NS-Newhill LLC to NS-Newport/Heritage LLC, 18411 Northern Hills Drive, $563,800.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Camp, Todd R. and Nicole A., 17145 Bondesson St., $403,365.

Hoffman, Jeffrey P. and Melanie L. to Cade, Matthew and Alexandra, 16008 Vane St., $350,000.

Mailander, Nathan L. and Karrie L. to Hillman, Trevor D. and Paige A., 7810 N. 160th Circle, $323,000.

Home Co. to Allen, Jason L. and Maryann C., 17115 Clay St., $301,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Chipako, Watson and Atungsiri, Julia, 15201 Elmwood Drive, $291,900.

Charleston Homes to Griffiths, Blake R. and Brittany M., 17416 Clay St., $278,864.

Sherwood Homes to Burkman, Nathan T. and Katelyn D., 16115 Mormon St., $271,251.

Figgins, Kenneth and Vicki to Hagedorn, Lynn Trust, 11821 N. 175th Circle, $235,000.

Hahn, Timothy A. and Nicole L. to Boswell, Kelly R. and Deanna D., 8815 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $222,000.

Frickel, Ryan K. and Cheryl to Traore, Abdoul and Nakolo, Marian, 8131 N. 147th Ave., $206,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jorn, Thomas L., 8802 N. 160th St., $197,850.

Petersen, Marlo T. and Phillip J. to Stammer, Jason D., 15083 Mormon Circle, $195,500.

Gier, William R. and Dawn B. to Hall, Kaleb and Reta, 9016 N. 155th St., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Burns, Andrea M. and Todd M., 8122 N. 146th St., $168,700.

Odem, Ashlee and Jeremy to Higgins, Dexter and Sierra, 14452 Knudsen St., $141,000.

Anderson, Ronald R. and Kathryn A. Trust to Hemmer, Mark, 17841 Island Circle, $85,000.

Waterford Development to Wrigth, Tracy A. and Susan L., 14705 Iowa St., $65,000.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 7731 N. 151st Circle, $44,400.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Walker Valley Investments, 11416 N. 156th St., $41,000.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 15527 Hanover St., $26,000.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 15526 Hanover St., $26,000.


Castle Brook Builders to Hulsey, Greg and Jennifer, 20912 Cedar St., $732,000.

Jeck & Co. Inc. to Jensen, James M. and Camille M., 1504 S. 219th Ave., $623,185.

Johnson, Mark W. and Hargett, Cheryl A. to Rookstool, David G. and Kimberly K., 18711 Nicholas St., $493,000.

Woodland Homes to Reed, Elizabeth and Makos, Ellis G., 905 S. 185th St., $479,823.

Palomo, Pablo J. and Ortiz, Melany M. to Robertson, Jason and Andrew, 1014 N. 190th St., $435,000.

Todd Menard Construction to Hrabe, Alison, 1218 S. 209th Circle, $420,000.

Yeats, David and Jennifer to Hueftle, Aaron and Kate, 670 S. 196th Ave., $365,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Anson, James and Emily, 1890 Blue Sage Parkway, $354,604.

Torres, Daniel and Marisela to Ott, David L. and Anne R., 1320 N. 180th Ave., $298,000.

Kleine, Donald W. and Kimberly J. to Failla, Jake and Laughlin, Katie, 18057 Honeysuckle Drive, $290,000.

Home Co. to Felicella, Livio and Setola, Matilde, 1418 N. 194th Circle, $268,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Mart, Megan and Myers, Randy, 20917 Plum St., $252,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Verbeck, Lisa, 18893 Mayberry Plaza, $237,000.

Celebrity Homes to Arellano, Megan E., 20825 Parker St., $208,700.

Wachal, Alicia L. and Adam J. to Delap, Zachary K., trustee for Delap, Richard and Cheng, Dora Trust, 1505 N. 209th St., $195,000.

Thiem, William and Dawn to Meier, Nicholas D. and Marcy J., 651 S. 212th St., $192,900.

Salinas, Alan and Jessica to Wise, Sharon and Jensen, Brian, 21425 Fieldcrest Drive, $172,000.

Froehlich, Stephen R. and Sarah M. to Mattox, Andrew S. and Holly F., 1614 S. 219th Ave., $125,000.

Patak, Luanne to Patak Properties, 3601 N. Main Circle, $115,000.

Kronberg, Kent and Kim to Bean, Brock M. and Cami J., 1510 S. 219th Ave., $106,500.

Castle Brook Builders to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 1804 S. 220th Ave., $80,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Holtzen, Michael M. and Judith A., 20502 Yort St., $38,900.


Malesa LLC to White, Christine and Michael, 24465 Martin Ave., $40,000.

Pan, Hong and Chen, Yizhong to Goracke, Kevin L., 116 Ginger Cove Road, $391,000.

Witt, Gary K. and Margaret Trust to Kilpatrick, Robert J. IV and Roxanne K., 114 Ginger Cove Road, $375,000.

DKL Properties to Third Day LLC, 106 W. Vass St., $65,000.


Armstrong, Anthony D. and Baye, Robert to Tye, Gregory A., 4536 Franklin St., $85,000.

Ott, David L. and Anne R. to Gossett, Cherie C. and Geary, Travis R., 2527 N. 60th Ave., $138,500.

Staiert, Shawn D. to Gronseth, Shay and Rebecca, 6711 Vernon Ave., $125,000.

