Landmark Performance Corp. to Baack, Amy E. and Matthew B., 7759 N. 153rd St., $403,337.

Home Co. LLC to Clements, Matthew and Sarah, 18510 Northern Hills Drive, $400,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anthofer, Bradley J. and Michelle A., 7181 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $325,400.

Newport Homes LLC to Howell, Bryan J. and Danielle H., 7672 N. 154th St., $319,685.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Eckersley, Jordan L. and Megan A., 16476 Vane St., $306,850.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Yarges, Mary, 7183 N. 165th St., $285,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Peatrowsky, Christina R. and Randy L. Jr., 15109 Elmwood Drive, $277,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Yahnke, Sean and Melissa, 11931 Ashwood Drive, $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nickels, Steven A. and Yvonne D., 16152 Sunflower St., $236,400.

Real Growth LLC to Selbitschka, Robert W. and Mary E., 16018 Mormon St., $217,000.

Smith, Eric to Knoble, Sara and Peterson, Aaron, 14851 Eagle St., $214,500.

Thielen, Raymond R. and Judith A. to Tremblay, Joel D. and Chera M., 12155 N. 178th Circle, $210,000.

Nuemeyer Farms Inc. to Landers, John A. and Lisa M., 19202 Rainwood Road, $192,500.

Williams, Dmario L. and Bridget L. to Deneumostier, Christian J. and Bethany L., 14472 Leeman St., $180,000.

Pilakowski, Timothy and Heather to Peitzmeier, Melissa C. and Spinner, Brock J., 7819 N. 151st St., $165,000.

Smith, Doug D. and Knutson-Smith, Angela C. to Randall, Ryan G. and Sydney M., 437 N. Molley St., $164,000.

Meads, Patrick T. and Brittanie to Howland, Eric, 15359 Grebe St., $150,000.

Holt-Speer Investments LLC to JEML Properties LLC, 207 N St., $135,000.

Holt-Speer Investments LLC to JEML Properties LLC, 219 N St., $130,000.

Logemann, Darrell J. and Coe F. to Smith, Jimi J. and Amy J., 17750 Island Circle, $83,000.


Paradise Homes Inc. to Schaal, Adam T. and Colleen N., 20955 Pine Circle, $469,500.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Parsons, Preston and Joy C., 2320 S. 218th Ave., $416,900.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Peterson, Adam and Jenny, 18877 Manderson Circle, $395,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Combs, Dale R. and Kathy S., 4107 N. 191st St., $393,948.

Howland, Eric and Holly to Woods, Jenna R., 4410 N. 210th St., $349,489.

Martin, Tanya D. and Joseph M. to Dale, Virginia and Turner, Chelsie E., 19623 Farnam St., $307,000.

Home Co. LLC to Burke, Patrick J. and Anne M., 20606 Larimore Ave., $305,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sawtelle, Luke and Heine, Lauren, 4509 N. 206th St., $257,700.

Settles, John A. and Amanda to Panoplia Properties LLC, 2425 N. 191st Ave., $216,000.

Binder, Blake R. and Gina C. to Wofford, William R., 414 S. 216th St., $213,000.

Gries, Nancy L. to Lathrop, Tyler G. and Harper, Kelsie M., 2829 N. 200th Ave., $204,500.

Banks, Carrie L. and Richard L. Jr. to Govindarajulu, Shankar and Duraikannan, Durgalakshmi, 3463 Piney Creek Drive, $195,200.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Ndebele, Mvikeli and Kindra, 2615 N. 188th St., $80,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 20462 A St., $80,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 1206 Elk Ridge Drive, $80,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Petersen, Dane, 23606 Berry St., $59,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 18705 Sahler St., $50,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 19012 Boyd St., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18318 Burdette St., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18308 Grant St., $45,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Covington Homes Inc., 2722 N. 191st Ave., $40,750.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Covington Homes Inc., 2720 N. 191st Ave., $40,750.

Kully, Jennifer R. Trust to Khandelwal, Vikram, 18915 Leavenworth St., $146,500.

