Celebrity Homes to Lightener, Cedric D. and Lesley C., 8914 N. 161st Ave., $259,900.

Gracie Properties to Hoffa, Derek A. and Stephanie M., 11910 N. 157th St., $135,000.

Hanson, Joshua and Jennifer to Marxsen, Robert and Sara, 7942 N. 154th St., $189,900.

Landholm, Samuel D. and Danielle R. to Nelson, Adam R. and Christina E., 15419 Tucker St., $175,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Jones, Andrew P. and Ezinne N., 11927 Ashwood Drive, $269,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Johnson, Kendal and Kamazima, Sajida, 8608 N. 173rd St., $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Overton, Brian P. and Melissa K., 8136 N. 172nd St., $230,000.

State Street Investments to Proline Custom Homes, 16379 Grebe St., $42,950.

State Street Investments to Proline Custom Homes, 16385 Grebe St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development to Lane Building Corp., 9009 Kilpatrick Parkway, $42,000.

Stratford Park Development to Faller Construction and Faller, Daniel B., 8513 N. 173nd St., $39,000.

Velazquez, Charles and Luz to Patent, Jonathan R. and Kloewer, Cristin M., 15816 Young Circle, $225,000.


Ahlers, Todd and Lyndsay to McCoy, Adam, 609 S. 198th St., $419,900.

Anthony Company Builders to Bunting, Matthew D. and Jamie R., 18669 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $682,000.

Baumgartner, Jonathan R. to Eaton, Karen K. and Kristen L., 3460 N. 202nd St., $180,000.

Butler, Maggi A. and Harry D. to Jarecki, Alan J., 21345 Edgevale Circle, $223,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Patel, Hiteshkumar C. and Sangita H., 20816 Parker St., $230,000.

Charleston Homes to Eaton, Steven and Kelly, 20607 Grand Ave., $281,047.

Christiansen, Sarah and Seth to Harris, Lavinia and Andrew, 18309 Harney St., $298,950.

Dease, J.J. and Althea R. to Kinder, Jeanette M., 1574 N. 208th Ave., $230,000.

Falcone Enterprises to Aksyonov, Igor Y. and Sara N., 21815 Marinda St., $749,764.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development, 19015 Nicholas Circle, $85,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Maloley Family Partnership LLC, 4423 N. 204th Ave., $38,900.

Klimaski, Nicholas and Amanda to Morris, Dustin R., 563 S. 180th Ave., $322,000.

Lerette, Paul M. and Alicia to Rivera, Gerardo and Anayely, 20206 Gateway Road, $155,000.

McClintic, Shane D. and Jamie L. to Fleissner, Anthony, 1725 N. 206th St., $163,000.

McCoy, Adam J. to Busmann, Katelyn E., 18411 Mason St., $260,000.

Newport Homes to Fitzpatrick, William R. and Sharon A., 4714 N. 205th St., $281,223.

Osborn, Gloria S. Trust to Stines, Kenneth J. and Rhonda R., 957 S. 187th Ave., $415,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Johansen, David C. and Jamie M., 4611 N. 205th Ave., $261,238.

Pacific Windgate II to Banks, Dale E. Trust, 2015 S. 210th St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Hildy Construction, 20757 Shirley St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Trademark Homes, 1511 S. 210th St., $65,000.

Park, Loren R. and Theresa J. to Jones, Jeff and Nicole, 412 S. 214th St., $245,000.

Rife, Corey L. and Tara L. to Lenaghan, Matthew and Eulalia L., 504 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $435,000.

Todd Menard Construction to Piniarski, John P. and Shane J., 1601 S. 207th Ave., $422,299.

Trademark Homes to Svatora, Andrew W. and Sarah F., 21014 Woolworth Ave., $338,308.

Weiss, David M. and Tracy K. to Harris, Christopher B. and Chloe, 609 S. 197th St., $296,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Broshar, Ryan and Ashlee, 3910 N. 191st St., $409,943.

Woodland Homes to Welsh, Charles and Annette, 929 S. 185th St., $448,293.

Woodland Homes to Ingemansen, Andrew J. and Margaret W., 18407 Jones St., $446,527.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Hock, Marc J. and Lori, 5511 N. 290th Circle, $275,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Kukoly, Alex, 6316 N. 289th Circle, $175,000.

Hubka, Wesley K. and Sonja M. to Luhrs, Nicholas, 6525 Fern Lake Circle, $135,000.

Roubicek, Charles G. and Mary to Graves, Marty E. and Billie A., 615 S. East St., $142,000.


