154th Avenue LLC to Ayigah, Ablavi, 8222 N. 154th Ave., $170,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Company LLC, 10315 N. 152nd Ave., $38,000.

Camgrave LLC to Giese, Kenneth M., 15963 Clay Plaza, $184,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Glassburner, Nathan and Heather, 9108 N. 173rd St., $46,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Owens, Taylor M., 14607 Sunrise St., $161,900.

Charleston Homes LLC to Milan, Leo F. III and Kelly J., 18432 Stargrass Road, $321,293.

Crampton, Tammi and Justin to Love, Nicolai R. and Sarah C., 7912 N. 154th St., $196,000.

Harnden, Heather R. and Boro, Anthony C. to Shacklett, Brock and Ashley, 14772 Mormon St., $213,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sayles, Aaron and Kayla, 8521 N. 172nd Circle, $221,258.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sortino, Michael and Shannon, 8210 N. 173rd St., $263,717.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Gier, Dawn B. and William R., 8207 Kilpatrick Parkway, $245,731.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wilson, Melissa, 8133 N. 172nd St., $223,611.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Roth, Christopher and Sarah E., 8116 Kilpatrick Parkway, $243,178.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Roberts, Janice J., 7404 N. 155th Terrace, $269,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Gombold, Megan E., 7010 N. 154th St., $215,569.

Mitchell, Joanne and Joseph L. to Pilant, William M., 8808 N. 157th St., $225,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Sanger, Scott M. and Amanda J., 15957 Reynolds St., $322,206.

Pruneau, Ryan and Courtney to Gregory, Shelia G. and Willie, 15815 Young Circle, $255,000.

Shemon, Leigh and Codi to Law, Diane and Tom, 8014 N. 164th St., $270,000.

Sherwoods Homes Inc. to Scott, Jordan and Desseraye, 613 N. 150th Ave., $292,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Real Growth LLC, 16006 Mormon St., $46,000.

Stone, Bernard Jr. to Samson, Ronald, 15611 N. Second St., $182,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Christopher Russell Custom Homes LLC, 8814 N. 169th St., $42,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC, 17213 Clay St., $34,200.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Garver, Randy and Hatheway, Megan A., 12717 N. 179th St., $93,000.

Thalken, Brian K. and Michelle R. to Petty, John S. and Sara L., 15306 Gilder Ave., $367,000.


Babcock, Melanie A. Trust to Rife, Corey L., 19606 Dewey Ave., $349,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Dickmeyer, John A. and Charissa A., 1724 S. 207th Ave., $453,318.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Company LLC, 1506 N. 194th Circle, $40,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pfeffer, Joshua and Lindsey, 20838 Clark St., $253,400.

Charleston Homes LLC to Abels, Douglas C. and Cheri L., 4715 N. 204th Ave., $300,187.

Dasenbrock, Greg R. and Lori K. to Kingston, Donna J., 18873 Mayberry Plaza, $245,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Ainsley and Brothers Holding Co., 2716 N. 191st Ave., $40,750.

Elwood, Patrick C. and Lori J. to Benson, Kathleen A., 18894 Mayberry Plaza, $225,000.

Eno, Blake and Cassie to White, Dustin R. and Melinda M., 20856 Honeysuckle Drive, $226,000.

Foster, Douglas K. to Cody, Robert E. and Marsha L., 227 S. 201st St., $275,000.

FRK Development LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 18920 Sahler St., $49,900.

FRK Development LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 18919 Sahler St., $39,900.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Elder, John and Catherine, 3119 N. 193rd Ave., $404,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Seeman, Benjamin A., trustee for Six Seven Eight Joint Trust, 1871 Blue Sage Parkway, $719,596.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Fireside Construction Co. LLC, 21910 Martha St., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Quest Construction Co., 2029 S. 212nd St., $80,000.

SNGF Development LLC to Fayad, Andre, 19015 Lafayette Ave., $64,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 23411 Nancy Circle, $75,000.

Thompson, Marty D. and Michele R. to Witt, Eric R. and Michelle A., 3861 N. 210th St., $365,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Severa, Daniel S. and Kathryn K., 18820 Sahler St., $358,721.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Ramm Holdings LLC, 1511 S. 210th St., $42,500.

Verma, Pooja and Sachin to Kumar, Sushil and Sharma, Neeru S., 587 S. 180th Ave., $308,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Rotella, John P. and Sarah R., 5404 N. 292nd Circle, $199,500.

Ruppert, Christopher H. to Moore, Ryan A. and Tiffany A., 407 S. East St., $68,800.

Timperley, Roger R. and Virginia K. to Clauson, Jeffrey R. and Trena L., 79 Ginger Woods Terrace, $315,000.


Solomon, David F. and Loubna to Patel, Satish, 312 S. 16th St., $146,000.


Bolte, Dana L. and Kent to Loehr, Jared and Kristina, 1716 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $81,000.

Fitzpatrick, Bridget E. to C and B Elliott Family LLC, 2527 N. 63rd St., $107,000.

Lowe, Matthew and Aimee to Gonzales, Amanda R., 3156 N. 47th Ave., $119,000.

McGill, Brian D. to Ellis, Daniel W., 2706 Fontenelle Blvd., $96,000.

Middleton, Channing and Jennifer to MM Homebuyers LLC, 5914 Sahler St., $53,000.

Milbourn, Stevanne to Pelster, Ryan P. and Aja D., 2010 N. 54th St., $310,000.

Mosley, Phyllis to Moo, Morics, 4938 N. 57th Ave., $66,250.

Voss, Stacie L. to Htoo, David, 4124 N. 65th St., $70,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to West, Dean and Sarah, 4858 Vernon Ave., $84,000.

Witti Investments LLC to Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC, 4413 N. 56th St., $61,000.


Drinkwine, Michael to TNBB Properties LLC, 1315 S. 32nd St., $225,000.

Hanton, Cassie L. and Richard to Cope, Rodney, 818 S. 37th Ave., $57,000.

Hunter, Paul H. and Larri L. to Wilson, Bret and Paula, 3107 S. 40th St., $25,000.

Jouvenat, Sheryl A. to Rechkemmer, Tara, 3824 Castelar St., $120,000.

Kam-Thompson, Kerry L. to Wheeldon, Jacob A. and Emily A., 3128 S. 38th Ave., $77,000.

Pena, Zachary and Tiffany R. to Young, Nicholas C. and Jennifer E., 2123 S. 40th St., $141,500.

Shytle, Kevin L. to Hunter, Jertez A. and Megan D., 1029 S. 35th Ave., $198,000.

Synowiecki, Robert and Joyce to Ventura, Hermila J., 3860 Vinton St., $90,000.


BPM LLC to Stokes, Daniel J., 5143 Pine St., $120,000.