Kully, Debra J. Trust to Khandelwal, Vikram, 18915 Leavenworth St., $146,000.


Kean-Puccioni, Emily R. Trust to Olson, Justin and Amber, 150 Ginger Cove Road, $395,000.


Grebenick, Justin and Dougherty, Bridget to Kingslan, Amanda M., 300 S. 16th St., $105,000.


Weidle, Lee T. and Annette D. to Stock, Kathleen, 2323 N. 53rd St., $319,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Moo, Kler and Htoo, Paw E., 4618 Ellison Ave., $112,000.

Ernst, Michael R. and Susan M. to Munn, Kathy J., 1804 N. 48th Ave., $105,000.

Tejral Properties I LLC to Speer, Jarod P. and Mestl, Michaela M., 2015 N. 63rd St., $93,500.

Hurley Rentals LLC to Swain, Christopher and Charity, 5220 N. 50th Ave., $82,500.

Baker, Louise A. to Childers, Michael J., 4811 Seward St., $79,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 2315 N. 67th Ave., $101,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Weeks, William, 4545 Saratoga St., $26,000.


YK Holdings LLC to S & P Development LLC, 1333 S. 28th St., $40,000.


Rice, Jessica L. Trust to Cano, Robert and Lindborg, June, 511 S. 51st Ave., $335,000.

Ciavarella, David J. to Scanlan, Patricia A., 5639 Jones St., $322,500.

Carter, Odessa N. and Connelly, Micah J. to Williams, Patricia, 5810 Hascall St., $170,000.

Massow, Tammy S. and Roland D. Jr. to Andersen, Eric M., 3719 S. 49th St., $156,500.

Woolstrum, Fred W. to Ro-Dan LLC, 4541 Shirley St., $137,500.

Morrison, Michael to Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A., 4671 Hickory St., $115,000.

Larmon, Max R. and Richelle to Petersen, Sean and Steven, 6809 Mayberry St., $90,000.

HBI LLC to American Equity LLC, 5883 Bancroft St., $84,000.


Riveros, Arturo and Acevedo, Ruy to Olinger, Matthew, 4320 S. 23rd St., $119,900.

Curtis, Keith V. to Smith, Shawn R., 2540 Washington St., $60,000.

HBI LLC to CESH LLC, 5324 S. 36th St., $55,000.


1234 South 10th LLC to LaBella, Sara R. and Woods, Justin C., 1208 S. 10th Court, $67,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Vasko, Ted, 1705 Martha St., $72,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Albers, Ryan M., 220 Woodland Drive, $57,000.

Welniak, Thomas A., personal representative, to Gonzales, Jose M. and Vasquez, Clelia L., 3605 S. 18th St., $38,000.


Tharp, Thomas E. and Debra J. to L & T Bundy LLC, 3606 Hartman Ave., $100,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Johnson, Sheretta V., 4104 Wirt St., $72,000.

Geek, James and Kuag, Sarah to Gonzalez, Juan R., 5314 N. 25th Ave., $56,500.

Tashaunda Knighten IRA to McQueen, Demarcus, 4208 Fowler Ave., $43,000.

Donatello Properties LLC to Sanibel LLC, 4522 N. 36th St., $42,500.

Donatello Properties LLC to Sanibel LLC, 4009 Boyd St., $40,000.

YK Holdings LLC to Sanibel LLC, 2405 N. 33rd Ave., $26,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to End of the Road LLC, 4242 Meredith Ave., $20,000.


Chapman Properties LLC to Dunigan, Derrick, 3325 Martin Ave., $115,000.

Basil Land Holdings LLC to End of the Road LLC, 3024 Ida St., $20,000.


Insley, Patricia A. to Jacoby, Timothy L. and Merica, Ley A., 9525 Capitol Ave., $520,000.

Kleffner, Gertrude to Graeve, Barbara S. and Terrence L., 840 N. 77th Ave., $112,000.


Timberline Homes Inc. to Camp, Corey C. and Elizabeth R., 2719 N. 178th St., $386,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Settles, John and Amanda, 17520 Tibbles St., $315,100.

