Boyer Young Equities XV-Hertiage LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 14958 Sage Circle, $45,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV- Hertiage LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 14829 Prairie Star St., $41,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV- Hertiage LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 10404 Rosewater Parkway, $38,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pendland, Kevin M. and Sarah J., 8810 N. 160th St., $202,850.

Coyan, Michael T. to Hobbs, Lamott H., 15414 Clay St., $146,000.

Easy Space USA LLC to Slaughter, Daniel R., trustee for the Lemon and Cole Trust, 9003 N. 171st St., $398,000.

Fools Inc. to Cunningham, James E. and Denise M., 7108 N. 151st Ave., $277,060.

Heavican Homes Inc. to McQuinn, Christopher M., 16910 Bondesson St., $311,648.

Home Company LLC to Bird, Brandon and Nicole, 17109 Bondesson St., $420,000.

Johnson, Lance E. Trust to Comstock, Michelle and Timothy S., 8112 N. 164th St., $265,000.

Porta, Tuck and Mary A. to Wheeler, John, 15414 Willit St., $147,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hood, Robin L. and Lisa L., 8221 N. 161st St., $273,839.

State Street Investments LLC to Real Growth LLC, 16204 Mormon St., $46,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Real Growth LLC, 16106 Mormon St., $46,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 17128 Sunflower St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 17118 Clay St., $44,600.


Braun, Francis and JoEll to Jewell, James K. and Melody A., 19910 Harney St., $348,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moore, Kathleen S., 20603 Grand Ave., $253,758.

Charleston Homes LLC to Nelson, Jodi, 20517 Taylor St., $258,000.

Draehn, Tracie A. Trust to Bierner, Samuel M. and Pinson, Joseph W. III, 1311 N. 188th St., $760,000.

Fools Inc. to Mudloff, Thomas R. and Alia R., 4717 N. 205th St., $267,727.

HBI LLC to Kesick, Carolyn J., 3908 N. 195th St., $380,000.

Jones, Corey L. and Alexis N. to Zych Construction LLC, 3108 N. 193rd Ave., $400,000.

King, Mark J. and Cindy L. to Smith, Jesse J. and Krista L., 21350 Edgevale Circle, $266,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Roberts, Matthew and Tammie, 1339 S. 208th St., $424,924.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Falcone Enterprises Inc., 2331 S. 220th Circle, $86,700.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Falcone Enterprises Inc., 2331 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Luxe Design Co. LLC, 21816 Marinda St., $124,200.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Robinson, Brent A. and Heidi J., 21375 Harney St., $251,500.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hedberg, Daniel P. and Denise L., 18932 Sahler St., $328,204.

Stanwood, John F. and Amy T. to Brewer, Randall and Michele, 3323 N. 210th St., $240,000.

Stryker, George M. and Linda M. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20115 Stryker St., $36,950.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Kirkpatrick, Marcus S. and Heather L., 21114 Cedar St., $787,980.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Koch, David W. and Lori L., 927 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $425,383.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Tanner, Tiffany N. and Heitzman, Adam J., 807 S. 185th St., $504,000.


ARLP REO I LLC to Jensen, Daniel, 2720 N. 45th St., $42,000.

Aschenbrener, Andrew S. to Boseman, Alvin D. and Melissa, 2505 N. 70th St., $128,000.

Banker, Patrick W. to Duden, Robert, 6509 Wirt St., $135,000.

Brown, Molly to Brown, James A., 4544 Seward St., $123,000.

Christiansen, Hildegard and Darr W. to Christiansen, Ben M. and Jacinta, 4520 Wirt St., $70,000.

Jefferis, Ronald L. to Robertson, Krista, 5101 Evans St., $84,000.

Perez, Cecilia M. to Irish, Lindsey M., 3869 N. 65th St., $87,000.

Tolu LLC to Bishop, Olivia, 5145 Emmet St., $100,000.

Victory Investments LLC to RKCK LLC, 3121 N. 48th Ave., $58,000.

Walker, Kenneth W. Trust to Green, Jordan and Kvam,Vivian, 5503 Blondo St., $210,000.

West, Heather A. and Calhoun, Anthony J. to Johnson, Katlin M. and Tate M., 5036 Parker St., $253,000.


Coleman, David P. and Susan D. to Schon, Arthur J. Trust, 3214 S. 42nd St., $137,000.

