Sterns, David A. and Regina G. to Miller, James and Alison, 15332 Weber St., $515,000.

Sherwood Homes to Holdorf, Jaimey R. and Jodi R., 15962 Reynolds St., $318,115.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ekker, Jack and Beth, 8128 Kilpatrick Parkway, $285,000.

Miller, Nicholas and Ellen to Winters, Kurtis and Britt, 8502 N. 173rd St., $270,000.

Fleischman, David L. and Michelle A. to Dunning, Molly K. and Steven G., 15702 N. Second St., $200,000.

Cam Grove LLC to Finke, Dean S. and Marita K., 16021 Willit Plaza, $193,900.

Tingelhoff, Scott and Lisa to Kummer, Justin D., 8022 N. 146th St., $170,000.

Desler, Mark D. and Michelle M. to Ziska, Dennis D. and Ziska-Skinner, Melodie A., 14525 Grebe St., $162,000.

Wikoff, Brandon R. and Alison M. to Costello, Melissa R. and Hannum, Tanner J., 14467 Knudsen St., $160,000.

McFinch, Debora to Jacobsen, Jennifer K., 430 N. Molley St., $141,500.

Daly, Kristine K. to Daly, Jonathan and Patricia, 226 N St., $124,000.

Daly, Jonathan and Patricia to Thomas, Jennifer J., 226 N St., $124,000.

State Street Investments to Proline Custom Homes, 16221 Reynolds St., $42,950.

North Ida Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 7210 N. 160th Ave., $41,950.

North Ida Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 7024 N. 162nd St., $40,500.


Arp, Michael P. and Julie L. to Ryan, Michael J. and Amy D., 1110 S. 214th St., $750,000.

Circo, Lisa L. Trust to Diaz, Magdiel S. and Rocha-Sanchez, Sonia M., 2541 S. 221st Circle, $560,000.

Black, M.J. and Renee F. to Hildebrand, Scott and Jacklynn, 812 S. 181st Ave., $485,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Thomas, Travis and Erin, 3003 N. 194th St., $407,837.

Cunningham, Joseph M. and Lambert, Jennifer L. to Hornig, Matthew and Amy E., 22109 Brookcrest Circle, $390,000.

JKC Construction to Waggoner, Timothy A. and Amanda N., 19609 Decatur St., $389,000.

Elliott, David R. and Wendi A. to Upton, Betsy, 808 S. 189th St., $350,000.

McDonnell, Thomas J. and Erlandson, Rene J. to Hahn, David D. and Cameron B., 1303 N. 181st St., $335,000.

Banks, Michael J. and Beth A. to Brumm, Lizabeth G. Trust, 1717 N. 213th St., $312,000.

Schaaf, Ronald to Gerding, James and Linda, 1715 N. 212th St., $301,500.

Charleston Homes to Niles, Christopher and Stephanie, 4702 N. 205th St., $293,730.

Heavican Homes to Lancaster, Curtis and Kristy, 2721 N. 190th St., $279,046.

Dave Paik Builders to Wilkins, Craig D., trustee for Wilkins, Amber R. Supplemental Needs Trust, 1002 N. 184th St., $261,297.

Rensch, Todd P. and Mary K. to Wieger, Michael A. and Hannah R., 18405 Emile Circle, $252,000.

Hornig, Amy E. and Matt to Wilson, Johnathan K. and Stephanie K., 639 S. 214th St., $242,000.

Kramer, Benjamin J. and Lindsay M. to Niang, Ousmane and Katie, 910 S. 218th St., $235,000.

Lancaster, Kristy and Curtis to Ties, Kent A. and Susan J., 19011 Lake St., $235,000.

Johnson, Joseph E. and Cynthia S. to Van Deventer, Anna and Thomas, 910 S. 216th St., $217,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stahlecker, Darold W. and Michelle A., 20609 Veterans Drive, $213,900.

Prestige Homes to Hanel, Frank W. Trust, 20017 Farnam St., $200,000.

Sigma Investments to Xydakis, Andre, 1921 S. 214th Ave., $79,000.

Echelon Homes to Hildy Construction, 2410 S. 219th St., $78,000.

Echelon Homes to Homestead Custom Builders, 2404 S. 219th St., $76,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Hildy Construction, 2111 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

FRK Development to Ziemer, Michael D. and Mandi M., 18970 Manderson St., $44,900.

