

Smith, Dennis G. Sr. and Joyce E. to S & P Development, 6854 Minne Lusa Blvd., $61,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Anderson, Caleb, 3308 Martin Ave., $37,000.

Jones, Kelly, trustee for Merwald, John F. and Glenda A. Trust to Wicken, Nichole and Cameron, Ian, 3311 Grebe St., $109,000.


Parsow, Daniel to Parsow, Alan S., trustee for Parsow, Sol S. Trust, 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $202,000.

Appleby, Michael A. and Gina M. to Lichty, Adam J. and Roberts, Rachel C., 10528 Decatur St., $147,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to H & S Partnership, 1746 Hillside Drive, $110,500.

Schack, Stanley H. and Shelly to Miltenberger, Cody and Catherine, 207 S. 94th St., $80,000.

Schack, Loretta S. to Miltenberger, Cody and Catherine, 207 S. 94th St., $80,000.

Schack, Phillip C. to Miltenberger, Cody and Catherine, 207 S. 94th St., $80,000.

Schack, Daniel J. and Jennifer to Miltenberger, Cody and Catherine, 207 S. 94th St., $80,000.

Schack, Andrew J. and Jolene to Miltenberger, Cody and Catherine, 207 S. 94th St., $79,000.

Northern Ponca Housing Authority to Clausen, Rhiannon, 7742 Hamilton St., $39,508.

Duitch, Jean to Parsow, Carol, 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $202,000.


Castle Brook Builders to Baine, Josephine I., 3106 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $555,464.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hendryx, Bart and Amy, 17152 Sherwood Ave., $396,359.

Olenick, Gregory M. to Carico, Anthony P. and Anita K., 6702 N. 160th St., $390,000.

Grier, Peter W. and Charette, Sarah to Baugous, David L. and Carol A., 2627 N. 173rd St., $315,000.

Eggen, John and Michelle to Douan, Edward and Melissa, 17056 Corby St., $295,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Gerdes, Thomas and Debra, 6315 N. 158th St., $290,000.

Fools Inc. to Sharp, Scott L. and Barbara A., 15451 Laurel Circle, $286,000.

Celebrity Homes to Radda, Eric C. and Samantha R., 17478 Tibbles St., $276,600.

Celebrity Homes to Robinson, Lucas M. and Katie A., 4504 N. 175th Ave., $263,200.

Richland Homes to Jobman, Gerald L., trustee,, 17509 Wirt St., $263,145.

Lane Building Corp. to Makade, Bhushan G. and Vairagade, Sneha S., 2617 N. 165th Ave., $259,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Brown, Kevin C. and Alexis B., 6529 N. 157th St., $243,759.

Sortino, Michael and Shannan to Robinson, Vincent, 15080 Fowler Ave., $207,000.

Sanchez, Edgar and Alejandra to Mueting, Justin and Klein, Jamee, 4741 N. 163rd St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bhujel, Bhim K. and Reeta, 16320 Saratoga St., $179,000.

Culwell-Smith, Karley and Smith, Benjamin J. to Baker, Gerald F. and Eileen L., 3006 N. 144th Terrace, $175,000.

Schrock, Daniel and Kristin to Williams, Kaylynne M. and Evan M., 16431 Fowler Ave., $170,000.

Dahlke, Nathan and Laura to Knight, Stephen and Claude, Teresa, 14801 Queens Drive, $165,000.

Rosberg, Shirley A. to Zwaag, Jordan V. and Ludwig, Kelsey A., 4705 N. 152nd St., $164,000.

Morgan, Todd R. and Kimberly L. to Rowley, Robert M. and Linda L., 17275 Sprague St., $157,500.

Cox, Kathleen B. to Knockenhauer, Catherine M., 14919 Fowler Ave., $156,000.

Vetter, Leah and Samuel to Walter, Katie, 3122 N. 150th St., $149,000.

Thomas David Builders to Ramm Holdings, 2710 N. 179th St., $145,000.

