Lakso, Charles D. and Janice D. to Buck, R.N. and Traci L., 15671 King St., $325,000.

Sherwood Homes to Sindelar, Amy and Brad, 8208 N. 162nd St., $317,155.

Boulton, Steven and Lesley to Fuchser, Ryan and Jami, 15016 Cherry St., $304,000.

Erickson, Joseph D. and Janelle C. to Babb, Dustin and Carol, 15664 Sheffield Circle, $272,000.

Coulter, Jeffrey and Donnita to Vrtiska, Katelyn A., 7922 N. 152nd St., $219,900.

Baumann, Michael J. and Amy C. to Brunson, Aaron and Jennifer, 14859 Mormon St., $215,000.

Guyer, Cory T. and Amy J. to Wendling, Robert and Kriss, 15502 King Circle, $205,000.

Wilmeth, Eric D. and Amy J. to Ersland, Amanda M. and Benjamin E., 14905 Grebe St., $195,000.

DeVries, Noel D. and Shawn M. to Birulkin, Brandon and Betsy, 14952 Grebe St., $184,370.

Thompson, Rusty A. and Mindy L. to Johansen, Zachary L., 14541 Mormon St., $175,000.

Fuchser, Ryan M. and Jami M. to Mangold, Richard and Jennifer, 15324 Tucker St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes to Netsov, Nicole and Pavlin, 14603 Sunrise St., $158,900.

Kroger, Jordan V. and Jennifer to Depperman, Jake, 8213 N. 154th Ave., $150,000.

Eigsti, Cherise L. to Bayne, Brooke V., 7839 N. 144th Ave., $150,000.

James, Krystin L. to Tighe, Christopher J. and Linda M., 15313 Tucker St., $147,000.

Kinser, William C. and Sheri L. to Heitman, Eileen F. and William D., 106 S. Molley St., $115,000.

Waterford Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7629 N. 153rd Circle, $46,000.

Joons, Russell S. and Sandra J. to Nownes, Jesse, 10140 N. 187th Ave., $44,000.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9018 N. 172nd St., $43,600.

State Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7958 N. 160th St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development to Heavican Homes, 17008 Bondesson St., $42,900.

Stratford Park Development to Heavican Homes, 17002 Bondesson St., $42,900.

North Ida Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 16082 Girard Circle, $41,950.

Stratford Park Development to Showcase Homes, 8533 N. 169th St., $40,500.


Siegmund, Rob and Susan to Lichti, Douglas J. and Margaret G., 2218 S. 214th Avenue Circle, $845,000.

Crown LTD to Jiang, Jie and Ci, Song, 1331 S. 210th St., $559,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Dittrick, Glynnis K. and Scriven, Craig W., 18657 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $536,578.

Mueller, Jeffery and Melanie to Bergman, Scott J. and Jessie L., 5652 S. 209th Circle, $495,000.

Royal Development to Lee, Brenden V. and Allison C., 18663 Nicholas St., $452,500.

Simons, Gregory A. Sr. and Rose to Ish, Jon M. and Julie A., 21924 Trailridge Blvd., $410,000.

Hill Custom Homes to Hill, William N. IV and Dana L., 20513 Taylor St., $381,552.

Kuehn, Michael A. and Jaime B. to Nabity, Justin D. and Crystal J., 18502 Hamilton Circle, $361,000.

Danielson, Thomas D. and Kimberly to Robinson, James H. and Kerri K., 1307 N. 181st Ave., $352,000.

Carlisle, Stephen D. and Tamra J. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 201 S. 200th St., $348,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Burns, Bret and Taggart-Burns, Carolyn, 201 S. 200th St., $348,000.

Gondring, Margaret C. and John A. to Head, George G. and Nina B., 5004 N. 192nd Avenue Circle, $346,000.

Covington Homes to Katambwa, Fanny K. and Martin N., 4502 N. 206th St., $316,000.

Hill, William N. IV and Dana L. to Crampton, Tammi C. and Justin, 20765 Ginkgo Circle, $309,000.

Lesmeister, Melanie L. Trust to Smith, Benjamin J. and Amanda R., 1010 S. 188th Court, $264,995.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Arens, Nicole R. and Kyle A., 18703 Mason St., $264,000.

Hoines, Ellen O. Trust to Heywood, Carol A. and Leonard C., 20201 Pearl Circle, $230,000.

Koch, Casey J. and Anna F. to Egermier, Marshall, 20828 Charles St., $225,000.

Hobbs, Christian J. and Tracy L. to Driver, Christopher A. and Michaela M., 517 S. 212th St., $215,000.

Wilder, Robin and Obos, Ronald J. to Harm Holdings LLC, 21604 Leavenworth St., $149,000.

SNGF Development to Motz, Tina and James, 1262 N. 191st Ave., $137,500.

Nelson, Donna to Lumbard, Jason D., 21208 Welsh Road, $117,000.

Homesellers of Omaha to LDT Inc., 1920 S. 214th St., $98,000.

Echelon Homes to Ross, Andrew and Ashley, 2433 S. 219th St., $92,000.

Pohlad Custom Homes to Echelon Homes, 2433 S. 219th St., $91,336.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Anthony Company Builders, 2319 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Malibu Holdings to Landmark Performance Corp., 5657 S. 209th Circle, $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Nathan Homes, 2121 S. 211th St., $80,000.

Pohlad Custom Homes to Echelon Homes, 2410 S. 219th St., $78,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Echelon Homes, 2404 S. 219th St., $76,500.

ER-North Development to VanCleave, Alex, 19612 Parker St., $40,000.


Page, Fredrick J. Trust to Katsampes, Peter P. and Desiree C., 3904 N. 265th Court, $486,000.

Larson Flooring and Countertop to Herring, Denise R., 212 E. Gardiner St., $78,000.


Windingstad, Anthony J. and Brigitte M. to Schembari, John E. and Melissa A., 918 S. 249th St., $1,125,000.

Sandoval, J.D. and Monica to Caruso, Anthony E., 23707 Oak St., $121,500.


Mechaley, Margaret M. to Parkhurst, Stacia L., 1617 N. 53rd St., $254,000.

Wilhelm, Jeremy to Clark, Robert J. and Cheryl A., 1713 N. 59th St., $235,000.

Henderson, Lawrence E. and Dana to Knutson, Kiley J., 2497 N. 47th Ave., $135,000.

DeJonge, Shannon M. to McGrath, June M., 1829 N. 49th St., $123,000.

Parish, Kathleen M. to Schreiner, Rachael, 6504 Bedford Ave., $120,000.