Tige Development and Design to Prestige Homes, 20017 Farnam St., $32,000.


Lee, Janice M. to Johnson Valley Farm, 29049 Garvin Road, $795,000.


Safford, Frank E. and Barbara A. to Christoffersen, Aaron J. and Sheldon, Kimberly A., 1135 S. 252nd St., $145,000.


Nordyke, Robert K. and Gouveia, Lourdes to Cunningham, Joseph M. and Lambert, Jennifer L., 5404 Grant St., $356,000.

Aldridge, Derek A. to Monjaras, Joseph, 5852 Blondo St., $125,000.

Lundgren, Samuel L. and Heather A. to Lastovica, Curtis and Megan, 4716 Decatur St., $118,000.

Mahannah Suiter Properties to Mlinar, Timothy J., 6135 Emmet St., $92,000.

Sanchez, Joseph III to Atwater, Carol J., 3528 N. 53rd St., $80,500.

Palmer, Wayne F. Jr. and Bergman-Palmer, Constance L. to Johnson, Andrew J., 2316 N. 65th Ave., $60,000.

Hampton, Violet to Fleetwood Investments, 5332 N. 47th Ave., $40,000.


Gard, Andrew P. and Amber R. to Stodolka, Karen I., 528 S. 36th Court, $175,000.

Gillespie, Dennis F. and Dianne M. to Andrew Homes, 3557 Jackson St., $114,000.

Kurt, Nicholas and Jane to Ponden, Leslie A., 3415 Martha St., $75,000.

Tribulato, Darla to Vannier, Matthew R., 2306 S. 35th St., $69,000.

Anania, Frank T. to Z & S Properties, 4413 Leavenworth St., $68,000.

My Own Dominion LP to Roya LLC, 3242 S. 40th St., $47,500.

Walter, Gloria J. to Schlegelmilch, Elizabeth D., 2813 S. 38th Ave., $41,200.


DiGiorgio, Michael J. to Wenckebach LLC, 4532 Hickory St., $150,000.

Binder, Kari L. and Mark to Lubbert, Natalie J. and Wordekemper, Eric A., 2103 S. 48th Ave., $143,000.

Druivenga, Charlotte L. to Willits, Alexander T. and Wiggins, Joann K., 4530 Valley St., $100,000.

Waller, Mark C. to David, Tony and Deborah, 4830 William St., $70,000.


HBI LLC to Siderewicz, Gail and Ignowski, Joan, 4221 Drexel St., $160,000.

Wees, Bernard A. and Kathryn to Wees, David B. and Louise M., 4124 S. 37th St., $115,000.

Aguilera, Michael E., personal representative to Garrido, Concepcion, 2618 Jefferson St., $38,000.

Gutterman, Edward to Cramer, Rose, 3228 Polk St., $25,000.

Hite, Mary J. to Cramer, Rose, 3228 Polk St., $25,000.


Siedhoff, William L. and Charlene G. to Loomis, Jayne and Kevin, 2201 Deer Park Blvd., $108,000.

Vacanti, Samuel M. Sr., personal representative, to Rehak, Grace A. and Vacanti, Fred J., 808 Pierce St., $22,000.


Eary Properties LLC to Higgins, Joseph A., 1110 E. Camden Ave., $38,000.

Kugler, Ben to Miranda, Oscar N., 4129 N. 19th St., $24,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 6005 N. 24th St., $20,000.


James, Roderick and Ericka W. to Littlejohn, Michael J., 3359 N. 40th St., $29,000.

American National Bank to Sage Case Inc., 3208 Paxton Blvd., $22,000.


Wagner, Judy L. to Morton, Jesse, 7751 N. 37th St., $78,000.


Reeves, Kara and Kyle J. to Daccaret, Miguel S. and Lankhorst, Abby, 962 S. 94th St., $583,500.

Kroeger, R.M. and Janet C. to Kroeger, Scott and Wendi L., 606 S. 93rd Ave., $540,000.

Shepard, Ronald L. and Mary A. to Palmgren, Earon H. and Natalie C., 453 S. 86th St., $380,000.

Riha, Roger J. and Heidi M. to Butler, Lisa and Atwater, Roderick, 9528 Meadow Drive, $171,500.

Behne, Burke M. and Lindsay J. to Kozakiewicz, Kristin, 10612 Nicholas St., $139,900.

Schaeger, Ronald J. and Susan Y. to Sharp, Thomas M., 1716 N. 107th St., $138,900.

Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 753 N. 78th St., $20,000.


Binks Construction to Metschke, Matthew R. and Kari A., 17808 Corby St., $438,028.

Southard, Curtis R. and Dana L. to Kamler, Chad and Kristina, 2201 N. 170th St., $370,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to Jodis, Susan S. Trust, 16364 Lothrop Circle, $329,047.

Horne, Joshua to Cottam, Christa L. and Steven P., 6140 N. 165th St., $302,000.

McAllister, Charles T. to Rother, Justin and Serena, 17307 Erskine Circle, $290,000.

Taylor, Dan W. and Ann A. to Tabaka, Theodore J. and Kerrie L., 17220 Spencer St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bradley, David C. II and Kayla N., 4507 N. 174th Ave., $245,650.

Vath, James A. and Brandy A. to Mirzoev, Mukhamadsolekh, 15206 Fowler Ave., $228,000.

Reed, Sean W. and Kenra L. to Zimmer, Chuck and Susie, 15360 Corby St., $215,000.

Banfield, Roy and Jennifer to Fletcher, Douglas and Andrea, 14910 Boyd St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sideris, Joshua D. and Gardiner, Anne K., 16404 Redman Ave., $180,900.

Supernaw, Mary A. to Charleston Homes, 14884 Ogden St., $178,500.

Klein, Radiance A. to Lyons, James and Bryen, Michelle, 4111 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $160,000.

Ellert, James W. and Jill L. to Pridgeon, Monique, 3315 N. 147th Court, $120,000.

Ardon Investments to Chong, Richard R., 14672 Ames Court, $114,000.


Velazquez, Jillian and Noel J. to Lepes, Leslye B. and Chavez, Fernando L., 5656 S. 49th St., $148,000.

Conrad, Joseph and Mary A. to Nelsen, Seth, 5117 Orchard Ave., $140,000.

Roya LLC to Fierro-Gallegos, Jose E. and Fierro, Maria R., 5249 S. 49th St., $138,000.

Romkema, Christopher J. and Kimberly S. to Rivera, Ashley A. and Harvey, Aaron M., 6010 Weir St., $116,000.


Head, George and Nina B. Trust to Oehlerts, Christopher and Jennifer, 16207 California St., $665,000.

Piel, Gregory A. to McMeen, Anne M., 17213 Howard Plaza, $482,000.

Macholtz, Jennifer and Jacob to NEI Global Relocation Co., 16206 California St., $420,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Braun, Aaron and Cassandra, 16206 California St., $420,000.

Cavell, Myles and Mary to Kerr, Andrew and Nicole, 15722 Shamrock Road, $235,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Kogan, Dina A. and Cisler, Jason J., 16314 Webster St., $143,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to BPM LLC, 1843 N. 175th Court, $116,000.

Prescott, Charles and Wanda Trust to Jacobsen, James K. and Christine E., 15708 Farnam St., $74,000.


White, Doneil D. and Kimberly D. to Bowman, William R. JR. and Jennifer L., 10629 Craig St., $215,000.

Reagan, John D. and Susan K. to DeWitt, Jarriet T., 7026 N. 76th Circle, $185,000.

Edwards, Austin and Kristen to Royer, Nicholas S. and Emily G., 10605 Craig St., $179,000.

Smith, Nicholas A. and Brandy N. to Gray, Franklin H. III and Christy R., 7434 N. 89th Ave., $176,000.

Bernandy, John J. and Barbara to Morgan, Tracy R., 8722 Read St., $147,000.

Worrell, Joe R. to Sanchez, Andria, 8030 Girard Plaza, $140,000.

Bencker, Brian T. and Anne M. to Moore, Kathy, 7532 N. 77th Terrace, $135,500.


Lierman, Matt and Sarah to Osterman, Leigh, 1313 S. 95th St., $360,000.

Locher, Thomas, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 3318 S. 90th Ave., $99,100.


Prairie Mod Properties to Synowiecki, Francis and Christine, 10417 Polk St., $270,000.

Jensen, Maria A. to Jones, Joan M. and David A., 10247 Polk St., $225,000.

Cieslik, Carol to K Enterprises LLC, 8938 L St., $198,000.

Shanno-Baldwin, Christina L. and Baldwin, Michael to Rall, Stephanie E., 4809 S. 92nd Ave., $187,000.

