Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Walter, Thomas K. and Krista A., 17118 Clay St., $347,000.

Meis, Jason A. and Hamele-Meis, Jennifer A. to Bradley, Darrin and Jennifer L., 15108 Gilder Ave., $330,000.

Home Co. LLC to Thomas, Erik A and Blake E., 17207 Clay St., $330,000.

Home Co. LLC to Peterson, David K. and Kristi L., 18118 Ford St., $326,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Deveney, Shaun M. and Amy L., 9056 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $255,150.

Bradley, Darrin and Jennifer to Hamele-Meis, Jennifer A., 16392 Grebe St., $250,000.

Selzer, Dustin W. and Ashley M. to Konrad, Michael and Hanson, Angela, 8116 N. 148th Ave., $178,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nielsen, Andrew R. and Carlson, Alisha R., 14502 Sunrise St., $168,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dohmen, Anthony M., 14517 Sunrise St., $168,300.

Sechser, Patrick A. and Jillian M. to MBAR LLC, 15409 Grebe St., $139,500.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8944 N. 170th St., $46,200.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 9114 N. 173rd St., $46,200.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Jenkins, Christopher L. and Lindsey A., 9055 N. 171st St., $44,800.

State Street Investments LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 8115 N. 164th St., $42,950.

NS-Newhill LLC to Keenan, Robert A., 12721 N. 182nd Circle, $42,000.


Adcox, Richard W. and Cheryl L. to Morris, Jammie and Gwyn, 4909 S. 235th St., $737,500.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Makovicka, Jordan and Brittney, 20804 Woolworth Ave., $388,000.

Wernimont, Jeffrey F. and Kelly E. to Schmidt, Alan and Taege, Leah, 814 S. 190th Ave., $335,000.

Olson, Adam R. and Asmussen, Lisa M. to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, 18418 Howard St., $317,500.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services to Kasarla, Sushma and Chappidi, Satyanarayana R., 18418 Howard St., $305,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to R & A Builders Inc., 2250 S. 218th Ave., $192,750.

Beck, Lee A. and Deborah L. to Kinser, Steven A. and Amy L., 4008 Ramblewood Drive, $139,000.

Majestic Homes LLC to H3 Customer Homes LLC, 22114 Cedar Circle, $91,500.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 2007 S. 211th St., $80,000.

AVG-CFM Coventry Estates LLC to Willis, Byron and Cynthia, 5618 S. 208th St., $64,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 1706 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Horizon Land Corp., 4920 N. 206th St., $48,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 4318 N. 191st St., $45,000.

Horizon Land Corp. to Charleston Homes LLC, 4720 N. 205th St., $44,000.


Goff, Sally to Holmes, David W. and Julie R., 25910 State St., $376,500.


Clure, Brett and Meagan to Roob, James v. and Stephanie T., 559 Waterloo Drive, $332,500.

Shank, Alan D. and Cunningham-Shank, Kelly A. to Larsen, Angela M., 461 Shorewood Lane, $260,000.


Maier, Jeffrey W. and Mary A. to Krizan, Laura E. and Paul, Kevin W., 2031 N. 49th Ave., $148,000.

West, Dean and Sarah to Osler, Gary, 4858 Vernon Ave., $139,900.

Svagera, Jared and Michaela to Chan, Alexandria, 6336 Parker St., $129,500.

Scamperino, Sarah E. to Murray, Jason M., 5838 Ohio St., $125,000.

Ehrenberg, David and Devonne to Couse, Christopher V. and Grantz, Kayleigh M., 6523 Binney St., $120,000.

Royce, Michael and Elaine to Grant, Rashanda D., 5228 Nebraska Ave., $111,800.

Webb, Lindsey to Wert, Joshua R., 6318 Manderson St., $91,500.

Hatfield, Nathan R. and Micheala J. to Swanson, Brandon M. and Belfiore, Jennifer A., 5709 Manderson St., $89,000.

Livingston, Lashawn J. to Aung, Lin H. and Bo, Za, 5009 N. 56th St., $74,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Goldberg Chalet LLC, 4720 Seward St., $67,000.


Hutfless, John and Cathy to Woodworth, Marcus and Sara, 2806 S. 33rd St., $137,000.