Nichols, Jennifer A. and Michael G. to Paw, Knyaw and Ku, Eh N., 5701 Grand Ave., $115,000.

SAS Properties to Windom, Nolan A. and James, Lillian S., 5520 N. 57th Ave., $111,000.

Nelson, Dixie L. to Coe, Sarah C. and Thomas E., 6204 N. 68th St., $100,000.

Beneficial Nebraska Inc. to KR Properties, 5609 Ogden St., $81,500.

Aken, Grace N. and Donald Trust to Richard L. Parsons IRA 6864001 and Midland IRA, 6627 Franklin St., $67,500.

Primestar Fund I TRD Inc. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6259 Curtis Ave., $66,250.

Kolb, Roger A. and Carrie A. to Punch It Out Inc., 4223 N. 66th St., $62,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 6608 Franklin St., $59,000.

DeRiese, Gail C. and Steven D. to Shirk Management, 5806 Pratt St., $55,000.

Ralph and Marlene Matney LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 5014 Pinkney St., $50,000.

Ness, Patrick J. to Witti Investments LLC, 5323 N. 47th Ave., $48,000.

Williams, Sharhonda to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4149 N. 65th St., $47,000.

CJM Properties to Mayne Place LLC, 5405 N. 61st St., $40,000.

Deutsche Bank to Gil’s Auto Sales, 4801 Laurel Ave., $20,450.


Cue, Terry L. and Cordeiro, Sylvia to Earle, Jesse R., 517 S. 31st Ave., $220,000.

Labenz, Michael, personal representative, to Skulstad, Erik H. and Jennifer L., 2102 S. 39th St., $178,000.

Divis, Ann E., personal representative for Jungbluth, Leona D. Estate to Horn, Warren D., 3062 S. 42nd St., $123,000.

Brandt, Raymond W., trustee for Brandt Family Trust to Mumm, John L. and Therese K., 4211 Woolworth Ave., $120,000.

Skocz, Rose M. to Dinovo, Paula and Richard, 2321 S. 34th St., $96,111.

Burck, Emma Y. and Lawrence K. to Zeman, Richard and Angela, 3006 S. 35th St., $50,000.


McNeil, Jane to Grace, Ann M. and Mortensen, Kevin R., 5181 Jones St., $300,000.

Jansen, Larry to Werkmeister, Angela M., 832 S. 54th St., $208,000.

JKP Properties to Petersen, Sean S., 813 S. 68th St., $150,000.

Trout, Juliana M. and Mattea, Corey to Wilson, Craig and Austin, 6154 Elm St., $147,500.

Johnson, Christy J. to Seevers, Andrew D., 978 S. 50th St., $143,000.

Variano, William F. and Theresa A. to Driggs, Lynn M., 4506 A St., $138,000.

Johnson, Brett C. to Muller, Grant, 3115 S. 54th St., $135,000.

Palinski, Matthew J. to Alba, Alec R., 2209 S. 46th Ave., $132,000.

White, John R. Jr. and Mauro, Jami L. to JKP Properties, 6112 Shirley St., $114,000.

Lavelle, Kathleen and Shaddy, Philip to Stenger, Stacy and Michael, 1330 S. 51st St., $105,000.

Arndt, James N. and Cecilia P. to APK Ventures LLC, 2011 S. 56th St., $45,000.


Abundis, Manuel and Bizcarra, Evangelina to Jimenez, Michael, 3702 S. 17th St., $130,000.

Duncan, Alison and Cole to Lopez, Yaneli, 6215 S. 41st St., $121,000.

Wolbach, Richard A. to Seefus, Christopher W., 4001 S. 36th St., $78,000.

Bertino, Tom Jr. and Hansen, Jen to Palmer, Edith M., 4114 S. 12th St., $58,000.

Rodriguez, Donald A., personal representative, to Cabrera, Rosa, 2531 Z St., $55,000.

Rubek, Mark to Maggio, Jeanna L. and Rubek, Mark, 3620 R St., $38,000.


Prososki, Charles W. and Connie J. to Klein, Eric, 3220 S. Fifth St., $175,000.

Robinson, Ken E. and Alyce to Li, Xiaomei, 1322 S. 24th St., $90,000.

Bustamante, Ana I. and Soto, Edwin to Rodriguez, Leticia and Flores, Jose F., 1411 Castelar St., $80,000.

Hughes, Richard E. and Lois A. to Schnecks Co., 1814 Spring St., $40,000.


Perry, Conway T. Sr. and Tracy D. to Curry, Kevin and Sharon, 5406 N. 24th St., $73,000.


Reich, Carol R. and William E. Jr. to Stastny, Amanda M., 4312 Franklin St., $93,500.

Wolfe, Joanne, trustee for Vorel, James A. Trust to Koesters Brothers LLC, 4340 Camden Ave., $40,000.

G Inc. to Houghton Properties, 5539 N. 33rd Ave., $35,000.

G Inc. to Houghton Properties, 3536 N. 41st St., $30,000.


Boyd, Annette to Murry, Kimmy L., 6740 N. 33rd St., $97,500.

Wallace, Neil R. and Rachelle to Cullen, Bailey, 3324 Ernst St., $69,000.

Metzler, Stephen A. and Jane F. to Fitzgerald, James H., 2570 Bauman Ave., $40,000.

Coffeen, Marcia K. and Robert to Royce, Michael, 7704 N. 30th St., $35,000.


Gensler, Karen K. and Thomas D. Trust to Lanphier, Terry F. and Alicia A., 10044 Fieldcrest Drive, $695,000.

Link, Chris R. and Toebben, Jenni to Rames, Kurt and Bethanie V., 120 S. 90th St., $630,000.

Matt, Thomas C. and Shellie to Mowers, Amanda M. and Oglesby, Cale A., 522 S. 84th St., $230,000.

Pelster, Ryan P. and Aja D. to Bessmer, Cameron and Ryne, 7309 Western Ave., $165,000.

Gutierrez, Sergio G. III and Anne E. to Harr, Daniel P., 9158 Charles St., $142,000.

Davis, Patricia A. to Bernhardt, Linda, 705 N. 75th St., $136,300.


Hiley, Jason D. and Susan E. to Cox, Clayton D. and Britnie R., 2219 N. 170th St., $359,900.

Janssen, Kevin K. and Keim-Janssen, Sarah A. to Desler, Mark and Michelle, 5507 N. 163rd St., $316,000.

Onyeuku, Josephine C. to DeVries, Noel D. and Shawn M., 6543 N. 160th Ave., $280,000.