Dolan, Julie A. and Stephen to Ladd, David A. Sr., 6324 Fort St., $119,950.

Trampe, Matthew and Jade to White, Rachael, 6209 N. 68th St., $111,000.

Wagner, Dale E. and Victoria J. to Miller, Tyler J., 6430 Ellison Ave., $90,000.

Burkland, George B., personal representative, to Herzog, Steven K. and Sterud, Debra K., 2510 N. 64th St., $85,000.

Reining, Jerry L. and Pamela to SLCA LLC, 4918 N. 62nd St., $75,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Podan, Francis and Moo, Morics, 5806 Fowler Ave., $45,450.

Cramer, Katherine L. to Burr, Walter E. Jr. and Toni R., 5429 N. 61st Ave., $29,500.


Blankman, Joseph H. and Lisa J. to McTaggart, Timothy R. and Alicia C., 2225 Hanscom Blvd., $166,250.

Chase, Bryan to Schon, Arthur J. Trust, 3120 S. 44th St., $112,000.

Cantwell, Jameson and Hurley, Erin to Greni, Susan E., 1022 S. 40th St., $110,000.

Angelo, Marian J., trustee for Olson, Harold J. Trust to Urzendowski, Edward M. and Kimberly K., 3210 S. 38th Ave., $86,000.

Tapia, Reyna to Daza, Eddie and Vasquez, Justina V., 2515 S. 26th St., $50,100.


Reisinger, James E. and Rauth, Jacqueline L. to Solt, Ashley E., 4688 Hickory St., $184,500.

Cummings, Sharon K. to Spittler, Marilyn C., 4515 Oak St., $180,000.

Johnson, Philip R. and Cunningham, Angie to Conway, Kyle, 607 S. 50th Ave., $159,000.

Wisehart, Paul and Morrison, Daniel B. to Incontro Enterprises LLC, 4655 Bancroft St., $80,000.

Murphy, Jodi E. and Ryan W. to Bronte Companies LLC, 6170 Hickory St., $63,000.

Mackey, Kevin J. to Schmid, Stacey and Hannibal, Steve, 2209 S. 59th St., $51,007.


Martin, Shawn E. and Rachel L. to Bravo, Luz M., 3911 X St., $98,500.

Torres, Nidia and Alvarado, Vidal to Garcia, Saul O. and Nohemi C., 2813 Monroe St., $96,000.

Ruiz, Efren and Maria to Lawson, Joanna, 5016 S. 37th St., $83,900.

Holmes, Christine M., trustee, to O’Connor-Beck, Marlene L. and Simpson, William, 6026 S. 36th Ave., $80,000.

JEP Enterprises to Stanek, William C. and Julia B., 3705 S. 24th St., $75,000.

MDET PC to Conklin, Debra R., 4112 V St., $73,500.

Marter, Jason P. and Darci to Monjaraz, Juan J. and Elias, Latese, 4227 S. 26th St., $58,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Estrada, Esteban and Eva, 4310 S. 20th St., $46,000.

Wells Fargo Financial Nebraska to Ambriz, Marco A. and Regalado, Jose, 5060 S. 40th St., $43,500.

Hermosillo, Gustavo R. and Norma N. to Torres, Evaristo and Emma J., 4742 S. 19th St., $33,500.


Daneff, Rose M. Trust to Diaz, Roberto P., 3433 S. 14th St., $102,900.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese Omaha to St. Frances Cabrini Church of Omaha, 1248 S. 10th St., $100,000.

Mangen, Rita C. to Mangen, Robert C. and Gu, Yina, 2025 Castelar St., $72,000.


Vision Properties to Hosino, Robert F. and Love, Linda L., 1503 N. 40th St., $102,000.

Kean, James and Diane to Deanery Partners, 2415 Evans St., $100,000.

Wurgler Properties to Gregerson, Joshua J. and Allison M., 3410 Parker St., $72,000.

Lytle, Dorothy M. to Redboy, Simone Y., 3956 N. 40th St., $35,000.

SJH Financial LLC to Jiang, Chao, 3212 Seward St., $30,500.

Dudley, Margery E. to Ngo, Bich N., 4921 N. 28th Ave., $27,000.

Great Western Bank to Rouse, Tony and Vonkesha, 5315 N. 29th St., $25,500.

Thomsen Properties to JKTT LLC, 3929 Spencer St., $25,000.


Nelson, Alberta to Gordon, Kenneth, 6505 N. 34th St., $85,000.


Lanphier, Terry F., trustee for Lanphier, Alicia Trust to Brabec, Daniel J. and Esther H., 9929 Essex Drive, $668,750.

Calhoun, Richard P. and Kirsten Trust to Geiger, Gerald F. and Kathryn A., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $210,000.

Saenz, Christopher E. and Ashley D. to Roberts, Justin M. and Posada, Kimberly L., 8722 Seward St., $144,400.

Dornacker, Robert L. and Patricia I. to Rodgers, Cory A. and Janelle, 7625 Hamilton St., $125,000.


Katelman, John S. and Jeanne to Munson, Cheryl C. and Kuenning, Adam B., 15939 Lake St., $428,000.

Ramm Construction to Wachal, Alicia L. and Adam J., 2601 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $391,000.

Killingsworth, Richard and Wendy to Britten, Michael W. and Kimberly J., 6070 N. 155th Ave., $370,000.