Gehman, James E. and Reintert-Gehman, Sherri to Busboom, Elizabeth, 4632 N. 144th Ave., $141,000.

Burbach, Ann T. to Ahrens, Kurt D. and Joy S., 15403 Camden Ave., $134,000.

Fehderau, Peter and Lori to Pajeda, Kristina M., 17221 Manderson St., $133,000.

Kizlin, James R. and Delora E. to Reinig, Robyn D., 3315 N. 147th Court, $130,000.

Brown, Jason M. to Dahir, Kristin J., 6013 N. 167th Terrace Plaza, $120,000.

Tige Development and Design to Castle Brook Builders, 2303 N. 179th St., $120,000.

Castle Creek Development to Fools Inc., 15157 Laurel Ave., $42,950.

Prairie Homes to Ramm Holdings, 2328 N. 178th St., $37,500.

Kelsey, Leroy O. and Sharon K. Trust to Krueger, Diane, 15663 Taylor St., $275,000.


Porter, Carol L. and Joseph W. to Kelley, Joshua J., 6807 S. 49th St., $105,000.

Ramirez, Victor R. and Morahima R. to Ellis, Freddie J. Jr., 5241 S. 51st St., $41,000.

Poehling, Margaret M., personal representative, to Short, Sierra S. and Beauchamp, Harry J., 6716 S. 49th St., $90,000.


Weinstein, Howard W. to Martens, Kenneth E. Trust, 17102 Howard Plaza, $737,000.

Rockwell Omaha to Tate, Michael E., 17121 Marcy St., $727,650.

Canterberry, John C. and Sharon K. to Bope, John T. and Gleich-Bope, Deborah, 15919 Jones Circle, $245,000.

Hansen, Chad R. and Barbara L. to Cox, Justin R., 1311 N. 160th Ave., $222,500.


Oswalt, Brian D. and Brendle-Oswalt, Jennifer R. to Ciochon, Mark A., 7318 Wyoming St., $167,000.

Oliver, Jennifer M. to Flores, Jose A. and Jessica, 8415 Potter St., $160,750.

Celebrity Homes to Bloomquist, Dustin, 7014 N. 90th St., $155,600.

Klamt-Keeton, Diane M. and Keeton, Joseph C. to Sledge, Pamela E., 6963 N. 88th Ave., $155,000.

Petersen, Jamie L. and Megan L. to Li, Sarah, 7360 N. 76th St., $152,000.

Hertz, Roger D. and Patricia A. to Huffman, Jason, 8430 Craig Ave., $150,000.

Holman, Tiffany E. and Justin T. to Campbell, Daniel M. and Jennifer M., 8029 Girard Plaza, $145,579.

Cruz, Fernando A. and Viviaan to Keith, Brice A. and Staci M., 8721 Quest St., $141,000.

Casey, Christopher M. and Cassie M. to Banks, Earnest J., 8713 Quest St., $132,500.

Carl, Patricia A. to Wafford, Marvelle, 7611 Bauman Ave., $125,000.


Wullschleger, Ryan J. to Holling, Benjamin and Kathleen, 1605 S. 99th St., $275,000.

Lusby, Joey W. and Mary L. to Vetock, Kristen L., 10566 Grover St., $217,000.

Warrick, Donald D. and Karen K. Trust to Tanner, Chase A., 7701 Grover St., $142,000.

Wertz, Paul R., personal representative, to Bemis, Concettina E., 3003 Paddock Plaza, $210,000.


Harrington, Ruth A. and Leo R. to Zach, James G. and Denise K., 8912 Monroe St., $197,500.

Widman, Ronald A. and Karen G. to Siske, Joshua J. and Megan L., 9263 Z St., $175,000.

Lindeman, Derrick R. and Abigail L. to Maloney, Nathanael J. and Emilee A., 8202 Walnut Lane, $167,000.

Bounmy, Monique to Hernandez, Josue A., 6417 S. 75th Circle, $160,000.

Nichols, Gloria and Warriner, Chad to Bice, Edward D. and Mary A., 8218 Ralston Ave., $120,000.


