The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Prairie Homes Inc. to Vath, Brandy A. and James A. Jr., 8952 N. 173rd St., $325,672.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8913 N. 171st St., $43,600.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Constantino, Julian and Jessica R., 8218 Kilpatrick Parkway, $285,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Guyer, Cory T. and Amy J., 8202 Kilpatrick Parkway, $268,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stephens, Michael and Barbara, 8103 N. 172nd St., $291,000.

Maust, Matt and Alexis to Nelson Builders Inc., 7816 N. 160th Circle, $42,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Stanger, Richard L. Jr. and Susann J., 7507 N. 160th St., $230,178.

NS-Newhill LLC to Russell, Benjamin S. and Jennifer M., 18134 Ford St., $61,000.

Waterford Development LLC to GDR LLC, 15212 Vane St., $32,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gerdes, Kiley A. and Andrew J., 14518 Sunrise St., $169,400.

Pilakowski, Bryan and Pamela S. to Adler, Thomas R. and Katherine E., 12114 N. 159th St., $205,000.


IFlip Omaha LLC to Heineman, John R. and Kim A., 705 S. 186th St., $300,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Aurora Homes LLC, 4933 N. 206th St., $50,000.

Adams, Debborah L. to Bosworth, Heidi and Joshua, 3322 N. 209th St., $212,500.

Concept Homes and Design Inc. to Ramm Holdings LLC, 3112 N. 193rd Ave., $70,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC, 2391 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC, 2373 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

Klein, Meredith J. and Andrew W. to Gottsch, Rene and Christensen, Erik, 21733 Edgevale Place, $233,000.

Sigma Investments Inc. to Showcase Homes Inc., 2101 S. 214th Ave., $78,100.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Homestead Custom Builders LLC, 20916 Monroe Circle, $80,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Eades, Brian C. and Leslie F., 19412 Grande Ave., $87,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Horizon Land Corp., 1921 N. 208th St., $50,000.

Goodwin, Greg W. and Marianne to Karas, David J., 19104 Ohio St., $179,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to McShane, Ian G. and Czyz, Alicia C., 18816 Sahler St., $418,066.

Schrack, Elizabeth A. to Hamedl, Sara B., 1763 N. 207th St., $152,500.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 1501 N. 194th Circle, $35,000.

Dolter, Stephen M. and Marcia L. to Tweed, Mark and Elizabeth, 1416 N. 183rd St., $339,000.

Tige Development and Design Inc. to Pearson, Gregory L. and Kester-Pearson, Stacy, 1332 S. 208th St., $57,000.

Grigaitis, Nijola R. Trust to Carlson, Gary R. and Debra l., 720 S. 206th Ave., $385,000.

Pinkes, Benjamin A. to Walker, Gaberiel and Haley, 19863 Chicago St., $265,000.


Anderson, Tanner E. to Frisch, Eugene and Roseann, 112 E. Vass St., $70,000.


Lomax, Jimmy and Karyn to Pacas, Karen, 300 S. 16th St., $97,000.


Mink Resources LLC to Lueck Construction LLC, 6603 Himebaugh Ave., $100,000.

Worley, Anna and Michael to Knight, Christopher J., 6060 N. 56th St., $152,000.

Nelson, Mark T. and Kristah to Akers, George, 5828 Ohio St., $120,000.

Holiday, Mary K. and Clarence M. to Pittman, Enoch M. II and Andrea K., 5404 N. 49th Ave., $90,000.

RMH Properties LLC to Schwartz, Travis E. and Margaret, 5016 Wirt St., $63,000.

Lewis, Janece A. to Stokes, Annemarie, 4858 Maple St., $50,000.

Davis, Laura S. and Rodgers, Mike to Johnson, Calli, 4512 Franklin St., $83,000.

First National of Nebraska Community to Wang, Younh, 4505 Seward St., $46,000.

Dills, Christopher S. to Ding, Hongfen, 3543 N. 47th Ave., $65,500.

Wiebusch, Vaughn and Donna to Kyei, Maw and Day, Day, 3206 N. 56th St., $110,000.

Hollinger, Jared W., trustee, to Guardian Property Services LLC, 5714 N. 52nd St., $34,101.

Hinchman, James H., trustee for Hinchman Trust, to Whelan, Dennis G. and Rahel, Kate O., 5510 Franklin St., $140,000.

Medlock, Melvin E., personal representative of Parsons, Lois N. Estate, to McCright Properties LLC, 2949 N. 59th St., $26,000.


Atlas Enterprises LLC to Lunnin, Larry A., 840 S. 29th St., $100,000.