Wingebach, Rebecca and Jacob to Bannick, Emily A., 2109 S. 33rd St., $132,000.

Williams, Stacy and Bosiljevac, Jason to Leon, Simon F., 3912 Vinton St., $88,000.


McLaughlin, Thomas R. Trust to McLaughlin, Joan L., 5806 Rees St., $199,000.

Stayton, Taylor F. and Katrinka C. to Bierman, Scott J. and Wragge, Keli L., 5623 Jackson St., $228,613.

Grabow, Mary B. to JWH Enterprises LLC, 862 S. 59th St., $175,000.

Christensen, Tanya R. to Neaman, John J., 4674 Poppleton Ave., $145,000.

South, Ashley R. and Christopher M. to Gudenrath, John, 3736 S. 49th Ave., $130,000.

Loftus, Keri to KBL Investments LLC, 6102 Shirley St., $125,000.

Kunes, John U. and Arlene E. to Thornburg, Beth A. and James L., 2132 S. 48th Ave., $123,500.

Lopez, Robert M. to Kolb, Sarah, 5428 Spring St., $100,000.


First National Bank of Omaha to Tri State Ventures Inc., 3909 S. 35th St., $74,000.

Sloderbeck, Rose and Jamey L. to Garcia, Rosa I., 5007 S. 39th St., $115,000.

Helmers, Michael J. and Petra C. to Thompson, Matthew L., 4970 S. 36th Ave., $103,000.

Silva, Jason M. and Kellogg, Monica to Quebrado, Jonatan, 1419 Madison St., $88,000.

Quinn, Judith and Kennedy, Karen to RKCK LLC, 3664 F St., $56,500.


Gonzalez, Laura M. to Campbell, Victoria, 1816 Dorcas St., $113,000.


Power, Jacob B. and Krista to Harris, Keith L. and Kristian L., 2223 Ogden St., $31,000.


Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 3309 Nebraska Circle, $31,000.

McNally, Loretta H. and Timothy J. to Evans, Mel B. and Ester D., 2716 Laurel Ave., $27,500.

Godbout, Aaron and Jhuravlova, Olga to Diaz, Adrian Jr., 4326 Camden Ave., $25,000.


Haug, Richard G., trustee for Haug, Gustav Trust, to Kennedy, Joel O. and Clare J., 3412 Sheffield St., $108,000.

Martinez-McGrath, Scott M. and Michael E. to Wiebelhaus, Paul G. and Rebecca L., 9608 Calhoun Road, $170,000.

Cisar, James G. and Jody to Bollman, Les L., 2581 Titus Ave., $91,500.

Born, Nancy E. to Lindhorst, Marty and Scott, 3714 Ernst St., $55,000.


Horwath, Rudolph C. and Jeannette N. to Horwath, James A. and Kay A., 235 S. 89th St., $325,000.

Haury, Nora D. to Franco, Vincent J., 758 N. 74th Ave., $151,000.

Van Buren, Connie D. to Rizzino, Arnold A. and Heather J., 1824 N. 75th Ave., $150,000.

Beisch, Regina M. to Shafer, Marie R., 8305 Hillside Drive, $110,000.

Harding, Paul R. and Megan A. to Aude, Daniel W., 1017 N. 77th St., $109,500.

Shafer, Marie R. to Beisch, Christina M., 8305 Hillside Drive, $99,000.

Poler, Joseph R. to Carpenter, Daniel P., 824 N. 107th Ave., $90,000.

Ford, Kaiulani A. and Salik to Rafael, William N., 8307 California St., $85,000.


Kanne, Brian J. and Janet to Paulsen, Gregory J., 15025 Sahler St., $308,500.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Milner, Teresa, 15459 Jaynes Circle, $299,600.

Charleston Homes LLC to Jacobs, Kevin W. and Jolene A., 6314 N. 163rd St., $298,649.

Sortino, Gary J. and Kathleen S. to Tubens, Sean, 14456 Burdette St., $285,500.

Nicks, Becky L. and Hansen, Dennis to Steinberg, Julie A. and Lemley, Mary L., 16401 Corby St., $236,000.

Kar, Kalpana and Satyajit to Harbour, Charles, 6507 N. 150th St., $235,329.