Prickett, Wesley R. and Amelia V. to Prickett, Wesley R. and Megan L., 3865 Gordon St., $66,550

Hauptman, Reda K. to Miller, Michael A. and Lori K., 4416 Barker Ave., $105,000.

Olson, Kristine L., trustee for the Nippert, Carolyn J. Trust to Brindi Bonito LLC, 924 S. 25th St., $54,000.

Severa, James D. and Otten, Julie A. to Collins, Steven and Debra, 2125 S. 42nd St., $108,000.


DeKay, Michael B. and Kristin M. to Dongilli, Marilyn and Paul, 4825 Poppleton Ave., $160,000.

Ehrhart, Mary S. to Degante, Rafael J., 4876 Vinton St., $107,500.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. to Hogan, Lenice P., 2114 S. 48th St., $92,000.

Penner, Colleen A. to Hemmer, John and Brittany, 2024 S. 60th St., $113,000.

Powers, Ellen C. to Milone, Tom, 707 S. 67th St., $172,000.

Ruva, Andrew L. to Shnayder, Michael, 740 S. 69th St., $80,000.

Wisehart, Paul and Morrison, Daniel B. to Bechel, Scott R. and Jessica D., 2712 S. 46th Ave., $154,000.

Woodke, Drew T. and David M. to Lund, Connor T. and Specker, Lauren E., 5802 Rees St., $228,000.


Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Lopez, Ana V., 3610 P St., $132,000.

Holmes, Christopher J. to Negocio Real Estate Inc., 1913 Missouri Ave., $110,000.

Janssen, Christine A. to Cavada, Andres and Candelaria, 5001 S. 38th St., $47,000.

Oxley, Lloyd M. and Janice M. to Vega, Alejandro D. and Dominguez, Maria, 1625 M St., $50,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Lopez-Wilson, Yaravi, 4220 S. 18th St., $141,900.

Yelinek, Leonard E. to PWC LLC, 3820 Polk St., $40,000.


1234 South 10th LLC to Eckhorn, Barbara D., 1230 S. 10th St., $67,000.

Ferguson, Benjamin and Samantha to Bose, Kayla, 1402 B St., $130,000.

Midstates Bank to Pauley, Kurtis R. and Barrett, Terry M. Jr., 1515 William St., $95,000.

Peterson, Natalie K. to Balak, William M., 2917 S. 24th St., $48,000.

Rodino, Theresa to Jensen, Dave and Maria G., 2767 S. 12th St., $65,000.


Bender, George and Diana R. to Tobar, Luis A. and Martinez, Emilia M., 5401 N. Ninth St., $26,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Gossett, Makayla C., 3928 N. 19th St., $115,000.

Inzauro, Joseph M. and Anthony to White, Marc T., 4551 N. 16th St., $52,000.


Great Western Bank to Caswell, Nicholas T., 3820 Maple St., $29,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Jones, China N., 4221 Himebaugh Ave., $115,000.


FRT PC and FRT Co. to Hardesty, Thomas R. and Cynthia R., 6711 N. 34th St., $74,750.

Lierz, Albert L. and Myrna L. to Ramirez, Melvin and Lopez, Alina, 3976 Iowa St., $137,000.

Ponca Real Estate Development Inc. to Willey, Justin K., 11405 N. 34th Ave., $40,000.

Thomas, James D. and Karen to Davidson, Donald R. and Sharon L., 7710 N. 34th St., $45,500.


Brink, Edward E., trustee to the Christina Trust, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 713 N. 77th Ave., $86,000.

Hochstein, Dennis R. and Lynnette L. to JAKO Investments LLC, 902 N. 87th St., $111,000.

McCann, John W. to Persky, Steven D. Trust, 8629 Brentwood Road, $385,000.

Nelson, Matthew A. and Natalie A. to Gerkin, Victoria C. and Bunkowski, Ryan A., 1220 N. 87th St., $170,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Renner, Mark A. and Sherry A., 5006 N. 165th St., $232,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dinslage, Deanne M., 17551 Ames Ave., $196,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Smolik, Michael P. and Sue A., 17208 Grand Ave., $196,700.

Connealy, Dennis and Janis to Lemmon, Scott T. and Kimberly J., 5102 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $190,000.

Daugherty, Scott A. to Liska, Vladimir M., 2410 N. 170th St., $332,000.

Foley, Kenneth E. and Pamela C. to Koranda, Todd R. and Anita M., 16022 Ruggles St., $265,000.