Timberline Homes to Casey, Jeff and Kimberlee, 2411 N. 179th St., $353,000.

Bourne, Pamela J. to Goetz, Mark and Sierra, 6706 N. 159th St., $301,000.

Williams, Gregory A. and Jane M. to Niles, Timothy G. and Megan F., 17213 Bedford Ave., $295,000.

Littlejohn, Michael J. and Deborah T. to Byers, Lynsey K. and Singh, Fnu J., 5513 N. 153rd Ave., $292,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Serio, Stephen J. and Haeley A., 2622 N. 166th St., $273,900.

Fools Inc. to Ramsey, Matthew L. and Kimberly A., 15157 Laurel Ave., $240,450.

Salander, James E. and Carol A. Trust to Ohlman, Andrew L. and Abbie A., 2705 N. 150th Ave., $240,000.

Remington, Debra J. to Fowler, Wayne M. and Judith A., 3227 N. 157th St., $235,000.

Laflin, Lewis T. and Hoch, Melissa J. to Ferrante, Sara E., 14727 Laurel Plaza, $232,500.

Ridder, James J. and Ashley A. to Woodworth, Scott and Kayla, 4615 N. 166th St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes to Agnew, Ron, 16410 Saratoga St., $177,850.

Boswell, Kelly R. and Deanna D. to Lensch, Joel P. and Susan R., 14805 Redman Ave., $167,000.

Winkler, Troy L. and Jody L. to Larson, Dylan B., 4904 N. 176th St., $152,250.

De La Vega, Luis and Jose L. to Aspen, Jeanine and Reischl, Joseph V., 4644 N. 155th Ave., $148,000.

Cade, Matthew and Alexandra to Sanders, Shawntrice and Tony, 5016 N. 155th Ave., $138,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 16868 Larimore Ave., $123,200.

Burkman, Nathan T. and Katelyn D. to Jenkins, Margaret A., 16752 Laurel Plaza, $120,000.

Todd Menard Construction to Reinoehl, Jeremy and Christy, 2702 N. 178th St., $57,000.

Legacy Ranch LLC to Short, Ronald W. and Lynette H., 5511 N. 167th St., $46,000.


Brinkman, Floyd H. Jr. to Linhart, Nicole and James, 5238 S. 51st St., $175,000.

Just Right Construction to Johnson, Tahnee R., 5854 S. 50th Ave., $160,000.

McCune, Dalene to Ryder, Sandy J., 6206 I St., $32,000.


Headley, Thomas D. Jr. and Tracy A. to Black, Robin L. and Anderson, Pete R., 16338 Chicago Circle, $285,000.

Peterson, Thomas M. and Debra M. to Jordan, Matthew and Marcie, 1517 N. 160th St., $272,500.

Nevins, Diana L. to Henery, Jeffrey W. and Dana L., 17212 Windsor Drive, $261,000.

Triplett, Dave to Hilderbrand, Ryan W., 17507 Franklin Plaza, $146,000.

Broughton, Jill M. to Oehm, Andrea M. and Joseph S., 1715 N. 175th Court, $140,500.

Pekarsky, Sean J. and Amber to CSH LLC, 17656 Parker Plaza, $135,000.


Middleton, Nathan D. and Stephanie L. to Thomas, James P. and Sarah E., 7427 Weber St., $148,000.

Masat, Andrew R. and Victoria E. to Olson, Nicholas C. and Nitbouapha, Nikki K., 9131 Scott St., $140,000.

Hover, Matthew E. and Katie J. to Rivas, Joseph M. Sr. and Deborah S., 8831 N. 83rd Ave., $140,000.

Agbodji, Komi A. and Mock, Patricia to Pandit, Dipak, 8355 Hanover St., $140,000.

Frankenfield, Stephen T. and Debra J. to Nguyen, Phuoc V. and Hoang, Van T., 6965 N. 89th Ave., $134,450.

Schlickbernd, Paul and Debra to Schlickbernd, Jeffrey and Joyce, 7610 Howell St., $117,000.

U.S. Bank to Garcia, Luz M., 8008 Bartlett St., $113,000.

Barna, Barbara J. and Waller, Mark C. to Traudt, Susan and Dean G., 7616 Newport Ave., $108,000.


Dalhoff, Francis W. to Lytle, John and Christine, 8082 Martha St., $161,000.

Ehrhart, Christine L. and David G. to Costello, Christopher R., 7439 Frederick St., $121,500.

Martinez, Jodie J. to Hodson, George W. III, 9908 Nina St., $120,000.

K & T Properties to Slater, Dick D. and Judith T., 3511 S. 87th Ave., $120,000.


Mignon, Paul K. and Cervantes, to Rush, Timothy, 10218 Y St., $243,000.

Harral, John L. and Phyllis A. to Espinosa, Andrea L., 9368 Mockingbird Drive, $142,000.

Dreher, Savannah L. and Jared to Olsen, Dana, 5613 S. 91st Ave., $135,000.


McKinclay, Mark F. and Haynie, Laurie A. to Qumseya, Awad J. and Jabbour, Rula J., 2327 S. 191st St., $630,000.

Hildy Construction to Pappalil, Jinson and Kuriakose, Anilamol, 3404 S. 185th Ave., $456,000.

Whit Smith Construction to Wand, David A. and Theresa M., 1519 S. 198th Ave., $450,242.

