Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Company LLC, 10306 Rosewater Parkway, $37,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Company LLC, 9819 Rosewater Parkway, $42,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thompson, Kyle and Emily, 8818 N. 160th St., $186,200.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Butler, Thomas J. and Angela K., 7913 N. 164th St., $322,981.

Moore, Shira J. and Richard J. III to Mitchell, Robert K. Jr. and Michelle L., 8018 N. 150th Terrace, $155,000.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 11927 Ashwood Drive, $133,600.

State Street Investment LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 7919 N. 164th St., $40,950.

State Street Investment LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 15814 Jardine Circle, $26,500.


Capstone Construction LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 504 S. 198th St., $53,300.

Covington Homes Inc. to Dickes, Andrew M. and Karmen M., 3411 N. 208th Ave., $170,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Silbernagel, Martin A. and Lederer, Patricia L., 18914 Ruggles St., $397,950.

Eve LLC to GDR LLC, 3007 N. 194th St., $49,950.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Briley Enterprises LLC, 1816 S. 220th Ave., $75,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Anthony Company Builders LLC, 1706 S. 220th Ave., $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 1602 S. 221st Circle, $80,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Yungdahl, Patrick D., 2728 N. 190th St., $271,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 1615 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Russ, Sandra Trust to Bailey, Troy D. and Sarah E., 3033 Trailridge Blvd., $283,000.

Storey, Dale G. and Michelle L. to Webb, Fredrick D. and Sharon L., 2710 N. 191st St., $235,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Klein, Michael D. and Amanda, 18425 Harney St., $281,655.

Uggen, Jon C. and Jennifer T. to Brown, Charles D. III and Danielle, 3109 N. 194th St., $410,000.


Clark, Ronald F. and Marcia A. to Tietgen, Jacob, 312 S. 16th St., $153,000.


Bleach, Ryan A. and Lauren to Bleach, Thomas S. and Debra L., 6302 Decatur St., $105,000.

Davie, Rubye L. to Per, Tah and Khu, Hset H., 6622 Crown Point Ave., $103,500.

Durbin, Carey M. and Amber to Your Property Solution LLC, 5725 Manderson St., $66,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 2940 N. 47th Ave., $20,000.

Kramer, Mathilda B. to Bailey, Daniel A. and Zhang, Weiwei, 4728 Burdette St., $77,000.

Maes, D., trustee for Beaver, Earl L. and Bedonna M. Trust to Maes, Vincent O. and Diane, 5413 N. 69th St., $86,000.

New Community Development Corp. to Borgeson, Taylor G., 4542 Grand Ave., $58,000.

Overhue, Frank H. and Robi L. to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 3937 N. 55th St., $50,000.

Properties By Pollock LLC to Shafer, Jonathan D. and Mangan, Amanda A., 4511 Decatur St., $75,000.

Young, Thomas J. Trust to H and S Partnership LLP, 5613 Grand Ave., $38,000.


Manard, Virginia H. to Chavez, Patricia and Hernandez Tenorio, Oscar, 3070 S. 42nd St., $100,000.

Sevrench LLC to Broders, Carrie and Nathan, 2215 S. 42nd St., $49,000.

Steele, Christine J. to Caffrey, Pete and Regina, 2524 S. 37th St., $112,000.


Arroyo, Becky and Guillermo to Arroyo, Danielle N. and Wacker, Robert J., 6625 A St., $62,200.

Bartusiak, Thomas A. and Alice to KBL Investments LLC, 4916 Hickory St., $60,000.

Kraft, Steven M., personal representative to Schott, Mathew D., 5647 Frances St., $70,000.

Triple H Management LLC to Sushi Balloon LLC, 6254 Pine St., $122,000.


Gillespie, Paige L. to Fuller, Froylan A., 1032 Atlas St., $54,000.

Schwery, Julia J. to Skorniak, Frank, 4001 S. 38th St., $64,000.


Chambers, Christopher D. and Jamie to Campion, Kenneth J. and Suzanne, 1448 S. 12th St., $70,000.

Horejsi, Frank Jr. to Navarro, Jose, 1224 S. 20th St., $150,000.


Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 2118 Evans St., $20,000.