Johnson, Andrew P. and Michele S. to Bazis, Duane R. and Mary E., 714 S. 249th Circle, $810,250.

Valhalla LLC to Bergstrom, Richard F. and Sheryl J., 25017 Emile Circle, $144,000.


Bank of America to Lindhorst Investments, 5624 N. 69th Ave., $50,000.

Bock, Bernice, personal representative, to Bell Properties, 2308 N. 61st St., $57,000.

Carl, Annika L. and Gabriel L. to Huerter, Megan L. and Shirk, Joshua T., 5552 Decatur St., $152,000.

Christiana Trust and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Hotovy, Daniel, 5525 N. 57th Ave., $90,000.

Coats, Michael C. to Kolega, Jeffrey W. and Hannah E., 3916 N. 70th Circle, $95,000.

Howell, Brendon M. and Krystial K. to Apache Properties, 3515 N. 59th St., $76,000.

Jo Anne Amoura Properties to Gaddy, Amy L. and Karbowski, Michael, 2614 N. 70th Ave., $108,000.

Perry, Bethany J. and Todd D. to Korth, Brandi D., 2547 N. 48th Ave., $78,000.

Peterson, Richard L. and Colleen M. to Ku, Eh and Htoo, Billy, 2463 N. 45th Ave., $108,000.

Redlin, Keith J. and Bellanira G. to Michanda Investments LLC, 6638 Decatur St., $70,000.

Riggenbach, Michael K. to Bishop, Katherine, 2502 N. 63rd St., $135,000.

Rodriguez, Jamie N. to Sing, Travis L., 3135 N. 50th St., $100,000.


Keating, Jami M. and Dugick, Aaron T. to LeBranch, Jamel and Tamisha, 1021 S. 35th Ave., $148,000.


Paulmeyer, Anne E. to Sopinski, Kelly J., 4720 Walnut St., $235,000.

Pineda, Christopher K. and Bare, Bret A. to Doig, Margaret and Maderak, Stephen, 519 S. 55th St., $318,000.

Wendlandt, Brock N. and Julie M. to Winchester, Barton P. Jr. and Amber A., 1311 S. 52nd St., $228,000.

Zimmer, Katherine to Peterson, Heather A., 1931 S. 61st St., $139,000.


All Star Masonry LLC to Robinson, Zachary D., 4844 S. 13th St., $115,000.

Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Lorenzo-Gaspar, Gaspar, 4321 S. 34th St., $137,000.

Barrios-Hubbard, Sharon A. to Cook, Brian and Aldana, Diana, 1419 Archer Ave., $107,000.

Bogatz, William S., personal representative, to Elliott, Brad and Billie J., 4304 Madison St., $148,000.

Nabity, Robert D., trustee for Nabity, Laverne D. and Evelyn A. Trust to Hoffman, Dennis E., 4232 S. 27th St., $65,000.

Navarez, Carlos and Liliana to Paiz, Juan L. and Gonzales, Santajuliana L., 4116 S. 38th St., $50,772.

Radik, John F., personal representative, to Hoffman, Jennifer K., 4056 I St., $88,350.

Taylor, Dru C. and Liwayway to Zarp, Todd A., 4409 S. 41st St., $107,500.


Perez-Tinnin, Susan K. to Perry, David A. Sr. and Jacqueline M., 1626 Spencer St., $90,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Belizere, Niquet J. and Naomie C., 4017 Parker St., $100,000.

Kroh, Kenneth L. and Jennifer K. to Stogdill, Steve, 4210 Pinkney St., $66,000.

Nomenyo, Apelete K. and Dravie, Hanou to Anderson, Kelly S., 3710 Decatur St., $72,000.


K Enterprises LLC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 6732 N. 33rd St., $43,000.

Larson, Kathryn E. and Retzlaff, Duane to Morrison, Henderson N., 7434 N. 34th St., $72,500.

Mactier Farms LLC to Naylon, Joe A. and Rich, Christine M., 3930 Hawk Woods Circle, $130,000.

Sauzameda, Tonia to 1 CHRON 29:11 LLC, 2520 Sharon Drive, $31,000.


Blakeslee, David and Potter-Giles, Ann to Pleas, Riley D., 7711 Lafayette Ave., $138,000.

Howard, Paul G. and Susan L. to Flatwater Development Co., 330 S. 93rd Ave., $265,000.

O’Donnell, Suzanne K. to Perez, Ranilo C. and Selena J., 9691 Meadow Drive, $345,000.