Woodland Homes to Foster, Brad M. and Kirby, Andrea M., 1238 S. 200th Ave., $418,935.

Klopping, Curtis L. to Fendrick, Gilbert J. and Kristine R., 19811 Nina St., $369,950.

Weig, Justin and Laura to Anderson, William L. and Lisa M., 16629 Westfield Circle, $349,500.

Cullinan, Thomas W. and Kathleen W. Trust to Cressy, Charles L. and Janice K., 1809 S. 189th Court, $295,000.

Elston, James H. and Ann M. to Pearson, Leo and Margaret, 2227 S. 185th St., $290,000.

Helton, Beverly D. to Mesner, Robert and Nancy, 2117 S. 165th St., $230,000.

Marquart, Adam C. and Tracy L. to Dreher, Jared and Savannah, 3815 S. 191st St., $210,000.


Dodge 36 LLC to Phox, Kimberly and Terrence, 106 S. 36th St., $340,000.

Herold, Lance and Debra to Malik, Vipul D. and Surbhi V., 440 N. 38th Ave., $203,000.


Base Properties to Jones, Lynsie E. and Peter D., 5117 Chicago St., $395,000.

Schneider, Bruce, trustee for Schneider, Cynthia Amended Trust to Kenny, Anne M., 410 S. 67th St., $245,000.

Noar, Shirley A. to Bourke, Jeffrey T., 7071 Izard St., $130,000.

Brown, Gary D. to Chinn, Jennifer, 6620 Charles St., $65,000.

Coker, Kerry L. and Jane K. to Punch It Out Inc., 6939 Lafayette Ave., $50,000.


Jarus, Gavin M. and Connolly, Andrea L. to Lewis, Marilyn A., 2603 N. 102nd Ave., $218,000.

Ostrom, Michael A. and Kristin A. to Ones, Craig and Jill, 4646 N. 80th St., $157,000.

Johnson, Molly A. to Craig, Donnie E., 10011 Bedford Ave., $155,000.

Shearer, Mary E. to McCauley, Nicholas J. and Higgins, Lindsey M., 7620 Davis Circle, $128,000.

Wildrick, Kim L. and Brenda H. to Wildrick, Christopher M., 9616 Sprague St., $120,000.


Rowan, John E. and Julia to Heng, Roddy P. and Carol J., 17621 Riggs St., $382,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Hansen, Michael R. and Minerva M., 16161 W St., $320,000.

Shannon, Jason S. and Dawn R. to Greenhagen, Benny J. and Meagan K., 6008 S. 194th Ave., $278,000.

Austin, Brendan B. and Tiffany A. to Marquart, Adam C. and Tracy L., 17123 Madison St., $277,450.

Keil, Jason S. and Sherry J. to Pfanstiel, Diane, 16618 Holmes St., $260,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Kimberling, Austin E. and Ashleigh L., 16264 R St., $251,111.

Coleman, Wendy to Wiese, Joel and Amberly, 5517 S. 161st St., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nicodemus, Wayne R. and Katie E., 19859 K St., $232,700.

Green, Elizabeth to Lamb, Matthew S. and Jamie L., 4617 S. 176th Ave., $198,500.

Page, David J. and Ludwig-Page, Natasha E. to Kitzman, Matthew J., 4741 S. 194th Ave., $192,000.

Heller, Adam and Courtney to Oliphant, Geoffrey C. and Kathryn A., 19329 N St., $191,000.

Cordell, Matthew R. to Limoli, Kristen A. and Winking, Alex, 6221 S. 191st Terrace, $188,000.

Butler, Kristin and Mark to Kaup, Megan M., 6108 S. 189th Ave., $183,000.

FTF LLC to Hoffman, Judy L., 4954 S. 193rd St., $182,000.

Luke, Jeanne L. and Gardner, Jeff to Thiel, Matthew R. and Karen A., 16911 Orchard Ave., $180,000.

Dein, Thomas L. and Theresa L. to Jensen, Christopher L., 19302 Holmes St., $161,000.

Greenhagen, Benny J. and Meagan K. to Hoy, Benjamin, 19631 V St., $159,900.

Anderson, Gregory S. and Georgia G. to Kelley, Scarlett R. and Tyler C., 16526 Ehlers St., $159,000.

Meier, Jon C. and Jennifer K. to Weis, Scott M. and Pignotti, Nicole D., 18707 S St., $158,900.

Barker, Kellie J. to McNurlin, Mindy L., 19610 Gail Ave., $149,000.

Hirschfeld, Benjamin L. and Carolyn M. to Tewelde, Berhane M. and Fitiwi, Yorusalem K, 5316 S. 189th St., $143,000.

Schatz, Rachel E. to Arnold, Jeffrey A. and Leslie R., 6718 S. 191st Ave., $137,500.


Pacesetter Homes to Kleine, Donald W. and Kimberly J., 15471 Stevens Plaza, $325,000.

Shelton, Steven A. and Cynthia B. to Voils, Joshua I. and Anne J., 15109 Dayton St., $238,000.

Schroeder, Dennis F. and Joan M. to Holling, Mark C. and Nancy A., 4117 S. 148th St., $170,000.

Kirkpatrick, Zachary D. and Gregor, Jessica M. to Hulsebus, Daniel P. and Jennifer P., 15441 Blackwell Drive, $165,000.