Brown, Christopher M. and Kelly A. to Dirmeyer, Angela M. and Jonathan C., 3811 N. 161st Ave., $275,000.

Conger, Dennis R. and Corinne K. to Znamenacek, Darren J. and Roxann L., 4703 N. 162nd St., $264,000.

Morgan, Chad M. and Brooke E. to Bailey, Cory P., 6302 N. 155th Circle, $250,000.

Grooms, Joanna R. and Jindra, Ryan to Zitek, Jason and Margaret, 4202 N. 157th Ave., $243,000.

Babu, Shabnna and Chinnaperumal to Oleson, Katherine and Adam, 6440 N. 150th St., $229,900.

Lee, Jae C. and Choi, Yoo N. to Day, Jeannia C., 16214 Erskine Circle, $220,000.

Midstate Bank to Blue Jay Development, 14715 Laurel Plaza, $220,000.

Price, Cassandra R. and Dana T. to Wanek, Thomas A. and Lush, Sarah J., 3529 N. 152nd Circle, $215,000.

Perez, Ranilo C. and Selena J. to Milliken, Drew and Morgan, 16420 Burdette Circle, $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Austin, Jeffrey J. and Courtney N., 17574 Grand Ave., $211,200.

Holtz, Keri K. to Thapa, Pratichya, 4632 N. 166th St., $205,000.

Blecha, Christopher C. and Karissa B. to Le, Manh N. and Nguyen, Christine T., 16320 Ohio St., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Howell, Krystal and Brendon, 16318 Redman Ave., $197,600.

Seiker, Marilyn Trust to Zimmerman, Darin L., 16328 Sprague St., $197,000.

Woodford, Christopher R. and Ann M. to Distefano, Arlene and Thomas Jr., 16062 Redman Ave., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fricke, Mitchell L., 16403 Saratoga St., $182,000.

Born, Emily K. and Michael J. to Marshall, Robert A. Jr., 4807 N. 160th St., $180,000.

Gronau, Erica and Stevens, Wade M. to Clayburn, Colin and Susan, 4670 N. 163rd St., $179,900.

Campbell, James A. and Jane to Stuart, Theodore A. and Nielsen, Jennifer A., 16404 Patrick Ave., $178,500.

Zach, Daniel G. and Jacqueline M. to Hall, Gregory A., 4902 N. 170th St., $175,000.

Dienstbier, Barbara D. to Hanson, Patricia A., 4723 N. 144th Ave., $170,000.

Jukes, Kyle B. and Bain, Stacy L. to Gaddy, Michael L. and Swesey, Lauren E., 4119 N. 169th St., $168,000.

Meyer, Julie M. to Norton, Justin and Myers-Norton, Cyndi, 14512 Larimore Ave., $167,000.

Boryca, Chelsea to Pham, Trung T. and Le, Van T., 2604 N. 164th Circle, $166,500.

Legacy Ventures I to Queck, Eric and Ashley, 16868 Larimore Ave., $165,500.

Drake, Kevin F. and Sarah M. to Blake, Amanda M., 17251 Ruggles St., $162,500.

Cole, Emily and Cecil to Morrison, Paige M., 6212 N. 149th St., $162,000.

Bailey, Cory P. to Schmitt, Nicholas J., 14927 Newport Ave., $162,000.

Silverman, Adam L. and England, Michala L. to Van Gestel, Catherine A., 17129 Barnett St., $157,000.

Glassburner, Nathan V. and Heather M. to Heimann, Anne, 16616 Erskine St., $157,000.

Wilson, Sabrina R. to Bos, Aaron, 16717 Grant St., $153,000.

Comstock, Timothy S. and Michelle D. to Duran, Cristina and Alejandro, 14613 Fowler Ave., $149,500.

Rall, Stephanie E. to Danielson, Jacob P., 16504 Yates St., $142,500.

Urban Quality Homes to Drahota, Darren J., 17529 Patrick Ave., $34,500.


Beetham, Jeff and Annette to Taylor, Joyce E. and Elvin C., 5066 S. 48th St., $142,900.

Milobar, Mary C. and Partusch, Jerry E. to Dragon, Donald A. and Brenda J., 5218 Q St., $120,000.


Nelson, James E. and Shroff, Mona to Miller, William A. and Randall, Gary B., 17516 Douglas St., $439,000.

Balus, Andrew and Nichole to Mathison, David and Tonya, 17074 Douglas St., $374,900.

Kalis, Gary A. and Lindl, Nancy J. to Fei, Jiang and Geng, Liying, 16111 Charles St., $245,000.

Cornell, Leroy K. and Luanne C. to Stec, Bruce, 1709 N. 159th St., $195,000.

Leuck, Jody to Reynolds, Kenneth J. and Ann M. Trust, 15724 Louis Drive, $178,000.

Cain, Cynthia to Martens, Rick and Mary, 17604 Parker Plaza, $143,500.

Peitzmeier, Lydia A. and Melvin H. to Jacobsen, Sandra K., 17507 Parker Plaza, $139,900.


Kitt, Brandan and Amy to Sogbadji, Komlan and Jennifer, 7402 N. 89th St., $178,000.

White, John D. and Kelly to Brown-Tipler, Roberta and Tipler, Jamaal M., 8419 Craig Ave., $177,000.

Soltys, Michele R. to Palo, Christopher J. and Carla J., 8944 N. 83rd St., $169,000.

McMahon, Kevin G. to Tills, Robin and Thilking, Sheri, 7409 N. 73rd Circle, $165,000.

Tills, Robin J. to Sytsma, Kent and Amy, 7180 N. 81st Plaza, $155,000.

Dark, Tracy and Matthew to Jones, Laquesha, 6973 N. 88th St., $155,000.

Adepitan, Mofoluso and Halleluyah to Nelson, Steven M., 7317 N. 77th St., $153,000.

Brooks, Grayce to Preister, Nicole, 7829 Bondesson St., $150,000.

Celebrity Homes to Timm, Casey M. and Lilly N., 9122 Black St., $149,700.

Peer, Elizabeth A. to Nguyen, Jenny C. and Wheatley, Richard K., 10703 Girard St., $147,000.

McDonald, Nicole and Timmons, Dustin to Romero, Audrey B. and Marc A. Sr., 8701 Quest St., $146,000.

Rogers, Geraldine R. to Bundy, Lindsey K. and Chad A., 7926 Newport Ave., $137,000.

West, Dean and Sarah to Bek, Win and Kler, Kwa, 7328 N. 80th St., $131,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to SKG Properties, 6955 N. 87th Ave., $89,000.