Hildy Construction to Andresen, Dustin and Keli, 3701 S. 201st Ave., $351,700.

Hoagland, Christopher S. and Mary E. to Chaney, Jeremy J. and Stephenson, Michelle M., 19715 Pine St., $255,000.

Dunbar, Danny J. and Rebecca S. to Seidl, Craig and Goldapp, Nancy J., 3306 S. 157th St., $179,000.

Georgian 1628 LLC to Beavers, Jane and Van Kirk, Mary, 1628 Peterson Drive, $162,500.

Vint, Amanda M. to Osborne, Benjamin C. and Sarah L., 15912 Valley St., $161,500.

Growth Equity Group to JRC Holdings, 15920 Spring St., $158,000.

Wilmington Trust National Association and Citibank to Lamay, Larry, 1511 Peterson Drive, $140,700.

Growth Equity Group to Steven Steinsnyder Traditional IRA, 1606 Peterson Drive, $136,000.

Vandelay Investments to Nelsen, Sally, 1404 S. 190th Plaza, $26,500.


Shoemaker, Steven T. and Amy to Brach, Constance H., 3000 Farnam St., $60,000.


Johnson, Gavin D. and Sarah to McCarty, Joe A., 127 S. 70th St., $225,000.

Mohr, Tyler P. and Ashley M. to Marcoux, Alexei and Arianne, 404 S. 48th Ave., $169,000.

Peekenschneider, Scott S. and Danielle to Stoddard, Addison B., 1306 N. 66th St., $123,500.

Gardner, Jennifer L. Trust to Cox, Cassandra K. and Justin G., 6529 Charles St., $92,000.


Campbell, Thomas L. and Phyllis A. to Campbell, Jonathan D. and Genevieve K., 2717 N. 73rd St., $1,300,000.

Morley, Richard A. and Norma J. to Bukoski, Harold, 10274 Camden Ave., $174,000.

Griffiths, Blake and Brittany to Gaines, Brady S., 3817 N. 93rd St., $142,500.

Demaranville, Marcine W. to Corby 97 LLC, 9706 Corby St., $140,500.

Reckling, Sonya S. to Respeliers, Jeffrey P., 6214 N. 80th St., $124,000.

Hamilton, Jennifer D. to Jimenez, Porfirio G. and Gonzalez, Inocencio, 9323 Ohio St., $118,000.

Hannah, Angela M. to Hetrick, Tyler and Savannah, 8817 Sprague Circle, $114,000.

Monasmith, Vicki R. to Dunn, Michael L. and Latavia C., 4626 N. 80th St., $105,000.

K & T Properties to Cameron, John W. and Cindy J., 7740 Davis Circle, $100,000.

White, Howard A. III and Gordon, Rochelle L. to Terry, Andy and Sarah, 4006 N. 101st St., $80,000.

GJ 67 LLC to Kipling, David and Susan, 2023 N. 83rd St., $27,000.


Homestead Custom Builders to Noack, Bradley T. and Mary L., 18120 Cinnamon St., $311,400.

Pacesetter Homes to Gupta, Rajat and Gandhi, Reetika, 5501 S. 164th St., $284,552.

McCann, Douglas M. to Donovan, Dennis L. and Weis, Sherry J., 4233 S. 176th St., $277,000.

Swope, Amy L. to Connors, Timothy C. and Steil, Amy E., 5723 S. 167th Ave., $275,000.

Rai, Atul S. and Chetana to Nouzovsky, Jason C. and Kelsie M., 6412 S. 161st Ave., $232,500.

Lopp, L.D. and Michelle D. to John, Mark S. Sr. and Mari, 16321 Holmes St., $225,000.

Hart, Tracy A. and Steven M. to Hascall, Bernard D. and Heather R., 18808 N St., $205,000.

Goldstein and Brookes Management to Benkis, James A. and Jacqueline M., 16404 Madison St., $203,500.

Celebrity Homes to Bathen, Eric J., 5311 S. 195th St., $170,800.