Motz, Roger L. and Rhonda M. to Torres, Nidia and Alvarado, Vidal, 6205 Ponderosa Drive, $160,000.

Spaccarotella, Pamela to Fields, Philip, 14811 Drexel St., $159,000.

Schwab, Michael W. and Nichole E. to Brown, Madeline M., 15414 U St., $140,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 11212 Z St., $109,600.

Savala, Salvador A. Jr. to Shipley, Daniel R. and Brenda L., 12218 Sandra Circle, $105,000.

Wilson, Mark W. and Lois C. to Madrigal, Jennifer L. and David C., 12727 Woodcrest Plaza, $103,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Davis, Darnel L. and Gerene L., 7714 N. 116th St., $249,900.

Celebrity Homes to Jones, Ashley V., 7315 N. 143rd St., $196,750.

Celebrity Homes to Shoemaker, Lisa A., 7461 N. 139th St., $195,300.

Celebrity Homes to Baker, Danette H., 14309 Wood Valley Drive, $149,900.

Magana, Marco A. to Tamang, Dawa and Khadka, Neera, 7467 N. 111th St., $128,500.


Holst, Irvin P., personal representative, to Shevlin, Cody R. and Bridget M., 11703 Frances St., $310,000.

Argyle, Jack R. and Tamara L. to Martin, Joel C. and Katherine P., 2129 S. 153rd St., $242,000.

Sergel, Linly A. to Downing, William and Tina, 12404 Hickory Road, $215,000.

Briganti, Louis C. and Antionette L. to Gruhn-Shea, Cherri K., 1852 S. 155th Ave., $210,000.

Baxter, Donald and Peggy to Collins, Raymond and Adrienne, 1423 Holling Drive, $210,000.

Blach, Millard J. and Sherrill L. to Movchan, Tyler, 3449 S. 126th St., $145,000.

Myers, Matthew A. and Sara A. to Ramm, Jeffrey C., 2924 S. 117th St., $140,000.

Fox, Doug D. and Jeannette M. to Stanger, Daniel and Moore, Debbie, 12663 C St., $137,000.

Sekera, Daniel J. and Angela L. to Hurst, Rebecca L., 1859 S. 124th St., $132,500.

Shulo, Jeffrey R. to Shulo, William J., 3105 S. 111th St., $130,000.

Mossberg, Douglas L., trustee for Mossberg Family Trust to Nelson, Kelly W., 3623 S. 126th St., $100,000.


Edquist, Keith B. to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 12307 N. 69th St., $75,000.


McCarthy, Sue E. to Johnstone, Christopher S. and Pohlman, Angela M., 12537 Burt St., $219,000.

Mitchell, Dean S. and Carol P. to Metz, Jason and Jessie, 15271 Pepperwood Drive, $210,000.

Nevarez, Richard S. and Dawn E. to Wellsandt, Michael J. and Elizabeth A., 11725 Howard Road, $206,500.

Shipman, Erica R. and Joshua A. to Pieper, Brad D. and Madison R., 429 S. 154th St., $180,000.

Badley, David R. and Michelle to Tawadrous, Emad and Ebeed, Shireen, 953 S. 150th St., $157,500.

Felner, Frank and Mary to Mears, John and Floretta M., 11034 Harney St., $130,200.

McBride, Robert P. to Mistry, Satyam and Bhargav, 812 N. 123rd Plaza, $72,000.

Edmonds, Lois G. to Rasmussen, Larry and Rita, 12727 West Dodge Road, $50,000.


Camp, Todd and Nicole to Marco, Charles T. and Tara, 13434 Sahler St., $245,000.

Jensen, Darrin and Christine to Werth, Spencer W. and Carrie A., 2518 N. 137th St., $215,000.

CSH LLC to Heise, Troy, 12677 Meredith Ave., $165,000.

Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T. to Mumphrey, Adam and Jennifer, 5618 N. 116th Circle, $155,000.

Cuadrado, Manuel A. to Skiles, Megan, 5030 N. 112th St., $148,000.

Ludvik, George M. and Helyn Z. to Kuncl, Douglas C., 12925 Himebaugh Ave., $142,500.

Hagenhoff, Randall S. to Shaw, Catherine, 11668 Fowler Ave., $135,000.

Khaukha, Victor and Keaira to Edwards, Alyson A., 11411 Camden Ave., $135,000.

Diesterhaupt, Brian P. and Stephanie to Marks, Christina C. and Wild, Janice E., 11317 Saratoga St., $132,500.

Copeland, Cory M. and Jessica L. to Schaber, Larry and Nielson, April, 4923 N. 129th Ave., $128,000.



Mallory, Potenciana G. to Uhlman, Timothy L., 1004 W. 32nd Ave., $99,000.

Falewitch, John and Wood, Cherie L. Trust to Winter, Alison M., 1017 Denver St., $116,000.

McNally, Pamela S. and Tim to McClure, Michael D. and Vieva M., 1017 Denver St., $225,000.

Eldridge, Lesley J. to Smith, Tracey S., 1302 Hancock St., $93,000.

Strong, Arlene M. to Padilla, Juan P. and Couch, Angela F., 2004 Van Buren St., $105,000.

O & H Properties to Harmet, Kaleigh A., 2114 Randal Drive, $151,000.

Hamon, Stacy T. to Neuverth, Thomas J., 2302 Warren St., $77,000.