Galligan, Timothy K. and Mary P. to Brizendine, April M., 16322 Sprague St., $253,867.

Gottsch Land Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 6210 N. 157th Avenue Circle, $44,900.

Griffin, Paul D. and Miki L. to Schmidt, Anton and Abigail, 14922 Himebaugh Ave., $271,500.

Holechek, Rhett to Schaefer, George J. IV and Schumacher, Ruth M., 2923 N. 155th Circle, $164,000.

Lanphier, Deidra A. to Schmitt, Nicholas J. and Viviana, 6538 N. 149th St., $150,000.

Liu, Miao and Zhu, Yinghua to Wang, Yan X., 16409 Sherwood Ave., $201,000.

Meister, Steven P. and Holton, Kaycee B. to Vermeer, Andrew L. and Tessmer, Megan M., 16351 Butler Ave., $186,000.

Mudloff, Tom R. and Alia to Martin, Nafissa M., 14734 Sprague St., $193,000.

Murray, Heather S. and James S. to Medina, Hector H. and Ascensio, Maria I., 16375 Butler Ave., $185,000.

Packard, Janice to Basnett, Caelan L. and Dennis, 4633 N. 148th St., $170,000.

Rowlett, Melissa K. to Christensen, Rita M. and Grant J., 4324 N. 173rd St., $158,900.

Thomas, William J. and Deborah L. to McGuire, Donald G. and Deborah, 5525 N. 165th St., $319,000.

Warneking, Vanessa L. and Brian to Ortega, Natalie N., 16462 Erskine St., $145,000.


Greve, Lorrie L. to Dewey Properties LLC, 4931 S. 50th St., $45,000.

Miller, Hal D. and Shirley J. to Ceballos, Benita G., 5508 N. St., $95,000.

Molnar Investments LLC to Orozco, Gloria, 5839 S. 51st St., $130,000.

NAMN LLC to Martinez, Jennifer L., 4407 S. 62nd Ave., $80,500.


Aoun, Patricia to Jensen, Kevin and Petersen, Jennifer, 620 N. 159th St., $460,000.

Wickenhauser, Tracie L. and Douglas E. to Thomas, Vincent C. and Maria C., 16322 Page St., $595,000.


Fricke, Joshua J. and Katherine A. to Smart, Kyleigh M. and Austin, Desmond C., 7011 N. 89th Ave., $126,500.

Robinson, Jessica M. to Htoo, Lwin and Aye, Myint, 7311 N. 80th St., $126,000.

Sanders, Brian W. and Caitlin M. to King, Kaitlin and Mace, Jason, 7763 N. 106th St., $167,500.

Siddell, Quincy Jr. and Johnson, Jerry E. to Martin, John S., 7754 Potter St., $127,500.

Terry, Susan L. and Awender, Anton R. to Matthews, Russell J., 8191 Tucker St., $138,500.


Cassling, Marilyn G. Trust to Erickson, William H. and Julie D., 2243 S. 86th Ave., $479,000.

Nenninger, Tabitha and Gill, Solomon to Lindburg, Lane T. and Jaclyn J., 3710 S. 96th St., $261,000.

P and A Management LLC to Brown, Terrance J. and Teresa L., 7623 Ontario St., $125,000.

Tefft, Turner M. Jr., personal representative, to JWH Enterprises LLC, 7602 Ridge Ave., $125,000.

Voycheske, Amy M. and Brian to Watson, Patrick W. and Jamie J., 9813 Rockbrook Road, $264,400.


Christensen, Geraldine M. to Doeden, William J., 5805 S. 91st St., $140,000.

Kohlbek, John M. Jr. to Coit, Kyle, 8716 Orchard Ave., $153,000.

Mosko, Natalie R. to Fleury, Craid, 5060 S. 89th St., $144,000.


Borgmann, Brandon J. and Kelly M. to Stuchlik, Lawrence E., 19720 Hickory St., $300,000.

Denali Real Estate LLC to Little, Kevin D. and Luanne M., 1428 S. 190th Plaza, $415,000.

HBI LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 1410 S. 190th Plaza, $33,500.

Hill, Richard E. and Shirley M. to Eucker, Harold O. Jr. and Denise R., 1207 S. 196th St., $263,338.

Kuhn, Dennis A. and Marleen A. to Worthington, Lloyd R. and Regina M., 1538 S. 158th St., $295,000.

Latta, Mark A. and Victoria E. to Osborn, Gloria S. Trust, 18920 Pierce Plaza, $39,000.

