James, Debra K. and Russell, Anthony to Georgesen, Daniel J. and Deborah L., 17829 N. Reflection Circle, $640,000.

TJL Consulting Inc. to Schwartz, James R. and Lynn, 12918 N. 185th St., $385,000.

Ones, Craig J. and Jill M. Trust to Glanzer, Andrew and Rachel, 9520 Elm St., $270,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Guy, Warner L. and Betty L., 16012 Weber St., $225,000.

Friesen, Paul T. and Marcia A. to Wood, Matthew S. and Shari A., 7933 N. 152nd St., $213,000.

Caniglia, Rosario B. and Jessica to Boeckman, Bridget M., 7855 N. 155th St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Peterson, Gregory R. and Andrea A., 14616 Sunrise St., $165,400.

Celebrity Homes to Bickler, Jessica J., 14611 Sunrise St., $157,200.

Motycka, Emily J. to Johnson, Kyle M. and Shald, Laura N., 14537 Grebe St., $155,000.

Nocita, Robert S. Jr. and Carrie to Frye, Randy R., 15308 Willit St., $146,000.

Anderson, Ronald A. Trust to Mead, Robyn and Corey, 17833 Island Circle, $85,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Home Co., 18118 Ford St., $51,000.

Paramount Land Co. to Craig, Melissa A. and Carr, Allan M., 15014 Elderberry Circle, $46,900.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 17106 Clay St., $44,600.

Stratford Park Development to Home Co., 9108 N. 169th Ave., $40,500.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Legacy Homes Omaha, 14810 Prairie Star St., $37,000.


Pohland Custom Homes to Olander, Jeffrey S. and Theresa G., 21987 Brookside Ave., $505,000.

Lozier, A. George and Sandra L. to Thiem, William J. and Dawn M., 1015 S. 211th St., $420,000.

Bolden, Curtis C. and Ena M. to Lockhart, Kelly and Bond, Jeremy, 18356 Harney St., $349,900.

Hildy Construction to Yan, Alan Y. and Xue, Vivienne H., 20613 Ames Ave., $342,500.

Dave Paik Builders to Mason, Lynn M. and Teresa, 1035 N. 183rd Circle, $318,500.

Hildy Construction to Moran, Mary F., 20501 Taylor St., $316,000.

Arney, Jeffrey R. and Fink-Arney, Joanie to Kruszka, Stephen, 18317 Mason St., $310,000.

Charleston Homes to Balakrishnan, Ethiraju and Maheswari, 4516 N. 206th St., $305,412.

Wellman-Ralles, Margaret E. to Brichacek, Sandy A. and Stanley J., 960 S. 184th St., $295,000.

Home Co. to Ridder, James J. and Ashley A., 20610 Larimore Ave., $282,000.

Larson, Derek and Lindsay to Gregory, Katrina L. and Hahn, Josh M., 21503 Harney St., $250,000.

Dein, Jennifer M. and Michael T. to Louis, Eden and Adeline, 1309 N. 209th Ave., $224,900.

Celebrity Homes to Sorensen, Penny A. and Corey L., 20810 Clark St., $200,650.

Johnston, Tanner and Carlie to Ritter, Brett R. and Erin R., 3424 N. 207th Ave., $175,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Island Development LLC, 1612 S. 218th St., $152,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Gramercy Homes, 1821 S. 221st St., $82,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Hildy Construction, 1008 N. 190th St., $80,000.

ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 1412 N. 195th St., $70,000.

ER-North Development to Mohandas, Sunil K. and Ponnambath, Sheron, 906 Elk Ridge Drive, $60,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Thurber, Stephen W. and Nicolette M., 20107 Stryker St., $52,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Kavan Homes, 2707 N. 190th St., $40,750.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Ott, Steve and Michele, 5906 N. 292nd Circle, $250,000.

Heim-Berg, Nancy and Berg, Danny L. to McConnell, Nichole M., 502 S. West St., $155,900.


Parker, Maurice and Nicole to Bolowich, Elmar and Santina, 300 S. 16th St., $275,000.

Kruse Investments to 20th Street LLC, 1928 Leavenworth St., $100,000.


Statt, Sarah N. to Goytia, Jason R. and Rivera, Miguel A., 2620 N. 51st Ave., $155,000.

Access Property Investors to Andersen, Tyler J., 6306 Seward St., $117,500.