Classen, Andrew and Mary to Bishop, Blair E., 10329 N St., $153,000.

Mitchell, Marcia F. to Severson, Darwin L. Jr. and Kathleen Trust, 10754 Suffolk Circle, $148,000.

Sorel Clannad Ltd to Sorrell, James F. III and Jessica L., 5027 S. 79th Ave., $120,000.


Hanel, Steven and Traci to Brough, Chadwick M. and Jamie A., 20014 Pierce St., $650,000.

Hicks, Daniel S. and Joni M. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 19719 Hansen Ave., $520,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Johnson, Anthony O. and Santina M., 19719 Hansen Ave., $520,000.

Hildy Construction to Wood, Grant and Darlene, 3410 S. 185th Ave., $442,400.

Stevens, Charles R. and Christine R. to Westmeyer, Ryan M., 17908 Shirley Circle, $342,900.

Jordan, David L. and Ann R. to Oliver, Barbara T. and Scott T., 1712 S. 175th Ave., $339,000.

Goeller, Marvin L. and Jessica K. to Weber, Jay D. and Emily A., 3602 S. 201st Ave., $332,000.

Hinshaw, Harry C. and Carol R. Trust to McNell, Jane and Rohr, Jeff, 3117 S. 163rd St., $320,000.

Amick, Ann M. to Elliott, David R. and Wendi A., 17703 Shirley St., $310,000.

Onufer, Joyce A. to LeCalsey, Mary and Scott, 1214 S. 197th Ave., $265,000.

Wichman, Heather to Conyers, William J., 18962 C St., $225,000.

Nathan, Sampath and Geetha to Skelly, Brian and Natalie, 3921 S. 191st Ave., $215,000.


Harr, Burke J. and Jennifer to Seidl, Richard J. and Colleen O., 1307 N. 54th St., $225,000.

Canas, Jesse S. and Julia R. to Goodman, Mark D. and Shever, Rick, 907 Dillon Drive, $220,000.

Miller, James D., personal representative, to Lindsay, Amy H. and Stephen P., 5631 Charles St., $175,000.

McKeever, Ashley A. and Bret R. to Staub, Anthony, 631 N. 48th St., $150,000.

Landstrom, Jay R. to Jasmine Enterprises, 5016 California St., $141,000.


Ringen, Matt and Natalie to Krause, Kimberly A. and Faller, Jordan, 9164 Sprague St., $139,000.

Kerr, Andrew and Hemmingson, Nicole to Hemmingson, James, 4044 N. 92nd Ave., $127,000.

Mitchell, Robert F. Jr. to Liu, Yinpeng, 4221 N. 100th St., $122,000.

Bluml, Erin to Johnson, Stephanie J., 4215 N. 91st St., $116,000.

Parsons, Lois N., personal representative, to Armas, J.G., 2519 N. 72nd St., $75,000.


Schulte, Patricia K. and Joseph H. to Pollitt, Eugene W. and Karen A., 5035 S. 174th St., $350,000.

Stohs, Darrell G. to Donohew, Eric F. and Malgorzata B., 18335 Tyler St., $347,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Seitz, Billy J. and Jill C., 4766 S. 198th St., $325,299.

Troia, Deborah A. to Frederick, Kristin D., 15674 L St., $259,460.

Hammond, Tyler L. and Jennifer L. to Alic, Sabina and Nisvet, 18809 Birchwood Ave., $242,500.

Zehnder, Stephen P. and Jennifer K. to Vitito, Michael and Henricks, Ashley, 17030 Holmes Circle, $200,000.

Frans, Mark L. and Megan M. to Grazzini, Joseph M. Jr. and Melanie R., 18829 P St., $189,900.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity, 5709 S. 166th St., $188,000.

Celebrity Homes to Timperley, Jeremy J. and Alyssa M., 19602 R St., $174,100.

Rasmussen, Megan G. to Clark, Summer and Whitney, Thomas R., 19474 Orchard Ave., $170,000.

Kaiser, Brett T. and Heather to Breazier, Christine, 5521 S. 186th Ave., $160,000.

Brolliar, Lindsey M. and Nathan J. to Diaz, Ellie B. and Sean M., 19413 X St., $159,900.

Sabatka, Nicholas C. and Ashley N. to Hansen, James and Bell, Melinda, 19628 Laci St., $154,900.