Leahy, Gerard F. and Linda R. to Derby, Bree A. and Brian M., 3112 S. 158th St., $175,000.

Sternfels, Randy R. and Mary D. to Weller, Ryan P. and Sydney M., 18668 Nina St., $382,200.

Younts, Kelley A. and Walter B. to Ruddick, Jason and Amy, 3820 S. 189th Ave., $210,000.


Adler, Robert A. to H and S Partnership LLP , 4410 Davenport St., $44,500.

Dana Partnership to Henrichs, Alicia, 105 N. 31st Ave., $69,000.

England, Daniel S. and Brittany to Stein, Catherine A. and Wulf, Grace, 134 N. 36th St., $72,500.

Howard, Jerome and Lori to Tsatsos, Charles and Ann-Marie, 438 N. 38th Ave., $167,225.

Luong, Thu T. to H and S Partnership LLP , 4405 Wakeley St., $98,000.

Wirth, Eileen to Design Tech Inc., 726 N. 41st Ave., $75,000.


Borsh, Kellie P. to Hooper, Kanan J. and Dobmier, Megan M., 7014 Lafayette Ave., $119,300.

Menousek, Kelly and Mark to Michaels, Shaylene M., 6350 Lafayette Ave., $133,000.

Peters, Dave C. to Patel, Anery A. and Asish, 1317 N. 53rd St., $185,000.


Baker, Phyllis D. to Jones, Melissa B., 7952 Himebaugh Ave., $130,000.

Carr-Welch, Donna to Jensen, Jared S., 7712 Nebraska Ave., $107,000.

Lehman, Nicolas I. and Shannon to Wiebusch, Robert V. and Rebekah A., 9823 Redman Ave., $139,000.

Lippe, Kati and Ronald T. to Jenkins, Tavares T., 4724 N. 96th St., $152,000.

McMillen, Lysle S. Jr. and Lindsay C. to Azalekor, Michael K. and Josephine, 3946 N. 94th St., $150,000.

S and M Realty LLC to Stenger Brothers Properties LLC, 3012 Menke Circle, $135,000.

Salvation Army to Bellus, Nicholas A. and Meyer, Kathleen M., 9805 Redman Ave., $135,000.

Villarreal, Christopher to Partusch, Jason and Danielle, 2022 N. 104th Circle, $150,000.

Wickersham, Dolores J. to Johnson, Bret and Christi, 9221 Blondo St., $118,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Newsom, Robert J. and Shelly R., 4427 S. 198th Ave., $224,700.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes LLC, 18555 Drexel St., $31,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes LLC, 18552 Drexel St., $35,950.

Gubbels, Chris to Kircher, Michael and Kristine, 16360 Z St., $229,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 6417 S. 164th Ave., $111,800.

Janovsky, Laurie L. to Melnick, Glenn D., 18173 Southdale Plaza, $110,000.

Kraynak, Mark W. and Laura A. to Springer, Daniel G., 5303 S. 188th St., $152,000.

Kyriss, Edward D. and Lana K. to Ullman, Douglas D. and Trisha, 6631 S. 163rd Ave., $230,000.

McDonald, Leigha to Wildrye Properties LLC, 18915 K St., $150,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Rizzi, Michael P. and Debra L., 6016 S. 195th St., $310,121.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 6417 S. 164th Ave., $140,250.

Rollag, John G. and Annmarie to Wainer, Robbie D. Trust, 6103 S. 160th St., $260,000.

Schlote, Tiffany K. to Taylor, Lindsey L., 18704 Washington St., $182,000.

Smith, Larry W. and Maria C. to Smith, Rachel L. and Hufferd, Larry S., 16614 Washington St., $172,000.

Stice, Cheryl L., trustee for the Tee It Up Trust, to Shattuck, Cagney, 17320 Jefferson St., $355,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4407 S. 193rd St., $38,500.

Wind Investments LLC to O and H Properties Inc., 5023 S. 165th St., $100,000.

Witkowski, Jason L. and Mary to Renken, Craig J. and Witlox, Jody A., 17317 Orchard Ave., $240,001.


Blue Jay Development LLC to Woodard, Andrew W. and Aubrey A., 12911 Old Cherry Road, $172,500.

Boer, Brian D. and Meghan to Thome, John and Alexandra, 14824 Orchard Circle, $142,000.

Curtis, Dorothy M. to RO-DAN LLC, 12420 Woodcrest Circle, $130,250.