Otwell, Debra J. to Rock, Simone A. and Cohen, Joshua R., 3109 N. 169th Ave., $283,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Nelson, Matthew A. and Natalie A., 5955 N. 154th St., $282,910.

Home Co. LLC to McCarter, Andrea, 6014 N. 154th Ave., $277,000.

Fordyce, Victor H. and Sandra L. to White, Randy A. and Alison D., 2429 N. 148th St., $250,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Beckers, Michael S. and Maria L., 3911 N. 159th St., $244,000.

Krumwiede, Quinton and Kyla to Phillips, Lisa M. and William, 5150 N. 176th Avenue Circle, $240,000.

Wehner, Gordon and Ann to Hollinger, David III and Jaclyn, 4719 N. 150th St., $222,000.

Onishchuck, Nikolay and Liubov to Potter, Jaiden N. and Ellenwood, Trenton J., 16363 Butler Ave., $214,900.

Efferding, Megan A. and Eckersley, Jordan L. to Watson, John M. and Jaime M., 14909 Queens Drive, $187,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Malzahn, Leon E. and Carolyn J. Trust, 17559 Ames Ave., $182,000.

Griminger, Charles O. II and Roxanne L. to Roza, Paul and Karlena, 15115 Bedford Ave., $167,000.

Cotton, Poppy S. and Shawn L. to Killion, Krista, 14913 Binney St., $161,000.

Labandz, Vincent H. to Mendez, Gloria and Iddings, Mark, 4003 N. 172nd Ave., $160,000.

Murphy, Betty L. to McBride, Sheryl L., 14459 Camden Circle, $136,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 6010 N. 151st Ave., $44,950.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Byrd Properties LLC, 16425 Fowler Ave., $161,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 16320 Patrick Ave., $155,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Omaha RJI Rents LLC, 17260 Sprague St., $143,000.


Herrera, Jaclyn and Jesse to Bliss, Melinda M., 4408 S. 46th St., $123,000.

Guzman, Eden and Erick to Aguilar, Edna E., 4734 S. 47th St., $110,000.

Stastny, Steven J. to Saxton, Travis J., 5030 O St., $105,000.

Kraniewski, Susan and Mark to Albiter, Ivan N., 5101 Q St., $84,000.


HL Holdings LLC to Schmieding, Larry D., 1822 N. 169th Plaza, $450,000.

Holt, Patricia E. to MacDonald, Deborah A., 563 S. 175th Circle, $427,500.


Shuster, Douglas G. and Sharon M. to Betz, Clay and Connie, 7909 Craig Circle, $161,000.

Merchen, Mary G. to Sukka, Sai K. and Prasanna, Priya, 7420 N. 73rd Ave., $159,000.

Swain, Sean M. and Sarah C. to Hendrix, Steven, 7314 N. 76th St., $152,500.

Brown, Laurie A. and John J. to Tran, Nick H. and Nguyen, Que T., 8161 Willit St., $149,500.

Chase, Beau J. and Abigail K. to Neukirch, Samantha J. and Young, Alexander J., 7718 Howell St., $145,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Juelsgaard, Eric and Brenna, 8844 N. 82nd Ave., $129,900.


Michelizzi, Darryl P. and Wendy M. to Hamilton, Michael and Candace L., 9126 Shirley St., $415,000.

Kalawati Property LLC to Hutson, Frederick J. and Gretchen C., 1505 S. 76th St., $217,000.

Freiburger, Scott and Kate to Welsh, Denise, 8705 A St., $141,000.

Bailey, Michael T. and Simmons-Bailey, Sara to Barrera Rentals 1 LLC, 8013 Barbara St., $115,000.

Bearinger, Kevin C. and Jenny M. to Felthousen, Keith and Luedtke, Maureen, 7501 Valley St., $115,000.

Vandenack, Matthew J., trustee for IMFY Trust, to Fries, Timothy W. and Gjere, Michelle A., 9802 Poppleton Ave., $236,000.

Stolp, Norris W. Sr. Trust to American Equity LLC, 7814 Pasadena Ave., $60,000.