Blankers, Lowell J. and Tamara L. to Heim, Marcy M., 6780 S. 182nd Court, $112,900.


Tu, Harold K. to Berscheidt, James and Jennifer, 6316 S. 118th Plaza, $405,000.

Schmitz, Jacob and Lindsey M. to Heavrin, Mary B., 14824 N St., $165,000.

Frasier, William E. III and Deena to Knodel, Adam R., 13905 Monroe St., $158,000.

Wiese, Teresa to Nannapaneni, Kalyani and Kommineni, Sridhar, 15321 Amy Plaza, $144,500.

Cowardin, Dwight D. and Frances R. to Baker, Branden L. and Weeks, Shannon R., 15235 Y St., $143,350.

Koster, Corey D. and Brenda L. to Tobin, Rachel, 5716 S. 136th St., $136,000.


Celebrity Homes to Bridgeford, Nichole, 7470 N. 139th St., $174,500.

Celebrity Homes to Eufinger, Myles D. and Rachel A., 7484 N. 139th St., $173,800.

Froelich, Kimberlee L. Trust to Edward Bedel Construction, 12676 Scott St., $47,000.


Mandina, Kathleen M. to Nepple, Nathan J. and Waterbury, Lynn B., 2510 S. 127th Circle, $242,000.

Henningsen, Richard T. and Kathleen to Mandina, Kathleen M., 13036 Shirley St., $215,000.

Johnson, Opal M. to Thomas, Brenton, 12505 A St., $140,000.

T Walk Creative Inc. to Shada, Michael C., 3110 S. 108th St., $135,000.

Scott, Jack L. Jr. to Butson, Macy R., 12323 B St., $113,000.

Manhart, David J. to WT Properties, 12321 Bel Drive, $95,000.


Burri, Charla D. and Neal L. to Mi, Gor and Reh, Twa, 6038 Read St., $130,000.

Jacobson, Douglas to Strohmeyer, Drew, 5710 Sargent St., $125,000.


Reynolds, Kenneth J. and Ann Trust to Worm, Matthew C. and Beninato, Elizabeth A., 349 S. 127th St., $335,000.

Quest Construction Co. to Buddharaju, Laxmi and Indukuri, Umajyothi, 13288 Cuming St., $295,000.

Faur, Mary to Neumann, Hailey B. and Tamar D., 15370 Lafayette Ave., $225,000.

Dettman, Duane C., personal representative, to Richards, Sara J., 15010 Douglas Circle, $184,000.

Mussman, Karin L. and Grant to McCrae, Alice M., 625 S. 113th Ave., $158,000.

Olson, Lisa A. to Pierce, Sarah M. and Bradley J., 11209 Leavenworth St., $133,500.


Stoltenberg, Mark S. and Marla K. to Jones, Tony E. and Simone M., 13959 Sprague St., $252,000.

Roberts, Ray S. and Julia K. to Roffman, Paul, 11042 Sahler St., $199,500.

Newberger, Paul J. to Wilson, Chad and Jinny, 12903 Camden Ave., $180,000.

Ridgley, Donna K. to Frampton, Terry W. and Julie A., 2729 N. 129th Circle, $175,000.

Lawyer, Nicholas and Michelle to Applequist, Greg N. and Hilary K., 11662 Meredith Ave., $160,000.

Klitz, Mikayla to Kubat, George J. Trust, 14238 Newport Ave., $154,500.

Merritt, Christopher L. and Melissa M. to Friend, Anthony J., 11254 Corby St., $153,000.

Batten, Amy K. to Williams, Taylor and Thalken, Sarah, 5107 N. 129th St., $152,500.

Korthals, Derek and Chelsea to Mick, Jacob J. and Amy, 11866 Newport Ave., $148,000.

Larose, Sonya G. to Luxe Living LLC, 11263 Lake Forest Drive, $139,000.

Casteel, Patrick S. and Beverly K. to Spurling, Kyle, 12511 Patrick Circle, $136,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Raymond, Joseph P., 2135 N. 141st Ave., $88,000.



R & B Properties to Norling, Amy J., 2008 Jefferson St., $136,000.

Lyons, Larry L. and Jill A. to Marcotte, Mark and Rosemary, 205 Oakridge Court, $188,000.

Hartin Properties LLC to Kemp, Edwin P. and Linda K., 2309 Wayne St., $48,000.

Ludlow, Wesley R. and Sarah C. to Policarpio, Hosanna, 2510 Franklin St., $113,000.