Elrick, Gary C. Jr. and Angela B. to Sand, Thaddaeus W. and Lary-Sand, Jill D., 4513 Bancroft St., $140,000.

Harrison, Louis P. and Wendy S. to Scriptjay LLC, 4731 B St., $131,000.

Johnson, Dale to Bruce, Shaela M., 4502 B St., $130,000.

McCormick, Mystie W. to Hawks, Margaret L., 853 S. 52nd St., $210,000.

McQueen, Joseph P. Jr. Trust to McQueen, Mark, 1701 S. 54th St., $160,000.

Mislivec, Curt E. and Nicole to Hohman, Nicholas J., 6120 William St., $140,000.

Mulholland, Madeleine to Skipton, Karly C., 3457 S. 49th St., $131,100.


Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Palencia, Hilda L., 3630 R St., $63,200.

Diaz, Kenneth L. to Sanchez, Rafael R., 5134 S. 38th St., $90,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Powers, Mark A. and Tina M., 5012 S. 41st St., $67,000.


Cole-Parmer, Alisa H. and Cole, Tianna to Andres, Irma A., 1812 Lothrop St., $24,000.


Beckman, Melvin G. and Mary A. to OHA LLC, 3602 Patrick Ave., $40,000.

Carlson, Marlowe D. Trust to Brizendine, Travis D., 4021 Laurel Ave., $54,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Wesson, Maria M., 4244 Erskine St., $128,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Bush, Buffy, 4138 Burdette St., $128,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Ahmmed, Amier M. and Musa, Kalthoum M., 1918 N. 36th St., $105,000.

Valdivieso, Juan and Amber to Pazout, David and Hunt, Rachelle, 3926 Blondo St., $24,000.


Gau, Leonard P. to Mahoney, John and Stacey, 3125 Tucker St., $68,000.

Heracles and Red Hawk LLC to Astle, Thomas H. and Cassandra M., 8221 North Ridge Drive, $95,000.

Mielke, Gayle and Hodson, Scott to Washington, Travis and Nikki, 11901 N. 34th Ave., $370,000.


Crittenden, Steven A. and Barbara J. to Kupfer, Michael and Kelley, Hannah, 826 N. 75th St., $190,000.

Cronican, Luann to Swanson, Katherine E. and Scudder, Mark A., 9524 Meadow Drive, $175,000.

Falk, Patricia A. to Bouzis, Julie D., 7744 Western Ave., $117,500.

Moore, Joshua and Rebecca to McConnell, Jennifer, 817 N. 78th St., $117,500.

Silverman, Denise C. Trust to Luckasen, John R. and Colleen M., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $705,000.

Yrkoski, Dennis to Yrkoski, Thomas and Callie, 519 S. 85th St., $208,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Thomas, Jason and Jill, 2415 N. 179th St., $332,310.

Black, Theresa A. and David W. Sr. to Rosales, Linda D. and Molly G., 14478 Wirt St., $152,000.

Boe, Donna to Thompson, Maria A., 5056 N. 155th Ave., $137,000.

Dotzler, Patrick E. and Janis E. to Ortner, Kevin and Schlichting-Ortner, Emily J., 14727 Sahler St., $192,500.

Dougan, Jeffrey W. and Nancy to Perlman, Seth S. and Denise R., 14611 Ohio St., $255,000.

Egermier, Mark and Marshall to Kerns, Joshua G. and Rebecca L., 4303 N. 154th Ave., $306,000.

Flood, Dennis F. and LaDonna C. to Brauer, Erich J. and Ching C., 5807 N. 158th St., $240,000.

Georgesen, Daniel J. and Deborah L. to Parajuli, Shova, 14707 Grant St., $314,000.

GP Latham Human Resources Specialists to Westbrook, Gaynel, 16704 Crown Point Plaza, $125,000.

Haney, Michaela L. and Joshua N. to Weatherall, Lawrence W. and Whitney N., 4704 N. 166th St., $230,000.

Hudson, Rosetta L. to Reeve, Cassie A., 2122 N. 167th Circle, $147,500.

Jaddu Enterprises LLC to West, Patrick J. and Patricia, 2110 N. 162nd Ave., $208,500.

Kissel, Piotr A. and Marta to Bailey, Bradley R. and Jacqueline M., 2132 N. 176th St., $65,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Sherwood Properties LLC, 16623 Dora Hamann Parkway, $20,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Stauss, Jennifer J., 16863 Fowler Ave., $167,500.

Loper, John A. and Deborah R. to Salerno, Michael and Murphy, Emer, 15943 Patrick Ave., $300,000.

Lucas, Thomas J. and Lisa A. to Hehr, Lara and Preston, 16173 Bedford Ave., $525,000.

Marasco, Ralph D. to Kusleika, Richard and Debra E., 3230 N. 162nd Avenue Circle, $79,900.

McLaughlin, Spencer A. to Picchiette, Matthew M., 14655 Boyd Plaza, $107,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Haney, Joshua N. and Michaela L., 2345 N. 177th St., $355,168.

Ramaswamy, Sriram and Malik, Shruti to Mizell, Stephen and Karlynn, 16418 Miami St., $190,000.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 2709 N. 179th St., $39,300.

Richland Homes LLC to Dotzler, Patrick E. and Janis E., 15319 Kansas Ave., $274,240.

Roum, Kathy S. to Colling, Alexandria L. and Jesse U., 15004 Himebaugh Ave., $251,000.

Scott, Jordon E. and Desseraye M. to Koerting, Elliot J. and Ptak, Cari, 17137 Barnett St., $160,000.

Stauss, Jennifer J. to Nooka, Vijay R. and Chintala, Neetha V., 2206 N. 174th St., $317,000.

Suchovsky, Clark J. and Donna L. to McAreavey, Timothy D. and Kathy J., 15759 Hartman Ave., $280,000.

Trusty, Joshua T. and Maria H. to Robinson, Juley E., 17535 Patrick Ave., $280,000.

United Equity LLC to Morgan, Carolyn M., 15057 Emmet St., $155,000.

Vilhauer, Kirk and Gloria to Dettman, Michael D. and Sarah A., 14921 Redman Ave., $195,000.

Woodring, Shawn C. and Rachel C. to Barnes, Justin and Samantha, 4311 N. 169th St., $155,000.

Zeisler, Russell A. to Wilmes, James F. and Johnson, Jordan K., 3529 N. 152nd Ave., $223,000.


REO Asset Management to H and S Partnership LLP, 5408 S. 49th Ave., $85,000.


Advance Design and Construction Inc. to Debehnke, Daniel, 17504 Farnam St., $585,000.

Brown, Ritchie O. and Jyl A. to Rife, Tara L., 17176 Seward St., $280,000.

Cotton, David C. and Patricia E. to Blatchford, Paige M. and Justin, 15724 Franklin St., $185,000.