Hunt, Larry D. to Silver, Lewis S. and Cunningham, Alexandria A., 5516 Browne St., $111,000.

Linseed Capital and Kalla Associates to Morales, Jose A. and Garrido-Antunez, Dionicia, 6304 Seward St., $100,000.

Venom Investment Properties and Helms, Rob to Recek, James, 6635 Decatur St., $92,000.

MRC Groups to Thu, Eh and Paw, 4818 Grand Ave., $92,000.

Edwards, Mark A. to White, Anna C., 6824 Kansas Ave., $89,000.

Gibson, Eileen M. to Neuverth, Thomas J., 5718 Manderson St., $85,000.

Miers, Judith L. to Beauchamp, Christopher G. and Joyce M., 6780 Franklin St., $73,500.

6135 Emmet Street LLC to Mahannah, Catherine, 6135 Emmet St., $45,500.


Little Marcy Redevelopment to Held, Steven F., 819 S. 31st St., $275,000.

Little Marcy Redevelopment to O’Brien, Kevin and Winzenread, Jenna, 815 S. 31st St., $250,000.

Johnson, Zachary R. and Nicole M. to Lindsey, Tyler H. and Emily A., 1028 Turner Blvd., $218,000.

Vredenburg, John M. and Melissa to DiGiovanni, Anthony V. and Mary J., 4308 Pacific St., $135,000.

Perry, Norman S., personal representative, to Potter, David, 3336 Walnut St., $122,500.

Del Margo, Christina M. to Wells, Warren D. and Kellie A., 2139 S. 44th St., $116,000.

Henery, Brandon L. and Donna M. to Schlick Properties, 2341 S. 35th Ave., $54,000.


Wheatley, Jana M. and Bryan P. to Odd Properties, 4915 Mayberry St., $280,000.

Bost, Alan R. and Lisa W. to Bost, Joseph A. and Rachel F., 5606 Jones St., $257,000.

Bucy, Molly A. to Vandeveer, Elizabeth C., 5705 Mayberry St., $210,000.

Jones, Peter D. and Lynsie E. to Ryan, Kyle D., 1114 S. 54th St., $129,000.

Mickey, Susan, trustee for Narducci, Eugene W. Trust to Gander Co. Design and Build, 5719 Mayberry St., $120,000.

Gourley, Ruthe R. and Frank T. to APK Ventures LLC, 5517 Poppleton Ave., $95,000.

Silvestrini, Margaret, trustee for Silvestrini, Joan R. Asset Trust to Silvestrini, Margaret A., 507 S. 68th Ave., $95,000.


Plourde, Lisa and Brian J. to Trisler, Daniel A. and Cherie J., 4028 S. 35th St., $140,000.

Fortin, Nathan A. to Morgan, James and Eberlein, Monique, 4314 S. 22nd St., $115,000.

Valadez, Roberto and Ana B. to Correa, Juan D., 3729 S. 24th St., $80,000.

Odinas, Eric J. and Cecile to Bancroft, Joshua and Tiana, 4402 S. 39th St., $75,000.

Winship, Darlene R., personal representative, to Gonzalez, Amanda, 1362 Kavan St., $73,000.

Miller, Gary A. Jr. to Iniguez, Jose and Maria, 5629 S. 22nd St., $60,000.


Taqueria El Rey Inc. to Old Town Village, 1241 S. 14th St., $160,000.

Gonzalez, Ramon P. and Martha to Pinto, Manuel G. and Ventura, Guadalupe V., 2030 Spring St., $80,000.


Robles, Nestor to Lorenzo, Enelso S. and Palma, Rina R., 2124 Pinkney St., $51,000.


Punch It Out Inc. to Grotjohn-Small, Desirae, 4226 Fowler Ave., $70,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to McCoy, Paul, 4222 Patrick Ave., $128,000.

Rohan, Thomas J. to Satorie, Spencer, 4215 Grant St., $50,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Eskin Group LLC, 4257 Corby St., $26,000.

Wojtalewicz, Jerry W. to Raetz, Thomas and Allison, 3731 Himebaugh Ave., $20,000.


Turner, Angelia and Evon to Johnson, Sarita, 2876 Newport Ave., $83,500.