Allen, Sandra S. to Peterson, Michelle J., 4021 Spring Circle, $100,000.


Cerone, Michael J. Jr. and Mary S. to Schreiber, Greg, 6837 Leavenworth St., $195,000.

Gore, Dawn and Kevin W. to McGovern, Christiana M., 5820 Frederick St., $129,500.

Cavanaugh, Kathleen D. to Hawkins, Janet L., 4855 Pacific St., $92,000.

Perelman, Karen S. and Daniel to Shirk Management LLC, 4814 Poppleton Ave., $90,000.

Baker, Tavi L. and Albright, Richard R. to Carver, Gregg M., 4544 Mason St., $205,000.

Turner, Zachary and Lauren to Zak, Gerard D. and Volkmer, Sarah K., 2414 S. 48th Ave., $145,000.

Bullington, Lena J. to Douglas, Megan P., 2121 S. 62nd St., $155,000.

Livingston, Randall, trustee for Matthew, Joshua 1996 Under Declaration of Trust, to Caldwell, Laura C. and Behnke, Robert J., 615 S. 68th Ave., $135,500.


Bonnstetter, Jennifer and David to Gonzales, Anthony, 4521 S. 35th St., $28,000.

Brigham, Robert M. and Stacy M. to Driskell, Pamela K., 4209 Madison St., $144,000.

Delatorre, David A. and Aida F. to Cortez, Juana H., 2515 F St., $77,000.

Rohl, Ricky to Jacinto, Rodrigo, 1412 Pasadena Ave., $66,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, 6613 Railroad Ave., $49,000.

Kaufman, Kathleen, personal representative of Washtler, Ernest J. Estate, to Barrera Rentals 1 LLC, 6206 S. 33rd St., $55,000.


Alfred, Alissa L. to Issa, Issa, 1617 Binney St., $72,000.


Byers, Leslie and Steven A. to 200 Properties LLC, 2566 Bauman Ave., $65,000.


Sasse, Janis T. to Stevens, Ronda L. Trust, 8309 Seward St., $142,000.

First National of Nebraska Community to Thiemann Investments LLC, 7762 Franklin St., $91,000.

Christiana Trust and Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R to Vaughn, Marc and Crystal, 713 N. 77th Ave., $75,600.

Lighthart, Kathleen M. and Michael J. to Quinn, James E., 1019 S. 91st Circle, $425,000.


Rasmussen, Rita C. to Garvey, Tommy L. and Frances A., 5720 N. 159th St., $255,000.

Rufus, Jack M. and Karla B. to Merrill, Richard J. Jr. and Erin M., 5526 N. 164th St., $297,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Pierce, Mark A. and Sybille L., 5502 N. 154th St., $311,850.

Washka, Sherry L. to Saenz, Rachel L. and Roy, Patrick S., 4101 N. 170th St., $168,000.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 3302 N. 164th St., $79,900.

Liu, Xijia and Shen, Guohui to Haskins, Thomas C., 2912 N. 153rd Circle, $189,900.

Kolenbrander, Angela J. and Justin L. to Jefferson, Scott A. and Rebecca L., 2303 N. 176th Ave., $335,000.

Peterson, Dawn to Skahill, Shaun and Amber, 17415 Grant Circle, $270,000.

Villanueva, Carlos and Morales, Cinthya to Losole, Michael and Debra, 16270 Sprague St., $275,000.

Brandt, Richard E. and Carol L. to Lunn, Burt, 16206 Browne St., $152,000.

Grant, Tammy L. and George N. to Rutz, Herbert, 16115 Larimore Ave., $219,900.

Simonson, Kristine B. and Biegert, Douglas J. to Warren, Anthony J. and Kathryn S., 16021 Taylor St., $275,000.

Fouquier, Homer J. Jr. to Luna, Joseph G. and Angela M., 16003 Bauman Ave., $290,000.

Swahn, Curtis H. to Muller, Michael J., 15520 Saratoga St., $155,000.

Ruf, Joseph Jr. and Anna to Kearns, Linda, 15409 Burdette St., $193,000.

Belo, Melissa M. to Norgard, Dorothy, 15104 Butler Ave., $223,000.

Stevens, Matthew N. and Sarah J. to Holmes, William W. and Kristen E., 15064 Taylor St., $289,000.

Sladek, Steve and Regina to Brauer-Will, Mary L., 14889 Jaynes St., $267,000.


Losole, Michael and Debra to Engles, Patrick and Jeanne M., 605 S. 157th Circle, $257,900.