Huffaker, Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. to Wright, Mathew, 5329 S. 158th Circle, $160,000.

Pope, Cody E. and Sarah C. to Martin, Cordell E., 5617 S. 190th Terrace, $159,900.

Growth Equity Group to William J. McClusky Traditional IRA, 5608 S. 193rd St., $156,000.

Noack, Mary L. and Brad to Heinzman, Nick and Hachat, Ashley M., 6310 S. 191st St., $155,000.

Michener, Christopher J. and Shawna to Proskovec, Amy L., 18716 W St., $153,000.

Growth Equity Group to JRC Holdings LLC, 6307 S. 167th Ave., $150,000.

Christensen, Colleen L. and Clinton J. to Jennings, Taylor and Fedde, DeAnne L., 19379 W St., $150,000.

Johnson, Christopher R. and Malinda A. to Heartland Resource Management, 6313 S. 167th Ave., $136,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6603 S. 199th St., $104,000.

Whitehawk Development to Rosenbaum, James B., 19734 L St., $42,950.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6117 S. 193rd St., $30,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 6019 S. 193rd St., $30,000.


Michler, Mathew C. and Angela M. to Thaldorf, Robert K. and Nancy L., 15126 Hillsdale Ave., $186,000.

Hudson, Ethan S. and Jessica L. to Winkle, Alan, 6111 S. 137th St., $134,500.

Sadil, Gary L. and Lisa B. to French, Torrey, 10917 Y St., $115,000.

Diehl, David M. and Angela to Dass, Gerard P. and Munusamy, Nalni R., 12722 Deauville Drive, $104,000.

Arens, Kyle and Nicole to Anderson, David A., 5806 S. 136th St., $101,000.

Wells Fargo Bank and Pagan, Kimberly Y. Supplemental Needs Trust to Beckman, Ronald L., trustee for Beckman, Karen S. Trust, 6207 S. 116th St., $178,000.

Davis, Mary L., personal representative, to Heartland Resource Management, 13723 Adams Circle, $122,000.


Celebrity Homes to Kizlin, James and Delora, 6902 N. 142nd Ave., $169,600.

Celebrity Homes to Scott, James D., 7302 N. 143rd St., $167,450.

Celebrity Homes to Carl, Patricia, 14269 Whitmore St., $166,350.

Longwell, Jeremy A. and Nicole M. to Strehle, Nathaniel and Rose, Katherine E., 7512 N. 143rd St., $166,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Krishna B. and Bhima D., 14211 Wyoming St., $162,900.


Ringer, Rebecca M. and Robert to Brennan, Robert L., 14489 Hascall St., $220,000.

Armendariz, Edmundo and Maureen A. to Huffaker, Elizabeth A. and Joseph C., 13614 Pierce St., $206,000.

Bussey, Ricky L. Jr. and Melanie R. to Godwin, Jacob B., 2505 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $180,000.

Zimmerman, Janice and Brandt Trust to Mountain Prairie Investments, 11304 Frances St., $162,000.

Martin, Paul A. II to Johnson, Nick F., 14415 Hascall Circle, $148,000.

Skipton, Darrell D. and Ilene to Carman, Samantha J., 12012 Pedersen Drive, $105,000.

Siebels, Elwyn J., personal representative, to McLeay, Michael H. and Laura C., 1824 Holling Drive, $160,000.


Wray-Wynn, Marla M. to Maiefski, Maurie W., 7105 Country Club Road, $219,500.


Venteicher, George W. and Susan J. to Azizkhan, Geralyn B. Trust, 13507 Hamilton St., $3,150,000.

Byman, Keith A. and Annette to Shehan, James M., 13644 Seward Circle, $965,000.

Jacobsen, Jeffrey J. and Kristin L. to Henrickson, Ryan D. and Erin J., 411 S. 127th St., $269,000.

Harris, Stanley G. and Jacalyn K. to Gingles, Nathan L. and Laura L., 15461 Western Ave., $211,500.