Brandt, Shane L. and Susan L. to Borer, Jacob L., 2527 Iowa St., $55,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Sage Casa Inc., 2877 Titus Ave., $41,000.


Scheer, Dorothy L., personal representative, to Donovan, Robert M. Sr. and Vicki L., 9123 Parker St., $186,900.


Mingus, Scott R. and Kellie O. to Mathis, Nicole L. and Hanson, Faye, 5809 N. 166th St., $500,000.

Baack, Jonathan and Brittany to Clark, Carena, 17021 Grant St., $312,500.

Hickox, William R. and Estela D. to Sheehy, Timothy J. and Deborah A., 2711 N. 161st Terrace, $305,000.

Remmick, Michael A. and Kimberly A. to Goss, Renee and Brian, 16021 Fowler Ave., $255,000.

Smith, Joseph O., trustee for Smith Family Trust to Losole, Diane C., 3809 N. 161st St., $240,000.

May, James and Lindsay to Zavaletta, Bart and Erin, 14561 Corby St., $236,000.

Simpson, Corey B. and Linda M. to Hoover, Melissa D., 4839 N. 162nd St., $233,500.

Freeman, John L. to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 16027 Fowler Ave., $228,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Walter, Robert T. and Rebecca, 16027 Fowler Ave., $228,000.

McCarty, Michael R. to Jensen, Darrin, 16726 Jaynes Circle, $224,000.

Zyskind, Jason and Siragusa, Laurie A. to Packard, Janice J., 6409 N. 149th Ave., $207,000.

Baker, Scott R. and Michelle D. to Riche, Chad and Kristin, 14709 Spaulding St., $195,000.

John, Rebecca L. to Wheeler, Frank E. III and Hahn, Rebecca D., 15463 Wirt Circle, $192,000.

Washburn, Glen A. and Lana L. to Schicker, Larry D., 16309 Camden Ave., $145,000.

Kelln, Mark D. and Heather N. to Polinko, Robert W. and Patricia J., 16461 Erskine St., $142,000.

Folt, Jason T. and Melanie to Aspen, Jeanine and Reischl, Joseph V., 16852 Saratoga Circle, $137,000.

Hiykel, Joseph J. to Illian, Laura, 14674 Ames Plaza, $108,000.

Kanne, Janet E. and Brian J. to Easy Space USA, 6524 N. 160th Ave., $55,000.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 15453 Ellison Circle, $47,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Sherwood Homes, 6404 N. 165th St., $44,900.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 5607 N. 155th St., $42,000.

Blondo Street Development to A-1 Restoration and Wilson, Brad, 17627 Patrick Ave., $40,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 6523 N. 157th St., $34,900.


Griffin, Robert E. and Julie A. to Schrier, Stephen and Diana, 6035 N St., $142,910.

Red Door LLC to Gonka, Duane G., 6225 H St., $85,000.

Telecky, Dyan J. and David F. to Anderson, Roger L., 6212 I St., $79,000.


Mroczek, Nicholas and Melissa M. to Isaacson, Andrew and Amy, 754 N. 163rd Ave., $500,000.


Carter, Michael R. and Kay L. to Wilson, Mark W. and Lois C., 10326 Newport Ave., $220,000.

Davis, Darnel L. and Gerene to Rai, Bir and Adhikari, Uma, 8438 Potter St., $147,500.

Legacy Ventures I to Crider, Brittany N. and Kuta, Andrew W., 7959 Bartlett St., $145,000.

Jones, Ezinne N. and Andrew P. to Carlentine, Anthony, 7003 N. 89th Ave., $130,000.

Lucas, Daniel R. to Ramirez, Brenda and Francisco J., 7431 Wyoming St., $125,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 6529 N. 78th St., $106,250.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 6529 N. 78th St., $73,040.


Castelman, Scott E. and Victoria L. to Lyons, Joseph M. and Molly A., 8566 Cedar St., $415,000.

Larsen, Jessica A. to Barry, Patrick and Delmas, Heather, 3424 S. 102nd St., $398,000.

Bluestem Real Estate to Eweis, Nora, 9727 Nina St., $149,900.

Brudney, Joseph T., personal representative, to Chan, Thredz A., 7526 Vinton St., $135,500.

Johnson, Ryan W. and Margaret J. to Logar Rentals Inc., 7822 Ontario St., $129,355.