Evans, Kenneth D. and Mary K. to Berg, Thomas L. and Deborah L., 5516 S. 104th Ave., $147,000.

Wilson, Brian C. and Tricia M. to Friedel, Jesse J. and Jennifer F., 7529 Drexel St., $135,000.

Linger, William K. and Ivy Trust to Wright, Betty L., 5312 Bay Meadows Road, $168,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 7733 State St., $82,000.


Beck, Jay M. and Angela B. to Swim, Rachel M., 3320 S. 187th St., $440,000.

Eich, April L. and Scott to Lau, Josephine and Ren, Jiawei, 2407 S. 183rd Circle, $374,000.

Parsons, Preston and Joy C. to Davis, Shannon M., 19218 Pasadena Circle, $323,000.

Cordel, Maria K. to Smart, Brenda L. and Piper, Jamie L., 2410 S. 165th Ave., $244,000.

Marcum, Luke F. and Patricia to Sapkota, Chandra and Saraswati, 3816 S. 191st Ave., $195,000.

Thompson, Tracy T. and Barbara R. to Loree, Daniel and Elizabeth, 15831 Valley St., $192,750.

Cummings, John D. and Marlene W. to Cummings, Dylan and Carly, 2940 S. 159th Circle, $180,000.

McEachen, John R. to Vakhidov, Sardor, 2523 S. 165th St., $158,500.

Kasada, Betty N. to ASA Properties 6 LLC, 16075 Oak St., $100,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1427 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.


Pendley, Ronald K. and Linda D. to AMDG LLC, 343 N. 35th St., $108,000.

Trussell, Bernadette B. to Wicks, Joseph and Cindy, 3000 Farnam St., $68,500.

Novich, Michael S. to Kendall, Ronald, 1028 N. 33rd St., $30,000.


Antony Real Estate LLC to Foster, Nathaniel R. and Brooke L., 6146 Charles St., $145,000.

Nakad, Ramzy to Filbrandt, Jeffrey R. and Daniela, 4750 Capitol Ave., $117,000.

Nelson, Janice G. Trust to Zomas LLC, 5121 Capitol Ave., $183,000.

Jorgensen, Brad C., personal representative for Aulner, Virginia C. Estate, to Zomas LLC, 5121 Capitol Ave., $183,000.

Sheridan, Claudia V. Estate to Paule, Ross and Laurie, 5006 Cuming St., $198,000.


Faith Covenant Church of Omaha and Bensonvale Covenant Church to Midwest Regional Conference, 8333 Fort St., $457,800.

Drake, Scott A. Sr. and Tina M. to Stoner, Brian A. and Jundt, Taylor S., 3909 N. 95th St., $153,000.

KP3 Investors LLC to Cameron, Amber, 8822 Sprague Circle, $145,000.

Johnson, Ervin F. Jr. to Marsh, Mary C. and Melvin A., 10320 Prairie Road, $138,240.

Kobold, Allison to Flores, Bridget J., 7610 Richmond Drive, $131,000.

United Equity LLC to Monahan, Sean, 9205 Meredith Ave., $125,000.

Pike, Cheryl C. to Adams, Ashtin R., 9323 Tomahawk Blvd., $118,000.

Smith, Mildred V. and Mark to Beaton, Christopher M., 9636 Grand Ave., $85,000.

Devers, Rando to Toney, Darlene and Devers, Rando, 6412 N. 79th St., $56,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 9604 Maple St., $134,000.

Bornder, Kane G. Trust to Tadros, Suzan B. and Attia, Madonna S., 9105 Meredith Circle, $60,000.

Bornder, Madeline H. Trust to Tadros, Suzan B. and Attia, Madonna S., 9105 Meredith Circle, $59,975.


Kavan Home Inc. to Roshak, Connie, 5704 S. 167th Circle, $379,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Sama, Narendhar and Aletl, Samatha, 6210 S. 171st St., $376,244.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Ruh, Nathaniel D. and Amanda M., 17265 Jefferson St., $374,229.