DeLuca, Nicholas J. and Amber to Pereira, William and Jennifer L., 10909 X St., $154,700.

Hase, Thaddeus P. and Holly R. to Bonacci, Melissa K. and Steven C., 14929 M St., $150,000.

Hieb, Jerilee M., trustee for the Jensen, Ruth M. Trust to Harry, Lindsay M., 13226 Polk St., $144,200.

Levassuer, William N., personal representative, to Updike, Bradford A. and Malisa, 6407 S. 118th Plaza, $215,000.

Parker, Allison M. to McMullen, Victoria, 12745 Woodcrest Plaza, $71,387.

Stark, Bryan and Theresa to Ziegenfuss, Cameron M. and Stephanie, 4359 S. 146th St., $172,000.

Vinson, Curtis L. and Annemarie to Sallach, Timothy and Kimberly, 14809 H St., $192,000.


Beene, Michael A. to Aschenbrener, Andrew S., 7051 N. 142nd St., $196,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schatz, Rachel E., 14065 Wood Valley Drive, $167,000.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Morrissey, Steven P. and Krista E., 13022 Craig St., $52,000.

Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Purdy, Michael L. and Lynne M., 7701 N. 127th Ave., $569,190.

Quest Construction Co. to Sengstock, David and Molly, 7913 N. 123rd St., $60,000.

Scott, Jesse G. and Terri L. to Sutherland, Beverly K. and Clifton H., 11928 Whitmore St., $290,000.


Acamo, William M. and Barr, Victoria L. to Massengale, Kristopher and Monica, 3414 S. 122nd St., $130,000.

Andersen, Patricia D. to Stone, Rodrik J. and Hinton, Shelah A., 13924 Walnut Circle, $165,000.

Bruneteau, Jeffrey A. to Scritchfield, Tyler and Molly, 14605 Shirley St., $225,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Langendorfer Properties Inc., 2010 S. 139th Circle, $163,100.

Karnes, David and Melissa to Bush, Aaron M. and Sara L., 3118 S. 145th Ave., $163,500.

Larson, John C. Jr. and Maureen A. to Lafleur, Steven and Kelly E., 13791 Pierce St., $185,000.

McCormick, Kirsten K. to Jensen, Jerry and Jill, 1221 S. 121st Plaza, $57,500.

McGuire, Donald G. and Deborah J. to Ray, Christine and Schroeder, Tyler, 3122 S. 145th St., $173,000.

McMahon, Raymond J. and Margaret A. to Hautzinger, Joseph P., 3136 S. 116th Ave., $169,000.

Norris, Joan F. to Hase, Thaddeus P. and Holly R., 2406 Royal Wood Drive, $165,000.

Petersen, Jennifer and Jensen, Kevin to Daeges, Matthew and Kathryn, 1629 S. 152nd St., $310,000.

Sellers, Robert D. and Judy L. to Howard, Jerome and Lori, 2419 S. 139th Circle, $196,000.

Sturgeon, William E. and Patricia A. to Hensel, Martha C. and Faimon, Christopher L., 11406 Castelar Circle, $218,000.


Telford, David J. Jr. and Amy J. to Mather, Jason T., 7112 N. 50th Ave., $117,500.


Baugous, David and Carol A. to Woster, Wade A. and Katrina R., 15376 Burt St., $209,000.

Browning, James M. and Margaret M. to Glassman, Jacqueline, 12416 Farnam St., $400,000.

Jackson, Richard E. to Michl, Christopher C. and Audrey A., 13619 Parker Circle, $316,500.

KP3 Investors LLC to Phelan, Ryan J. and Briana L., 12617 Leavenworth Road, $315,000.

Nelson, Jodi to Sorrentino, Anthony J. and Catherine J., 15223 Harney Circle, $194,000.

Servetus Opportunities to Jorde, Brian E., 13034 Franklin St., $163,000.

Slechta, Robert B. and Regina G. to Hofstra, Robert W. and Cyndi A., 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $104,500.


Arteaga, Moises A. and Lorenzo-Arleaga, Kristina M. to Boston, Dylan D. and Hauptman, Amber, E., 11752 Raleigh Drive, $163,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to United Equity LLC, 2417 N. 141st Ave., $106,100.

Gentry, David T. and Kristin N. to Herbert, Brian and Jennifer, 11318 Grant Circle, $150,000.