Ulrich-Mahoney, Linda L. and Mahoney, William L. to Byrnes, Thomas J. and Sally J., 2608 Wayne St., $100,000.

Ward, Lawrence and Tracey A. to Price, Kenneth and Kimberly, 2802 Franklin St., $108,000.

Davis, Donald R. and Kathleen E. to MLEH Investment Properties LLC, 3510 Hancock St., $20,000.

Weers, Anthony J. and Nicole L. to Ramos, Rigoberto, 921 McLaughlin Circle, $117,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to MJ Design Build Inc., 11910 S. 212th St., $51,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Kaiser, Brett and Heather, 19308 Robin Drive, $302,000.

Mark Kardell Construction to Pilcher, Christopher J. and Christine M., 19808 Oak St., $350,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hawley, Nathan and Stacie, 19853 Gertrude St., $583,000.

Hobbs, Elizabeth M. and Shane W. to DeSmith, Aaron, 20901 Ash St., $161,000.

3Sheets LLC to Dunn, Dixie A. Trust, 20919 McClellan Circle, $285,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to MJ Design Build Inc., 21122 Castlerock Lane, $51,000.


Pfleger, Robert J. Jr. and Jones, Cassandra K. to Sasse, Janis, 1105 Grandview Ave., $185,000.

Home Co. to Thorpe, Blake A. and Leah N., 11054 Edwards St., $349,000.

Southbrook Development to Pacesetter Homes, 11058 Edward St., $60,000.

Morrissette, Edward H. and Doris F. to Lape-Brinkman, Adrian L., 1124 Hackney Drive, $130,000.

Southbrook Development to Arcadia Homes, 11502 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Patterson, Daniel D. and Kira L., 12210 Longshore Ave., $379,000.

Newman, Clayton C. and Amy J. to Newlin, Michael D., 1229 Limerick Road, $234,000.

Sherwood Homes to Jordan, Max and Tracy L., 12306 Pintail Drive, $319,000.

Raymond, James E. to Sugai, Nicholas and Jessica, 1312 Cedarwoods Drive, $185,000.

Austin, Denise J. to Barnes, William J. Jr. and Kelley A., 1804 White Pine Drive, $287,000.

Salvador, John A. and Lindsay K. to Watts, Kevin and Nicole, 2231 Stillwater Drive, $350,000.

Ulven, Bradley D. and Diane R. to Berentson, Margaret M., 308 Elk Ridge Drive, $232,000.

Magnuson, Michael S. Trust to Kilgore, Jeffrey and Victoria, 7910 Maui Circle, $390,000.

Williams, Ryan S. and Christine A. to Olson, Colleen and Shane 810 Redwood Lane, $190,000.

Cutler, Edward P. and Karin S. to Hernandez, Mirta, 915 Wynnwood Lane, $230,000.

Keith, Robert F. and Mari A. Trust to LeFemine, Anthony R. and Amy A., 920 Edgewood Blvd., $195,000.


Salvati, Marc and Eve C. to Helsel, Bryce and Marla, 10807 S. 17th St., $145,000.

Francis, Cynthia L. to Houle, Howard, 11726 S. 28th St., $183,000.

Reestman, Stephen J. and Janice I. to Johnson, Adam E. and Emily J., 13113 S. 26th Ave., $220,000.

Taubenberger, Richard M. and Allison M. to Flores, Joe, 13302 Courtney Drive, $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Moreno, Dennis J. and Daniela R., 13713 S. 42nd Ave., $212,000.

Celebrity Homes to Brown, Julie A., 13717 S. 42nd Ave., $211,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Mark David Custom Built Homes, 13816 S. 49th St., $50,000.

Celebrity Homes to Liewer, Kevin D. and Lim, Bee L., 13907 S. 42nd Ave., $207,000.

Dobbins, Peter J. and Lindsay to Summer, Chad and Larsen, Denise, 14105 Kelly Drive, $210,000.

Harper, Michael A. and Heidi K. to Stevenson, Samuela and Bethany A., 2303 Whitted Drive, $158,000.

Thompson, Melissa K. to Perry, John S. and Shirley L., 3703 Pinehill Road, $175,000.

Cornell, Jason and Sarah to Kemp, Branden T. and Kristina, 3714 Lynwood Drive, $203,000.