Mimick, Thomas O. and Michele R. to Clark, Nelson D. and Jo A., 19353 G St., $304,000.

Kimpson, Timothy W. and Cindy S. to Swain, Sarah and Sean, 17322 Sharp St., $291,000.

Ryder, Angelica to Meraz, Enrique, 17328 Monroe Circle, $271,000.

Fan, Zilong and Yunlan to Scheele, Joshua A. and Srisuksai-Scheele, Premsiri, 5441 S. 159th Ave., $194,000.

Andrade, Guadalupe to Weaver, Jay and Keefe, Lindsey, 16509 Ohern St., $173,000.

Wall, Shannon K. to Klingemann, Collin S. and Townsend, Christina R., 5422 S. 190th St., $167,500.

Beck, Darren and Lynette to Campbell, Jeffrey, 5605 S. 186th Ave., $162,700.

Diaz, Carolyn L. and Guillermo A. to Ryder, Angelica, 4814 S. 190th Circle, $162,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 19702 Orchard Ave., $43,550.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6412 S. 184th Ave., $39,450.

Adams, Kenneth H. and Mary Trust to Arthur, Kenneth E. and Carol A., 5112 S. 193rd St., $240,000.


Hadenfeldt, Michael and Amanda to Engelman, Aaron S. and Nunnenkamp-Engelman, Hannah M., 14906 M St., $167,000.

Monaghan, Bryan to Yaws, Clinton R. and Stefanie A., 4825 Magnolia St., $140,000.

O’Donnell, Robert and Susan to O’Donnell, Kelly, 5131 S. 126th Court, $124,000.

U.S. Bank to Arani, Faran S., 6432 S. 108th Ave., $121,000.

Rosenthal, Suzanne and Brad to Pierce, Nicholas, 13951 Jefferson Circle, $119,000.

Hausmann, Christian F. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 6635 S. 151st St., $85,000.

Howell, Bryan J. and Danielle Trust to Shropshire, Stefani L., 15249 W St., $189,900.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Trinh, Minh T., 10978 Washington St., $161,000.

Heck, Rebecca R. Trust to United Equity LLC, 14807 Washington St., $142,000.

Wheeler, Diane L., trustee for White, Theresa A. Trust, to Haney, Bea, 12121 Orchard Ave., $132,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nownes, Tobias C. and Desiree, 7919 N. 116th St., $231,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wobig, Bailey and Gabler, Daniel, 13924 Vane St., $181,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carlson, Jacob D. and Chelsea C., 13903 Iowa St., $178,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hough, Florence A. and Patricia H., 13908 Vane St., $176,600.

Aaron, Josey T. and Buttery, Vanessa to Schoenleber, Bryan T. and Megan E., 11106 Potter St., $155,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 12761 Reynolds St., $75,000.

Platinum Builders LLC to Chantiam, Clement and Heather, 13115 Craig St., $52,000.


Horton, Brian P. and Jeanne M. to Charvat, Dustin J., 15235 Grover St., $169,000.

Driscoll, Beverly L. and Glen R. to Pohlman, Luke R. and Amanda, 1712 S. 133rd Ave., $164,000.

Sholes, Jeremy R. and Rachael D. to Andersen, Jesse J. and Amanda M., 13503 Spring St., $150,000.

Graf, Bradley R. and Katherine S. to Altman, William J. and Danielle, 13448 Cryer Ave., $150,000.

Bloomquist, Pamela A. to Cupak, Jennifer M. and Joanna J., 2518 S. 123rd St., $129,500.


Hurt, Ray C. to Schwisow, John Jr. and Lina S., 6704 N. 60th St., $161,600.


Done Right Properties LLC to Mele, Connor A., 904 S. 153rd St., $230,000.

McLaughlin, Kenneth V. to Kragelund, Joey A. and Sharon L., 10946 Marcy Plaza, $186,000.

Sciscoe, Dennis M. and Gray, Deborah A. to St. Clair, James P., 1621 N. 109th Plaza, $109,000.


Kramer, Douglas L. and Brenda L. to Thayer, Donald, 10930 Sahler St., $225,000.