Hengehold, Carol L. to Bacon, Rob and Benson, Mary, 16106 Decatur St., $240,000.

Kraft, Stephen P. and Ann L. to Hoss, Rebecca A. and Lawson, Chance C., 16054 Charles St., $252,000.

Mrsny, Stephen R. and Kristine L. to Fibich, Joseph E. and Sasha A., 1604 N. 171st Ave., $260,000.

Peterson, Daniel J. and Debra S. to Walz, Thomas J. III and Carolyn N., 330 S. 158th Ave., $275,000.

Rand, Frederick and Suzann to Matheny, Robert L. and Jean M., 16122 Chicago St., $268,800.

Voegele, Heather S. to Minchow, Corey and Kristin, 15723 Charles St., $185,000.


CBNFVR LLC to Helligso, Gavin M., 9102 Black St., $146,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Asobo, Hannah, 9130 Black St., $152,900.

Dyer, Joyce A. to Hansen, Lee C. and Kimberly M., 8123 Girard Plaza, $138,000.

Ford, Michael A. and Caroline S. to Rai, Bishnu M. and Makar D., 8316 Hanover St., $135,000.

Johnson, Trent D. and Bethany L. to Wyscarver, Amanda J., 7617 Newport Ave., $122,500.

Nelson, Adam R. and Christina E. to Linton, Michaela J., 8717 Quest St., $140,000.

Thompson, Gregory G. and Delores to Hotovy, Patrick A. Trust, 7910 Circle, $153,900.


Fererico, John R. and Gina M. to Bittner, Jessica R., 3609 S. 100th Ave., $153,000.

Fine, Paul M. and Sally W. to Haley, Sean S. and Brigitte D., 2520 S. 98th Ave., $298,000.

Fintel, Charles H. and Anne L. to Hines, Nathan and Andrea, 2631 S. 95th Circle, $625,000.

Hare, Daniel and Kimberly to Gerdes, Brian and Yoo, Natalie, 2215 S. 86th Ave., $463,501.

Johnson, Kyle M. and Mary L. to Hinkle, Gerald E. and Marilyn, 7515 Pasadena Ave., $143,000.

Johnson, Ryan D. and Allison L. to Holt, Conner R. and Megan C., 9175 Shirley St., $312,500.

MacNab, Tyler D. and Danielle K. to Murphey, Marshall and Vance, Jill R., 8965 Laurie Circle, $139,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Brentlinger, James E. Trust, 9105 Arbor St., $86,000.


Cleveland, Brandon and Kristi to Mills, Jacob K. and Jennifer A., 6418 S. 99th St., $282,000.

Johnson, Sharon P. and Kevin J. to Connor, Shannon P., 7905 State St., $90,000.

Marcoe, Harold C. Jr. and Jenkins, Linda S. to Tremel, Cassandra and Kopelciw, Christopher, 6315 S. 73rd Ave., $174,500.

Seymour, Richard G. and Linda R. to Cobb, Travis M., 6609 S. 86th St., $139,000.

Stahl, Jennifer A. to Severson, Patricia J., 5022 S. 83rd Terrace, $124,900.


Biglin, Kevin A. and Ana A. to Hines, Daniel H. and Karen L., 19115 Pinehurst Ave., $415,000.

Buckley, Glen N. and Elaine S. to Bradley, Ralph A. and Gayle K., 1822 S. 190th Plaza, $380,000.

Calahan, Megan and Brendan to Salanoa, Monty and Kristin, 17248 Pine St., $214,950.

Chapman, Steve and Lacia to Huey, Curt B. and Garcia, Adrianna D., 2332 S. 184th Circle, $495,000.

Dowell, Robert W. and Patricia P. Trust to Sharp, Stacie and Debra, 16306 Grover St., $300,000.

Drobny, Brian L. and Mandy to Peterson, Brock A. and Tierney L., 15908 Dorcas Circle, $173,000.

Feimer, Michael and Robin to Hicks, Daniel S. and Joni M., 17320 Hickory Plaza, $210,000.

Finley, Larry L. and Bonnie J. to Everroad, John P. and Terra, 1910 S. 167th Avenue Circle, $215,000.

Fowles, John C. and Conners, Korrie A. to Blume, Brent A. and Linda F., 19515 Briggs Circle, $375,000.

Patrick, Kenneth B. Trust to Beaudin, Joshua M. and Ashley N., 16130 Cedar Circle, $168,000.

Pearson, Margaret M. Trust to Zhang, Yanhong, and Gao, Hua, 2141 S. 182nd Circle, $424,500.

Sanchez, Sonia M. and Diaz, Magdiel S. to Sadat, Sayed A. and Nasrin N., 3610 S. 191st Ave., $240,000.

Tay, Abdullatif and Melissa K. to Minturn, Penny D. and James N., 2137 S. 181st Circle, $305,000.


Bostick, Janice E. to Bostick, Mark L. and Angela L., 3209 Cass St., $70,000.

Knutson, William D. to Marrero, Dana, 304 N. 36th Ave., $112,000.

Tribedo LLC to Simmons, Debra and Ashley Trust, 105 N. 31st Ave., $255,000.


Helget, Jeffrey S. and Julie M. to Carver, Karla, 1328 N. 52nd St., $175,000.

Julin, Michele J. Trust to Friend, Michelle, 727 N. 58th St., $325,000.

Kotok, Charles D. and Sharon Z. to Gage, Lindsay J., 677 J E George Blvd., $330,000.

Miller, James D. and Judy to Bourke, Jeffery T., 4608 Wakeley St., $120,000.


Borkowski, Leona to Only Option LLC and Lorkovic, John S. Jr., 3605 Terrace Drive, $100,000.

Burks, James D. and Christina J. to Pedersen, Greg and Dwain, 8223 Keystone Drive, $151,000.

Churchill, Douglas M. and Cariel I. to Hadan, Larry B. and Merle E., 6416 N. 106th St., $216,000.

Dabbs, Gordon K. and Elberta A. Trust to Dabbs, Bryan N. and Schlueter, Michelle M., 4013 N. 81st Ave., $80,000.

Hack, Terry K. and Lucyna to Sidik, Arnold, 2618 N. 88th St., $123,000.

Irv Holst Builder Inc. to Punch It Out Inc., 5105 N. 106th St., $210,000.

Martin, Timothy A. and Soraya, Azita to Rodriquez, Nannette, 7915 Crown Point Ave., $143,000.

Minchow, Corey N. and Kristin to Deaver, Evan, 7932 Military Ave., $122,500.

Moore, Barbara J. to Newsome, Kyla, 8002 Vernon Ave., $132,500.

Naysmith, Archibald R. and Sherry J. to Flesher, Wayne H., 8118 Corby St., $120,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to McGlynn, Matthew K., 4012 N. 101st St., $165,000.