Hansen, John F. and Janet L. to Larsen, Gregg A., 2713 Crawford St., $62,000.

Soucy, Pauline M. and Douglas L. to Lier, Michael H. and Sharon M., 3510 Hancock St., $33,000.

Laufer, Garrett and Tiffani to Burge, Douglas Jr., 403 W. 22nd Ave., $75,000.

Hernandez, Lilia and Angel to Zeller, Shane M. and Guhl, Shelby M., 713 Willow Ave., $121,000.

14C LLC to Davies, Jan K., 7809 S. 22nd Ave., $165,000.

Midwest Performance Boat Sales Inc. to Seltzer, Nicholas, 813 Evergreen Ave., $25,000.


Swope, Shane E. and Darcelle M. to Oles, Jeffey J. and Gloria J., 10013 S. 202nd Circle, $268,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Anderson, Gary, 10602 S. 212th St., $284,000.

Hubka, Wesley and Sonja to Hildebrand, Kyle and Shannon, 10611 S. 232nd St., $128,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Wiggs, James W. and Morales, Michelle L., 10617 S. 191st St., $383,000.

Advantage Development to Pedersen, Justin L. and Alexis M., 10627 S. 191st Ave., $364,000.

Zych Construction to Clark, Steven M. and Jennifer B., 12116 S. 214th St., $43,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Home Co., 19326 Robin Drive, $42,000.

Mercer, Matthew R. and Teri L. to Thomson, Chad E. and Elizabeth L., 19634 Chandler St., $350,000.

Voges, Edward J. and Deborah L. to Swope, Shane E. and Darcelle M., 19710 Bellbrook Blvd., $340,000.

Cerveny, Tyler S. and Leanna G. to Kirkpatrick, Zachary D. and Jessica M., 19827 Bellbrook Blvd., $320,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Johnson, Jennifer L. and Terry L., 21116 Quarry Lane, $271,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Mulder, Jared and Colleen, 21329 Cobblestone Circle, $275,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Blue Jay Development, 21415 McClellan Circle, $215,000.

H & S Partnership to Schumacher, Cindy, 502 N. Park Drive, $142,000.

Mann, Donald R. and Amber R. to Lovell, Schuyler J. and Ashley M., 7117 S. 194th St., $365,000.

Home Co. to Copeland, Cory M. and Jessica L. 7859 S. 192nd Ave., $304,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Proline Custom Homes, 7912 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Proline Custom Homes, 8128 S. 194th St., $60,000.


Jeck & Co. to Schroeder, William J. and Cassandra J., 10313 S. 125th St., $341,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Choquette, Ryan T. and Alysa M., 10460 S. 125th Ave., $458,000.

Southbrook Development to Castlebridge Homes, 11016 Edward St., $60,000.

Fowler, David A. and Angela R. to Pope, Thomas J. and Stephanie M., 1102 Buckboard Blvd., $165,000.

Winchell, Gerald J. to Haskins, Joel A. and Kathryn L., 1104 Lafayette Drive, $203,000.

Peterson, Adam K. and Andrea M. to Schafer, Lance A. and Reynolds, Lainie, 1110 Coach Road, $173,000.

Wall, Christopher A. and Julie A. to Austin, Brendan and Tiffany, 1114 Port Royal Drive, $207,000.

Southbroook Development to Home Co., 11612 S. 110th Ave., $48,000.

Southbroook Development to Fools Inc., 11739 S. 110th Ave., $57,000.

Olson, Dennis and Penny L. to Alexander, Heath and Megumi, 1206 Patricia Drive, $181,000.

Duhigg, Donald to Duhigg, Laura, 1207 Devon Drive, $132,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Cathell, David J. and Leah C., 12508 Pintail Circle, $410,000.

Beaudin, Ricky J. and Jeanine to Vasko, Theodore E., 1502 S. Washington St., $345,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 1505 Lakewood Drive, $152,000.

Cathell, David J. and Leah C. to Olpin, Rodney L., 2108 Lakewood Drive, $235,000.

Sorensen, Robert and Brandi to Evans, Tyler M. and Lindsay L., 2110 Quartz Drive, $231,000.

Intinarelli, Timothy J. and Kelly to Dodson, Christopher and Jackie, 2303 Lakewood Drive, $175,000.

Ploetz, Grace J. and Newcomb, Kathryn A., co-trustees for Ploetz Living Trust to Albanez, Richard L. and Betty J., 503 Kent Drive, $270,000.

Goodbrod, Warren N., personal representative for Goodbrod, Walter Estate to Eberhart, Patrick F. and Teresa J., 539 E. Fifth St., $134,000.

Tilford, Gary T. and Carman J. Trust to Krogman, Glenn R. and Amy L., 604 Barrington Circle, $260,000.

Sommer, Daniel L. and Rebecca J. to Ruiz Garcia, Carlos A. and Weeks, Lindsey J., 701 E. Cary St., $199,000.

Dussetschleger, William V. to Bell, James J., 718 S. Washington St., $108,000.

Woodland Homes to Muckey, James E. and Bernadine M., 7947 Ponderosa Drive, $399,000.

Stowe, Forrest M., trustee for Stowe Living Trust to Wenta, Joshua R. and Courtney W., 807 Hogan Drive, $170,000.

REO Asset Management to HBI LLC, 810 Iron Road, $170,000.

Stone, Kelly C. and Timothy to Alvarez, Juanita D., 904 Fort St., $159,000.