Christensen, Kimberly A. to Landaw, Carmella R., 14905 Paul Plaza, $199,000.

Bope, John T. and Gleich-Bope, Deborah to Widholm, Jordan K. and Meggie J., 1441 N. 154th St., $198,400.

Lyda, Jimmie D. and Patricia A. to Smith, Paul J., 906 N. 154th St., $167,500.

Babbitt, Gregory P. to Gebers, Scott C., 1622 N. 146th St., $150,000.

McNeil Co. to Talaska, James and Erin, 1460 N. 143rd Avenue Circle, $138,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 15327 Douglas Circle, $136,000.

Owens, Brenda L. to Gutschenritter, Katelyn M., 11109 Jackson St., $130,500.

Evanich, Wilma A. to Zurita, Evelyn A., 12727 West Dodge Road, $77,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Reo Asset Management Co., 1201 N. 138th Circle, $819,718.

Fry, Marti, trustee for Morris, Bresel Trust to Threlkeld, David and Catherine, 12406 Farnam St., $305,000.

Lyons, Roland, trustee for Lyons Living Trust to Smith, Colin C. and Linda M., 804 N. 155th Ave., $219,750.

Johnson, Kelsey, trustee for Danneel, Marjorie Trust to Dobmeier, David J. and Nancy E., 13030 Pacific St., $199,000.


Braddock, Heather K. to Boss, Shane H. and Leah E., 14015 Taylor Circle, $222,000.

Bradley Gail J. and Larry to Scribner, Ronald D. and Monica F., 12912 Patrick Circle, $170,000.

Karas, Dustin R. and Jessica A. to Wilson, Alexander D. and Amanda R., 5411 N. 126th St., $165,000.

Growth Equity Group to Steven Steinsnyder Traditional IRA, 6802 N. 116th Circle, $137,000.

Dynamic Properties to Andrews, Reece R. and Tammy S., 6209 N. 129th Circle, $134,000.

Evans, Frank B., personal representative, to O’Toole, Terry J. and Rau, Geri J., 4115 N. 139th St., $244,000.



Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 1006 Willow Ave., $40,000.

Bennett, Timothy J. and Tamera G. to Conley, Shane D. and Jennifer M., 1812 Madison St., $270,000.

Hurlbutt, Geraldine A. to Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County, 2012 Childs Road, $15,000.

HBI LLC to Flores, Eloy and Del Toral, M. Teresa, 2606 Madison St., $50,000.

Aquino, Frankie V. and Judith T. to Charland, Aaron J., 2806 Columbus Ave., $127,000.

Bang, Stacey L. to Brittain, Anthony W., 3308 Madison St., $135,000.

Hinman, Brett and Richard, co-personal representatives for Hinman, Betty L. Estate to Vlasnik, Amy S., 3507 Comstock Ave., $117,000.


Hildy Construction to Wisnieski, Michael H. and Clarke, Brandy L., 10623 S. 190th St., $405,000.

Huber, Michael A. and Catherine M. to Hannesson, Eric M. and Amy J., 10731 S. 232nd St., $170,000.

Dillon, Anna C. and Edward W. II to Johnson, Eric and Sydney, 11326 S. 212th St., $178,000.

Schuler, Chad W. and Angela R. to Krueger, Ryan and Laura, 11711 S. 210th St., $208,000.

Nelson Builders to Christian, Robert G. and Debra A., 19104 Ridgemont St., $344,000.

Celebrity Homes to Miller, Mandy R., 6629 Elm Hurst Drive, $200,000.


Christiana Trust to Pilgrim, Kenneth K., 1107 La Port Drive, $147,000.

Broussard, Allan L. and Susan E. to Tedder, Virginia A., 1117 Woodview Circle, $200,000.

Hanson, Ramsey J. and Laura R. to Zederkos, Carrie A. and Morten, 1910 Lakewood Drive, $243,000.

McNeil, Karen, personal representative for Jackson, Cleo A. Estate to Kingston, Emily A., 710 East Cary St., $180,000.