Allgood, Eric E. and Jaime L. to Starman, Matthew and Megan, 4212 N. 163rd St., $235,000.

Smith, Anthony J. and Patricia L. to Marriott, Anthony J., 4906 N. 162nd St., $225,000.

Johnson, Carl A. and Ruth E. Trust to McGovern, Marvin J., 15065 Corby St., $215,000.

Schoessler, Daniel P. and Sheila M. to Fernandez, Jorge L. and Emily M., 14826 Ruggles St., $210,000.

Martin, Jason M. and April N. to Giglio, Jason T. and Elizabeth N., 4661 N. 150th Ave., $207,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Louderback, Brett J. and Jelena, 4744 N. 167th Ave., $199,900.

Trebilcock, Rob to Knudsen, Steven and Anne, 4255 N. 165th St., $178,500.

Knauss, Erik and Kelsey to Nygaard, Matthew S. and Stephanie M., 6620 N. 149th Ave., $159,000.

Schroer, Brett C. and Erin K. to Stava, Andrea M. and Bedore, Matthew, 17015 Sahler St., $154,000.

Dunn, Daniel P. and Danielle H. to Philmon, William D., 4210 N. 147th Plaza, $110,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 5969 N. 154th St., $44,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15466 Ellison Circle, $40,000.


Anderson, James D. Jr. and Veronica L. to Lopez, Maria G., 4823 S. 47th St., $120,000.


Mulgaokar, Kiran and Rajashree to Innovation Diversified Services, 16627 Mason St., $310,000.

Pistillo, Mary P. and Donald J. to Hickland, Heather E. and James S., 1215 N. 161st Circle, $265,000.

Millar, Glenn A. to Tusa, Benjamin and Stephanie, 405 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $210,000.

McDonald, Matthew M. to Roth, Timothy L. and Pelan, Thomas L., 1706 N. 176th Plaza, $155,000.

Meyer, Idonna M. to Kuzminski, Roxy L., 1837 N. 176th Court, $135,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bronghton, Matt A., 7818 N. 86th Ave., $205,000.

Beer, Shannon T. and Patricia to Gage, Krystal, 7412 N. 87th St., $175,000.

Stormont, Rebecca S. and Ryan M. to Will, Andrew, 7575 Bondesson St., $139,500.

Cook, Amber K. to Segoviano, Dafne and Villegas, Luis, 8156 Tucker St., $136,900.

Thompson, Jerud W. and Michelle M. to Holbrook, Emily R., 7622 Newport Ave., $125,000.


Beisel, Kirk W. and Olson, Mary A. to McLaughlin, Thomas R. and Denise R., 2358 S. 87th St., $450,000.

Torson, William R. and Jacquelynn R. to Hansen, Ryan and Sara, 8106 Cedar St., $355,000.

Shallow, Michael J. and Victoria T. to Villwok, Ryan and Nicolette, 3425 Armbrust Drive, $206,500.

Mellion, Frank B. and Megan to Sheehan, Hannah M., 9907 Pasadena Ave., $160,500.

Hall, Robert J. and Sheila J. to Van Pelt Investments LLC, 8073 Arbor St., $132,000.

Hague, Trevor J. and Heather to Circo, Charles J. Jr. and Michelle R., 3210 Cornhusker Drive, $128,000.

Stewart, Brenda S. to McLaughlin, Kellie, 8708 Grover St., $115,000.


Loos, Frances K. Trust to Turner, Kevin A. and Melissa K., 6205 S. 79th Circle, $277,500.

Fucinaro, Anthony J. Jr., trustee for Fucinaro, Josephine M. Trust No. III, to Lordemann, Philip R. and Grace M., 7538 Oakwood St., $220,000.

Flairty, Frances A. to Robbins, Whitney A. and Michael, 6740 S. 91st Ave., $250,000.

Belmont, Katherine A. and Jacob L. to Haas, Kristin B., 6116 S. 93rd St., $207,500.


McClannan, Dawn A. and Daniel to Zach, James J. and Joyce A., 16581 Nina Circle, $415,000.

Hurley, John T. and Kristi L. to Sand, Andrew J. and Stephanie E., 1711 S. 177th Circle, $357,500.