Midstates Bank, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 910 Iron Road, $141,000.

Hoyt, David W. and Shannon R. to Leary, Robert E. and Sonja A., 9751 Choke Cherry Lane, $435,000.


Springfield Lake Development Co. to Shanks, James L. and Michelle E., 12201 Buffalo Road, $85,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Riha, Louis G. and Shirley A. Trust, 20407 Meadow Ridge Drive, $190,000.


Charbonneau, Nicholas to Pacas, Karen M., 10408 Lewis & Clark Road, $190,000.

Von Seggern, Patrick T. and Sheila L. to Mujica, Justin A., 11605 S. 39th St., $87,000.

Nelson, Michael T. and Amy C. to Van Stone, Jeffrey M., 13404 S. 37th St., $183,000.

Augustyn, Stephen J. and Jeanette M. to Garibay, Michael D. and Christina A., 13612 S. 32nd Avenue Circle, $171,000.

Wood, William and Julie to Morales, Valerie and Reigle, William A., 13812 Rahn Blvd., $220,000.

Zachary, Kurt A. and Dawn K. to Stidham, Joshua R. and Amanda D., 14216 S. 35th St., $160,000.

Mills, Rodney L. and Nichole R. to Intinarelli, Timothy J. and Kelly A., 1609 Old Gaelic St., $210,000.

Ahl, Derek A. and Kerry A. to Gross, Gerald W. and Jennifer a., 1808 Platte River Drive, $57,000.

Curtis, James B. and Shannon S. to Bowen, James A. Jr. and Steffanie L., 2606 Arrowhead Lane, $218,000.

McCabe, Jennifer A. to Hartzell, Cindy L., 2725 Joann Ave., $139,000.

Miles, Mathew T. and Haley J. to Benford, Darelle, 3003 Lone Tree Road, $150,000.

Hoang, Nick and Tina K. to Duff, Katherine L., 3106 Jason Circle, $120,000.

Berry, Everett S. and Julie A. to Gerber, Jacob D. and Allison C., 3119 Coffey Ave., $161,000.

Flores Mejia, Alfredo and Mejia, Silva A. to Sutton, Scott, 3356 Rahn Blvd., $150,000.

Reding Homes to Reding, Christopher T., 8802 S. 16th St., $40,000.


Clearwater Falls to Home Co., 5267 Waterford Avenue Circle, $70,000.

Kleine, Kevin and Thomas, Shane to Rowley, Robert S. and Celina M., 7029 Hillcrest Lane, $190,000.

Jacobson, Scott A. to Curtis, Paul and Lillian, 7808 S. 71st Ave., $170,000.


MCS Rentals to Middleton, Nathan D. and Stephanie L., 1205 Cottonwood Circle, $221,000.

Bazar, Ashley D. and Timothy J. to Selin, Kevin M. and Rebecca D., 208 Longwood Drive, $283,000.

Ciochetto, Linda L. to Whittle, Carl B. and Paula A., 4505 Lake Forest Circle, $378,000.

Charleston Homes to Circle, Charles W. and Sondra L., 4602 Brook Circle, $304,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Harper, Todd C., 6815 Ridgewood Drive, $310,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kothenbeutel, David A. and Barbara J., 8523 S. 69th Circle, $230,000.


Caputo, James P. Jr. and Kristine K. to Farrell, Connor M. and Childress, Kayla J., 10022 S. 179th St., $192,000.

Best Construction Co. to Willms, Neal and Sharyn A. Trust, 10917 S. 175th Ave., $357,000.

Rothermund, Amy J. and Jason M. to Dewitz, Kathern A. and Shawn C., 13401 Schirra St., $126,000.

Ross, David J. and Tayler M. to Hotz, Andrew and Jacqueline, 15833 Cottonwood Ave., $157,000.

Novotny, John N. to Samuelson, Karl E. and Kimberly K., 16015 Virginia St., $224,000.

Home Enterprises to Butolph, Douglas E. and Joy L., 16130 Timberlane Drive, $190,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul and Debra to Schuller, Brittany, 16136 Briar St., $137,000.

Flynn, Michael R. and Pamela K. to Eller, Matthew S. and Tasha, 16226 Loop St., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes to Mancinelli, Brian C. and Alyssa L., 16405 Virginia St., $196,000.

Pernicone, Joseph V. and Kathleen to Groth, John P. and Sandra, 16408 Audrey St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes to Myers, Jhennel, 16411 Cary St., $201,000.

Barnhill, Ann M. to Armani, Neil and Waheed, Rukhsana, 17106 Colony Drive, $235,000.

Charleston Homes to Garday, Benjamen and Megan, 17205 Chutney Drive, $242,000.

Nelson Builders to Opfer, Jason H. and Barnhill, Ann M., 17528 Summit Drive, $540,000.

Hoy, Benjamin and Alison to Mohr, Darren and Kate, 17810 Sawgrass Circle, $330,000.

Sims, Brandon and Kelli to Wren, Jon J. and Kari L., 18936 Olive St., $260,000.

Jackson, James E. and Janice E. to Norstrom, Richard R. and Michelle R., 7008 S. 167th Ave., $210,000.

Whitesel, Yan P. and Brian J. to Grothe, Danyelle M. and Harm, Zain P., 8212 S. 161st Ave., $161,000.