Colwell, Paul and Lindsay to Madson, Kyle M. and Elizabeth A., 7931 Legacy St., $345,000.


Thurman, Tyler J. and Amanda to Bergmann, Andrew, 210 Cedar St., $90,000.

Carman, Christi L. to Mohr, Tyler and Ashley, 760 N. Fifth St., $205,000.

Duffy, Mika and Ryan to Sandoval, Amy and Daniel II, 780 N. Fourth St., $140,000.


Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group LLC, 10610 Jamestown Drive, $156,000.

Cobleigh, Deborah S. and Mark to Hardin, Jackie and Greg, 10611 S. 25th Ave., $142,000.

Bell, Michael and Crystal to Briscoe, Richard and Tara, 11809 S. 37th St., $140,000.

Maley, David E. and Bethany L. to Scarbrough, Jeffrey S., 13410 S. 20th St., $230,000.

Just Right Construction to C & C Management VII, 13510 S. 36th St., $258,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ruiz, Efren and Maria, 13719 S. 43rd St., $176,000.

Jenkins, Jaret V. and Kristin L. to Dunston, Walter and Peggy, 14407 S. 22nd St., $230,000.

Hunsicker, Doreen R. and Travis E. to Swistak, Jeremy J. and Tiffani R., 14415 S. 24th St., $234,000.

Focht, Waleria Estate to Special T Masonry 15117 Normandy Blvd., $105,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 2309 Middletown Place, $131,000.

Stickney, Noyes C. III and Tammy to Mendoza, Celia F., 3003 Leawood Drive, $183,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 3108 Golden Blvd., $116,000.

Vasquez, Vannessa L. to Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L., 3403 Henery Road, $138,000.

Clearwater Falls to Pacesetter Homes, 4021 Waterford Ave., $50,000.


Olson, Kyle A. and Ashley M. to Nebelsick, Andrew, 7352 S. 72nd Ave., $106,000.

Sluga, Alexander and Beckie to Schultz, Mark, 7793 Greenleaf Drive, $133,000.

Trueblood, Sheila R., personal representative for Stevens, Eric N. Estate to Reynolds, Heather, 7910 S. 93rd St., $309,000.


Kurmel, Jeffrey and Renae to Sosbee, Gretchen D. and Joshua M., 2106 Betsy Ave., $255,000.

Hartley, Brian D. and Rachel A. to Howren, Rebecca E., 308 Hilton Head Drive, $180,000.

Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4602 Brook Circle, $48,000.

Tyner, David W. and Giselle L., co-trustees for Tyner Family Funnel Trust to Jones, Corey L. and Alexis N., 4617 Lake Forest Drive, $354,000.


Peterson, Marjorie A. to Dross, Marian W., 10108 S. 179th St., $160,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 11015 S. 175th St., $76,000.

Gaver Construction to Sadler, Steve R. and Tesar, Mary L., 16307 Sedona Circle, $920,000.

Celebrity Homes to Crim, Kathryn R., 16434 Virginia St., $223,000.

Abboud, Joanne to Neill, Troy A. and Melissa R., 16569 Summit Drive, $382,000.

Wisnieski, Michael H. and Clarke, Brandy L. to Bussom, Christoper L. and Shannon L., 17003 Palisades Drive, $255,000.

Williams, Ralph L. and Laura A. to Big Buffalo Holdings, 17333 Josephine St., $230,000.

Paisley, Nate and Kalin to Smith, Roxanne A. and Brian K., 6916 S. 177th St., $145,000.

Moore, Laura K. to Billman, Lisa L., 7013 S. 183rd Terrace, $161,000.

North, Sheila J. to Stevenson, Wayne H. and Judith M., 7109 S. 158th St., $271,000.

Celebrity Homes to Crowe, Christina M., 7211 S. 183rd Ave., $176,000.

Celebrity Homes to Clayton, Jamie J., 7215 S. 183rd St., $175,000.

Boss, Shane H. and Leah E. to Coulibaly, Nabile and Sarah, 8822 S. 166th St., $198,000.