Schlick Properties LLC to Amevor, Kwassi S. and Reed, Brittany B., 9324 Maplewood Blvd., $140,000.

Solis, Alejandro and Nicole to Nawojski, Michael S., 4810 N. 83rd St., $111,000.

Syrek, Ryan J. and Abbie M. to Wright, Brad, 9517 Emmet St., $135,000.


Baca, Apolonio and Felipa to Vera, Leslie, 16923 N Circle, $187,000.

Barr, Jonathan E. and Shannon to Wakerley, Luke J. and Amber D., 18726 Allan St., $165,000.

Bourgeois, Nanette D. to Swanson, Sean and Julie, 16616 Polk St., $155,000.

Brdicko, Tara L. to Valle, Marco A., 18667 V St., $149,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fabian, Robert G., 19626 R St., $180,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rensch, Aaron M., 19526 R St., $163,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zabawa, Luke D. and Allyssa F., 19456 R St., $162,600.

Eurich, Amy T. and Mark to Tentinger, Margaret M., 6732 S. 191st Ave., $144,000.

Hachat, Kathleen J. to Anson, Donald A. and Kaleen M., 17127 S St., $250,000.

Hunter, Nicholas G. and Alyssa to Nelson, Randall J. and Mary K., 19515 Gail Ave., $165,000.

Karaus, Tim W. and Liliana K. to Peterson, Kenneth L. and Kathleen A., 4125 S. 199th Circle, $235,000.

Miller, Heath R. and Anderson, Kelly L. to Samuelson, Kendra and Audrey, 18246 Hayes Plaza, $100,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Pihlgren, Steven and Lindsey, 18114 Cinnamon St., $321,000.

Slack, Larry S. and June F. to Bellamy, Libby J. and Adam L., 16923 M Circle, $237,000.

Wanamaker, Brian J. and Annette M. to Marshall, Kevin C. and Denise K., 4838 S. 186th Ave., $217,000.

Wichman, John F. to Burger, Lyndsay M., 16521 Ohern St., $170,000.


Burrows, J.R. and Carole to Jones, Robert C. III and Strickland, Ashley R., 12330 Gail Ave., $187,000.

Clark, Travis M. and Heather M. to Blue, Stacey J., 11665 Polk St., $189,900.

Daganaar, Todd and Brazeal, Elise to Melena, Aaron M. and Camerlinck, Samantha M., 14730 O Circle, $163,000.

Dill, Terra L. and Everroad, John to Kennon, Savannah and Sturm, Travis, 4915 S. 145th Circle, $140,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 5017 Magnolia St., $101,121.

Fitzpatrick, William R. and Sharon A. to Baxter, Antoinette and Rae, Patrick E., 5906 S. 149th St., $190,000.

Hector, Craig D. to Bodenstedt, David and Emily, 14622 Monroe St., $180,000.

Hehr, Preston T. and Lara D. to Howser, Heath and Jennifer, 15318 Blackwell Drive, $183,000.

Hubbard, Richard C. and Jami A. to McNulty, Matthew, 5011 S. 147th St., $162,000.

Mussman, Oscar F. and Arline E. to Brooks, William L. and Amy R., 15262 U St., $168,500.

O and H Properties Inc. to Alamillo, Jane and Kreifels, Alexis, 6505 S. 154th St., $136,000.

Oberg, John T. Trust to Scholl, Joshua L. and Franklin, Morgan L., 14954 L St., $130,000.

Rowe, Roger A. to Hughes, Crystal M., 4923 S. 143rd St., $120,000.

Vogelsberg, Tim and Jen to Turpin, Tyler and Erin L., 4281 S. 150th Ave., $230,000.

Wertz, Nancy and John to Toledo, Margarita, 11112 Z St., $184,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoerstkamp, Brandon K. and Abbott, Kelsey J., 7474 N. 139th St., $168,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dankumbura, Gihan S. and Alkegamayalage, Chathurika D., 7462 N. 139th St., $167,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cochran, Bernardo O. and Patricia J., 7312 N. 142nd Ave., $211,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gutierrez, Zsaneece, 6914 N. 143rd St., $225,300.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nguyen, Trung T., 7604 N. 116th St., $230,315.


Guenzel, C. J., trustee for Kutler, Laura J. Trust to Wilson, Sheryl M. and Mauk, Fred D., 12678 Augusta Ave., $190,000.

Miller, Michael J. and Bonnie L. to Woods, Jane A. and Rebecca J., 12117 Shirley St., $174,000.

Miller, William A. and Randall, Gary B. to Hayes, Kathryn M., 11324 Pine Plaza, $459,900.

Pankonin, John M. and Kimberly M. to Whitehead, Kyle F. and Dreher, Maryfrances L., 15329 Shirley St., $232,000.

Pfeffer, Joshua and Lindsey to Poppleton, William Sr., 2104 S. 123rd Ave., $152,500.

Proud, John H. and Theresa A. to Judernata, Dan and Alicia, 13861 Frances St., $202,000.

Schembari, John E. and Melissa A. to Gard, Andrew P. and Amber R., 1674 S. 153rd St., $395,000.


Edquist, Keith B. to Farrell, Mark A. and Barbara A., 12322 N. 69th St., $57,500.

Grush, Sharon L. to Goeser, Jerod, 6610 Country Squire Lane, $42,000.


Coyne-Gausden, Susan J. Trust to Sterns, David A., 934 N. 131st Court, $282,000.

Deutsche Bank and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to Perez, Edgardo and Hilda, 552 S. 122nd St., $163,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 1840 N. 146th St., $131,200.

Gagne, Roland R. to Done Right Properties LLC, 904 S. 153rd St., $146,000.

MWT Exchange Accommodator 34896 LLC to Wolff, Gayle Trust, 664 N. 155th St., $220,000.

Reagan, Sammy C. and Delia A. to Vacanti, Christopher A. and Belinda S., 12317 Lafayette Ave., $550,000.

Reeves, Kyle and Kara to Wendlandt, Brock N. and Julie M., 12665 Farnam St., $312,700.

Ritonya, Rose M. Trust to Ritonya, Joe and Laura, 916 S. 153rd Court, $155,000.

Stewart, Joanne M. Trust to Park, Loren R. and Theresa J., 1518 N. 126th St., $289,900.

Truckenbrod, Jenna S. to Brauer, Matthew J., 964 Fawn Parkway, $188,000.


Fletcher, Douglas O. and Andrea R. to Wegman, Kyle, 12724 Crown Point Ave., $111,000.

Hasch, James P. to Stolen, Justin D. and Jeanette A., 5508 N. 142nd St., $186,500.

Leacock, Timothy M. and Ruth A. Trust to Rowe, Daniel S., 11457 Bauman Ave., $142,500.