Fleetwood Investments LLC to Comer, Shannon, 4258 Laurel Ave., $31,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Pan, Samuel, 4308 Grant St., $150,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 3011 Seward St., $20,000.

Kilarney LLC to Franco, Nicolas R. and Arencibia, Zuliette, 5553 N. 34th St., $25,000.

Salvation Army to Martinez, Jose and Orellana, Elsa, 5345 N. 28th Ave., $24,000.


Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Richards, Beth A., 6708 Minne Lusa Blvd., $60,000.

Lemp, Eric Trust to SROF-2013-S3 REO I LLC, 3980 Iowa St., $60,000.


Moldenhauer, Mary L. Trust to Welsh, Christopher and Angela, 9705 Fieldcrest Drive, $470,000.

Royce, Michael and Elaine to W and S Associates Co. LLC, 7604 Western Ave., $108,500.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Belfury Investments Group LLC, 7563 Charles St., $21,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Nordhues, Constance, 15414 Himebaugh Ave., $331,427.

Burks, Mathew and Nicole to Jourdan, Benjamin and Erin, 16328 Miami St., $194,000.

Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A. to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3106 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $58,000.

Demay, John E. Trust to Bergman, Matilda, 4324 N. 162nd Ave., $185,000.

Hamilton, George Jr. and Angela to Kiihne, Joel M. and Jamie C., 5902 N. 146th St., $220,000.

Home Company LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 17620 George Miller Parkway, $31,000.

Kennedy, Kevin P. and Amity M. to Hitz, David and Robin, 17108 Camden Circle, $150,000.

Mattson, Jason E. and Sarah M. to Stejskal, Thomas F. and Hyunmee, 4212 N. 152nd St., $292,500.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Unger, Nathan L. and Julie A., 17660 Patrick Ave., $446,000.

Slunecka, Matthew D. and Orton, Amanda S. to Brown, Allison R. and Alex C., 15401 Locust St., $151,000.

Tige Development and Design Inc. to Prestige Homes Inc., 17660 Patrick Ave., $62,000.

Zhang, Jun and Zhao, Yuling to Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K., 15289 Wirt St., $128,500.


Stender, Dondi and Karla to Athipatla, Ravikanth and Peram, Roja R., 1718 N. 175th Plaza, $129,000.


Boughida, Najah to Fisher, Jordan and Jeff, 8124 Hanover St., $110,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zahid, Asim, 7344 N. 90th St., $142,100.

Gary, Nitin and Aggarwal, Shivani to Hup, Za and Len, Sui Z., 7879 Bauman Ave., $115,600.

Harley, William T. and Jeannine A. to McCracken, Jason, 8154 Willit St., $142,500.


Devin, Jennifer L. to Nabity, Joe and Barbara, 1305 S. 96th St., $305,000.

Hartman, Norma L. and Julie A. to Kronberg, Kristian B., 1705 S. 93rd Ave., $155,000.

Householder, Rhonda A. to Quinn, James D. and Vickie L., 7705 Nina St., $114,900.

Mountaintop Investments LLC to Marks, Steven A. and Elizabeth H., 2908 Bridgeford Road, $192,000.


Agnew, Jason A., trustee for the Keller, Dana J. Trust to Agnew, William R. Jr., 6712 S. 77th St., $90,000.

VanWinkle, Charles L. II Trust to Faust, Joseph T. and Jordan M., 6103 S. 102nd St., $250,000.

Walla, Thomas A. and Thomson, Julia to Cherek, Ronald J. and Barbara J., 8745 Weir St., $92,000.


Goodman, William R. and Holly to Hanish, Michael and Alyson, 19026 Ontario St., $165,000.

Hill, Lisa C. to Steinhoefel, Dale I. and Erin L., 3903 S. 191st St., $226,000.

Simpson, Danny L. and Shauna L. to Harrison, William and Thomas, Kristine M., 2264 S. 186th St., $320,000.

Vacanti, Chris and Belinda to Mahl, Nirmaljeet S. and Gill, Ravneet, 16817 Spring Plaza, $99,000.

Welsh, Angela L. and Christopher P. to Lancaster, Brian J. and Kristen L., 1211 S. 200th Ave., $545,000.