Cernik, Kevin, trustee for Hill Family Trust to Franck, Janet M., 3725 Leawood Drive, $160,000.

Leute, Frank A. IV and Elizabeth A. to Varney, James R. and Elizabeth K., 4317 Mark St., $250,000.

Crosslin, Charles R. and Janet L. to Burke, James M. and Lindsey C., 9702 S. 24th St., $188,000.


Parson, Todd J. to Campbell, John N. and Deborah J., 10435 Elm Hurst Drive, $275,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Mueller, David M. and Alyssa A., 21223 McClellan Drive, $196,000.

Evans, Steven C. to R & B Properties, 7107 S. 71st Ave., $45,000.

Chevance, Nicholas and Therese to Digilio, Louise M., 7420 Peters St., $230,000.

Spieker, James L. and Kimberly R. to Yates, Randy, 7523 Terry Drive, $110,000.


Arnold, Phillip L. III and Ashley N. to Despain, Christopher D. and Sara M., 1806 Titan Springs Drive, $285,000.

Hawthorne, Diana L. to Polish, Benjamin and Jena, 2106 Leigh Circle, $245,000.

Kermoade, Tyler N. and Lori L. to Collado Esteves, Yadmeris and Pita Feliciano, Jesus F., 216 Citadel Drive, $165,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Fletcher, Billie P. and Candy K., 2211 Park Crest Drive, $259,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Dagnon, Komlan and Ines, 2214 Alexandra Road, $227,000.

McGillis, David B. and Gay M. to Dominguez, Conrad and Iby, 302 Longwood Drive, $251,000.

Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4510 Brook Circle, $46,000.

Le, Kevin T. and Chi T. to Rogers, Parker O. and Alyssa M., 610 Rosewood Ave., $164,000.


Pine Crest Homes to McDowell, Shawn, 10614 S. 191st St., $325,000.

Slattery, Kelli R. Trust to O’Shaughnessy-Happel, Ann E. and Happel, Douglas S., 10882 S. 166th St., $450,000.

Nathan Homes to Johnson, Dean and Julie, 10907 S. 175th St., $575,000.

Yokley, Katie M. and Hampton, Brenda L. to Bailey, Lee R. and Kimberly J., 15824 Cottonwood Ave., $167,000.

Muller, Grant D. to Cox, Jennifer A., 15832 Cottonwood St., $150,000.

Westom, Donald K. and Joanne M. to Swarna, Venkata, 16511 Greenleaf St., $258,000.

Lembke, Robert D. and Catherine A. to Rue, Jarl A. and Diana K., 16627 Chutney Drive, $550,000.

Gross, Charles D. and Gloria Trust to Graham, Eugene T. and Gloria J., 16745 Gertrude St., $249,000.

Richland Homes to Brown, Caleb and Audran-Brown, Seneca, 17008 Greenfield St., $311,000.

Fuller, Adam J. and Megan K. to Moore, Michael and Mollee, 17217 Musket St., $235,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to El-Kachouti, Sharif R. and Erica L., 18720 Alder Drive, $355,000.

Craig, Brian J. and Lindsay R. to Ponce, David and Amy, 19073 Cottonwood St., $225,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hess, Robert Jr. and Lindy, 6954 S. 185th Circle, $226,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kafonek, Thomas P. and Tina M., 6963 S. 185th Circle, $267,000.

Oakley, Nick G., trustee for Oakley, Ann P. Trust to Kotila, Bruce L. and Barbara J., 7319 S. 171st St., $298,000.

Hooker, Sarah and Matthew to Ingebretson, Michael T. and Marsha S., 7327 S. 171st St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nandam, Lalitha D. and Satyaprasad Chikkam, Veera V., 9218 S. 168th Avenue Circle, $233,000.

Rohrich, Matthew and Kristi to Lee, Jack E. and Theresa M., 9311 S. 170th St., $286,000.


Slepicka, Ryan to Christen, Doris L. and John T., 11411 Westmont Drive, $180,000.

Wieczorek, Joseph and Tricia to McKay, Michael and Brandi, 12917 Gertrude St., $156,000.

Amedeo, Jeanifer L. and Ronald to Connelly, Lindsey L., 15102 Edna St., $208,000.

Arnold, Ruth to Morris, Patricia G. and McKinley, Courtney K., 15238 Chalco Pointe Drive, $155,000.

Stary, Justin F. and Melissa to Wieczorek, Joseph S. and Tricia L., 15433 Rosewood St., $253,000.