Corrected address: Dyer, Joyce A. to Hansen, Lee C. and Kimberly M., 8123 Girard Plaza, $138,000.


German, Perry and Danielle to Walker, Kathryn K. and Kandiah, Nishanthi, 2206 S. 86th St., $430,000.

Asche, Karen F. and David E. to Thiltges, John F. and Wong, Angelica Z., 9265 Pine Circle, $395,000.

Shaw, Adam T. and Tricia to McCarthy, Alicia, 10223 Wright St., $214,250.

Sullivan, Robert F. and Darlene Trust to Joyful Restorations LLC, 1122 S. 93rd St., $152,000.

Flaxbeard, Jennie L. to Paulsen, Heath D., 8014 Grover St., $125,000.

Johnson, Anthony L. and Dawn N. to Duffy, Jane, 8613 B St., $124,500.

D’Agosto, Edward R. Estate to Pickering, Todd W. and Diane L., 8056 Gold St., $120,000.


Spence, Patricia L. and Myron K. to Fraser, James H. and Ann M., 9305 Monroe St., $174,950.

Laursen, David L. and Quana K. to Cavalieri, Anthony, 6646 S. 83rd Ave., $135,000.

Weber, Dolores J. and Adams, Diane R. to KBL Investments, 5011 S. 81st St., $126,900.

Renner, Robert P. Jr., personal representative, to Sahawneh, Tommy, 6405 S. 77th Circle, $124,000.


Ryan, Michael J. and Amy D. to Kelcher, Marcus and April, 2307 S. 184th Circle, $458,200.

Bierle, Dennis and Joann to Pankonin, John M. and Kimberly M., 16318 Hascall St., $376,000.

Bird, Lyle L. and Dana M. to Meyers, Brad and Jessica, 3552 S. 185th Ave., $336,900.

Williams, Calvin A. and Carol L. to Balus, Andrew M. and Nichole M., 1427 S. 157th St., $327,500.

Trofholz, Cody and Erin to Stalets, Aaron and Karah, 18133 Atlas St., $319,900.

Weiland, Francis A. and Hannah M. to Frans, Mark L. and Megan M., 2010 S. 197th St., $288,000.

Driver, Christopher A. and Michaela M. to Odenreider, Chase and Kevin D., 17505 William Circle, $275,000.

Alexander, Peter W. and Priscilla R. to Crowe, Brody W. and Emily N., 17305 Woolworth Ave., $233,200.

Wallace, Alan D. and Kenney, Debbie to Peters, Shane and Kristi, 16323 Elm St., $230,000.

Flatequal, Roger and Patricia to Clark, Travis and Heather, 1615 S. 168th Ave., $226,100.

Scott Willer Properties to Horn, Aaron J., 16556 Dorcas St., $218,500.

MacDonald, Philip A. and Curtis, Kristin M. to Marsicek, Scott, 3804 S. 189th Ave., $210,000.

Cox, Clayton D. and Britnie R. to Kirchhoff, Richard L. and Debra M., 2130 S. 164th Ave., $173,000.

Growth Equity Group to Mary Elizabeth Vivera Abad IRA and Provident Trust Group, 2517 S. 161st Circle, $162,000.

Benson, Michael R. and Denise to Roslawski, Melissa M. and Jason P., 2318 S. 160th St., $149,000.

Friedman, Arthur I. and Sheryl F. to Martinez, Rudy, 2523 S. 161st Circle, $148,500.


Lutzen, Dale C. and Renee Y. to Basye Real Estate Concepts, 219 S. 38th Ave., $220,000.

Cornelison, James L. to Panebianco, Heather and Andrew, 125 N. 43rd St., $130,000.

Ford, Wardell and Berghahn, Denise R. to Nielsen, Mark, 1011 N. 33rd St., $28,500.


Atkinson, Ryan and Corey M. to Boryca, Chelsea A., 856 N. 68th St., $224,500.

McCreery, Rebecca L. and Ryan to Kennedy, Abbie and Klepper, Adam, 5016 Western Ave., $215,000.

Wagner, Brooke N. and Gruntorad, Nicole J. to Jones, Janet C. and Nicholas M., 5615 Western Ave., $170,000.

Orcutt, Edward E. and Karen M. to Freemyer, Lane C. and Emily S., 6160 Lafayette Ave., $108,000.

Leetsch, Neisha L. to Bell, Quincy D., 6911 Lafayette Ave., $92,500.

Blake, Kevin and Reannen to Bell, Kyle and Jensyn, 6903 Lafayette Ave., $76,200.

McQuin, Martha M. to Jansen, Larry, 5011 Hamilton St., $67,000.


Brue, Meghan L. and Molitor, Brandon M. to Scott, Archie D. and Perris L., 10555 Curtis Ave., $225,000.

Bertch, Carl Jr. to Bettin, Michael R. and Barbara J., 7220 Bedford Ave., $149,900.

Bittner, Jessica and Heller, Nicholas J. to Quinn, Brendan and Yost, Ashlee, 4016 N. 97th St., $135,000.

O & H Properties to Stuelke, Dustin B., 9138 Boyd St., $131,000.

Myers, Cyndi J. and Norton, Justin M. to Moore, Stephen M., 9630 Grand Ave., $130,000.

Haley, Beth A. to Wells, Mary K., 9215 Meredith Ave., $126,000.

Michiels, Thomas J. Estate to Widtfeldt, Richard A. and Elizabeth E., 9457 Emmet St., $120,000.


Adams, Michael R. and Alissa A. to McClintic, Jamie and Shane, 6301 S. 197th Circle, $349,000.

Taylor, Gregory K. and Janet L. to Kasparek, David and Stephanie, 6337 S. 170th St., $290,000.

Walker, Timothy F. and Deborah K. to Sindelar, Ryan M., 4815 S. 166th St., $273,500.

Wirthlin, John C. and Tracey H. to Springer, Mark L. and Carole D., 17316 Orchard Ave., $262,500.

Richland Homes to Hindmarsh, Kevin G. and Karin L., 4209 S. 193rd St., $247,805.

Morgan, Patrick J. Jr. and Aya to Brookfield Relocation, 6014 S. 160th St., $241,000.

Burkard, Mark G. and Rhonda S. to Cihal, David M. and Mary E., 16872 K St., $214,000.

Kastler, Dru A. and Stephanie to Sis, Brenton, 6217 S. 191st St., $212,000.

Scott, Joseph C. III and Jane A. to Wolters, Dustin A. and Jessica K., 17117 K St., $207,000.

Kubert, Greg A. and Kimberly D. to Mason, Elizabeth and Glenn, Brian, 16235 N Circle, $205,000.