Newport Homes to Anderson, Josh D. and Kristy K., 9805 S. 173rd Ave., $310,000.


Belt Construction Co. to Chaudhuri, Pradipta and Sharon, 12054 Carpenter St., $666,000.

Pritchard, Marc A. and Nadja to Constanzo, Marc and Kelly, 13802 Frederick Ave., $162,000.

Swanson, Crale L. and Rachel K. to Cooper, Jacob M. and Schumacher, Tessah L., 13803 Josephine St., $137,000.

Osborn, Corey W. and Kristy W. to Carrillo, Moises and Ana R., 14104 Emiline St., $181,000.

Spaccarotella, Dana J. and Todero, Mary to Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L., 15355 Papio St., $131,000.


Bronte Companies LLC to Castillo, Consuelo, 2307 Josephine St., $102,000.

Buck, Larry L. and Nancy J. to Wardian, Kathryn, 2501 Gindy Drive, $135,000.

Larsen, Richard N. to McDonald, Gordon D. Jr. and Bloemer, Amber L., 2824 Lillian St., $129,000.

Pilypaitis, Bernard P. and Mary C. to Lacy, Lyle and Cynthia, 8053 S. 39th St., $123,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Wiles, Theodore J. IV and Cheryl L., 8701 S. 25th St., $259,000.

Dunston, Walter A. and Peggy A. to Aquino, Judith T. and Frankie B., 9608 S. 26th Ave., $237,000.


Salts, Angela L. to Palmer, Johnathon M. and Marode, Kirsten M., 6906 Sun Valley Drive, $115,000.



Parrott, Anna E. and Guy to Gue, Aaron, 1410 S. Seventh St., $74,000.

Paulsen Bailey, Kimberly T. and Bailey, Robert to Higginbotham, Michael and Traci, 2508 18th St. ??, $55,000.

Swanson, Jeffrey B. to Paden, Jeana and Larry, 3010 Twin City Drive, $94,000.

Henkel, Edna M. to Council Bluffs Foundation, 4700 Gifford Drive, $1,200,000.

Swanson, Jeffrey B. to Fort, Brenda J., 507 S. 23rd St., $91,500.

Ehrig-Jamison, Jodi M. and Jamison, Clayton to Huck, Jason M., 2315 Ave. F, $131,000.

FP Investments to SLAJ LLC, 2818 Ninth Ave., $153,000.

Grubbs, Lynda D. and Mark D. to Henn, Rosemary and Scott R., 712 Fifth Ave., $53,000.


Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Robicheau, Christopher L. and Kelly A., 1395 Tanglewood Drive, $418,000.

Talty, Emmett J. to Bethany Lutheran Home, 20 Sylvan Drive, $120,000.

HCC Investments to Haner Homes, 1417 Larchmont Drive, $54,000.

Whitehead, Lia M. and Todd G. to Marshall, Andrew M. and Mikala L., 217 Harrison St., $85,000.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 775 Madison Ave., $45,500.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 217 Ninth Ave., $86,500.

Taylor, Bradley D. to Godden, Barbara L. and Marvin D., 1409 Skyline Drive, $235,000.

Hemmingsen, Craig A. and Sandra M. to Okerbloom, Barbara L., 106 Sommerset Ave., $175,000.

Bell, Steven P. and Verona M. to O’Neal, Peggy J. and T. Keith, 214 Shaley Circle, $400,000.

BP Quality Homes to Ford, Alex J. and Amy L., 1444 S. Larchmont Drive, $304,000.


Groves, Jeremy T. to Odd Properties, 50 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $100,000.

James, Ernest E. to Riedler, Diane M., 1090 Waters Edge Court, Carter Lake, $182,000.


Branson, Jeremy D. and Silina M. to J & J Enterprises, 21803 Hillsboro Lane, Crescent, $300,000.


Hultquist, Jeremy J. and Jessica to Johns, Joseph J. and Suzanne M., 24655 230th St., Underwood, $348,500.

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