Lichter, Patrick S. and Linda K. to Santos, Marlene and Salgado, Jose, 3505 S. 82nd St., $125,000.


McKay, Evelyn A. to Sanford, John G. and Lisa A., 9506 Mockingbird Drive, $126,000.

American National Bank to REO Asset Management Co., 5067 S. 106th St., $90,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 5067 S. 106th St., $123,250.

Dubbs, Andrew M. Trust to Dubbs, Andrew M. and Glazebrook, Kimberly J., 8213 Clairmont Ave., $55,650.


Hanselman, Jeffrey A. and Jeni M. to Ames, Kevin Trust, 20003 Pierce St., $539,000.

Lynn, David W. and Tonya R. to Gilreath, Scott E. and Ann M., 18729 Hansen St., $410,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Clausen, Justin C. and Kiley, 2139 S. 192nd Ave., $333,973.

Miller, Patrick J. and Brooke L. to Yeh, Adam and Kritin, 3870 S. 181st St., $332,000.

Lovstad, John E. and Corliss L. to Mann, Donald R. and Amber R., 16323 Hascall St., $322,500.

Dubberly, Lee A. and Aaron O. to McCamy, Martin R., 18320 Nina St., $298,500.

Stolzer, Gary V. and Bonnie J. to Siedlik, Russell J. and Melissa L., 16330 Hascall St., $280,500.

Schmurr, Earl W. and Sandra S. to Baideme, Larry D. and Mickie, 1505 Peterson Drive, $153,800.

Gregory, Katrina L. to Olari, Nicholas C. and Alicia E., 1322 S. 166th St., $140,000.

Sienkaniec, Cathy M. and Henryk V. to Mantz, Craig and Paige, 15916 Frances Circle, $76,500.

McKee, Jeffrey M. to Mantz, Craig and Paige, 15916 Frances Circle, $76,500.

HBI LLC to LDT Inc., 19004 Pierce Plaza, $38,000.


Bhatia, Shashi and Subhash C. to Bayer, Jeffrey M. and Gretchen C., 110 S. 37th St., $132,500.

Citta, Julie M., trustee for Bernadine, Johnson Trust to Amin, Ravi R., 3000 Farnam St., $90,000.


Engelkamp, Amanda S. and Kevin to Hollenback, Timothy R. and Leanne R., 1101 N. 50th St., $175,500.

Klare, Brian B. and Wendy L. to Nevarez, Richard and Dawn, 5004 Burt St., $166,000.

Harris, Paula D. to Flores, Simple, 5714 Charles St., $125,000.

Lewis, Bruce A. and Howard A. to Vickery, Joey K., 5424 Lafayette Ave., $133,000.

Crooks, Alicia K. and Grady A. to Gillespie, Jay B. and Victoria L., 325 S. 69th St., $125,800.

Usonia Properties to McIntyre, Michelle and Stephen, 4618 Wakeley St., $124,500.

Jones, Mollie E. to Ratcliff, Malinda L., 908 N. 48th Ave., $105,000.

Frost, Mary E. to Auction Investments, 6522 Hamilton St., $31,500.


Crosswalk Ministries and First Free Methodist Church Omaha to First Kachin Baptist Church America, 9525 Maple St., $450,000.

Probst, Steven M. and Diane L. to Peterson, Jason and Hawkins, Sara, 6418 N. 105th Ave., $229,000.

Pettit Florence B., personal representative, to Staiert, Shawn D. and Jacobs, Tina, 10334 Browne St., $195,000.

Kuruvilla, James and James, Joyce to Simonsen, Susan, 6328 N. 105th St., $162,500.

Prince, Barbara H. and Baker, Jennifer A. to Eby, Lavon C., 4625 N. 81st St., $153,000.

Groven, Robert L. to Top, John L., 7924 Manderson St., $145,000.

Krzyzanowski, Scott, trustee for Kryzyanowski, Bernice E. Trust to Cruz, Maria N. and Spiller, Sergio A., 9711 Hartman Ave., $140,000.

Kucera, Sara B. and Matthew H. to Lyon, Maximilian T. and Bender, Katie N., 6027 N. 105th St., $138,000.

Molnar Investments to Dewald, Dustin and Alyssa, 7864 Vernon Ave., $129,500.

Smith, Caitlin to Carwyn, Samantha A., 4635 N. 94th St., $117,000.