Goodman, Kara A. to Lowery, Kyle C. and Emily, 11654 Newport Ave., $154,000.

Blakeslee, John K. and Kristin to 12714 Nebraska LLC, 12714 Nebraska Ave., $152,000.

Trifecta Properties LLC to Mikovec, Nick, 13125 Grand Ave., $148,825.

Joerz, Brian C. and Christy F. to CJE Holdings LLC, 11123 Curtis Ave., $135,000.

Sklenar, Kirk R. and Lauren to Ury, Robert R. and Melissa M., 12923 Browne St., $133,500.



Moreno, Claudia M. to Scott, John, 110 Westridge Ave., $133,000.

Danforth, John W. and Richard A. to Hamblin, Mary L., 111 W. 21st Ave., $60,000.

Edemekong, Peter and Anna to McIntosh, Cory A. Sr., 1600 Wayne St., $195,000.

Venezie, Robert A. to Duff, Russell A. and Mendoza, Heather L., 1605 Thomas Drive, $155,000.

Julch Properties LLC to Baker, Lucy L., 2309 Jefferson St., $86,000.

CMS Mowing Service Inc. to Cahill, Abigail M., 2812 Angie Drive, $133,000.

Riddle, Brad C. and Ashley K. to Fisk, Duane J. and Brandy J., 2814 Angie Drive, $137,000.

Sewell, Marion F., trustee for Sewell Survivors Trust, to Andrade, Brandon A., 306 Douglas Drive, $157,000.

HBI LLC to Welch, Mark A., 307 Kohl Road, $125,000.

Hardee, Betty S. to Arroyo, Stefan E., 607 Terrace Ave., $110,000.

Flagg, Stephen L. and Deborah S. to Leonard, Patrick Jr. and Rhiannon, 803 Brenton Ave., $180,000.


Sheldon, Michael I. and Jocelyn J. to D & E Custom Building & Design Inc., 10722 S. 215th St., $245,000.

Ziebel, Kevin M. and Shannon J. to Oxner, Maryanne J., 11002 S. 210th St., $255,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pinter, Michael and Allison, 11208 Morgan Circle, $265,000.

Rohde, Joel R. and January R. to Golda, Donna L. Trust, 11256 S. 200th Ave., $245,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Homes, 11551 S. 200th St., $47,000.

Parker, Monica M. and Jamison, Jeremy to Ogren, Dennis, 11810 S. 211th St., $233,000.

Nincehelser, Clayton M. and Jane to Binder, Blake R. and Gina C., 11979 S. 217th St., $200,000.

Hughes, David D. and Kimberyle A. to Marciniak, Carla S., 13363 S. 219th St., $412,000.

Borkowski, Heather N. and Brandon T. to Bergamine, Tiffanie and Robert, 18104 Murray Trail, $375,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Bausch, Nicholas and Joanna, 19545 Cornish Plaza, $475,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Beiting, Alexander M. and Samantha L., 19785 Devonshire Drive, $397,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Lauby, Blaine D. and Amy J., 19821 Acorn Drive, $235,000.

Petzold, Bridgett E. and Scott M. to Brophy, Michael O. and Elizabeth C., 21312 Lincoln Blvd., $290,000.

Buster, Thad W. and Shannon N. to Heckman, Rocky A. and Brittni N., 21769 Highview St., $198,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Homes, 516 Sherwood Drive, $47,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Homes, 520 Sherwood Drive, $47,000.

Camelot Realty Inc. to D & E Custom Building & Design Inc., 705 Patrick Circle, $42,000.


Kretz, Brian W. and Ginter, Azure L. to Kretz, Brian W. 1001 Bailey Drive, $162,000.

Brown, Joseph P. and Kay A. to Flanagan, Bradley J. and Jamie L., 1009 Lambert Drive, $289,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Shuck, Tyric J. and Cindy J., 10802 Cimarron St., $264,000.