Cihak, Stacy C. and Wiggins, Susan D. to Kautsch, Natalie and Timothy, 15446 Rosewood St., $295,000.

Hansen, Randy and Abby to Delma, Yves and Sabine, 15522 Edna St., $160,000.

Ellefson, Eugene B. and Madge M. to Onufer, Joyce, 7750 S. 155th Ave., $135,000.


Newport Homes to Haas, Jeremy, 2207 Barbara Ave., $275,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 2534 Margo St., $31,000.



Hoden, Allen D. and Deena to Kinart, Julie and Phillip V., 2738 Sixth Ave., $45,000.

Thomas, Nicholaus A. and Tina E. to Dekker, Jennifer L., 2653 Ave. C, $104,000.

Skaw, Alan M. to McIntosh Investments LLC, 244 Eighth Ave., $37,500.

MT1 Forty Nine Investments to Chioco, Herman T., 2137 Second Ave., $36,500.

Schaben, Christina and William J. Jr. to Graybill, Glenda R., 2216 11th St., $115,000.

Steinspring, Erica J. and Richard A. Jr. to Olson, Jessica N., 3625 Ave. C, $85,000.

R & R Equities to Barnes, Nicholas, 3519 Fifth Ave., $82,000.

McCarty, Denise to Harman, Richard, 3528 Seventh Ave., $69,000.

McNeil, Doreen M. and John T. to Escobar, Jose A. and Veronica, 3423 Fifth Ave., $54,000.

Midwest Land Development to Madsen, Charles M. and Sondra K., 3357 Middle Ferry Road, $215,000.

Ramos, Jeremy J. and Michelle to Pointer, Kevin N., 2634 Ave. B., $107,000.

Kafka, Nicholas A. and Sindy R. to Coffman, Katherine, 421 25th Ave., $78,500.

Pond, Garald to Dewaele, S. Carol, 3450 Third Ave., $70,000.

White, James P. to Thurman, Susan C., 3012 Seventh Ave., $75,000.


Goff, Jacob T. and Nicole to Wade, Taylor W., 644 First St., $118,000.

Dye, David L. and Bermel-Dye, Kay F. to Nikkel, Bryce and Linda Trust, 13105 Wabash Ave., $375,000.

Graybill, Glenda R. to Hoden, Allen and Deena, 19355 Mudhollow Road, $157,000.

Holeton, Patricia J. to Solutions for Real Estate, 344 Lawton Terrace, $58,500.

England, Lois M. to Friedrichsen, Marianne D., 3 Kingsridge Drive, $245,000.

Fallis, Ashley L. and Joseph L. to Kelly, Jason and Partington, Michelle, 2812 Tara Hills Drive, $190,500.

Baird, Jillian and Thadd W. to Youngs, Shelly and Zeb, 21830 Meadowview Parkway, $387,500.

Graybill, John K. and Sandra L. to Dirks, Courtney and Jayson, 23533 Aspen Road, $220,000.

McIntosh, Janet A. to Davis, Jo A. and Randall C., 13847 Cherokee Lane, $105,000.

Worley, Anna and Michael to Fox, Grace C., 122 Hunter Ave., $105,000.

Tinley, William P. to Tinley, Michelle R., 1225 Military Ave., $60,000.

Claussen, Mary to Inskeep, Lois J. and Langner, Lorinda L., 80 Bellevue Drive, $258,000.

Smith, Kristen and Ryan to Wise, Paul A., 201 Midland Drive, $98,500.

Bolton, Zelma L. to O’Brien, Constance and Stephanie C., 334 Glen Ave., $113,500.

Nelson, James B. II and Joy L. to Burdick, Curtis L., 102 Shaley Circle, $180,000.

Brabec, Rebecca to Hedegaard, Shirley, 1401 Marshall Ave., $98,000.

Perlberg, Eric J. and Heidi J. to Bliss, Dennis L. and Gloria G., 2317 Raymond Ave., $163,500.

Danker, Albert D. and Paula E. to Danker, Brandy A., 17997 Vista Lane, $245,000.


Eveler, Donald A. and Emelita to Tews, Michael T. and Tammi A., 16249 310th St., Treynor, $134,000.


Thorin, Kurt D. and Stephanie B. to Olsen, Bryan J. and Tripp, Alissa L., 205 Faith Ave., Underwood, $225,000.

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