Andersen, Brian E. and Lynette K. to Pederson, Corey H. and Rebecca L., 16260 Patrick Ave., $213,000.

Blankley, Kim M. to Ladwig, Abbie M., 3810 N. 173rd Ave., $119,000.

Caha, Justin E. and Melissa A. to Gregg, Aubrey M. and Curtis, R., 16011 Manderson St., $240,000.

Campbell, James L. and Cindy S. to Lerette, Paul and Alicia, 16624 Taylor St., $219,900.

Celebrity Homes to Bilek, Kelly, 16414 Lilac St., $218,500.

Celebrity Homes to Rajagopalan, Rahul N. and Ramachandran, Devika, 16407 Saratoga St., $181,300.

Drahota, John A. and Valerie T. to Schweer, Mark A. and Janice A., 6519 N. 163rd St., $475,000.

Edgar, Dewain J. Estate, to Deptula, Joseph, 14480 Erskine St., $116,000.

Edgar, Mima M. Estate to Deptula, Joseph, 14480 Erskine St., $116,000.

Fee, Michael P. to Hemmer, James R. and Kristin L., 2607 N. 170th Ave., $383,500.

Fowler, La-Vinciano L. and Stephanie L. to Merlitti, Anthony P. Jr., 16475 Erskine St., $135,000.

Hawks, Margaret L. to Gutchewsky, Mark T. and Stacey L., 2714 N. 153rd Ave., $235,000.

Jacobson, Kurt A. and Jiqing C. to Mihalo, William E. and Deborah A., 15139 Lake St., $240,000.

Kavan Homes to Forman, Thomas J. and Lenanne R., 2624 N. 155th St., $225,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Kosmicki, Mary A., 15376 Norwick Drive, $309,500.

Shrestha, Ramita and Adarsha to Barnhard, Amy M., 14733 Sprague St., $200,000.

Simpson, Amanda R. to Elston, Micaela R. and Matt R., 3522 N. 152nd Ave., $180,000.

Stimson, Christopher G. and Veronica A. to Uhing, Kyle K. and Michaela R., 15218 Emmet St., $185,000.

Sweeney, Benjamin D. and Sara J. to Miller, Jesse and Melanie, 17315 Spencer St., $295,000.

Townsend, Chad D. and Megan to Hemann, Anthony M., 6017 N. 167th Terrace Plaza, $123,000.

Velichety, Phani M. and Srilatha to Ergashev, Ilhom and Alieva, Azizakhon, 2916 N. 168th Ave., $283,500.

Young, Eric to Masters, David E. and Kelly M., 2315 N. 167th Ave., $169,450.


Keiser, Jenifer L. Trust to Qadeer, Ahsan and Sana, Naheed A., 626 N. 159th St., $792,000.

Thomas, Laura R. and Benton J. to Ward, Kay L. and Timothy J., 1774 N. 177th Plaza, $144,000.


Carlson, Brandon J. to Ferguson, Michael, 8773 Kimball St., $145,000.

Celebrity Homes to Champ, Kirsten L. and Woodcox, Travis S., 9114 Black St., $152,600.

Daniel, Douglas S. to Sunderman, John, 8012 Craig Ave., $139,900.

Douglas, Jason and Julie to Timmons, Joseph D., 8011 Howell St., $136,500.

Hemann, Rebecca and Anthony to Reinhart, Christopher J. and Julie A., 6730 N. 105th Ave., $212,000.

Marxsen, Robert and Sara N. to Chamberlin, Gregory D., 7910 Bauman Ave., $133,000.


Cottage Grove Properties to Reagan, Robert A. Jr., 9216 Adel Circle, $155,000.

Hiatt, Duane R., personal representative, to Petrovich, Martin, 9140 Dorcas St., $205,000.

Hough, Michelle M. to Frisbie, Sarah, 3426 S. 78th St., $131,000.

Kravits, Joshua J. to Murphy, John P., 8705 Westridge Drive, $126,500.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Kay, David and Jennifer, 1515 S. 93rd St., $340,000.

Peterson, Scott E. to Harwood,, Joseph, 10224 Wright St., $235,000.

RD Warriors Lake LLC to Gokie, David L. and Hannah J., 3111 S. 105th Ave., $207,250.

Shefland, Richard C. to Odd Properties, 3206 S. 90th Ave., $65,000.

Sladovnik, Kirsten L. and Kevin M. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 1515 S. 93rd St., $340,000.

Sloup, Timothy J. Jr. and Anne M. Trust to Herman, Richard D. and Vicki S., 3406 S. 72nd Ave., $145,000.