Turner, Carly M. to Dregelid, Olav and Paulis, Mary L., 415 N. 39th St., $119,000.


Drelicharz, Michael N. and Kathleen A. to Bloodworth, Stephen, 316 S. 51st Ave., $321,500.

McCallie, Craig A. to Filbrandt, Jeffrey R. and Daniela, 201 N. 48th St., $120,000.

Rubin, Daniel M. and Lynn B. to Whatley, Monty M. and Julie, 651 Fairacres Road, $852,500.

Thomas, Walter S. and Mary Alice Trust to SPM Manager LLC, 714 Hackberry Road, $125,000.


Kratina, John to Kratina, John D. and Morgan, Bonnie E., 4605 N. 96th St., $54,000.

Kurz, George A. and Joann to Lawson-Betum, Messan K., 3835 N. 95th St., $128,000.

Walker Valley Investments LLC to O and H Properties Inc., 9366 Pratt Circle, $76,000.


Kates, Ronald E. and Talia to Hays, Stephen A., trustee for Hays, Eldine Trust, 5611 S. 193rd Ave., $133,500.

Pinkerman, Weslie G. and Claudia to Mead, Robert D., 5136 S. 195th Circle, $171,500.

Schurman, Scott L. and Abbie M. to Ryan, Jason M. and Kelli A., 17318 O St., $235,000.

Steinhoefel, Erin L. and Dale I. to Kraemer, John G. and Devin L., 4236 S. 178th St., $115,000.


Mausbach, William J. and Baker, Shirley A. to W and S Associates Co. LLC, 11419 T Circle, $121,500.

Otten, Nicholas F. and Julie S. to Loveless, Joann, 15224 R St., $130,000.

Polak, Ernest S. to Olson, Mikaela K. and Larry D., 5818 S. 140th Ave., $128,000.

Reo Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 14009 Ohern St., $76,500.


Brase, Elizabeth to Hayes, David M., 11161 Potter St., $127,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jilek, Daryl G. and Syndee L., 13954 Potter Parkway, $185,400.


Cartwright, William P. and Rebecca M. to Gitt, Eric D. and Jennifer L., 10924 Walling Circle, $474,900.

Lieberth, Trevor J. and Danica A. to Hansen, Eldon E. and Sandy L., 12130 Woolworth Ave., $201,000.

Lundgren, Nancy J., personal representative to Huntley, Mark C. and Linda L., 11616 Shirley St., $180,000.

Medvezky, Joseph A. to Luttman, Kayla J., 12013 Westwood Lane, $70,500.

Milledge, Michael J. and Kim to Church, Charles E., 13584 Shirley St., $140,000.

Sherman, Darlene R., personal representative to Zikas, Barbara A., 11714 Cryer Ave., $140,000.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to VDSKMD LLC, 12856 Pine Circle, $165,000.


Reiff, Dee J. and Nancy L. to Reiff, James A., 5258 Clay St., $157,000.

Walker Valley Investments LLC to Overhue, Frank and Robi, 6820 N. 56th St., $50,214.


Bailis, Lea A. Trust to Gotsdiner, Gary M. Trust, 1239 N. 138th Circle, $1,100,000.


Gosney, Carol A. to Jordache, George and Maria V., 2627 N. 124th Circle, $120,000.

Rayond Evans Real Estate PC to Wells, Matthew L., 2729 N. 125th Ave., $153,000.

Wiegrefe, William J. and Shauna C. to Nasiatka, John and Sarah, 11636 Ruggles St., $163,000.




Cheney, Duane R. and Marian F. to Hedglen, Jerrod and Michelle D., 511 Laurel Drive, $223,000.

Addison, Nickie M., trusteee for Lorkovic, John and Margaret Trust to Simplexity LLC, 410 W. 23rd Ave., $60,000.

Hamilton, Teresa L. to MDET PC, 2809 Bryan Ave., $76,000.

Jelinek, Gordon D. and Lorna M. to Dobesh, Gerald D. 2711 Washington St., $80,000.

Hester, Derek and Leni M. to Hester, Colt A. and Michelle, 1712 Childs Road East, $160,000.

Orman, Bruce and Victoria A. to Kiepke, John and Katie, 1005 Kingston Ave., $145,000.