Punch It Out Inc. to Brown, Douglas B. and Laurene Y., 1323 S. 178th St., $314,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Armstrong, Jeffrey J. and Jodi M., 19422 Shadow Ridge Drive, $304,980.

Short, James R. and Kariann to Martinez, Jeremiah M. and Rachel A., 19721 Frances St., $255,000.

Bare, Mark M. and Michele A. to Punch It Out Inc., 1323 S. 178th St., $230,000.

Harwell, Jamie R. and Deborah M. to Vigneri, Vincent M. and Kristina M., 3802 S. 189th St., $207,000.

Risolvato, Samuel J. and Mary S. to Hanna, Kyle and Riggle, Kristen, 1523 S. 172nd St., $185,500.

Focht, Bradley and Ryan, Stacy to Zagozda, Dorothy H. Trust, 17005 Poppleton Ave., $185,000.


Mileris, Paul C. to Behlers, Robin R., 3501 Cuming St., $120,000.


Widtfeldt, Elizabeth E., trustee for Meyer, Mollie J. Conduit Trust, to Toth, John J., 6772 Charles St., $48,000.

Morris, Laurie S. to Grafelman, Paul M. and Deborah Trust, 711 N. 56th St., $1,100,000.

Anderson, Rosemary C. to Hickman, Kimberly F. and Rasmussen, Jens, 6901 Cuming St., $218,000.

McCammond, Robert L. and Bebe to Hulst, Lizbeth A., 5004 Lafayette Ave., $157,000.


Jensen, Virginia F. Estate to Anderson, John L. and Lisa A., 5509 N. 75th St., $102,000.

Scheufler, Jane M., trustee for Hansen, Margaret E. Trust, to Mollner, Michael M., 3725 N. 86th St., $136,500.

Malouf, Joan E., trustee for McGill, Gertrude A. Trust, to Czerwinski, Cheryl L., 9639 Sprague St., $134,000.

Dankert, Todd M. and Jennifer N. to Benitez, Roberto E. and Anderson, Leigh A., 6306 N. 106th St., $198,000.

Olson, Julie A. to Mayer, Amy, 3421 N. 80th St., $165,000.

Fredrickson, Nancy E. to McGinn, Matthew T., 4211 N. 100th St., $146,950.

Dahlhauser, Julie K. to Malone, John P., 3829 N. 88th Ave., $130,000.

Mancuso, Lisa M. and Robert N. to 99 SKS LLC, 4028 N. 92nd Ave., $118,000.


Coalson, Diane E. Trust to Coalson, Michael B., 4564 S. 178th St., $128,500.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Hermann, Robert A. and Mari A., 5912 S. 172nd St., $338,000.

Dannehl, Matthew J. and Ann E. to Griese, Kelly and Julie, 17309 U St., $320,000.

Brust, Richard A. and Connie L. to Wuehler, Dale L. and Lisa M., 17207 U St., $279,900.

Swagger, Scott and Anderson, Lori L. to Scheef, Monte and Joni, 5058 S. 172nd St., $257,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mitra, Arunima and Debajit, 4505 S. 198th Ave., $254,700.

Robeson, Brian and Rebecca to Urick, Douglas M. and Sarah J., 6115 S. 157th St., $249,000.

Trausch, Roger J. and Becky A. to Dougherty, Ryan and Ashley, 15976 Madison St., $248,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sukhadia, Shobhit K. and Purva S., 19880 K St., $237,400.

Wilson, Kavanaugh G. and Susan K. to Janulewicz, Renae, 5011 S. 187th Ave., $222,500.

Henry, Joy and Struble, Todd to Burns, Steven M. and Moore-Pickett, Patricia L., 19110 W St., $202,500.

Tekolste, Brooke J. to Tekolste, Felicia, 6709 S. 191st Ave., $157,500.

Engelhaupt, Jodi M. to Brendel, Kinsey L. and Armstrong, Jeffrey J., 4338 S. 179th St., $135,000.

Edstrom, Jason J. and Hatfield-Edstrom, Katie to Goeden, Melissa and Joe, 4306 S. 179th St., $131,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Fools Inc., 4617 S. 193rd St., $38,500.


Alahmad, Mahmoud A. and Nongpanga to Ogun, Oluwatobi A. and Oluwaseye A., 15037 K Circle, $235,000.