Lee, Jack E. and Closter, Theresa M. to Bailey, Justin A. and McFarland, Cassandra L., 6107 S. 162nd Ave., $204,000.

Shaw, Morris G. and Sviatlana to Amenyah, Eric D. and Kodjo, Kisita T., 19456 Orchard Ave., $204,000.

Burr, Donna J. to Fisher, John W. and Vickie L., 4415 S. 179th St., $186,000.

Roberts, Tyler J. and Stephanie M. to Stoltenberg, Mark and Marla, 4705 S. 187th Ave., $185,000.

Respeliers, James B, trustee for Tajame Irrevocable Trust to Murphy, Tanis K., 18708 Birchwood Ave., $182,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nanfito, Danielle E. and Lind, Blake G., 19506 R St., $172,200.

Peters, Shane L. and Kristi L. to O’Bryan, Susan K. and Keith A., 5815 S. 193rd Ave., $169,900.

Celebrity Homes to Legwin, Jay B., 19614 R St., $169,200.

Lesac, Christopher L. and Cindy S. to Mitchell, Carrie S., 18727 T St., $167,000.

Bailey, Ryan T. and Morgan J. to Scott, Jane A., 18708 Berry St., $160,000.

Avent, Garrett J. and Chelsea R. to Weaver, Russell, 5327 S. 194th St., $155,000.

Rohwer, Kyle L. and Emmens, Jennifer M. to Andrews, Dennis and Elsie, 18717 Borman St., $148,700.

Seaman, Jeffrey S. and Heather to Fleener, Stacey L., 4414 S. 179th St., $139,000.


Rody, William J. and Sandra E. to McCullough, Kathleen, 5905 S. 146th St., $180,000.

Zahnow, Dwight R. and Adrienne M. to Naiberk, Jill L., 5935 S. 115th St., $179,500.

Barker, Travis S. and Erica N. to Osterloh, Christopher and Elizabeth, 14729 Monroe St., $169,500.

Thomas, Tye M. and Brenda L. to Hunt, John M. and Wickwire, Raychal, 6117 S. 135th St., $168,000.

Bristow, Tracy to Grzebielski, Andrew D., 14326 Polk Circle, $160,000.

Growth Equity Group to NCG Solo 401K Plan, 13723 Madison Circle, $155,000.

Meyers, Jessica and Brad to Long, Scott and Rachel, 6312 S. 135th St., $152,000.

Law, Tom M. and Diane K. to Barriga, David and Claudia, 14605 Weir Circle, $150,000.

Blach, Millard J. and Sherrill L. to Bell, Melinda, 6412 S. 137th St., $149,500.

Jones, Pakiza to Fritchman, Thomas C., 11622 Jefferson Circle, $129,000.

Brown, Melissa D. to Williston, Robert J., trustee for Williston, Norman J. Trust, 15111 Madison St., $128,000.

Hansen, Joshua E. to Denali Real Estate, 12566 O St., $120,000.

Buerman, William J., trustee for Buerman, Harlan L. Trust to Hernandez, Maria G., 5312 S. 114th St., $119,000.

Castle, Richard L. and Rosa M. to Clark, Andrew and Thomas, 5135 Ash St., $110,000.


Sherman, Simon and Lyuba to Holstein, Sarah A. and Bailey, Gary L., 7228 N. 124th Circle, $560,000.

Trademark Homes to Kitt, Brandan and Amy, 12314 Reynolds Circle, $348,992.

Trademark Homes to Spaulding, Landis and Rayza, 8214 N. 123rd St., $333,975.

Dreamscape Homes and Fools Inc. to Garrett, Jill R. and Jason A., 8308 N. 123rd Circle, $283,260.

Celebrity Homes to Monroe, Amber and Miller, Kenneth B., 7478 N. 139th St., $182,350.


Reed, John T. Trust to Weaver, Anne T. Trust, 11336 Pine St., $560,000.

Trifecta Properties to Bergmann, Kaitlyn R. and Jonathan D., 15239 Shirley St., $285,000.

McClenahan, Ann and Mark to Papik, Rachel E. and Jonathan J., 13579 Crawford Circle, $240,000.

Hayes, Shawn and Nielsen, Christopher A. to Behne, Burke and Lindsay, 13767 Briggs Circle, $225,000.

Miller, David L., trustee for Miller Family Trust to Jensen, Joshua L. and Lisa M., 15226 Brookside Circle, $219,000.

Kinney, Michael J. to Goeschel, Marcus, 1716 S. 138th St., $197,000.

Vrbanac, Ronald F. Estate to Wallace, Alan D. and Keeney, Debbie C., 1417 S. 136th St., $183,000.

Leech, Richard and Wilderman, Mary A. to Bachmann, Edward W. and Peggy L., 2312 S. 138th St., $182,000.

Kucirek, Nicholas J. and Linda Trust to Duey, David, 2931 S. 114th St., $178,000.

Deremer, Roberta E. and Kevin L. to Gazaryan, Konstantin V. and Kimberly M., 13927 Pine St., $175,000.

Posedel, John D., personal representative, to Kundra, Puneet, 1535 S. 121st St., $149,000.

SAS Properties to Stepp, Carley J., 10942 Spring St., $137,500.

Burdette, Ann C. Trust to Burns, Michaela M., 2318 S. 119th Plaza, $135,000.

Kraemer, Amber R. and Charles D. to Johnston, Travis and Meredith, 3314 S. 122nd St., $134,000.

Caddell, Kari S. to Kuszynski, Charles and Susan J., 3121 S. 122nd St., $132,500.

Michaelis, Ascha and Kurt M. to Trofholz, Chelsea L. and Thomas L., 2523 S. 123rd Ave., $128,900.

Erdei, Judith M. Trust to Collins, Danny T. and Shelley R., 1211 S. 121st Plaza, $67,450.


Meredith, Laura J. and David to Nichols, Michael and Jennifer, 9316 N. 53rd Circle, $288,000.

Zeilinger, Ryan and Joanna to Tinker, Brook A. and Tinker-Bell, Alyssa M., 6430 Whitmore St., $120,000.


Birnstihl, Jason D. and Courtney C. to Baker, Linda K. and Alfred, 11749 Mayberry Plaza, $435,500.

Pallesen, Michael C. and Kathleen S. to Walters, Andrew R. and Melanie J., 11425 Farnam Circle, $297,000.

Short, Allyson C. and Vecchio, Aaron J. to Tolliver, Kristina and Haley, Beth, 14923 Lafayette Plaza, $215,000.