Hanson, Tylee A. to Wasmund, Ruth A., 6618 N. 142nd St., $197,000.

Hood, Robin L. and Lisa L. to Baker, Austin J. and Amanda M., 5011 N. 139th St., $275,000.

Johnson, Laura Trust to Norris, Andrew J. and Catherine E., 2117 N. 143rd Ave., $140,000.

Knutzen, Beau and Jennifer to Scheer, Suzanne Y. and Johnston, Christine M., 11730 Fowler Ave., $139,900.

Koranda, Anita M. and Todd R. to Seelandt, Ronald L. and Eldred, Melissa N., 5110 N. 127th St., $144,900.

McCallister, Dorothy J. to Roth, Dori, 10931 Fowler Ave., $200,000.

McFerrin, Ross and Kassie to Novoselska, Ekaterina and Angelov, Valentin, 12509 Binney St., $212,500.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Roberts, Ray S. and Julia K., 11042 Sahler St., $131,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Garver, Randy A., 5412 N. 134th St., $196,000.

Teel, Mitchell R. and Kristin M. to Drummond, Jerry and Maria, 6610 N. 110th St., $136,000.

Wellensiek, Roger P. to Trexler, Sarah, 11576 Rambleridge Road, $135,000.

Wright, Jared D. and Kathryn A. to Deaver, Jeffrey A. and Lindsay I., 4806 N. 136th St., $244,000.



Krueger, Tim A. and Sara R. to Lee, Sean H. and Krueger, Jordyn K., 1106 Bluff St., $200,000.

Woods, Corey U. to Styl Properties, 1106 Bryan Ave., $75,000.

O & H Investments to Lopez, Arturo and Rodriguez, Vanessa, 2205 Power Drive, $106,000.

Ellis, Frank Jr. and Brenda G. to Robinson, Ashley M., 3315 Duane Ave., $168,000.

Dixon, Clifford H. III and Nyssa M. to Munoz, Carlos A., 701 W. 32nd Ave., $122,000.

Gamerl, Joseph E. Jr. and Gloria J. to Stites, Cody W., 803 Bluff St., $158,000.

Anderson, Phyllis G. to Feagan, Douglas K. and Rebecca L., 809 Bayberry Court, $235,000.


Charleston Homes to Zoubek, Jarod and Christina, 17202 Jackson Ave., $234,000.

Woodland Homes to Murphy, Gerald J. and Daly, Jennifer A., 18616 Alder Circle, $360,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Pacesetter Homes, 19305 Greenleaf St., $48,000.

Haney, Dustin M. and Andrea R. to Nuno, Trino and Kelly, 21345 Cobblestone Circle, $275,000.

Key, John L. to Ohlman, Zachary E. and Julie C., 214 Sycamore Circle, $140,000.

Charleston Homes to Bakker, Cody R. and Hunton, Melissa G., 21426 Hampton Ave., $232,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Castlebridge Homes, 8110 S. 194th St., $60,000.


Ream, Johanna and Joshua to Ollerich, Jason J., 1016 Edward St., $131,000.

Woodland Homes to Young, Robert E. Jr. and Kopesky-Young, Christina R., 10363 S. 125th St., $352,000.

Howland, Timothy J. and Yvonne M. to Neri, Miguel, 10725 S. 13th Ave., $289,000.

Richland Homes to Vandal, Quentin L. and Sara R., 10803 Cimarron St., $274,000.

Mazur, Randy L. and Renae M. to Hawkins, Jennifer and Petrash, Michelle, 1101 N. Beadle St., $229,000.

Southbrook Development to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 11736 S. 110th St., $48,000.

O’Connor, Patricia J. to Punch It Out, 1207 Colonial Circle, $156,000.

Hargis, Michelle A. to Spooner, Christopher M. and Peres, Emily, 1215 Devon Drive, $151,000.

Lane, Stephen L. and Penne D. to Petty, Robert V. and Jennifer S., 12440 S. 82nd St., $360,000.

Mickells, Alberta and Thomas J. to Dannenberg, Thomas and Lyndsey, 2312 S. Mineral Drive, $225,000.

Sanchez, Greg J. and Veronica A. to Gillespie, George, 2360 Sand Hills Drive, $258,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Greco, Robert F. and Gilbert, Olivia, 500 Fort St., $165,000.

U.S. Bank to Smith, James M. and Shawn A., 8212 Kauai Drive, $362,000.