Wilson, Tony L. and Deborah L. to Olson, Ryan J. and Natasha M., 6503 S. 116th St., $195,000.

Dittberner, Jason E. to Muhle, Kyle M. and Claire R., 6635 Winthrop Circle, $182,500.

Shramek, Sylvia M. to Hutfless, John A. and Catherine A., 6220 Cypress Drive, $174,000.

Webb, Cameron L. and Lisa M. to Scherer, Shawn and Birdsall, Cassandra, 6621 S. 139th Circle, $159,900.

Winston, Kenneth to Coyle, Jami, 4905 S. 149th St., $157,000.

Combs, Roderick W. to Ecee Enterprises LLC, 11632 Monroe St., $152,000.

Charter, Tara M. to Odeh, Lana, 13917 Monroe St., $138,000.

TJH LLC to Vodicka, Patricia, 14105 N St., $125,000.

Jordan, Nathaniel L. and Carlee to JSL Enterprises LLC, 5616 S. 111th St., $120,000.


Morehead, Justin E. and Eryka L. to Dixon, Jeremy and Tracy, 8119 N. 127th Ave., $450,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thompson, Lyndsey B., 7403 N. 139th Ave., $175,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Breen, Adrian and Whitney, 7431 N. 139th Ave., $174,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gammons, Mary J., 13925 Wood Valley Drive, $170,950.

Broughton, Matt A. to Peters, Benjamin, 7523 N. 143rd St., $165,000.


Homebuilders LLC to Kasaram, Ajaykumar and Sukumar, Suchithra, 3137 S. 133rd St., $315,985.

Waschle, Teresa L. to Spano, Alan J., 13618 Montclair Drive, $212,500.

Hasanbegovic, Nedim and Andrea to Kittrell, Benjamin J. and Rhianna A., 13569 Cedar St., $200,000.

Villanueva, Cynthia and Castro, Richardo to Edstrom, Jason and Hatfield-Edstrom, Katherine, 13735 Shirley St., $192,000.

WT Properties LLC to Dembinski, Nicholas and Jessica, 12321 Bel Drive, $175,000.

Carlson, Beverly J. to Steffes, Adam and Tia, 15582 Walnut Circle, $167,500.

Solano, Nicholas J. to Gilbert, Carly D. and Zackery J., 12683 B St., $140,000.

Bauer, Deanna G. to Early Properties LLC, 3347 Augusta Ave., $85,000.


Rothlisberger, Donna Trust to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 5819 Girard St., $21,000.

Edie, Steven and Denise to Melo, Maribel and Covarrubias, Julio C., 6610 Bennington Road, $500,000.

Edquist, Keith B. to Little, Michael A. and Deborah K., 6701 Plum St., $75,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to McCormick, Andrew, 15267 Cuming St., $144,000.

Deeb, Van C. to Stevens, Jordan P. and Karen E., 12761 Izard St., $410,000.

Stevens, Jordan P. and Karen E. to Hamilton, Bret and Allison, 12335 Franklin St., $304,000.

Lang, David and Katie to Floersch, Steven W. II and Katryna M., 12936 Harney St., $295,000.

Loberiza, Fausto R. Jr. to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, 728 S. 127th St., $270,000.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services to Bessmer, Cameron M. and Ryne J., 728 S. 127th St., $270,000.

Engquist, John J. and Nancy J. to Heppler, Jason A. and Margo M., 818 S. 113th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Grant, Kit L. to Hedrick, Scott M., 14948 Hawthorne Ave., $245,000.


Polk, Joan C. to Berthelsen, Kevin and Heidi, 14107 Ames Ave., $299,000.

Garvey, Tommy L. and Frances A. to Dietz, Mark D. and April L., 4324 N. 136th St., $265,000.

Tokheim, Richard W. and Cari to Lierman, Matt, 4313 N. 143rd St., $249,900.

Soukup, Sandra to Peterson, Jane E., 5546 N. 111th St., $172,000.

Berthelsen, Heidi M. and Kevin A. to Leahy, Kristy Trust, 2223 N. 125th Avenue Circle, $149,550.

Molnar Investments LLC to Nelson, Patrick, 11232 Ellison Ave., $147,000.