Triplette, Ute to Birthere, Manaswi, 15212 Hamilton St., $205,000.

Miserez, Steven R. to Clouse, Aaron F. and Real, Kelley M., 15017 Bemis St., $185,000.

Malchow, Carol A. and Delane K. to Smith, Nicholas D. and Ketteler, Abby, 14929 Decatur Plaza, $180,000.

Tesar, Rudy J., trustee, to Thune, Robert L. and Ruth M., 14802 Cass Circle, $167,000.

Bain, Ian N. and Lindsay to Leapley, Justin, 15205 Hillside Drive, $160,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 1840 N. 146th St., $157,250.

Hawkins, Ralph P. and Naomi E. to Tonjes, Gayle and Kevin, 1823 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $152,000.

Brown, Daniel R. and Kathleen L. to Bacome, Adam and Mary, 15311 Wycliffe Drive, $127,000.


Poole, Sandra E. and Sterkel, Martin A. to Summers, Scott and Jessica, 12913 Eagle Run Drive, $352,000.

KP3 Investors LLC to Morehouse, Daniel S. and Yvette M., 4412 N. 142nd St., $320,000.

Jansen, Heather H. to Turner, Calista S. and Gary J., 4113 N. 139th Ave., $315,000.

Ernst, Mary C. to Hoy, Kyle, 4815 N. 113th St., $225,000.

Lopez, Floridalma G. and Paiz, Ruben L. to Herman, Eric and Janelle R., 12423 Wirt St., $191,000.

Chapman, Beverly A. Trust to Koepp, Jerry L. and Ruth E., 13828 Sahler St., $190,000.

Hurley, Richard L. and Mary to Gochenour, Meagan N., 2705 N. 124th Circle, $168,000.

Mackey, Dustin to Weed, Rodney D. and Caren J., 5741 N. 115th Circle, $165,000.

Morehouse, Daniel and Yvette to Gross, Joseph, 12730 Yates St., $160,000.

Graulich, Kristine K. to Smith, Samantha J. and John, Brandt M. Jr., 12951 Hartman Ave., $155,000.

Baack, Matt and Amy E. to Tines, Mickey A. and Hullinger, Lisa A., 6315 N. 142nd Ave., $150,000.

Humphrey, Melissa to Graves, Jason D. and Patricia M., 5114 N. 127th St., $142,000.

Hoss, Rebecca A. and Chance D. to Hull, Robert A. and Blackman, Kathleen A., 12911 Cady Ave., $142,000.

Bartlett, Randall D. and Dianan to Houchin, Jeanne, 2342 N. 143rd Ave., $141,100.

Willy, Patrick K. and Jessica L. to Rue, Erin and Timothy, 2217 N. 142nd Circle, $140,000.

Arant, Molly A. to Lambert, Brooke N. and Joseph R., 11281 Mary St., $135,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Onate, Francisco, 5732 N. 116th Circle, $123,985.

Meyer, Melvin F. and Sally A. to United Equity, 5127 N. 129th St., $103,000.



Burr, Jean B. to Myrik, Jwelda K. and Veronica R., 1232 Sunset Drive, $119,000.

Gall, Robert and Rachel to Wiig, Gary M. and Mary C., 1308 Grove Road, $200,000.

Taylor, Kelly S. to Jorges, Gerry, 1311 Hansen Ave., $91,000.

Heller, Dustin and Renee to Casey, Wayne B. Sr. and Kathryn G., 1706 Lincoln Road, $120,000.

Beach, Paul R. Trust to Grau, Matthew C., 1805 Brenda Drive, $135,000.

Paniagua-Villa, Cruz I. and Heredia-Mata, Cristina A. to Hammitt, Connie B., 1809 Pelton Ave., $133,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Loffeld, David, 1913 Winnie Drive, $82,000.

Sullivan, Scott M. and Nancy A. to Sayles, Nathan E., 2007 Hancock St., $145,000.

Nel, Francois S. and Harris, Elizabeth A. to Owens, Steven J. and Barbara J., 209 Hillcrest Ave., $205,000.

Marshall, Linda J. to Goble, Michael W. and Clara, 216 Bellevue Blvd. North, $193,000.

Hess, Robert A. Jr. and Lindy to Weber, Rose A. Trust, 2207 Lloyd St., $145,000.

Morrow, Steven F. and Mary L. Trust to Barker, Grace, 2311 Warren St., $125,000.

MCS Rentals to Dougherty, Danielle N., 2533 Jackson St., $125,000.

Sullivan, Dennis L., trustee for Sullivan, Robert J. and Deneta G. Trust to Sullivan, Dennis L., 302 W. 23rd Ave., $39,000.

Boyce, Michelle, personal representative for Chase, Mahlon Estate to MLEH Properties LLC, 3510 Hancock St., $18,000.

Blackburn, Wendy G., trustee for Blackburn Family Wealth Succession Trust to Wilhelm, Matthew J. and Michelle E., 403 Augusta Ave., $206,000.

Beneficial Financial I to U.S. Bank, 804 Bellevue Blvd. North, $21,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Semin, Joe, 804 Bellevue Blvd. North, $70,000.

Tharp, Denise E. and William H. Jr. and Yaksich, Maribeth D. and Daniel to Wise, Toni J. and Blake, Virginia, 908 Hickory Circle, $219,000.


McCune Development to Showcase Homes, 11459 S. 198th St., $50,000.

Davies, Chris D. and Breslow-Davies, Anne L. to Buster, Shannon N. and Thad W., 12008 Iva St., $380,000.

Charleston Homes to Maxwell, Leon and Jennifer, 17209 Samantha Road, $315,000.

Ignacio, Daniel and Castello, Anna K. to Saltzgaber, Derek T. and Uden, Rachel J., 20621 Frances St., $178,000.

Hess, Janice and Tevis, Kristine D. and Shaun to Boozikee, Christopher R. and Heather L., 21858 Pflug Road, $450,000.

McCune Development to Showcase Homes, 513 Locust St., $48,000.

Dunn, Dixie A. Trust to Castello, Ignacio D. and Anna K., 516 W. Angus St., $198,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Castlebridge Homes, 8015 S. 194th St., $53,000.

Sherwood Homes to McArthur, William, 8016 S. 193rd St., $280,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Castlebridge Homes, 8106 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.


Castlebridge Homes to Moore, Seldrick O. and Myisha J., 12309 Longshore Ave., $355,000.


Rowe, Mark C. and Janice F. to Buhr, Carol M. and Michael R., 1002 Berkley Ave., $220,000.