Thomas, Aaron A. and Elizabeth A. to Gazdagh, William E. and Daphne M., 1101 Clearwater Drive, $290,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Svasek, Daniel and Bruce, Angela, 11058 Edward St., $426,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Reger, Jodi C., 12020 Longshore Ave., $390,000.

Hazlett, Kevin and Sandy to Huston, Bill A. and Daneen E., 12051 S. 79th St., $425,000.

Kustka, Bradley A. and Lisa M. to MacFarlane, David, 12240 S. 124th Ave., $180,000.

Beall, James J. and Katherine M. to Halbig, Richard and Erica, 12448 S. 81st St., $340,000.

Green, Brady J. and Debra F. to Beall, James J. and Katherine M., 2315 Corn Drive, $185,000.

Edwards, Robert M. and Emily A. to Sheffield, John and Bethany, 805 Redwood Lane, $180,000.


Miller, Terry L. and Patricia I. to Hans, Russell G., trustee for Hans Family Trust, 17501 W. Highway 31, $225,000.


Bartlett, Chad M. and Brean A. to Ramos, Silvestre and Tricia L., 10803 S. 25th Ave., $183,000.

Manley, Richard L. and Shannon R. to McElvain, David and Micayla, 11622 Lilley Lane, $170,000.

Clark, Caleb J. and Amber R. to Buchanan, Michael J. and Kylee C., 11730 Laura Ave., $155,000.

Broughton, Charles W. and Veronica to Carter, James C. and Sonja R., 13504 S. 42nd Ave., $289,000.

Lennen, Michael to Arquero, Makayla A. and Lyshelle, 14306 S. 25th Ave., $158,000.

Lesuer, Daniel and Joy to McAlister, Taylor A. and Radziul, Stephanie T., 2605 Raven Ridge Road, $203,000.

Knight, Fambro W. III and Deborah A. to Martinez, Beatriz and Andres, 2725 Cottage Circle, $215,000.

Haughawout, Cletus R. to Hoogeveen, Gregg D. and Susan J., 3108 Leawood Drive, $172,000.

Sherman, Aaron R. and Jodie L. to Steenbakkers, Jon P. and Juanita, 4411 Amos Gates Drive, $250,000.


Galgerud, Thomas W. and Kim C. to Sporcic, Matthew J. and Jennifer, 10259 Cimarron Woods Drive, $460,000.

Trinity United Methodist Church Ralston to Cronin, Michael D. and Wilma A., 7005 S. 74th St., $155,000.

Devakumar, Santhosh S. and Jwalanaiah, Anitha to Al-bahrani, Ehsan I. and Fatima E. and Wala E. and Al-kattan, Zahrah M., 7045 Heartwood Road, $189,000.

Nguyen, Lam P. and Pham, Que T. to Cota, Merton D. Sr., 7317 Thornapple Lane, $130,000.

Robertson, Timothy M. and Ellen and Green, Lisa J. and Kenneth to Seals, Colton J., 7329 S. 69th St., $78,000.

Mort, Michael D. and Susan K. to Hamata, Stanley E. Jr. and Gina M., 8009 S. 66th Ave., $240,000.

Shin, Yong K. to Hirschman, Daieuen and Jesse S., 8130 S. 92nd Ave., $310,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Skaggs, Edward and Vicki, 9928 Emiline St., $343,000.


Horizon Realty Inc. to Leach, Travis, 1804 Titan Springs Drive, $303,000.

Cerise, Jarrett D. and Amanda J. to Brown, Niall and Brandi, 1912 Franklin Drive, $236,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Teeter, Drew D. and Jane E., 4511 Brook Circle, $299,000.

Blair Construction & Remodeling Inc. to Dubbs, Andrew M. and Glazebrook, Kimberly J., 6629 Ridgewood Drive, $480,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Huggins, Kathleen A., 6630 Michael Circle, $239,000.


Solem, Carol L. and James A. to Hoeft, Rebecca, 15831 Willow St., $161,000.

Donner, Keith and Katy A. to Case, Erin, 16103 Cherrywood St., $160,000.