Patricia Real Estate PC to Banks, Dale E. Trust, 12136 Burdette Circle, $165,000.

Salcedo, Alfonso and Lisa to Salcedo, Megan M., 2724 N. 125th Ave., $135,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Pool, Brian and Michelle, 4723 N. 109th Circle, $162,000.

Tanner, Betty J. and Lewis, Leland E. to Tanner, Roy S., 13008 Ames Ave., $105,000.

United Equity LLC to Ewing, Angelaura M. and Pitzl, Joshua M., 2417 N. 141st Ave., $139,000.



Beach, Paul R. Trust to Grau, Matthew C., 1805 Brenda Drive, $135,000.

Burr, Jean B. to Myrick, Jwelda K. and Veronica R., 1232 Sunset Drive, $119,000.

Jungers, Dean J., personal representative for Montoya, Sylvia M. Estate to Wendl Properties LLC, 101 Bellevue Blvd., $95,000.

Mammos, Larry and Jean to Conwell, Yesennia J., 1214 Bryan Ave., $125,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Dougherty, Danielle N., 2533 Jackson St., $125,000.

Nelson, Tami J. to Belik, Michael and Regina, 3215 Reed Drive, $89,000.

Oleson, Adam and Katherine to Schroder, Sara C. and Thompson, George M., 814 Willow Ave., $145,000.


Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Company LLC, 8125 S. 193rd St., $45,000.

Brookhouser, David B. to Atkins, Thomas E. and Diane M., 11933 Iva St., $442,000.

Carnes, Todd and Angela to Wennstedt, Matthew and Alexis, 23533 Prairie Ridge Road, $610,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Preul, Jason C. and Hammersland, Shanna N., 11322 S. 173rd Ave., $268,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Merkel, Barbara A. and Kenneth H., 608 Patrick Circle, $238,000.

Davies, Chris D. and Breslow-Davies, Anne L. to Buster, Shannon N. and Thad W., 12008 Iva St., $380,000

Dunn, Dixie A. Trust to Ignacio, Daniel R. and Castillo, Anna K., 516 W. Angus St., $198,000

Heavican Homes Inc. to Jackman, Phillip A., 8109 S. 193rd Ave., $263,000.

Henry, Jack D. and Jean M. to Myers, Thomas and Jennifer, 21207 Hampton Drive, $289,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Rohrich, Matthew S. and Kristi L., 18858 Ridgemont St., $425,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Jillian M. and Giersch, Aaron K., 21120 Boulder Circle, $298,000.

McCune Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 19785 Devonshire Drive, $55,000.

Parrack, Eric and Carla to Suggitt, Jennifer M., 11659 Willow Park Drive, $226,000.

Warren Rentals LLC to Warren, Sarah K, 425 W. Plains Road, $99,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Geary, Michael, 10002 S. 203rd St., $181,000

Wohlers, Terrie F. to Parrack, Eric and Carla, 20006 Westridge Road, $299,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Kaup, Kevin L. and Carissa M., 12245 Bobwhite Road, $520,000.


Barr Homes Inc. to Cieslik, Brian J. and Jennifer L., 11050 Edward St., $413,000

Baxter, Stephen C. and Roxanne M. to Olsen, Mark H. and Irene M., 2461 Glacier Drive, $197,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Waggoner, Brian and Lisa, 12305 Longshore Ave., $360,000.

Cooper, Charles and Cynthia to Beasley, Jamelle L. and Veronica M., 1805 Walnut Creek Drive, $290,000

Dagnon, Komlan and Ines N. to Shaffer, Nathan D. and Cheryl L., 2202 S. River Rock Drive, $221,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Den Hoed, Timothy R. and Danielle M., 11769 S. 110th St., $408,000.

Flynn, Anastasia D. and William M. to Williams, Ryan and Christine, 705 N. Filmore St., $325,000.

Gabriel, Michael J. and Marjorie K. to Bianchi, David and Nicole, 1104 Locust Ave., $339,000.

Hunt, John M. and Wickwire, Raychal K. to Sole, Casey L., 532 Bonnie Ave., $131,000

Kennedy, Davey L. and Kathaleen L. to McGill, Carolyn S. and Brian D., 1206 Cedarwoods Drive, $185,000.

Lindemuth, Steven N. and Angela J. to Powell, Justin D. and Kelly A., 1709 Lakewood Drive, $237,000.

Mathewson, Brian W. and Morya M. to Hardy, Jahmal W. and Alison C., 2440 Sand Hills Drive, $290,000.

Mayer, Jason L. and Scavelli, Jessica A. to Hixson, Brian and Liza M., 1701 Walnut Creek Drive, $260,000.

Meyer, Ryan and Jana to Langenfeld, Joshua G. and Katie M., 12529 S. 81St Ave., $472,000.

Miller, Leanne K. to Galla, Roland R. and Averbach, Bethany M., 202 Matthies Drive, $159,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Delaughter, Adam and Emily, 12104 Longshore Ave., $276,000.

Pinos, John and Rachel to Kinney, Michael J., 10625 S. 111th St., $272,000.

Rezac, Andrew J. and Tricia R. to Meylor, Jonathan J. and Laura A., 2310 S. River Rock Drive, $240,000

Rogers, Roy W. and Mary D. to Stanton, Jon M. and Pamela A., 610 Joseph Drive, $199,000

Rowe, Mark C. and Janice F. to Buhr, Carol M. and Michael R., 1002 Berkley Ave., $220,000

Schwerdtfeger, Steven S. and Theresa J. to Ladd, David A. Jr. and Suzanne K., 1501 Lakewood Drive, $240,000.

Severson, Patricia J. to Honeywell, Heath and Mandy, 319 N. Adams St., $142,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Building Consultants Inc., 11723 S. 110th Ave., $53,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11608 S. 110th Ave., $48,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 11716 S. 118th St., $45,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 11062 Edward St., $60,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11602 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Vornbrock, John D. and Kelly L. to Humphreys, Ryan and Katelyn, 2018 Corn Drive, $174,000.

Weeks, James and Kimberlee to Franklin, Brandon R. and Lanesha R., 10915 S. 113th St., $295,000.

Weir, Christopher S. and Jennifer R. to Vlcek, Jeanne and Daniel, 11151 Prospect St., $250,000.


Hansen, Gary P. and Rachel A. to Schiebel, Gary E. and Jean M., 700 N. Sixth St., $215,000.

Matsunami, Shelly and Russell to Thurman, Tyler J. and Amanda K., 1050 N. Second Ave., $145,000


Baughman, James C. and Julia M. to Bullock, Diane L., 13267 Brookside Drive, $234,000

Blankenship, Daryl A. and Karen L. to Thompson, Barry L., 2608 Rahn Blvd., $270,000

Brown, Louis C. Jr. and Phyllis L. to Aguilar, Isaias B. and Antonia D., 2807 Lynnwood Drive, $165,000.