Bogatz, Michelle S. to Jeffrey, Paul and Barbara, 10779 Berry Plaza, $166,000.

Janowski, Richard J. and Donna D. to Thompson, Joshua C. and Adina M., 6412 S. 75th Circle, $187,000.

Pouster, Margaret M. and Edward E. Trust to Straney, Judnita J., 5017 S. 107th St., $128,000.

Shacklett, Brock C. and Ashley M. to Kruger, Kyle, 5519 S. 104th Ave., $140,000.

Stevenson, Wayne H. and Judi M. to Cleveland, Kristi S. and Brandon L., 9217 Monroe St., $185,000.

Thompson, Joshua S. to Kelly, Kody, 7735 Main St., $138,000.

Vacek, Christopher R. and Erin L. to Robertson, Ron and Vicki L., 8720 Polk St., $145,000.

Wood, Jacquelyn S. to Shea, Susan, 5211 S. 83rd St., $115,100.


Beighley, Bryan A. and Michaela J. to Korsos, Mathew S. and Tami L., 19258 Briggs St., $490,000.

Benton, Jonathan L. and Julie L. to Lasala, Heidi L., 3024 S. 159th Avenue Circle, $182,000.

Freeman, William J. and Jennifer A. to Scott, John D. and Christina A., 19295 Poppleton Ave., $484,000.

Hill, Chad and Jennifer to Skutt, Natalie O. and Thomas J. Jr., 2443 S. 186th Circle, $440,000.

Idiculla, Koshy M. and Samuel, Thankam K. to Varghese, Joji and Ritty J., 3937 S. 191st St., $200,000.

Marasco Homes to Germany, Kirk M. and Stacey L., 3321 S. 188th St., $510,000.

Neeley, Derek M. and Sheri L. to Krishnamurthy, Jairam and Devi M., 3231 S. 188th Ave., $460,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Krick, Sarah and Keenan, 19263 Marinda St., $317,000.

Richardson, Ronald K. and Virginia to Richardson, Rodney K. and Kelly, Consuelo J., 1711 S. 173rd Plaza, $210,000.

Rolf, Dennis M. to Hossain, Mohammed I. and Sultana, Tanjina, 16961 Woolworth Circle, $177,000.

Stinger, Mitchell P. and Celeste E. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 19263 Marinda St., $317,000.

Valleley, James J. and Melinda S. to Beighley, Bryan A., 2007 S. 199th St., $285,000.

Whitehawk Development to Sherwood Homes, 3805 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.

Whitehawk Development to Sherwood Homes, 3915 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.


Andersen, Damon L. and Paula to Hrabik, Rebecca and Brent A., 105 N. 31st Ave., $80,000.

Clark, Christina A. and Bucher, Gregory S. to Friedman, Zachary H., 3616 Lincoln Blvd., $187,000.

Driggs, Lynn M. to H & S Partnership, 4401 Wakeley St., $135,000.

Karbowski, Pamela A. Trust to Keefner, Peter C., 610 N. 41st St., $89,144.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Abdullahi, Sadiyo H., 1006 N. 48th Ave., $102,000.

KR Properties to Fowles, John C. and Conners, Korrie A., 5023 California St., $377,500.


Anderson, Brian E. and Angela R. to Markham, Jerry L. Jr., 8033 Wirt Circle, $135,000.

Beavers, Angela to Slater, Judith T. and Dick D., 3825 N. 101st St., $140,000.

Christiansen, Robert L. Trust to Christiansen, Larry, 2723 N. 83rd St., $72,000.

Finley, John A. and Patricia E. to Wineinger, Darrell and Patricia, 9166 Laurel Plaza, $169,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee to United Equity, 7915 Nebraska Ave., $102,701.

Gilroy, Susan E. to Potter, Ryan M. and Vanessa M., 3842 N. 100th Ave., $139,000.

Kahrs, Joshua M. and Adrienne to Madsen, Matthew C. and Sandra R., 9525 Emmet St., $145,000.

Loeffler, Kevin and Goetz, Jesse to Pel, Teh and Steel, Rock, 9406 Ohio St., $145,000.

Murphy, Sean M. and Kristin M. to DB & K Real Estate Corp., 4829 Terrace Drive, $96,500.

Peitz, Patrick M. and Kendra to Speckmeier, Christine A. and Michael W., 9312 Manderson Circle, $134,900.

Shramek, Collin J. to Dominguez, Citlalli P., 5507 N. 77th St., $158,200.