Borsh, Betty L. Trust 2014 to Dutter, Gwen, 16201 Birch Ave., $232,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Riffle, Austin J. and Alanea J., 16505 Aurora St., $215,000.

Bergamine, Robert M. and Tiffanie to Ehlers, Jonathan A. and Krista R., 17245 Banner St., $258,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zeigler, Shane and Danielle, 18608 Rosewood St., $213,000.

Aschinger, Constance R. to Sanchez, Michael J. and Nicole A., 18714 Josephine St., $302,000.

Ross, Randy S. and Michelle to Hughes, Brian J., 7904 S. 57th St., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Oetter, Amy E., 8001 S. 186th St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fenger, Rashelle and Michael, 8018 S. 190th St., $223,000.

Stevenson, Kevin P. and Chantel S. to Wermuth, Matthew R., 9201 S. 170th St., $213,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wollum, Matthew W. and Finke, Megan L., 9414 S. 173rd St., $238,000.


Stolzer, Nickolas K. and Karla K. to Patrick, Cameron E., 13607 Carpenter St., $145,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 13801 Virginia St., $107,000.

Bonoan, Elizabeth S. to Bohaty, Chelsea, 14005 Lissa St., $134,000.

Krasso, William F. to Price, Adam L. and Duane A., 14502 Echo Hills Drive, $165,000.

Stastny, Kathleen D. to McKean, Wilkin J. Jr. and Tamara L., 14911 Borman St., $140,000.

Charter, Ellie J. and Peterson, Derek to Robinson, Debra and Mark O., 7856 S. 155th Ave., $155,000.


Kay, James W. and Sandra J. to Prokop, Nicholas R. and Pool, Chelsie A., 2716 Alberta Ave., $145,000.

Black Diamond Properties LLC to Hamilton, Cheryl A., 7102 S. 20th St., $121,000.

Wonder, John P. and Kathryn A. to Lopez, Martin, 7517 S. 42nd St., $83,000.

14C LLC to House, Sarah J., 7808 S. 22nd Ave., $170,000.

Schiernbeck, Beverly A. to Mort, Michael D. and Susan K., 8410 S. Ninth St., $159,000.


Fite, Joshua and Hawkins, Danielle to O & O Investments LLC, 4961 Glasgow St., $130,000.

Gibson, Merry M. to Wright, Daniel and Strickland, Jamie, 5205 Galloway St., $140,000.

Barahona, Jose A. and Nolvia L. to McLaughlin, Sean, 7012 S. 53rd St., $153,000.

Richmond, Luke D. to Jesse, Stephen E., 8716 S. 45th Ave., $155,000.



Baker, Sheri L. to Embke, Caitlin A. and Kyle R., 401 S. 23rd St., $124,500.

Drummond, Frances M. Estate to Drummond, Jeremy J., 2322 Seventh Ave., $78,000.

Allerton, Jamie L. to Backs Properties LLC, 1026 Fourth Ave., $25,000.

Ensley, Cynthia S. to Hovey, Angel M. and Magnousomba, Koudjo, 5704 Redtail Road, $165,000.

Smith, Charles and Mandy M. to Scheinost, Kevin, 2613 Fifth Ave., $66,500.

BCJA Enterprises LLC to Jorgensen, Verna, 2722 Ave. H, $105,000.

McConnell, Craig and Tina to Merritt, Ella L., 2809 Macineery Drive, $93,500.

Johnston, James A. and Shannon N. to Rochleau, Adrienne A. and Chris, 3400 Katie Drive, $120,000.


Ayala, Alicia G. and Figueroa, Juan to Putnam, Dustin F., 416 Frank St., $68,500.

Rochleau, Adrienne A. and Chris to Johnston, James A. and Shannon N., 1398 Callahan Drive, $305,000.

Musich, Kathleen A. and Thomas F. to Jenson, Susan, 414 Voorhis St., $92,500.


Jensen, Gretchen L. and Randy L. to Rathbun, Gale and Thomas, 28350 215th St., Honey Creek, $368,000.


England, Bryant R. and Melissa J. to Meyer, Allison and Philip, 205 Maple Drive, $181,500.

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