Coenen, Linda G. to Investment 988 LLC, 12902 Jennifer St., $200,000.

Domenico, Sara to Delzell, Jared J. and Alicia M., 960 N. Third St., $143,000.


Cadwell, Justin J. and Meredith to Stoysich-Huerta, Jacqueline K. and Huerta, Edward G., 10412 Lewis & Clark Road, $185,000.

Brucker, Kevin D. and Shauna L. to Benne, Chad L. and Stephanie D., 11715 S. 26th St., $225,000.

Wiegmann, Jacob D. and Erin D. to McGee, Ian C., 11813 Quail Drive, $211,000.

Jobes, Leann L. to Godemann, Christopher L., 11925 S. 33rd St., $138,000.

Clearwater Falls to Pacesetter Homes, 13503 S. 47th St., $35,000.

Clemente, Dominick G. Jr. and Karen M. to Stutt, William M. and Shella J., 13702 S. 43rd St., $273,000.

Showcase Homes to Oestmann, Jamie S. and Melissa M., 13812 S. 49th St., $306,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Johnson, Timmy, 1903 Oriole Drive, $268,000.

Cantwell, Wayne T. and Shanna K. to Coop, Brian, 2202 Victoria Ave., $137,000.

Brown, Lori A. and Henry E. Jr. to Vanourney, Thomas A. and Louisa D., 3352 Rahn Blvd., $245,000.


Craig, James K. and Jacqulyn M. to Lexington Government Service, 10150 Edward St., $395,000.

Lexicon Government Services to Almeida, Fabio and Silva, Fabiana, 10150 Edward St., $395,000.

Ngo, Lee D. and Nguyen, Phuong T. to Schlote, Tiffany, 10527 Hillcrest Drive, $250,000.

Freeberg, Thomas K., personal representative for Freeberg, Helen I. Estate to Williams, Christopher S., 7107 Pine Drive, $145,000.

Orr, Vincent D. and Alma M. to Orr, George, 7829 China Wood Ave., $97,000.

Acosta, Antonio and Kimberly to Curry, Steven C. and Carol A., 8019 S. 103rd St., $271,000.

Newby Butts, Ronetta L. to Schu, Jeanette M., 8738 Granville Parkway, $108,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Butler, Nathaniel and Elaine, 2216 Park Crest Drive, $227,000.

Charleston Homes to Merryweather, Robin C. and Jade M., 4715 Brook Circle, $241,000.

Rogers Development to Empire Homes & Remodeling, 6634 Ridgewood Drive, $60,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tyrance, Velma B., 8520 S. 69th Circle, $202,000.

Graser, Jeremy M. and Amanda N. to Weinstein, Jenny M., 8620 S. 68th St., $202,000.


Powell, Thomas A. and Amy K. to D’Angelo Wright, Kyle, 7311 S. 155th Ave., $178,000.


Celebrity Homes to Parker, Nicholas R. and Kerri A., 16430 Virginia St., $221,000.

McCarthy, Maureen A. and Kenney, Joseph F. to Esposito, Steven and Sylwia, 16530 Redwood St., $280,000.

Sizenbach, Scott L. to Starostka, Shawn and Kimberly 16608 Briar St., $258,000.

Lippold, Ann M. to Hoy, Alison L. and Cox, Charles W., 17012 Colony Drive, $230,000.

Richland Homes to Logan, Ryan M. and Jennifer A., 17033 Aurora St., $257,000.

Celebrity Homes to Olmscheid, Christian K., 18813 Blackwalnut St., $279,000.

Loewens, David B. and Laura A. to Gentry, David T. and Kristin N., 18919 Olive St., $178,000.

Celebrity Homes to Vincent, Thomas J. and McCoy, Colleen M., 7820 S. 190th St., $240,000.


Johnson, Terry L. Sr. to Wiesen, Erin M., 12957 Margo St., $135,000.

Greenhagen, Judy A. and McVicker, Joyce to Spray, John E. and Ruwe, Courtney R., 13304 Chandler Court, $155,000.

Vogt, Ryan J. to Miller, William L. and Sheila J., 14730 Emiline St., $90,000.

Starostka, Shawn and Kimberly to Mixan, Kelly, 15131 Greene Ave., $137,000.

Wetterberg, Craig M. and Amanda C. to Wickham, Mark T. and Alicia C., 15233 Robin Drive, $150,000.

Nguyen, Hoang to De Jesus Salazar, Eliseo, 8501 S. 142nd Ave., $125,000.