Cahalan, Kelly L. to Reikofski, Hayley L. and Shane, 14909 Bordeaux Ave., $190,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lowe, Melissa H., 13908 S. 42nd Ave., $184,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bunten, Sasha N., 13803 S. 42nd Ave., $199,000

Clearwater Falls Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 5011 Clearwater Drive, $60,000.

Delapena, Ryan S. and Delapena, Lisa M. to Moshier, Charles and Ashley, 4409 Waterford Ave., $227,000.

Harper, Todd C. to Henderson, Larson and Heather, 9704 S. 26th Ave., $235,000.

Hart, Christopher E. and Lavonne A. to Werther, Eric M. and Camille, 3205 Coffey Ave., $172,000.

Hartzell, Cindy L. to Cozad, Terry L. and Ashely N., 2725 Joann Ave., $182,000

Hawkins, Michelle L. to Shields, Christopher A., 13712 S. 43rd Ave., $245,000.

Hillyard, James J. and Kaye B. to Toney, Matthew and Katie, 2509 Nottingham Drive, $200,000.

Hiser, Robert B. Jr. and Samantha A. to Hagan, Jeffrey A. and Lynda, 13706 S. 22nd Circle, $350,000

Horizon Realty Inc. to Kanger, Lillian R., 14608 S. 24th St., $275,000.

Hudson, Dominick R. and Ashley R. to Rogers, David N. and Leanna H., 15104 Versaille St., $169,000.

Hudson, Holly J. and Peter J. to Hull, Zachary P. and Monica, 3401 Jo Ann Ave., $145,000.

Humphreys, Ryan K and Katelyn R. to Koerper, Raymond E. Jr., 13302 S. 20th Ave., $149,000.

Kaiser, Cassandra R. to Storey, Robert W. and Virginia L., 2204 Greenwald St., $230,000

Keith, David B. and Mei L. to Lyons, Larry and Jill, 12001 Daniel Road, $218,000.

Kincade, Catherine C. and Matthew J. to Heim, Richard A., 3732 Lookingglass Drive, $169,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Starke, David T. and Sarah, 1805 Meadowlark Lane, $300,000.

Michel, Jorge P. to Elwood, Jana B., 10711 S. 18th St., $158,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Babbitt, Michelle R., 10907 S. 25th Ave., $220,000.

Sigg, Martin D. and Linda A. to Dillingham, Matt and Rebecca, 920 Bordeaux Ave., $190,000.

Smith, Rebecca A. Trust to Mills, Nicole R., 3006 Jason St., $155,000.

Sticht, Carl and Anita C. to Foster, Zachery and Brandy L., 14220 S. 22nd St., $218,000.

Weber, Rose A. Trust to Homan, Scott M., 3203 Joanne Ave., $140,000.


Bisgrove, Kenneth and Camille to Cook, Michelle R., 8733 Park View Blvd., $135,000.

Choquette, Ryan T. and Alysa M. to Hunziker, Matthew T. and Mary J., 7805 S. 70th St., $218,000.

Eversden, Michael T. and Heather A. to Lanoue, Eric M. and Michelle R., 9823 Henry Circle, $235,000.

Gardner, Aswald and Tomeka to Leute, Elizabeth and Frank A. II 10227 Josephine St., $380,000.

Hunziker, Mary J. and Matthew to Felner, Anne M., 7318 S. 70th St., $115,000.

Jorn, Vincent R. and Dawn M. to Wagner, Daniel and Virginia, 10211 Emiline St., $355,000.

Potts, Tanya A. to Stefanski, Kevin, 7320 Frederick Ave., $107,000.

Sedlak, Michael and Sharon to Skaggs, Donald J. and Mary L., 9327 Gertrude St., $279,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Meister, Kelli and Greg, 4606 Hansen Ave., $277,000.

Cieslik, Brian J. and Jennifer L. to Snarr, Andrew W. and Sara E., 2114 Dana Lane, $255,000.

Harrison, Brian J. to Vornbrock, John D. and Kelly L., 2701 Leigh Lane, $265,000.

Home Company LLC to Schreiner, Kevin J. and Susan M., 11012 Edward St., $403,000.

Krajicek, Julie A. to Berger, Jeffrey J. and Jacqueline, 1410 Cherry Tree Lane, $193,000

Lothian, Kenneth J. and Estelita E. to Chau, Shawn M. and Sydney P., 1906 Apollo Lane, $306,000.

Maloney, Edward J. and Margaret T. Trust to Riviera, Joseph E. and Kristina R., 13813 Springview Drive, $168,000.

Manning, Kishan B. and Jessica to Perez, Andrew S., 4616 Brook St., $220,000.

Minor, John D. Jr. and Kelly A. to Werts, Jerome E. and Linda K., 1507 Beechwood Ave., $197,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Hansen, Jack E. and Becky, 1301 Lydia Circle, $272,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2314 Alexandra Road, $48,000.

Wilder, Harlon R. and Pamela R. to Weidman, Leigh and Hayes, 12012 S. 49th Ave., $304,000.

Willis, Sherwood M. II and Pamela B. to Bailey, Ryan and Morgan, 11315 S. 44th Ave., $244,000.


Bank of the West, personal representative for Geddes, Diane D. Estate to Workman, Dan L. and Ruth A., 7661 S. 162nd St., $203,000.

Brumm, Lizabeth G. Trust to Fliss, Thomas N. and Heather E., 16216 Heather St., $228,000.

Cahoy, Corey E. and Kimberly S. to Phelps, Joshua and Stefanie, 7330 S. 183rd St., $190,000.

Carlson, Nicholas J. and Karli to Anderson, Michael J. and Crystal M., 8017 S. 162nd Ave., $257,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoult, Robert L. Jr., 8212 S. 190th Ave., $197,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Khariv, Taras and Mariana, 16414 Virginia St., $207,000.

Holmberg, Jeff Co., trustee for the Bell, Lisa and Andrew J. III Trust to Stevens, Matthew N. and Sarah J., 9820 Cinnamon Drive, $340,000

JMF LLC to Best Construction Inc., 10908 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 11010 S. 174th St., $73,000.

JMF LLC to Davis, David and Edelman, Danielle, 10807 S. 175th St., $56,000

Kelcher, Marcus and April to Carrow, Anthony J. and Cynthia J., 19625 Audrey St., $320,000

Kmiecik, Todd M. and Helen M. to Hampton, Brenda L. and Yokley, Katie M., 16420 Birch Ave., $260,000.

Kong, Ley Ngan and Liu, Qu Long to Welch, Helen M., 7028 S. 183rd Ave., $175,000.