Cook, Darin L. and Ashlee M. to Clemenger, Cory J. and Justine M., 1007 Leprechaun Lane, $250,000.

Bianchi, Nicole M. and David L. Trust to Duncan, Cole and Alison, 1015 Bryn Mawr Drive, $239,000.

Kendel Homes to Brenzel, Robert C. and Minoska B., 10313 S. 124th Ave., $356,000.

Barr Homes to Cieslik, Brian J. and Jennifer L., 11050 Edward St., $413,000.

Peck, Roy F. and Deanna J. to Carman, Angela C. and Jeffrey A., 1109 Conestoga Road, $162,000.

Jacobs, Joan L. to Sullivan, Brian and Lukassen, Candice, 1114 Jacqueline Circle, $186,000.

Southbrook Development to Aurora Homes, 11733 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Minderman, Jason and Kimberly to Mann, James and Annie, 12075 S. 79th St., $400,000.

Thompson, David M. and Deborah A. to Bonnstetter, Kyle L., 1217 Buckboard Blvd., $178,000.

Lepore, Christopher M. and Jodi N. to Riley, Scott T. and Barbara J., 12622 S. 82nd St., $349,000.

Cooper, Charles and Cynthia to Beasley, Jameel L. and Veronica M., 1805 Walnut Creek Drive, $290,000.

Barnes, William J. Jr. and Kelley A. to Mellars, Douglas J. and Michelle C., 2008 Petersen Drive, $230,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 2040 Creek Side Drive, $12,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 2050 Creek Side Drive, $12,000.

Richardson, Michael and Renee to Jones, Bobbie C., 2105 Walnut Creek Drive, $225,000.

Thorpe, Blake A. and Leah N. to Home Co., 2270 Placid Lake Drive, $288,000.

Rezac, Andrew J. and Tricia R. to Meylor, Jonathan J. and Laura A., 2310 S. River Rock Drive, $240,000.

Clemenger, Cory J. and Justine to Carroll, Michael D. and Jennifer L., 401 Circle St., $173,000.

Hoile, Stacie to Carter, Douglas F. and Colleen S., 403 Crest Drive, $125,000.

Rogers, Roy W. and Mary D. to Stanton, Jon M. and Pamela A., 610 Joseph Drive, $199,000.

Hunt, John M. and Wickwire, Raychal K. to Sole, Casey L., 632 Bonnie Ave., $131,000.

Kimball, Cara L. to Luetkenhaus, Jason M., 638 Harrison St., $245,000.

Beaty, Paige K. and Chris to Gately, Monica, 644 S. Adams St., $150,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7315 Leawood Circle, $62,000.

Black, David E. and Colleen E. to Fucinaro, Joseph A. and Regina V., 7714 Crawford St., $376,000.

Amato Services to Raybourn, Jill A., 814 E. Cary St., $247,000.


Matsunami, Shelly and Russell to Thurman, Tyler J. and Amanda K., 1050 N. Second Ave., $145,000.

Woods, Rick A. to Kirwan, Kody and Holli, 700 Elm St., $179,000.

Kucirek, Kristofer T. and Courtney A. to Arnold, Jeff and Lori, 815 Maple St., $427,000.


Stevens, Seth M. and Megan to Valenti, Benjamin R. and Jacquelyn M., 12803 S. 29th St., $174,000.

Longberg, Frederick C. to Sorensen, John C. and Teresa A., 12906 S. 28th Ave., $85,000.

Baughman, James C. and Julia M. to Bullock, Diane L., 13267 Brookside Drive, $234,000.

Hiser, Robert B. Jr. and Samantha A. to Hagan, Jeffrey A. and Lynda, 13706 S. 22nd Circle, $350,000.

Celebrity Homes to Buntern, Sasha N., 13803 S. 42nd Ave., $199,000.

Sanders, Robert C. and Lisa to Thomas, Christopher M. and Shelley M., 14205 S. 21st St., $220,000.

Buscher, Walter E. to Anzurez, Alma, 16501 and 16503 Main St., $160,000.

Kaiser, Cassandra F. to Storey, Robert W. and Virginia L., 2204 Greenwald St., $230,000.

Blankeship, Daryl A. and Karen L. to Thompson, Barry L., 2608 Rahn Blvd., $270,000.

Hartzell, Cindy L. to Cozad, Terry L. and Ashley N., 2725 Joann Ave., $182,000.

Folz, Nicholas E. and Shannon L. to Epting, Justin and Carolyn, 3112 Chad St., $222,000.


Lehman, Timothy B. and Charity G. to Bates, Eric D. and Hieu N., 10311 Cary St., $285,000.

Vickrey, Robert H. and Menegatos, Lisa to Czechut-Webb, Virginia, 7528 S. 76th St., $126,000.

VanZuiden, Michael R. and Susan R. to Curry Relocation Co., 8539 S. 103rd St., $375,000.

Curry Relocation Co. to Tennant, David M. and Linda J., 8539 S. 103rd St., $375,000.

Mulvenon, Andrea R. and Sean M. to Smith, Michael J., 8708 Willow Court, $140,000.


Home Co. to Jorczak, Eric W. and Holly A., 11520 S. 110th St., $441,000.

Langdon, Peter C., personal representative for Weatherly, Laura L. to Tesnohlidek, Nancy M., 11608 Ridgeview Circle, $170,000.

Gero, Laura L. to Marshall, Jennifer L., 13802 S. 47th St., $196,000.

Krajicek, Julie A. to Berger, Jeffrey J. and Jacqueline, 1410 Cherry Tree Lane, $193,000.

Hanneman, Andrew and Megan to Jones, James W., 4514 Waterford Ave., $235,000.

Estlund, Mark J. and Christy R. to Jamison, Terry J. and Tawnya, 5003 Chennault St., $330,000.

Yeung, Michael and Stacy to Meyer, Katie and Matt, 5213 Timberridge Drive, $305,000.


Mullen, Andrew and Deborah P. to Rhea, William G. III and Malia S., 10107 S. 164th St., $600,000.

JMF LLC to T & K Contracting, 10614 S. 176th St., $56,000.

JMF LLC to Davis, David and Edelman, Danielle, 10807 S. 175th St., $56,000.

Snapp, Morgan to Cleaveland, Brandon and Krystal, 15717 Willow St., $169,000.

VanCleave, Christina and Alex to Boreham, Brian P. and Sewill, Lucy J. and Boreham Sewill, Roger B. and Boreham, Allison B. and Respeliers, James B., co-trustees for Tajame Irrevocable Trust, Boreham, Allison B. and Boreham Toby A., 15914 Timberlane Drive, $280,000.