Sparks, Tarry L. to JAKO Investments, 10506 Hilltop Road, $130,000.

Stahl, Nancy and Alan to Barrows, Lynda M., 9218 Browne St., $139,900.


Borders, Nathaniel R. and Cathy M. to Davis, Thomas E. Jr. and Dawn M., 6329 S. 171st St., $379,900.

Brindise, David J. and Lindsay M. to Ahrens, Heather N., 6181 S. 187th St., $225,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6232 S. 193rd Ave., $43,000.

Celebrity Homes to MacDonald, Philip A. and Kristin M., 4509 S. 198th Ave., $269,700.

Celebrity Homes to Huber, Megan M., 19606 R St., $162,900.

Cinotto, Robert D. and Rebecca to Scott Bruhn Enterprises, 19634 Gail Ave., $150,000.

Coil, Donald J. and Tamara L. to Lesac, Chris and Cindy, 5501 S. 174th St., $342,900.

Costanzo, Kelley R. and Kelley, Shirley A. to Costanzo, Louis J. and Sheri L., 16258 R St., $250,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 5516 S. 191st Ave., $123,065.

Felger, Lora S. and Bradley S. to Thomas, Jeffrey S. and Anne M., 17609 T St., $235,000.

Germany, Kirk M. and Stacey L. to Kubert, Greg and Kim, 6110 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $365,000.

HBI LLC to Hood, Justin and Sarah, 6417 S. 164th Ave., $165,000.

Hoich, John L. to Gronwall, David S. and Martin-Gronwall, Linda D., 6324 S. 173rd Ave., $357,711.

Hoskins, Keith W. and Lori A. to Borgwardt, Joseph and Krista, 6209 S. 181st St., $257,500.

Kucirek, Michael T. and Morse, Linda K. to Morse, Randall, 17534 Madison St., $340,000.

Maier, Jeffrey W. and Mary A. to Robertson, Ryan and Kali, 16737 X St., $340,000.

Nelson, Ryan W. and Abby M. to Anzaldo, Jonathan C., 17908 Karen Circle, $202,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Bogatz, Michelle S., 19816 Tyler St., $335,932.

Pacesetter Homes to Patton, Jared W. and Hergott, Calicia C., 6117 S. 193rd St., $310,951.

Pacesetter Homes to Ronspies, Larry A. and Elizabeth C., 6027 S. 193rd St., $248,689.

Peterson, Douglas D. and Carlena M. to Proline Custom Homes, 17265 Jefferson St., $55,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Lovely, David N. and Amy R., 18524 Cinnamon St., $331,000.

Security State Bank to Sharifiarani, Faran, 16308 Rolling Ridge Road, $224,000.

Suing, Blake J. and Gamm, Amy M. to Krecklow, David D. and Judith A., 19378 W St., $148,000.

Taurus Property Management to Gifford, Stephanie, 6827 S. 181st Court, $110,000.

Vodicka, Richard D. and Joy L. to Kimberly, Terry L. and Mary T., 4632 S. 175th Ave., $265,117.


A-1 Home Restoration and Wilson, Brad L. to Green, Michael J., 11012 Jefferson St., $185,000.

Cloonan, Patrick and Nicole to Givens, Dana C. and James K., 10956 Washington St., $164,000.

Frank, Carson D. and Talia L. to Andersen, Steven G. and Kathryn L., 6219 S. 143rd St., $146,000.

Gleason, Sheila M. Trust to Odom, Thomas C., 15436 Y St., $154,000.

Harrel, Timothy J. to Parr, Michael D. and Karole A., 12224 W St., $115,000.

Kisicki, Harriett R. to Girbacica, Mihaela, 6210 S. 116th St., $131,000.

Kriefels, Benjamin J. and Jessica A. to Cinotto, Robert and Rebecca, 11643 Polk St., $180,000.

Limbo, Marcia J. to Brabec, Steven K. and Jessica R., 5625 S. 124th St., $259,000.

Pilakowski, Kenneth R. and Cynthia J. to Friesen, Diana and Patrick, 13621 Birchwood Ave., $130,000.

Quiroz, Arnulfo and Anna to Yeh, Adam and Kristin, 13636 W St., $131,000.

Stinnett, Kathryn R. to McFarland, Jeanette, 5070 S. 150th Plaza, $155,000.

Swaney, Wayne and Angela C. to Vazquez, Servando M. and Ashley A., 13915 Jefferson Circle, $153,000.


Barker, Mark and Julia to American Diversified Properties, 12672 Read St., $428,000.