Ladd, David A. Jr. and Suzanne K. to Sheets, Susan J. and Douglas L., 7712 S. 161st Terrace, $145,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Salem, Jeffrey A. and Shannon M., 10619 S. 188th St., $352,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Warren, Jeffrey and Tara, 7028 S. 185th Circle, $376,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fredette, Joshua and Maribel, 7006 S. 185th Circle, $217,000

McMullen, Erin and Todd to Mullen, Brian M. and Deanna, 16534 Greenleaf St., $275,000.

Milliken, Drew M. and Morgan E. to Brunow, Tracy L., 14005 Jennifer Road, $142,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Berra, Stephen E., 16550 Rosewood St., $315,000.

Nihsen, Sarah and Dustin to Carnine, Scott T., 17202 Camp St., $282,000

Patterson, Daniel D. and Kira to Tucker, Catherine A., 15825 Cottonwood Ave., $170,000.

Querry, Jason S. and Jamie L. to McLain, Austen R. and Kristin J., 17710 Lillian St., $150,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Vodicka, Brent and Lindsay, 17105 Centennial Road, $254,000.

Simons, Brent M. and Reggan K. to Sunset Rentals LLC, 17524 Gertrude Circle, $153,000.

Snapp, Morgan to Cleaveland, Brandon and Krystal, 15717 Willow St., $169,000

Sorrick, David C. and Susan K. to Leesley, Jack F. and Judith A., 9505 S. 175th Circle, $360,000.

Sturgeon, William E. and Patricia A. Trust to Smith, Paul R. and Mary A., 9512 S. 175th Circle, $315,000.

Swanson, Scott and Lisa to NEI Global Relocation Co., 16550 Rosewood St., $315,000.

VanCleave, Christina and Alex to Boreham, Brian P. and Roger B. and Allison B. and Sewill, Lucy J. and Respeliers, James B. Trust, 15914 Timberline Drive, $280,000


Blue, Stacey J. to Lynn, Jason T., 12804 Edna St., $155,000.

Dettman, Michael D. and Sarah A. to Soares, Tyrus and Jean, 8113 S. 151st Ave., $120,000.

Hawthorne, Thomas A. and Janaan L. Trust to Hedges, Daniel J. and Natalie C., 13215 Carpenter St., $95,000.

Mungin, Kelli J. and Kevin J. to Sorenson, Tyler W., 7124 Joyce St., $165,000.

Potter, Thomas J. and Elizabeth A. to Weible, Jeremy M. and Corrina E., 15202 Gertrude St., $232,000.


Barrett, John C. and Verla K. to Kane, Michael A. and Whitney A., 3406 Spruce St., $115,000.

Biefelt, Terry J. and Rebecca to Kramer, Allison C., 4004 Valley View Ave., $123,000.

Brink, Edward W. Trust to Maverick Property Group LLC, 6908 S. 42nd St., $110,000

Davis, Linda M. to Harness, Timothy C., 2109 Gertrude St., $90,000.

Ewing, Eric W. and Sarah J. Trust to Skarzynski, Jordan S. and Georgina M., 7705 S. 39th Ave., $107,000

Hanchey, Mary L. and Perry M. to Bebout, Carolyn, 8316 Cedar Island Road, $70,000.

Hubbard, Richard and Lydia to Wright, Roger G. and Karen R., 9607 S. 28th St., $234,000.

Legacy Ventures 1 LLC to Growth Equity Group LLC, 9608 S. 21st Ave., $131,000.

Leicher, Dennis A. and Terry L. to Barrett, John C. and Verla K., 3406 Spruce St., $115,000.

Martinez, Joseph P., personal representative for Martinez, Joanne M. Estate to Neesen, Dean W., 4008 High Meadows Lane, $70,000.

Trotter, Thomas, personal representative for Trotter, Donald and Retta M. Trust to Catchpool, Jason W., 3923 Bartmann Drive, $104,000.


Aerts, Mary K. to Keating, Justin C. and Paulson, Kristen A., 4925 Aspen Drive, $153,000.

Monaghan, Shanda R. and Patrick to Pfeifer, Justin T. and Stephanie A., 8385 S. 67th St., $222,000.

Petersen, Nathan M. and Jennifer A. to Villarreal, Arturo Jr. and Jaimie, 7816 Arrowrock Drive, $164,000.

Romey, Matthew C. and Kassandra A. to Cordes, Joseph B. and Kelci, 7322 Sun Valley Drive, $122,000.

Shea, Ryan M. and Sarah L. to Fox, Charles R. and Bethany L., 8429 S. 64th Ave., $209,000.

Vlcek, Jeanne S. and Daniel M. to Christensen, Brent C. and Cox, Stephanie N., 8408 S. 64th St., $199,000.

Weibel, Alice L. to Harrer, Donald III and Alyssa, 7402 S. 50th St., $119,000.



Bogacz, Brian K. and Jennifer M. to Johnson, Jason A., 1515 28th Ave., $167,000.

Helm, Dawn and Matthew to Martines Banderas, Hugo and Valdez, Yaneli D., 3302 Third Ave., $125,000.

Carroll, Jesse G. to Jones, Terri, 3519 Stuart Blvd., $11,500.

Jackson, Peggy P. to No Equity Homes, 2618 McBride Ave., $22,000.

Winton, Sandra A. and Tony to Townsend, Susette R., 2228 Ave. F, $70,000.

Anderson, Christopher L. and Theresa to Gaines, James F. and Lynn, 5016 Crogans Way Road, $232,500.

DJT Inc. to Lovings, Theresa L. and Walter F., 3223 11th Ave., $120,000.

Vallinch, Louanna H. and Michael J. to Espinoza Santacruz, Joel and Pichardo Garcia, Raquel, 1505 Second Ave., $99,500.

Caldwell, Joshua and Gochenour, Jolene K. to Lyons, Lisa A., 57 Huron Circle, $88,000.

Banderas, Emelia R. to Ace Realty LLC, 2507 Ave. B, $50,000.

Midwest Land Development to Collins, Cynthia L. and Keyes, Angela, 3349 Middle Ferry Road, $210,000.

Marx, April N. and Michael D. to Franks, Michelle, 3534 Ave. D, $137,000.

Williamson, Albert J. and Sherryl D. to Richardson, Mandy, 2744 Ave. H, $110,000.

Turek, John P. and Luellen to Koehn, Virginia A., 3102 Wakeman Drive, $87,500.

U.S. Bank to DC Solutions, 2133 Third Ave., $62,500.

Kern Rental LLC to McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M., 1924 S. 12th St., $25,000.

Western Iowa Land Investments to MWT Homes, 5205 Hardings Landing Road, $159,500.

Coon, Christina M. and Martin to Williams, Katey J., 1307 Westside Drive, $108,500.