Munsey, James L. and Stephanie J. to Schulte, Nicholas and Andrea, 15971 Virginia Circle, $271,000.

Stoner, Michael and Cynthia L. to Dynamic Properties, 16010 Audrey St., $160,000.

Richland Homes to Dillinger, Michael L. and Brandi B., 16903 Greenfield St., $268,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kollman, Katherine N., 17008 Ramport St., $208,000.

Nihsen, Sarah and Dustin to Carnine, Scott T., 17202 Camp St., $282,000.

Raess, Ryan and Heidi to Muir, Richard S., 17902 Camelback Ave., $315,000.

Lindholm, Karl B. and Angela D. to Nihsen, Dustin and Sarah R., 18031 Olive St., $160,000.

Nelson Builders to Sheldon, Jeremy S., 19016 Ridgemont St., $380,000.

Kelcher, Marcus and April to Carrow, Anthony J. and Cynthia J., 19625 Audrey St., $320,000.

Kilgore, Jeffrey M. and Victoria L. to McDermott, Ryan and Carol, 6910 S. 164th St., $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Fredette, Joshua and Maribel, 7006 S. 185th Circle, $217,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Whisinnand, Thomas M. and Kelly L., 7013 S. 185th Circle, $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Smith, Will S. and Bailey E., 7014 S. 185th Circle, $244,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Flynn, Conor and Nicole, 7025 S. 185th Circle, $259,000.

Celebrity Homes to Soto, Michelle L., 8112 S. 190th Ave., $191,000.

Brunow, Tracy L. and Theodore P. to Heck, Jayme, 8719 Greenfield St., $235,000.

Bell, Lisa and Holmberg, Jeff, co-trustees for Bell, Andrew J. III Trust to Stevens, Matthew N. and Sarah J., 9820 Cinnamon Drive, $340,000.


Ring, Antoinette M. to Glover, Paulette and Horlamus, Lisa, 13301 Emiline St., $147,000.

Anderson, Michael J. and Crystal M. to Lange, Robert K. and Kortni A., 13519 Edna St., $168,000.

Vanderwood, John L. and Kathern F. to Chuol, Naydeny, 14714 Edna St., $148,000.

Hoferer, Joseph E. and Amy S. to Rosenquist, Benjamin C. and Julie M. and Terry L., 15026 Chalco Pointe Circle, $148,000.

Elmborg, Eric A. and Stacey M. to Jungier, Shaun, 15216 Greene Ave., $151,000.

First State Bank to REO Asset Management Co., 15441 Briar St., $171,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 15441 Briar St., $210,000.


HBI LLC to Zurcher, Charles G. and Emily R., 910 Iron Road, $214,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Maverick Property Group, 6908 S. 42nd St., $110,000.

McClure, Daniel J. and Brianna to Bahr, Shon M. and Ashley M., 7633 S. 40th St., $128,000.

14C LLC to Yin, Miaozhen and Rea, John P., 7805 S. 22nd Ave., $175,000.

Roller, Frank E. Jr., personal representative for Langheine, Phyllis J. Estate to Carlsen, Stacy Sr. and Margaret, 8413 S. 11th St., $199,000.

Cisar, Caril and Stanley J. to Donley, Charles, 8504 S. 11th St., $80,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group, 9608 S. 21st Ave., $162,000.



Irlmeier, Jacob and Megan L. to Hutchinson, Michael C., 824 14th Ave., $170,000.

MAC Investments to Jones, Jeffrey P., 2721 Sixth Ave., $75,000.

A & N Enterprises to Adkins, Linda S. and Robert D. Jr., 3106 Middle Ferry Road, $45,000.

Alesii, Aldo and Holland, Sharon to Boudreau Rigg Properties, 927 Second Ave., $116,000.

Feilen, Karen M. and Roger to Madsen, Marvin M. and Hatcher, E.F. , 4514 Navajo St., $54,500.

Osborne, Kyle and Michelle to Briggs, Lester L. Jr. and Selting, Nicole E., 3508 Katie Drive, $131,000.

Kahrs-Moore, Irene M. and Moore, Donald E. to Vosler, Jessica L. and Kevin J., 2754 Seventh Ave., $51,500.

Eldridge, David G. and Rachael R. to Waite, Michael D. Jr., 3414 Fourth Ave., $116,000.

Arrowsmith, Ronald A. and Sharon M. to McDaniel, Levi, 1011 N. 14th St., $92,500.

Jordan, Jeffrey L. and Laurie E. to Arnold, John, 1403 Ave. B, $74,500.


Fricke, Briana L. and Sean G. to Lea, Kristopher M., 20304 Greenview Road, $158,000.

Turner, Seung Y. to Juon, Dawn, 19307 Concord Loop, $118,500.

BGE Properties to Schlick Properties, 221 Lincoln Ave., $45,000.

Mead, Jason L. to Soukup, Ciera R. and Levi J., 205 Shaley Circle, $210,000.

Franklin Hill LLC to Mead, Jason L., 14 Kingsridge Drive, $284,500.

Caroll, Patricia A. to Larsen, Barbara A., 1108 Arbor Ridge Drive, $160,000.

Dent, Darrell D. Family Trust to Schatzberg, Andrew and Rachel, 124 Sunny Ridge Drive, $210,000.

Vannier, Amie M. and Kyle Z. to Miskin, Genevieve M., 1110 Washington Ave., $119,000.

Welcome Homes to Comley, Lisa A., 410 Sabrina Circle, $239,000.

Reeves, Betra K. to Reeves, Cody W., 321 Fuller Ave., $97,000.

Odom, Connye and Jason to Rice, Jarrod A. II, 346 Happy Hollow Blvd., $161,500.

Formanek, Reita J. to O’Brien, Erin L., 237 Fleming Ave., $105,000.

Schwarzenbach, Agnes M. Trust to Powell, Debra L. and Wayne R., 121 McKenzie Circle, $195,000.

Bos, Ada to Bos, Jane A., 816 Ave. C, $61,000.


Skovgaard Trust to Shah, Darshini and Dhimankumar, 1013 Shoal Drive, Carter Lake, $390,000.


Andrews, Lawrence K. Trust to Harold, Benji D. and Heather L., 119 Powell Lane, Crescent, $380,000.


Goble, Tonya S. and Ricky D. to Hewlett, Alexander T. and Angela L., 19288 Shadow Ave., Honey Creek, $238,000.


Burdick, Curtis L. to Burkum, Paige and Taylor, 416 Bardsley Ave., Neola, $155,000.

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