Freemole, Madeline to Moon, Guy F., 8941 Miami St., $60,000.


Celebrity Homes to Boyes, Anthony and Stephanie, 4502 S. 199th Ave., $341,250.

Pacesetter Homes to Rempe, Thomas A. and Monica J., 6615 S. 199th St., $329,524.

Thiessen, Jac L. to Miller, Patrick J. and Brooke L., 4332 S. 174th St., $230,000.

Johnston, Patricia L. to Thiessen, Jac L., 4417 S. 174th Ave., $257,000.

Wand, David A. and Theresa M. to Daniels, Doug and Esther E., 17304 Washington St., $325,000.

Hellman, Mary L. and Joel to Ramkus, Connie E., 5027 S. 178th St., $300,000.

Jacobs, Sara E. and Marshall L. to Chatfield, Joy and Kappes, 5324 S. 162nd Ave., $285,000.

Opfer, Jason H. to Holmes, Carol A. and Vincent, Christopher T., 5532 S. 161st St., $260,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Motsinger, Shawn, 6015 S. 193rd St., $245,000.

Treppner, Florian C. and Mihaela to Clear, Bradley B. and Chandra D., 16631 Holmes St., $245,000.

Jones, Elizabeth R. to Lynn, Tonya R., 4314 S. 202nd Ave., $235,000.

Yeh, Adam Y. and Kristin K. to Brosnan, Brian and Emili, 15610 Polk Circle, $231,500.

Lovell, Ashley M. and Schuyler to Bertsch, James A. and Jane E., 6207 S. 193rd St., $222,500.

Capurro, Enrique D. and Shaun L. to Swisher, Brock and Jessica, 16865 K St., $216,000.

Nakaya, Noah M. and Jeanny A. to Beller, Courtney M., 5808 S. 190th Terrace, $209,500.

Chellapandian, Manikandan and Mallela, Pratima to Spencer, Chad A. and Brenda, 5908 S. 187th Avenue Circle, $186,000.

Nelson, John T. and Laura J. to Loseke, Jeremy A., 5008 S. 167th Ave., $177,000.

Plugge, Jay M. and Sheri L. to Carlsen, Kevin M. and Kristin, 16005 O Circle, $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jones, Jameson A., 19622 R St., $164,450.

Danenhauer, Megan to Ceder, Derrick D. and Kellie L., 19459 U St., $160,000.

Husak, Jason M. to Goodman, Paul E. and Jennifer, 18651 Allan St., $159,000.

Bezek, George M. Jr. and Kim to Timm, Cally F., 19380 U St., $150,000.

Beller, Courtney M. to Scarborough, Fred and Susan, 18192 Hayes Court, $107,000.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 6215 S. 182nd Ave., $38,950.


Pink, Deborah A. and Gary L. to Wikoff, Christopher D. and Jody R., 5615 S. 118th Plaza, $525,000.

Schmidt, Larry and Incontro-Schmidt, Christine to Grobeck, Jason H., 13529 Z St., $189,000.

Hoover, Melissa D. to Osborne, Sean M. and Kara A., 4401 S. 146th St., $170,000.

Frith, Ricky W. Jr and Barbara C. to Gomez, Jeffrey and Murphy, Molly, 14705 M St., $167,000.

Schroeder, Justin and Bjorklund, Jennifer R. to Conolly, Benjamin J., 5022 S. 149th St., $162,000.

Lessig, John III and Tanis K. to Saxton, Paige and Herring, Evan, 6501 S. 117th St., $156,000.

Troglia, David W. to Visocky, Brian A. and Monique, 5647 Blackwell Drive, $150,000.

McClendon, Elmo W. to Rasmussen, Jason and Debra S., 13727 Adams Circle, $145,000.

Clark, Betty to Clark, Berry J. and Franzen, Kenneth, 6112 S. 146th St., $140,000.

Swisher, Jessica and Brock to McKinnon, Amanda and Smith, Josh, 6623 S. 153rd St., $134,000.

Bogenhagen, Tammy J. to Rude, Trisha L., 5811 S. 136th St., $121,000.

Langseth, Lee, personal representative, to Flanagan, Bradley and Jamie, 5124 S. 126th Plaza, $85,888.


Celebrity Homes to Kelley, Bill D. and Peggy A., 7119 N. 139th St., $206,300.