BP Quality Homes to Wesack, Carol K. and Theodore C., 3208 Middle Ferry Road, $230,000.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Noel, Teresa, 201 Kestrel Court, $175,000.

Chase, Joshua R. and Kimberly A. to Luna, Emilio and Madeley, 2135 Ave. B, $136,000.

Cox, Carole L. Estate to Ostdiek, Dustin J., 1006 N. 31st St., $68,000.

Griffis, Michael S. to Council Bluffs Community School District, 1619 Ave. J., $165,000.

Jensen, Paulette K. to Gaines, Vicki, 821 N. 28th St., $80,000.

Lee, Amy R. to Lippert, Amy, 5743 Merlin Lane, $174,500.

Leonard, Michael W. and Michelle to Leonard, Joseph and Sheena, 2524 Ninth St., $110,000.

Mandery, Katie R. and Kenneth D. to Lebanousky, Leslie A. and Travis L., 215 N. 19th St., $95,000.

Morrison, Christopher P. and Lisa N. to Stinn, Mary, 2110 Ave. D, $102,500.

Oden, Amy L. and Nicholas P. to Lopez Cardenas, Jose A., 3008 Ninth Ave., $103,500.

STS Enterprises Inc. to Thornborough, Ashley L., 4020 Ave. C, $117,000.

US Bank to RLN Holdings LLC, 1607 Third Ave., $18,500.


Phu-Mauer, Aimie L. to Mendoza, Trenida, 207 Park Ave., $175,000.

Dahlke, Brad L. and Penny S. to Gaylord, Darlene G. Trust, 302 Lori Lane, $209,500.

Clark, Joyce L. to Baker, Donald and Karrick, Kimberly, 31 Linn Ave., $135,000.

Townsend, Susette R. to Mathiesen, Jayne, 328 Skyline Drive, $135,000.

Hovey, David P. and Shelly A. to Fuhs, Kristi J., 220 First St., $113,000.

Madden, Dennis L. and Ruth E. to Benedict, Kristina M. and Lee V., 600 Hazel St., $95,000.

Culjat, John R. and Sharon M. to Sommerville, Jamie and Tara, 17712 Sunnydale Road, $460,000.

Crum, Darlene M. and Larry E. to Kinsella, Katherine M. and Penney, Ryan C., 319 Wildwood Road, $162,500.

Nissen, Ann and Mark A. to Beck, Alexandria M. and Ashton J., 1529 Sunset Drive, $120,000.

Western Iowa Investments to Ratigan, Kathryn A. and Mickey D., 633 Spencer Ave., $159,000.

Willcust, Robert K. to McCollum, Lewis J. and September A., 108 Locust Lodge Ave., $135,000.

Hampton-Toms, Chris G. and Toms, Donald L. to Griffin, Carrie and John, 135 Brentwood Heights, $215,000.

Johnson, Carrie L. and David P. to Oden, Amy L. and Nicholas P., 339 Golden Oaks Drive, $275,000.

Wehrli, Mark A. and Sonja M. to McGinnis, Michael, 501 Pierce St., $25,000.

Hendrix, Kim E. and Steven D. to Shanti Valley LLC, 19344 Bridsley Road, $153,500.

Whitney Inc. to Laramey, Robert and Stephanie, 236 Ninth Ave., $190,000.

Gibler, Jane A. to Potmesil, Frederick J. and Jennifer A., 21808 185th St., $235,000.

Hargens, Beth A. and Roger L. to Stuart, Kaitlyn M. and Paul M., 337 Skyline Drive, $160,000.

Kahl, Jeremy D. and Jillian K. to McVey, Katie A. and Tavis W., 24 Virginia Hills Road, $154,000.

Lainson, Fred L. to Miller, Marie K., 217 Locust Lodge Ave., $79,500.

Leber, Adam J. to Liston, Thomas, 5 Arnold Ave., $82,500.

Morris, Beverly L. and James R. to Gylling, Jason A., 201 Tower Ridge Court, $221,000.

Red Surfer LLC to Henderson, Deena M. and Thomas R., 18250 Northline Drive, $180,000.

Rock, Christopher A. and Megan to Salladay, Erin and Jacob, 438 Sierra Drive, $129,000.

Weihs, Gary L. to Loess Hills Properties LLC, 11 Nicholas St., $155,000.


TPC Corp. to Kantor, Alexander and Laura T., 81 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $166,000.

Bell, Gerald H. and Janet K. to Warden, Roger F., 906 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $110,000.

Garay, Luis D. and Willa D. to Bross, Hannah and Levi, 57 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $91,000.

Cape, Cheryl A. to Bruning, Norma J., 909 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $165,000.

McMahill, James I. III and Kimberly D. to National Residential Services Inc., 761 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $274,000.

National Residential Services Inc. to Huang, Lucy H. and Yang, Joseph F., 761 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $274,000.

Parr, Amy and Chad to Storovich, Sara J. and Trevor L., 220 Marina Court, Carter Lake, $396,000.


Lucas, Cassandra R. and Jacob L. to Labenz, Kara L. and Michael T., 614 Walnut St., Avoca, $85,000.


Forristal, Debra D. and Lowell to Board, Tamra J. and Woolman, Steven A., 16496 390th St., Carson, $119,500.


Snyder, Cheri L. and Jeffrey T. Trust to Sipherd, Barbara A. and David C., 23845 205th St., Crescent, $1,040,000.


Wigington, Jeffrey L. and Traci L. to Rau, Brian D. and Mellissa J., 33155 Sycamore Road, Minden, $110,000.


Porter, Cassandra L. and Michael A. to Wingert, Amy R. and Eric P., 101 Laurie Circle, Neola, $155,000.

Sorenson, Shelly R. and Soren P. to Jacobsen, Beau, 502 High St., Neola, $200,000.


Baragary, Anna E. and Casey L. to Allensworth, Colton, 909 Scenic Drive, Oakland, $118,000.

VanSickle, David W. and Terri A. to Feigenbutz, Devin and Hackett, Kelsey, 609 Oak St., Oakland, $130,000.


Blasi, Beverly and Boyd to Thompson, Rebecca A. and Travis, 306 Amy Drive, Treynor, $256,000.

Danker, Gladys I. and Jefferey D. to Quick, Angela M. and Troy J., 14768 320th St., Treynor, $155,000.

Hahn, Cheryl L. and John J. to Thomas, Karey and Rex, 12866 320th St., Treynor, $349,500.


Norvern LLC to Welcome Homes Inc., 22484 Norman Drive, Underwood, $58,000.

Shiloh Properties LLC to Baragary, Anna E. and Casey L., 206 Faith Ave., Underwood, $39,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Hultquist, Jeremy and Jessica, 22239 Bret Loop, Underwood, $530,000.


Jones, Michael P. to Sell, John D., 701 Antique City Drive, Walnut, $113,000.

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