Celebrity Homes to Retelsdorf, Clelland L. III, 7316 N. 142nd Ave., $200,350.

Christensen, Anders S. and Emily D. to Yang, Liu, 11202 Girard St., $122,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Blue Jay Development, 7501 N. 111th Ave., $140,000.

Marisett, Tamara A. to North, Michael R., 11008 Potter St., $136,500.

Norman, Jesse R. and Keller, Angela C. to Schmitt, John M., 11169 Potter St., $145,000.

Thomas, Dennis K. and Sullivan, Colleen J. to McDonnell, Thomas J. and Rene J., 13080 Potter St., $400,000.


Gilpin, Michael L. Sr. and Danisue to Guffey, Elaine M., 12207 William Circle, $155,750.

Konecky, Kevin J. and Raquel M. to Markley, Kimber, 3019 S. 144th Ave., $175,500.

Meyer, Corey J., trustee for the Kline, Christine L. Trust to Jung, Michael P. and Emily L., 11116 Pierce Plaza, $640,000.

Mike, Darren and Melody to Spomer, Samuel W. and Meagan E., 12712 Gold St., $200,000.

Reed, Billy J. and Cynthia A. to Eno, Blake and Cassie A., 3323 S. 113th St., $227,000.

Ritter, Alexander G. Trust to Milliken, Alex and Rachael, 13929 Poppleton Circle, $179,000.


McLean, Norma L., personal representative, to Gallo, Michael A., 4535 Manchester Drive, $216,000.

Neaman, Robert A. to Htoo, Saw M. and Doe, Kaw M., 6918 N. 65th Ave., $115,000.

Sample, Edith and Bludorn, Susan K. to Moffett, Robbie E. and Tamra L., 7151 N. 60th St., $163,000.


Awalt, John R., personal representative, to Kaufmann, Michelle, 14554 Franklin St., $185,000.

Bundren, Joshua to Hunt, Andrew D. and Elizabeth A., 12956 Hamilton St., $430,000.

Collier, Trenton E. to Rickett, Tanner D. and Samantha L., 15224 Plaza, $166,000.

Kerres, Mary E. Trust to Fehringer, Korene A. and James A., 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $100,000.

Lane, Joyce F. Trust to Brown, Kathy D. Trust, 1038 N. 127th Ave., $285,000.

Lieben, Joan M. Trust to Poppleton, William S. Sr., 247 N. 118th St., $150,000.

Morrison, Ray and Krista to Gibbons, Meghan M. and Michael T. Trust, 14014 Charles St., $625,000.

Olson, Chad and Summer to Chase, Charles R. and Gail R., 15354 Burt St., $210,000.

Sydow, Lily E., personal representative, to Soltys, Michele R., 14823 California St., $148,500.


Bradshaw, Mark N. and Jamie A. to Giangreco, Josh and Byrd, Molly, 12739 Hartman Ave., $153,000.

Carpenter, William P. and Holli M. to Fisher, Justin A. and Jeffrey A., 2307 N. 142nd St., $142,000.

Donner, Donovan R. to Yaeger, Peter and Gorgen, Maggie R., 2716 N. 120th Ave., $173,000.

Dugan, John P. and Linda M. to McCune, Roger L. and Cory E., 11473 Nebraska Circle, $185,000.

Easley, Mary E. to Gonzalez, Monica R. and Carlos, 11274 Mary St., $135,000.

Ellis, Matthew E. to Swanson, Anthony and Pentzien, Carlyn, 2305 N. 127th Circle, $162,000.

Hedges, Rachelle and Dennis A. to Steng, Nicole R. and Steven C., 4712 N. 109th Circle, $200,000.

Kotan, James A. to Drew, Eric R. and Annette, 2252 N. 128th Circle, $145,000.

Nissen, Ben R. and Brown, Megan to Drake, Ashley D., 6048 N. 110th Circle, $165,000.



Paradise Park to Crow, Patrick D., 103 E. 35th Ave., $312,000.

Weber, Daniel and Lori to Bishop, Adam and Preas, Elizabeth, 128 Gregg Place, $240,000.

Pischnotte, William W. and Emily L. to Ambrose, Bryan S., 1701 Childs Road East, $180,000.

Ristow, Scott A. and Katherine to Graciak, Alexis R. and Stephanie E., 1706 Dianne Ave., $145,000.

Ulrich Mahoney, Linda L. and Mahoney, William M. to Byrnes, Thomas J. and Sally J., 2610 Wayne St., $115,000.