Celebrity Homes to Waller, Erika, 14051 Wood Valley Drive, $164,100.

Easy Space USA to Kanne, Brian J. and Janet E., 11521 Read Circle, $65,000.

Utopic Holdings to Afanasiev, Alexey and Jamie, 12511 Deer Creek Drive, $44,000.


Ferer, Lyn V. to Snyder, Bryan M., 11206 Bel Air Drive, $572,500.

Reed, Elizabeth C. and Makos, Ellis G. to Ebert, Maggie L. and Andrew J., 1606 S. 155th St., $313,000.

Morse, Stacy M. and Reece to Rowe, Donald III and Annamaria, 3705 S. 117th St., $175,000.

Herbolsheimer, Laura D. and John R. to Chalupa, Crysta M., 2417 S. 124th St., $144,000.

Moore, Meghan L. to Tollefson, John L., 3236 S. 126th Ave., $132,000.

Ermeling, Sarah J., personal representative, to Floersch, Steven W. and Lauren E., 3329 S. 115th St., $120,000.


Nelson, Adam C. Trust to Huss, Travis, 345 S. 114th St., $210,000.

Cavanaugh, Michael J. and Candy M. to Malhiwsky, Raymond and Barbara, 11366 Jackson St., $194,800.

Kolakowski, Jacqueline and Michael A. to FOG Properties, 324 N. 152nd St., $115,000.


Boustead, Arli H. and Kurt to Miller, Sarah E. and Tunzer, Jack A., 3224 N. 124th St., $193,000.

Yank, Stanley to Bigelow, Virginia C., 13820 Sahler St., $180,000.

HBI LLC to Ahlers, Allison C. and Anderson, Matthew L., 4923 N. 113th St., $175,000.

Farris, Kelly N. to Brandquist, Walter A. Jr., 12416 Wirt St., $169,900.

Strobel, Robert W. and Kayla M. to Miller, Mitchell, 2730 N. 113th St., $153,000.

Groves, Diane K. to Steele, Julie A., 11530 Raleigh Drive, $145,000.

Meyer, Jeffrey S. and Jodi A. to Johnson, Ashley N., 11510 Rambleridge Road, $138,000.

Johnson, Luther T. and Jones, Nanci E. to Winter, Jessica M., 11325 Martin Ave., $137,500.

U.S. Bank to Castle 2016 LLC, 11293 Lake Forest Drive, $98,800.



Schworer, Matthew and Crosby, Paul Jr. to Lewis, Charles S. and Amy E., 100 Olde Hickory Road, $609,000.

Herring, Jeremy E. to TSW Properties, 105 Lorraine Drive, $103,000.

Baker, Katherine L., personal representative for Carter, Margaret L. Estate to Alvarado-Carrizalez, Jose A., 1712 Lincoln Road, $77,000.

R & B Properties to Schleicher, Devin R. and Kaysee J., 2103 Fairview St., $147,000.

Kosko Properties to Lewis, James A. and Laurie L., 2403 Crawford St., $59,000.

F & G Enterprises to Arznola Nunez, Shidarta J., 2510 Van Buren St., $120,000.

Schlecht, Dale M. and Kathleen A. to Schlecht, Jeffrey J. and Kesselring, Tisa, 2526 Hancock St., $46,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group for the benefit of Christine M. Burns IRA, 2802 Janan Drive, $157,000.

Stokes, Lowell and Doris M. to Jura, Ronald J. and Brittany, 2811 Jackson St., $97,000.

McQuillen, Dennis and Jodi to Herring, Jeremy and Chambers, Nicole L., 502 Lorraine Drive, $160,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 904 Willow Ave., $121,000.


Chiburis, Louisa to Haecker, Dale H. and Kathy S., 10609 S. 212th St., $230,000.

Barr Homes to Benham, Lee C. and Linda S., 18855 Alder Drive, $334,000.

McCune Development to Sherwood Homes, 20112 Maple St., $38,000.

Ellenberger, Zachary M. and Mikayla to Clegg, Sara M. and Andrew A., 20820 Maple St., $162,000.

Sherwood Homes to Ludemann, Andrew J. and Kelsey J., 7911 S. 193rd Ave., $56,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Silverstone Building Co., 8006 S. 194th St., $60,000.

Cambridge Homes to Caputo, James P. and Kristine K., 8119 S. 192nd Ave., $335,000.


Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Lofgren, Christopher B. and Anne R., 1014 Jacqueline Drive, $220,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Jackson, Steven D. and Deborah S., 10518 S. 125th Ave., $450,000.

Southbrook Development to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 11741 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Pape, Andy A. and Rona M. to Hoy, James R. Jr. and Darline M., 1713 Eastview Drive, $167,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group for the benefit of Salil P. Solo K-Account, 302 Laredo Road, $142,000.

Klostemeyer, Judith K. and David H. Trust to Cole, Jeremy N. and Ciara L., 501 Shannon Road, $182,000.

Camp, Nathan T. and Janelle L. to Harding, Nathan H. and Shawna L., 7963 Shadow Lake Drive, $335,000.

Toczek, David M. and Carla M. to Tran, Annie T., 808 Lexington Lane, $230,000.

Buckheit, James and Amy S. to Fitch, Gary L. and Terri L., 824 Clearwater Drive, $170,000.


Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Ryan, Steven D. and Jamie C., 335 First St., $67,000.


Hill, Dennis M. and Beverly J. to Dudley, Travis M., 10907 S. 17th St., $145,000.

Schenck, Mark P. and Hough, Jill A. to White, Scott, 12738 S. 38th St., $89,000.

Grove, Kristen M. to White, Scott, 12738 S. 38th St., $89,000.

Shellgren, Shawny M. to Relfe, Danniell J., 13303 Courtney Drive, $160,000.

Tregaron Woods to Stawniak, Gary A. and Janet M., 13404 Spencer Circle, $57,000.

Lantz, Matthew A. and Lisa M. to Shaw, Devin and Gendig, Victoria, 13903 S. 44th St., $190,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Valencia, Cesar A., 14711 S. 23rd St., $250,000.

Growth Equity Group to Quest IRA Inc. for the benefit of Bobby F. Pryor IRA, 3402 E. Dutchman Circle, $145,000.

George, Jerry, personal representative for George, La Cinda C. Estate to George, Joseph and Eggert, Jacob T., 3407 Comstock Ave., $129,000.

Charleston Homes to Frith, Ricky and Barbara, 4457 Brook Drive, $237,000.


Townswick, Jane R., personal representative for Townswick, Gary N. Estate to Black Diamond Properties, 7339 S. 71st Ave., $39,000.

McWhirt, Sean D., personal representative for McWhirt, Florence G. Estate to Beiting, Mark A., 7808 Terry Drive, $41,000.

Murley, Rachel to Morgan, Matthew T. and Kristen A., 8118 Valley Road, $115,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Wolf, Scott J. and Christine L. Trust, 8601 S. 98th St., $185,000.


Hopp, Kevin R. and Magelli, Merrell A. to Sauley, Edward A. III and Judith A., 15810 S. 57th St., $1,030,000.

Newport Homes to Kruse, Timothy and Ann M., 1805 Titan Springs Drive, $270,000.

J Henry Homes to Payne, John F. and Lori J., 6761 Harvest Drive, $377,000.

Celebrity Homes to DiGiacomo, Anthony J., 8536 S. 69th St., $197,000.


O’Gorman, Johnathan P. and Hershey, Syd T. to Russell, Zachary W., 10490 S. 179th St., $420,000.

Barndt, Richard A. and Naomi S. to Bass, Kenneth, 15811 Stony Circle, $250,000.

Gerdes, Craig L. and Bobbi S. to Blum, Brandon, 15820 Redwood St., $155,000.

Smith, Jillian M. to Minard, Bradley C., 16107 Briar St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes to Arnold, Clifford A. and Bonnie L., 16415 Cary St., $210,000.

Willms, Neal and Sharyn A. Trust to Venteicher, Bradley and Amber, 16437 Cottonwood St., $242,000.

Paulsen, Mark and Jessica to Pomplun, Brian L. and Morgan C., 16814 Brian St., $148,000.

Charleston Homes to Trenkamp, Trey A. and Cortney M. 17213 Camp St., $290,000.

Royal Development to McCune, Paul S. and Susan J., 17468 Ridgemont St., $535,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ellenberger, Zachary M. and Mikayla M., 18912 Redwood St., $230,000.

Day, Quinton and Abby to Stockwell, Bryan J. and Natalie C., 7317 S. 166th St., $295,000.