Cornett, Jerry D. and Renee R. to Overly, Brian J., 6210 N. 131st Ave., $140,000.

Kuyper, Thomas J. III and Anita L. to Mobin, Mohammad, 4736 N. 131st St., $138,000.

Kathol, Jennifer N. and Andrew to Yanez, Arturo, 11016 Mary St., $135,000.



Miller, Steven M. Jr. and Andrea M. to Reischl, James N. Trust, 1321 Englewood Drive, $136,000.

BCL Properties Inc. to Fuller, Colby and Erika, 1506 Cascio Drive, $185,000.

Eckley, Anita M. and Michael J., trustees for Eckley, Anita M. Trust, to Pendley, Ronald K. and Linda D., 1507 Lawrence Lane, $175,000.

Adler, Daniel J. and Elaine to Harre, Noel and Cindy, 1602 Camp Gifford Road, $221,000.

Anstine, Bryan E. and Micayla to Larson, Janet S., 2111 Twin Ridge Drive, $132,000.

Van De Veer, Nathaniel to Grout, Sherry, 2523 Franklin St., $108,000.

Usonia Properties LLC to Neri, Omar and Ramirez, Yvone, 407 Greenbriar Court, $245,000.

Kinney, Rondi S. and Michael to Stephenson, Derek M. and Kerri T., 505 Ridgewood Drive, $375,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Anderson, Caleb and Jessica, 1526 N. 10th St., $59,000.


Moore, Eric D. and Sarah J. to Shipp, Courtney and Aaron, 11282 S. 202nd Circle, $223,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Cornett, Timothy L. and Sheila A., 11326 S. 173rd Ave., $273,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Furman, John M. and Elizabeth, 11423 S. 173rd Ave., $253,000.

McCune Development LLC to Grindstone Homes LLC, 11505 S. 201st St., $47,000.

Giske, James L. and Edna to MWT Exchange Accommodator 33873 LLC, 204 Wesgaye St., $119,000.

KMZ Enterprises LLC to 118 McKenna LLC, 209 Shamrock Road, $75,000.

Vieth, Derek T. and Crabb-Vieth, April L. to Shaffer, Timothy and Erin, 21825 Ponderosa Drive, $213,000.

Camelot Realty Inc. to D & E Custom Building 7 Design Inc., 604 Patrick Circle, $42,000.

Sweeney, David and Nicole to Betow, Sue A. and Mark A., 7501 S. 198th St., $318,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Krysl, Matthew and Rebecca, 10719 Laramie St., $260,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 10805 Lake Tahoe Drive, $40,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kuehner, Christopher J. and Lynette J., 10817 S. 109th St., $240,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hull, Bryan and Chavez, Jessica, 10833 S. 109th St., $266,000.

Fisher, Christopher J. and Melissa A. to Miranda, Alexis K. and Danielle M., 10914 S. 113th St., $305,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 11723 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Coughlin, Andrew and Jennifer, 12209 Cooper St., $711,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Poeppe, Jeffrey M. and Jennifer L., 12516 Pintail Circle, $488,000.

Crawford, Andrew and Rebecca to Ragsdale, Kevin T. Jr. and Amanda K., 1371 Hardwood Drive, $298,000.

Kortus, Frederick L. and Michaela M. to Wilwerding, Timothy and Angela, 2312 Crystal Drive, $234,000.

Barrett, Gregory A. to Cleveland, In H., 501 Cordes Drive, $139,000.

Cunha, Sara H. to Wissenburg, Benjamin R., 508 Pioneer Road, $154,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Heller, Steve and Laura, 6634 Ridgewood Drive, $362,000.

King, Thomas L. and Melissa L. to Friend, Blake and Kendra, 813 Stony Point Drive, $230,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Byrd Properties LLC, 821 Wilshire Lane, $206,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Bell, Thomas A. and Laura L., 914 Crest Drive, $245,000.


Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Dewitt, Ricky II, 280 Maple St., $53,000.

Kaiser, Larry R. and Brad G., successor trustees for Kaiser, Raymond L. and Florence D. Trust, to Stoll, Michael and Jennette, 411 S. 10th Ave., $220,000.