Coleman, Steven D. and Jo E. to Saltzgaber, Grant W. and Vanessa A., 13407 Grissom St., $173,000.

DRW Project Solutions to Slepicka, Craig and Ryan, 13424 Cooper St., $130,000.

H & S Partnership to Lesley, Justin and Precious, 13721 Chandler St., $175,000.

McCurry, Craig and Tara to Guhl, Benjamin and Samuelson, Payton, 14520 Borman St., $131,000.

Walton, AmyEllen and Justin to Lawton, Christopher D. and April R., 7514 S. 134th St., $154,000.

Zahm, Barbara L. to Kavanaugh, John F. Jr. and Mary S., 7714 S. 155th Ave., $133,000.


Goodrich, William I. and Linda S. to Zeleny, Zachary, 7654 S. 41st St., $124,000.

Bartman, Elizabeth to Casart, Paul G. and Machaela L., 7725 S. 42nd St., $130,000.

14C LLC to Balog, Rozika, 7903 S. 22nd Ave., $160,000.

Paddock, Benjamin W. and Tiffany L. to Grady, Joseph P. and Amy N., 8804 S. 16th St., $239,000.

Coil, Daniel J. and Heather D. to Kreifel, Kelly J., 9403 S. 28th St., $265,000.



Deutsche Bank to TDM Enterprises, 2146 Seventh Ave., $40,500.

Ahlquist, Betty and Walter Trust to Smolnik, Gloria J. and Stanfill, Lisa A., 510 N. 27th St., $140,000.

Gibbs, Emma R. to Haggstrom, Amy S. and Todd A., 2421 S. 12th St., $33,000.

Fox, Beverly J. and Melvin D. to Jandersen Properties, 4008 Ave. G, $125,000.

Hoyle, Monty J. and Teresa J. to Cook, Jennifer and Todd, 2205 S. 10th St., $40,000.

Damgaard, Sandra J. to Tanner, Adam S. and Autumn, 5208 Crogans Way Road, $199,500.

Friend, Sarah J. to Lochland Holdings, 4032 Ramelle Drive, $49,000.

Coberly, Janet M. and Marvin W. to Olson, Denise, 2125 Ave. C, $106,000.

Steinspring, Erica and Richard A. Jr. to Jahde, Rebecca M., 2522 Sixth Ave., $115,000.

Loess Hills Properties to CK Investments, 2126 S. Eighth St., $47,500.


Snodgrass, Anne M. and Larry A. Jr. to Beaver, Ronald L., 420 N. Ninth St., $87,500.

Duitsman, Lorraine E. and Ted R. to Neal, Barbara J. and Ronald A., 320 Huntington Ave., $140,000.

Austin, Dennis D. and Margaret B. and Robert L. to Baxley, Donna G., 1010 Arbor Ridge Circle, $152,000.

Stortenbecker, Larry to Matthew, Robert M. and Sara M., 11787 253rd St., $239,000.

APT Ventures to Hansen, Anne K., 180 Bennett Ave., $133,500.

Proverbs 22:1 LLC to Knowles, Nicole J., 1306 Marshall Ave., $131,000.

Armstrong, Dennis W. to MBI Inc., 15 Becky Lane, $43,000.

Neal, Barbara J. and Ronald A. to Duitsman, Lorraine E. and Ted R., 231 Park Ave., $230,000.

Diener, Carrie A. and Gordon R. to Kenney, Erin R. and Tedrick, Jason E., 230 East View Drive, $312,000.

Loghry, Carmen and Kyle to Turner, Jessica R., 525 S. First St., $87,000.

Havermann, Eric J. and Lana R. to Hiller, Chad and Heather, 19836 Beverly Manor Lane, $193,500.

Ryan, Jeanette L. Trust to Midwest Ecology LLC, 310 Warren St., $81,000.

Gaupp, Alexandra C. and David J. to Ward, Mary E., 190 Keeline Ave., $270,000.

Short, Miraflor and Rusty R. to Smith, Merline E., 36 Ivy Drive, $163,000.

LaCroix, Carol A. and Larry D. to Ireland, Priscilla R., 35 Opal Drive, $76,500.

Oliver, Priscilla R. and Oliver, Phillip to Hathaway, Douglas R. II, 35 Opal Drive, $78,000.


Armstrong, Linda H. and Keepard, Charles J. to Claar Investments, 4214 N. 15th St., Carter Lake, $40,500.


Popp, Eldon J. to Avoca Betterment Association, 558 Maple St., Avoca, $17,000.


Johnson, Deneen M. and John D. to Johnson, Nicholas L., 23401 Valley Lane, Crescent, $66,000.


Wollenhaupt, Ella M. and Henry F. to Wollenhaupt, Kathleen A. and Kurt J., 26719 Sycamore Road, Neola, $94,000.

Sorenson, Shelly R. and Soren P. to Wilson, Brandon and Lindsey, 208 Laurie Circle, $112,000.

A & N Enterprises to Cochran, Alexia L. and Cary L., 111 Mulberry Circle, Neola, $281,000.


Hopping, Lila to Pierce, Jordan C. and Sayla J., 709 Oakland Ave., Oakland, $48,000.

Schulz, Jolene and Richard to Forsythe, David E., 941 Oakland Ave., Oakland, $229,500.


Wahle, Curt L. to Wahle, Heinrich K., 28154 Idlewood Road, Underwood, $350,000.

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