Boyer Young Equities to Showcase Homes, 7908 S. 192nd Ave., $52,000.

Reisdorff, Richard D. and Theresa M. to Adams, Russell W. and Susan D., 22312 Ponderosa Road, $460,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Morgan, Joseph W. and Shawna M., 21010 Paradise Drive, $145,000.

Caniglia, Jeffery J. and Angela G. to Lewis, Allison C. and Matthew G., 19311 Josephine St., $357,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Home Building Consultants, 19272 Robin Drive, $41,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Miltenberger, Matthew and Lauren, 19257 Greenleaf St., $322,000.

Hollendieck, Susan M. and Rick J. to Hollendieck, Jerad and Denisa, 17232 Christensen Road, $360,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Worden, James B. II, 11914 S. 214th St., $305,000.

Jorgensen, Megan A. and Dane to Sorensen, Brent B. and Sweeney, Claire H., 11216 S. 212th St., $172,000.


Lewis, Laie S., personal representative for Pavlik, Kathryn L. Estate to Gerdes, Bradley J. and Deanna M., 917 Rogers Drive, $175,000.

Thorne, Raquel M. to Kucera, Nicholas N., 7427 Leawood St., $166,000.

Gerdes, Brad and Deanna M. to Michl, Matthew S. and Kimberly S., 529 E. Third St., $147,000.

F&H Homes and Weyler & Blanca Zwanger LLC to Kaijala, Kathryn P., 303 Laredo Road, $132,000.

Wei Sel, Dana H. and Cynthia and Heiden, Jason to Anzaldo, Kristen A., 1704 Eastview Drive, $150,000.

Griffin Homes to Busch, Dean E. and Lori K., 12425 S. 73rd Ave., $383,000.

Richland Homes to Yorgesen, Eric S., 10611 S. 111th Ave., $247,000.


Harpenau, Kenneth J. and Jane L. to Barr Homes, 21662 S. 196th Circle, $105,000.


Littlejohn, Ricco and Amy to Cabrera, Javier, 718 Cedar View Lane, $160,000.

Horizon Realty to Johnson, Curt T. and Holly M., 4214 Sheridan Road, $255,000.

Ross, Melanie J. to Dupell, Mike and Michelle, 3305 Leawood Drive, $189,000.

Wagner, Kristy L. and Ric to Devol, Paula J., 3201 Blackhawk Drive, $138,000.

Hedglen, Jerrod P. and Michelle D. to Kunzman, Jeffrey S. Jr. and Jamie L., 3118 Spring Blvd., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Potter, Michael L. and Erica W., 13809 S. 43rd St., $170,000.

Horizon Realty to Chen, Steve I., 13606 S. 43rd St., $245,000.

Forget, Gerard T. Jr. and Alice A. to Forget, Joseph and Alesha, 12901 S. 29th St., $165,000.


D&J Vogel Construction to Oh, Michael S. and Jackie C., 8412 S. 106th St., $355,000.

Kuppa, Shankara and Soumya to Brookfield Global Relocation, 8136 S. 93rd St., $258,000.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services to Vandersnick, Jason A. and Kara K., 8136 S. 93rd St., $258,000.

Roll Investments to Advantage Investment Properties, 10533 Chandler Road, $270,000.


Celebrity Homes to Storey, Dale G. and Michelle L., 8625 S. 69th St., $211,000.

Conley, David H. Jr. and Sandra L. to Horn, Robert N. and Tricia G., 7363 S. Shore St., $330,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Schipper, Keenan and Kelly, 6605 Clear Creek St., $395,000.

Ingram, Lenora G., trustee for Ingram Family Trust to Scrabeck, David and Alissa, 207 Charleston Drive, $143,000.

Gillaspie, Andrew G. and Soterin, Abby M. to Marunda, Richard L. and Heather A., 1912 Apollo Lane, $285,000.


Adams, Anthony and Karen T. to Sweet, R. Neil and Donna Trust, 9505 S. 171st Ave., $310,000.

SID #230 to Aberg, John and Racheal, 9391 Cinnamon Drive, $120,000.

Tuscany Townhomes to Ritchey, John E. and Gwen K., 8005 S. 162nd St., $137,000.