Jurgens, Brad J. and Jill R. to Voss, Cory M. and Pamela R., 605 Mulberry Lane, $250,000.


Glenn, James D. and Linda J. to Von Lyle, Harron Sr., 11765 Amos Gates Drive, $237,000.

Deeds, Brian D., personal representative of Deeds, Darby D. Estate, to Morley, Timothy J. and Testa, Michelle, 12906 S. 30th St., $158,000.

Holo, Michael J. to Boland, Bruce E. Jr. and Hailey M., 13001 S. 29th Ave., $185,000.

Davis, Andrew N. and Kristin to Hicks, Donovan L. and Mary R., 13006 S. 33rd Circle, $146,000.

Richards, Michael F. II and Christina L. to Hall, Daniel J. and Brier A., 13512 S. 29th Ave., $190,000.

Sigmon, Russell P. and Rebecca S. to Nofuente, Lester and Felicia, 13703 Williamsburg Drive, $237,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Hybner, David F. Jr. and Teresa M., 13805 S. 49th St., $365,000.

Barthuly, David J. to Andresen, Rebecca A., 14105 S. 21st St., $200,000.

Owen, Monica and Steven to Bryant, Alicia E. and James D., 14402 Canyon Drive, $162,000.

Britton, Thomas R. and Amanda M. to Micek, Aris A. and Holder, Samantha, 2604 Raven Ridge Drive, $199,000.

Ribbey, Elizabeth J. and Matthew E. to Walker, Chad and Phillippi, Mary, 2908 Blackhawk Drive, $279,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Masek, Christopher J. and Lindsay N., 4410 Brook Drive, $233,000.

Ashford Hollow Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4410 Brook Drive, $86,000.


Lindsay, Allan J. and Kathleen E. to Gonzalez, Aleyda M., 10044 Emiline St., $335,000.

Vest, Ronnie J. and Susan M. to Friel, Jeffrey A., 7417 Terry Drive, $86,000.

Crawford, Robert S. and Elsie to Kress, Dian, 7535 S. 89th St., $131,000.

Kalal, Richard K. and Kathleen A. to Staroscik, Adrian B. and Marie C., 8149 S. 93rd Circle, $188,000.

Zlomke, Mark and Moira to Yagodinski, Kevin A., 9110 Partridge Ave., $139,000.


Thomas, Tamara J. to Dehl, Douglas and Alissa, 11922 S. 53rd St., $250,000.

Schade, John E. and Michele Y. to Cheney, Julia A., 13803 Springview Drive, $177,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gutgsell, Aaron T. and Jennifer M., 6630 Elmhurst Drive, $229,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Rosemann, Frederick S. and Barbara J., 6805 Park Crest Drive, $390,000.

Eshalomi, Anthony and Johonna to Kilgore, Quin and Jaime, 6812 Park Crest Drive, $315,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Magan, Ranjeet K. and Harka M., 8606 S. 69th St., $217,000.


Barkley, Keith E. and Dolores I. to Burdette, Matthew J., 10213 S. 177th St., $297,000.

Durabillis Homes Inc. to Nelson, Raymond T. and Nancy A., 16302 Briar St., $284,000.

Russell, Matthew T. and Kellie J. to Janovich, Daniel T., 7009 S. 162nd Ave., $49,000.

Schwartz, Sharon K. to Aure, Dana and Jaime, 17020 Briar St., $277,000.

Bownes, Kara M. to Renner, Cody, 17625 Josephine St., $148,000.

Pruitt, John W. Jr. and Brittany L. to Shane, Danny and Sandy 2014 Living Trust, 17845 Josephine St., $152,000.

Waters, Kay L. to Kinkade, Brian A. and Jackie, 7308 S. 171st St., $280,000.

Kilgore, Jaime and Quin to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 7417 S. 179th St., $140,000.

Moore, Richard D. and Maria F. to Molini, Christopher J. and Angela M., 8824 S. 163rd St., $220,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cvitak, Michael P. and Lisa P., 9001 S. 169th St., $273,000.


Landmark, Shane A. and Rita D. to Cighia, Christina, 13426 Chandler St., $145,000.

Sargent, Jacob M. and Jennifer M. to Logar Rentals Inc., 14921 Edna St., $145,000.