LA Investment Group LLC to Nigrila, Adrian, 7321 S. 183rd St., $160,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ernst, Brandon K., 7930 S. 162nd St., $226,000.

Philip, John P. and Josephine Praveena to Noyes, Anthony W., 8614 S. 164th St., $185,000.


Barnes, Roger J. Jr. and Kimberly S. and Roger M. to Coenen, Donald E. and Amy L., 13305 Cooper St., $150,000.

Carr, Chad J. to Ryan, Stephanie, 14710 Emiline St., $130,000.

McClendon, Gary L., personal representative for McClendon, Elmo Estate to Coppertree LLC, 8206 S. 151st Ave., $58,000.

Laux, Alycia M. and Bryan A. to Becker, Matthew and Chelsea, 8506 S. 143rd St., $143,000.


Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group for the benefit for Karyl L. Fiddyment IRA, 3954 McMahon Ave., $158,000.

Maravilla, Walter V. to Soltero, Amado G., 4119 Southern Hills Drive, $53,000.

Plantikow, John O. and Rosemary to Lupo, Nicholas and Joel L. and Josann M., 7515 S. 18th St., $121,000.

Davis, Joseph K. and Arlene Y. to McQuillen, Jodi L., 9404 S. 27th Ave., $233,000.

VVP Property to Eserhut, Matthew J. and Deanna M., 9610 S. Ninth Ave., $137,000.


Locklear, Alfred W. and Amanda J. to Morales, Franco R. and Mary E., 4607 Bernadette Ave., $280,000.

Kratz, Doyle E. to Orange, Lyndon L. and Pamela J., 4906 Aspen Drive, $184,000.

Conley, Elaine E. to Rubek, Vicki L., 4916 Copper Creek Road, $123,000.

Mentzer, Michael G. and Bonita J. to Scholting, Joshua M., 7213 S. 50th St., $130,000.

Ziemba, Barbette L. to Swank, Nicholas C. and Elizabeth L., 8401 S. 50th St., $135,000.



Macols LLC to Chapman, Lisa A. and Wright, Nathaniel L., 3121 Ave. J, $116,500.

Hyde, Jay J. to Allen, Amanda L. and Gerald S., 3619 William Lane, $18,000.

General Property Management to McCormick, John, 2715 S. 11th St., $105,000.

Jacobmeier, Denise L. and Jon J. to D & D Homes, 3306 Eighth Ave., $48,000.

R & R Equities to Kline, R.J., 2811 Ave. A, $45,000.

Knott, Bradley S. and Janice I. Trust to Kinart, Julie and Phil, 3407 Eighth Ave., $52,000.

Surpassets LLC to Richardson, Daniel E. and Marcia A., 3403 Second Ave., $126,000.

U.S. Bank to Porter, Scott, 1308 N. 22nd St., $48,500.

Richardson, Daniel E. and Marcia A. to Perdue, Bradley W., 1301 N. 30th St., $205,000.

Jansenius, C. Marie and Mark L. to Helm, Shelley R., 3000 Margaret Ave., $92,000.

Surpassets LLC to Cain, Ashley R. and Scott A., 1011 S. 32nd St., $89,000.

Tamer, Anthony M. to Cox, Dave J., 806 N. 22nd St., $74,000.


Ward, Mary E. to Juarez, Jaime and Sarah, 15058 Brookside Lane, $397,500.

Otoole, Terry J. to Wurtz, Jonas J., 511 Iowa Ave., $115,000.

Thomas, Nancy L. to Higginbotham, Mary J., 1397 Ohm St., $262,000.

Ratliff, Bret H. and Eryn to Koenig, Jerry L. and Linda L., 184 Bennett Ave., $145,000.

Graafls Farms to Johnson, Schuyler, 805 Commercial St., $30,000.


Bintz, Jeffrey H. and Jody to Grashorn, Erich C. and Monica J., 27030 Beechnut Road, Treynor, $195,000.


Cook, Jennifer J. and Todd L. to Campbell, Natassia, 520 Highway Ave., Underwood, $137,500.

A & N Enterprises to Justsen, Chadwick W. and Lori R., 209 Faith Ave., Underwood, $262,500.

Eagle Ridge Rentals to Jennings Apartments, 120 Fourth Ave., Underwood, $155,000.

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