Sacco, Sam A. and Cheryl L. to Guido, Dominic and Danielle, 8721 S. 138th St., $135,000.


Shuey, Jana E. and Jeremey to Stackhouse, Clyde L. Jr. and Rachael, 2102 Lillian St., $101,000.

Campos, Christopher M. and Jennifer M. to D & J Vogel Construction, 2212 Lola Circle, $30,000.

Reeves, Moulton R. and Patricia K. to Diaz, Sergio A., 2824 Bonnie St., $125,000.

Anthony, Elvin M. and Marsha W. to Rivera, Magdaleno and Maria, 3713 Suburban Drive, $172,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 8907 S. 36th St., $66,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 8907 S. 36th St., $119,000.

Mitchell, Teena M. to Smith, Leslie M. and Janice F., 9312 S. 28th Ave., $249,000.

Archimede, Michael J. and Jacqueline M. to Cherry, Brian J. and Bobbi A., 9610 Oak Ridge Drive, $115,000.



Perry, Lawrence R. to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 2532 S. 18th St., $28,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs to Clayborne, Athena, 4600 Mohawk St., $102,000.

Jefferis, Jessica A. to Huynh, Mai, 1520 S. 13th St., $130,000.

V Mortgage REO II LLC to Lochland Holdings, 4034 Ramelle Drive, $52,500.

CK Investments to Gilmore, LeRoy A., 2001 Ave. G, $85,000.


Greiner, David M. and Melissa A. to Hargens, Jordan W. and Strutton, Elizabeth T., 19173 Gilliat Ave., $325,000.

Henry, Shirley L. to Parks, Matthew M., 215 Parkwood Drive, $188,000.

McGruder, Jason M. and Lorelyn M. to Fletcher, Anthony W. and Britani D., 23 Skyview Drive, $132,500.

Vorthmann, Annie L. and Corey D. to LeMaster, Cynthia A. and Rosenberg, David L., 1801 Tipton Drive, $281,000.

Tighe, Tricia M. to Johnson, Blake E., 14960 Harriman Lane, $165,000.

Vanderpool, Glenda D. and Roger A. to Henning, Karis D. and James, Jason M and Reed, Hershel C., 215 Journey Circle, $195,000.

Sullivan, Valerie J. and William M. to ConAgra Foods Packaged Foods, 331 Ninth Ave., $250,000.

Collins, Denise M. to Stuhr, Brittney L. and Derek E., 18536 Taylor Lane, $245,000.

Schmidt, Karlton M. to Redlinger, Amanda L., 916 Grandview Ave., $113,000.

Maxwell, Jeselyn Trust to Watt, Robert D., 49 Charles St., $140,000.

Dewaele, Helen Trust to Hale, Anthony W., 40 Norton Ave., $109,000.

Tucker, Kay F. Trust to Mitchell, Joshua C., 303 N. Second St., $112,000.

Gyroman Properties to Hankins, Melissa, 227 Benton St., $115,000.

E Class Properties to McCall, Lindsey, 119 Rosebud Lane, $132,000.

Penner, Matthew C. and William E. to Gappa, Brenda M. and Shawn C., 35 Caribou Circle, $194,000.

Prine Custom Homes to Massey, Richard J., 1208 Madison Ave., $158,500.

Plum, Ross L. to Stoll, Emily E. and Gregory M. and Julie A., 222 Fleming Ave., $130,500.

Butterbaugh, Leonard C. and Melanie S. to Morgal, Doloris D. Trust, 416 Golden Oaks Drive, $355,000.

Ramer, Nicole and Travis to Cerny, Dennis L. and Peterson, Kathie, 621 Spencer Ave., $151,000.

Jefferson, Mark A. and McCallum-Jefferson, Teresa to Hahn, Linda K. and Michael A., 2426 Lockwood Place, $120,000.

Schmidt, Danielle J. and Weihs, Antony to Poole, Angel R., 401 Gleason Ave., $152,500.


Odd Properties to Gaard, Alek and Noecker, Grace, 41 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $150,000.


Carter, Pamela F. to Symanowicz, Bruce and Diana, 40958 Whippoorwill Drive, Avoca, $80,000.


Hall, George Trust to Stegeman, Danielle and Darrell, 28914 Honey Creek Lane, Honey Creek, $30,000.


Harman, Adam W. to Masker, James L. and Tracy L., 208 Fourth St., Neola, $70,000.

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