Hicks, Shirley Y. to Hicks, Jesse C., 15550 Newell St., $145,000.

Kautsch, Marjorie C. and John F. Trust to Andersen, Jon, 12928 Chandler St., $137,000.


Jukes, Bradley J. to Clatt, Kathy, 9603 S. 22nd Ave., $195,000.


Hirt, Diane D. and Michael E. to Davis, Donald R. Jr. and Kathleen E., 4926 Copper Creek Road, $173,000.

Carnes Hahn, Antoinette M. to Harder, Allen W. and Miriam J., 7306 Sun Valley Drive, $125,000.

Funk, Jeffrey N. and Anna to Orozco, Elizabeth, 7505 S. 52nd St., $112,000.



Fox, Doug and Jeanette to Knauss, Adam J. and Caitlin D., 4001 Ramelle Drive, $129,000.

Sorenson, Evelyn A. Trust to Petersen, Kenneth C., 2628 Ave. I, $30,000.

Marsh, Annmarie and Joseph J. to Brickey, Jessica S. and Duncan, Jacob A., 2206 S. 11th St., $135,000.

Surpassets LLC to Roane, Marissa K., 2307 S. 16th St., $135,000.

Deutsche Bank to Dorris, Vicki and Fogle, Jeffery, 2627 Ave. C, $41,500.

Murguia, Luzelena to Adams, Nick A., 3707 Ramelle Drive, $120,000.

Elam, Charlotte and Darci to Flanscha, Daniele M., 2901 Ave. C, $112,500.

Haley, Dale R. and Deborah G. to Elam, Charlotte and Darci, 4611 Apache St., $50,000.

Gibbs, Emma R. to Bills-Taylor, Sherryl G. and Taylor, Lawrence R., 2527 S. 12th St., $54,000.

Shannon, Amanda S. and Brian J. to Harris, Bryce J., 4024 Ave. D, $110,000.


Clouse, James A. and Tanner, Joni M., co-trustee for Clouse Family Trust, to Collett, Daniel W. and Shirleen K., 821 Timbercrest Drive, $165,000.

Hurley, Julie E. and Robert W. to Lefeber, David P. and Mary J., 1917 Glen Cove, $301,000.

Duncan, Gregory S. and Megan A. to Manson, Lee J. and Mackenzie L., 5105 Providence Road, $294,000.

Oder, Raymond L. and Jerrett-Oder, Kimberly S. to Bancroft, Kevin G. and Laurie, 44 Orchard Ave., $138,500.

Ambar LLC to Edie, Melissa S. and Stotko, Patricia M., 1310 Pleasant St., $106,000.

Friedrichsen, Marianne D. to Hunt, Jill L., 200 Tower Ridge Court, $187,500.

Griswold, Marilyn S. to Peterson, Megan E. and Stueve, Cody E., 309 Skyline Drive, $148,000.

BJA Investments LLC to Frazier, David L., 31 Linden Ave., $118,000.

Huerta, Jolene M. and Samuel G. to Herbst, Tyler and Vollrath, Jami, 1211 16th Ave., $139,500.

Kreft, Colleen and Wayne to Kreft, Matt and Michelle, 19472 Perry Road, $189,000.

Kreft, Matt and Michelle to Warner, David and Katie, 19472 Perry Road, $230,000.


Cain, Nolan R. and Stites, Aja R. to Lohmeier, Shane and McLaughlin, Kylee, 1211 Ave. O, Carter Lake, $118,000.


Alff, Dorothy J. and Lester R. Trust to Johnson, Cohen and Mary, 1116 N. Poplar Drive, Avoca, $235,500.

703 N. Chestnut Street LLC to Heitman, Ramona, 208 E. Mill St., Avoca, $178,000.


Sutton, Cheryl A. and James A. to Richardson, Marlene S. and Terry W., 556 Pleasant St., Carson, $185,000.


Cochran, Erich and Sell, John D. to Hickey, Michael P., 19913 Cougar Ave., Honey Creek, $75,000.


Cyr, Lori J. to Sorensen, David L. and Patricia A., 15 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $97,000.


A & N Enterprises LTD to Putnam, Adria P. and Troy G., 212 Faith Ave., Underwood, $380,000.

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