Tuscany Townhomes to Vergata, Roxanne L., 8001 S. 162 St., $137,000.

Blazek, Denise A. and James to Blazek, Katherine R., 7501 S. 178th Circle, $136,000.

Robertson, Andrew W. and Dawna L. to McIntosh, Judy L., 18014 Edna St., $124,000.

Hinsley, Brad M. and Lyndsey K. to Zapp, Sean, 17757 Lillian St., $138,000.

Guinto, Jerry and Kara D. to Castle, Matthew and Kristina, 17604 Olive St., $127,000.

Palisades Development to Heavican Homes, 17210 Camp St., $47,000.

Brentwood Homes to Home Building Consultants, 16426 Heather St., $44,000.

Hunt, Christopher M. and Jennifer M. to Peterson, Jeremiah T. and Mendy M., 10201 Spyglass Drive, $385,000.


Vaccaro, Carmelo A. and Shannon M. to Torres, Samuel F. and Arcelia D., 8109 S. 151st Ave., $130,000.

Koricic, Nicole J. and Frank to Bragg, Sarah K., 7113 S. 138th Circle, $128,000.

Ryan, Mark D. and Deborah A. to Ronke, Tracee J. and Dustin J., 7105 S. 154th St., $165,000.

Christensen, Derek A. and Michelle R. to Accioly, Guilherme and Amanda, 15145 Edna St., $183,000.

Pierson, Nina L. to Ryan, Jeffrey R., 13220 Carpenter St., $90,000.


Hunter, Jeremy and Brynn to Vossen, Adam P. and Shari N., 9309 S. 21st St., $296,000.

Lopez, Humberto and Manuela to Igarza, Acuna R., 2522 Cornelia St., $120,000.


Bader, Jeffrey L. and Tammy J. to Roman, Gloria M., 7513 S. 52nd St., $116,000.




Messersmith, Mary E. Estate to Blake, Jerry A., 3013 Ave. J, $82,000.

Zavorka, Caril A. and Frank C. to Davis, David A., 2427 Ave. I, $87,000.

STS Enterprises to Hanwright, Jennifer and Mark, 2906 Ave. B, $70,500.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to MAC Investments, 3429 Ninth Ave., $36,500.

A&N Enterprises to Western Iowa Land Development, 3106 Gold Rush Road, $45,000.

Mueller, Kelly M. and Robert to Gray, Meredith S. and Theodore S., 4 Huron Circle, $78,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to A&N Enterprises, 3106 Gold Rush Road, $45,000.


Adams, Harold R. and Lois E. Trust to Greiner, Brent M. and Kimberli C., 2727 Tara Hills St., $225,000.

Larrison, Jayme and Ryan to Hack, Michael E. and Michelle A., 241 Harrison St., $110,000.

Fischer, Daniel P. to Kreger, Angela R. and Kyle J., 308 Cloverdale Drive, $184,000.

All Remodeling Inc. to Larrison, Jaymie L. and Ryan M., 1397 Ardmore St., $245,000.

Hutcheson, Benjamin J. and Stephani A. to Bollig, Constance A., 15 Kay Court, $89,500.

Tilford Enterprises to Kohl, Bridget R. and Lucas J., 618 Stutsman St., $29,500.

West, Gloria G. and Larry A. to Miles, Clifford D., 1953 Longview Loop, $555,000.

Tweedt, Daniel L. and Julie A. to Stane, Darren J. and Dawn R., 22526 Tammy Circle, $260,000.


Peterson, Julia F. to Peterson, Blake A., 210 Kearney St., Avoca, $81,500.


Haijsman, Michael W. and Sherry M. to Petersen, Cheryl A. and Gary M., 26360 Honeysuckle Road, McClelland, $775,000.


Pilling, Lavonne to Trede, Lonnie L., 505 Beezley St., Macedonia, $36,000.


Dorrance, Ave R. and Shields Farms LP to Luft, Cory T. and Holly C., 49234 Applewood Road, Red Oak, $194,500.


Stane, Darren J. and Dawn R. to Perez, Aldo S. and Zoerb, Jessica D., 10239 280th St., Silver City, $275,000.

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