Strom, Michael R. and Jintana to Pasek, Matthew S., 804 Mohanna Place, $168,000.


TJL Consulting to Lowndes, Constance R. and William A. Trust, 10618 S. 188th Ave., $54,000.

Hickcox, Chad F. and Gina S. to Jones, Ryan M., 11666 Willow Park Drive, $169,000.

Reed, Jonathan J. and Elisa L. to Schweikert, Robert E., 11734 S. 210th St., $225,000.

Vantage Design & Construction to Knightly, Richard T. and Jennifer L., 19916 Birch St., $346,000.

Paladino, Nicholas J. and Alison M. to Willis, Jeffery and Karen, 21205 Lincoln Blvd., $268,000.

Riley, Thomas P. Jr. and Tonya S. to Smith, Allen R. and Judee J., 21306 Hampton Drive, $275,000.

Fools Inc. to Boyer, Trey D. and Courtney E., 21337 Cobblestone Circle, $284,000.

Hofer, Steve J. and Angela to Douglas, Jason and Julie, 21805 Quail Drive, $255,000.

Beyer, Randall L., trustee for Beyer, Emil E. Jr. Trust to Vodicka, Richard D. and Joy L., 404 Pontiac Drive, $165,000.

Pratt, Joan M. Trust to Shemwell, James E. Jr., 712 Burns Place, $116,000.

Showcase Homes to Price, Dana T. and Cassandra, 7903 S. 193rd Ave., $370,000.


Kreis, Anthony J. and Krzykowski, Jessica L. to Bargen, David and Melissa, 1009 Clearwater Drive, $288,000.

Advantage Development to Trademark Homes, 10107 S. 125th St., $50,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Nuttall, Jeremy L. and Julie A., 10209 S. 124th Ave., $332,000.

Gegzna, Charles A. and Vicki L. to McKewon, Martin M. and Toni L., 1106 Magnolia Circle, $218,000.

Schraeder, Brandon B. and Jennifer E. to Schweers, Matthew and Olivia, 1107 Stony Point Drive, $225,000.

Advantage Development to Johnson, Brett W. and Rachel M., 12104 Pintail Drive, $359,000.

Showcase Homes to Williar, Chris P. and Jessica M., 12232 Montauk Drive, $339,000.

List, Tearle and Dorothy to McGill, Stephen and Meredith, 1842 Victoria Circle, $185,000.

Pilong, John and Lauren to Williams, Tyler and Cassandra, 2403 Ridgeview Drive, $223,000.

Anzaldo, Jonathan C. to Johnson, Nicholas A., 309 Pioneer Road, $156,000.

Langenfeld, Joshua G. and Katie M. to Thompson, Joshua, 602 Hogan Drive, $190,000.

Hagemeister, Ray G. and Tara S. to Velasquez, Vicente M. and Sandra, 725 Fenwick St., $173,000.

Sexton, Jeremiah and Stephanie to Durham, Christian A. and Angela C., 7627 Crawford St., $355,000.

Johnson, Daniel E. and Margaret R. to Hanson, Alan J. and Judy K., 802 Bailey Drive, $355,000.

Lindenstruth, Donna J. and Robert G. to Teske, Amy A. and Chad R., 8102 Reed Circle, $416,000.


Bogle, Bradford A. and Melissa D. to Zeller, Nicholas and Carly, 10707 S. 17th St., $146,000.

Stewart Johnston, Heather and Johnston, Brian to Geick, Brian L. and Jocelynn, 10808 Lewis & Clark Road, $223,000.

Meyers, Michael and Gwendolyn to Russell, Karen L. and Stuart S., 11004 Lewis & Clark Road, $210,000.

Reineke, Daniel and Tiffany D. to Sedberry, Jack and Wolf Sedberry, Suzanne, 1105 Terry Drive, $155,000.

Cottrell, Lisa D. and Aaron M. to Garcia, Anavelle, 11610 S. 39th St., $165,000.

Burgert, Joseph W. to Welte, Amy K., 13005 S. 24th Circle, $137,000.

Beccard, Mark E. and Kelly L. to Owens, Ian R. and Maryanne, 13401 S. 24th St., $202,000.

Folks, Jeremy B. and Amanda L. to McDonald, Heath W. and Sara J., 13508 S. 29th Ave., $191,000.

Serna, Marco D. and Brandy to Macias, Carlos, 13705 S. 28th Circle, $234,000.

Celebrity Homes to Alvarado, Robert E. and Bria N., 13902 S. 42nd Ave., $200,000.

Rainwater, Roger M. and Cynthia A. to McBee, Brett and Emma, 13905 S. 29th Circle, $220,000.

Quinn, Thomas E. and Michelle L. to Kuehn, Kevin W. and Natalie I., 14403 S. 22nd St., $255,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hoskins, Elizabeth and Dick, 14704 S. 23rd St., $237,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Teeney, Alexander and Wise, Olivia G., 14903 S. 24th Ave, $304,000.

Celebrity Homes to Anderson, Glenn R. and Donna L., 14909 S. 20th St., $263,000.

O & H Properties to Ehrlich, William, 2004 Whitted Drive, $143,000.

Celebrity Homes to Willis, Lawrence L. and Tahria M., 2009 Oriole Drive, $264,000.

Puvogel, Kelly and Nick to Depatie, Anthony J., 2514 Jack Pine St., $145,000.

Hall, Mary J. to Beccard, Mark and Kelly, 2812 Rahn Blvd., $265,000.

Monro, Milton W. and Traci D. to Jedlecki, Anthony and Meagan, 2910 Kelly Drive, $230,000.

Whitney, Cheryl L. to Meyers, Michael D. and Gwendolyn E., 3207 Leawood Drive, $158,000.


Bryant, Lisa to Brookfield Relocation, 2204 Oriole Drive, $271,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Kaiser, Kurt L. and Sarah S., 2204 Oriole Drive, $271,000.


Filippi, Jordan J. and Amanda R. to Hennings, Brian R. and Powell, Kristen, 6717 Crabapple St., $173,000.

Mikulecky, Jerry to Bradney, Thomas, 7346 S. 70th St., $80,000.

Marquez, Deborah K. and Longfellow to Hassler, Stephanie J., 7407 Michelle Ave., $175,000.

Teeter, Jerry L. and Jennifer L. to Smith, Chelsea J., 7779 Greenleaf Drive, $150,000.

Pulte, Ralph B. and Bonni K. to McConnell, Joseph, 7824 La Vista Drive, $193,000.

Gonzales, Federico G. and Susan R. to KR Properties, 7908 La Vista Drive, $140,000.

Ivey, Troy J. and Michala L. to Kardell, Ethan R., 8102 Valley Road, $133,000.


Ader, Scott P. and Jennifer G. to Ostwald, Brad P. and Heidi J., 1301 Troy St., $280,000.

Horizon Realty to Holtgrewe, Keith E. and Cynthia L., 1306 Troy St., $317,000.

Tucker, Daniel and Janice to Golden, Kristoffer R. and Jennifer N., 13602 S. 46th St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes to Acamo, Linda L., 13905 S. 47th St., $214,000.

Agne, Douglass and Swann, Audrey to Goracke, Tasha, 1607 Charleston Drive, $134,000.

Bomberger, Linda M. and Delmar E. Jr. to Steen, John A., 4507 Anchor Mill Drive, $234,000.

Charleston Homes to Reyes, Charlene C., 4604 Hansen Ave., $355,000.

Rogers Development to Trademark Homes, 6623 Park Crest Drive, $60,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kenney, Charles J. Jr., 6637 Elmhurst Drive, $214,000.

Kundinger, John W. and Cheryl A. to Rairdin, Dennis C. and Sonya D., 7004 Harvest Drive, $358,000.


JMF LLC to Higdon, Ronald and Sandy, 10702 S. 176th St., $56,000.

Monarrez, Francisco J. and Kelli A. to Adams, Shannon A. and Kerry L., 16448 Audrey Circle, $285,000.

Smidt, John J. and Nancy E. to Steube, Mary L., 16905 Willow St., $288,000.

Richland Homes to Gillen, Timothy L. and Patricia and Jacobson, Derek and Megan, 17022 Centennial Road, $263,000.

JMF LLC to Showcase Homes, 17507 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Kessler, Walter H. and Marilyn Trust to Newberger, Sharon K., 7007 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $190,000.

Knuth, Jeremy J. and Michele to Gates, Sheila, 7802 S. 169th St., $245,000.

Lowndes, Constance R. and William Trust to Christiansen, Patrick A. and Tanya J., 9848 S. 163rd Ave., $440,000.


Barrows, Lynda M. to Comparato, Shanna, 7202 S. 140th Ave., $213,000.


Larson, Kevin D. and Brenda M. to Yarrington, Christopher J., 2704 Tulip Lane, $247,000.

Elliott, Brad and Billie J. to Freitag, Joseph E. and Ashlyn R., 2206 Lucille Drive, $175,000.

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