Grone, Benjamin W. and Melani J. to Conahan, Sara S. and Matthew M., 15810 Decatur St., $179,500.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Valeika, Molly and Williams, Tom, 9154 Black St., $148,700.

Pierce, Mark A. and Sybille to Payton, Tyson A., 8455 Craig Ave., $191,000.

Weller, Jesse J. and Lisa M. to Pope, Tessa A. and Scott H., 8260 Clay St., $135,000.

Rhone, Jonathan and Margaret J. to Caniglia, Ross M., 8213 Clay St., $138,000.

Dogbey, John and King, Anthonia to Schmit, Elliot M. and Melissa A., 7416 Potter St., $150,000.


Shafer, Thomas E. and Mertz, Pamela to Ethington, Scott and Stacie, 3523 S. 106th St., $307,000.


Williams, Arthur E. to Landon, Matthew D. and Brande, 7363 Jefferson St., $158,000.

Smith, Keith O. and Kimberly A. to Gustafson, Alan L. and Lisa D., 6644 S. 86th St., $162,000.

Miller, William L. and Sheila J. to Hoffman, Ryan M. and Johnson, Darren R., 5056 S. 106th Ave., $106,000.

Bel Fury Investments LLC to Johnson, Kalab M. and Tera L., 4955 S. 87th St., $165,000.

Egermier, Gerald J. and Debbie A. to Riha, Connie L., 10529 U St., $140,000.

Adler, Thomas R. and Katherine E. to Larsen, Estefania and Struble-Larsen, Timothy G., 10204 O St., $168,000.

Wakefield, Jaclyn E., trustee for Lawver, Kenneth L. Trust, to Sisco, Joshua and Alyssa, 7760 Oakwood St., $108,000.


Lautenbach, Scott D. and Kelly S. to McMahon, Timothy J., 3204 S. 187th St., $512,500.

Scott, Tyrone J. to Gagnon, William J. and Allison K., 2404 S. 178th St., $415,000.

Follmer, William J. Jr. and Catherine S. to Vander Linden, Kirk R. and Joanna J., 20166 B St., $296,500.

Guido, Christopher P. and Sarah E. to Hunt, Steve and Emily, 19807 Hansen Ave., $384,000.

Cole, Justin and Amy to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 18915 Grover St., $187,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Bergman, Mores and Sandra, 18915 Grover St., $187,000.

Higbee, Michael N. and Nancy G. to Scott, Tyrone J., 17311 Woolworth Ave., $220,000.

Shaughnessy, Terrence P. and Noreen D. to Cope, Kenneth W., 16415 Poppleton Ave., $175,000.

Dale, Ivan, trustee for Dale Living Trust, to Gelber, Judith, 17202 Walnut Plaza, $210,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Herkenrath, John J. III, 16085 Oak St., $112,000.


McGinn, Susan G. to Johnson, Adam and Kelcy, 105 N. 31st Ave., $95,000.


Nguyen, Son V. and Hue T. to Smith, Todd J., 6922 Burt St., $220,000.

Richard, Erica and Ryan E. to Slama, Jonathan R. and Jeni F., 5112 Hamilton St., $230,000.

McCart, Jennifer L. to Mint Properties LLC, 1005 N. 49th Ave., $73,000.

Miller, James D. to Ambler Park LLC, 6506 Lafayette Ave., $125,000.


Bennett, Rodney L. to Lee, April, 9429 Fowler Ave., $129,000.

Jones, Chris F. and Ashlee D. to Lang, Christopher and Noble, Kaitlyn, 4722 N. 81st St., $139,000.

Hennigs, Megan M. and Gregory J. to King, Andrea and Jalbert, Jennifer, 4708 N. 103rd St., $208,000.

Dasenbrock, Barbara L. to Uram, Nicole M. and Stuart J., 3831 N. 100th Ave., $145,000.

Carmichael, Scott B. to Kirby, Shellie, 3720 Terrace Drive, $129,000.

Hess, Bradley H. and Wendi L. to Anding, Turner and Ann L., 3418 N. 93rd Ave., $149,000.

Dukat, Carolyn Trust to Fitch, Beth A. and Mark G., 2407 N. 103rd Circle, $207,000.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Cooper, Charles A. and Sandra J., 5912 S. 173rd Ave., $360,000.

Zawadzki, Casey Q. to Bandi, Venu and Madhavarapu, Sri H., 5822 S. 191st St., $210,000.

Fry, Christopher P. and Crystal T. to Hill, Ryan, 5332 S. 188th St., $157,000.

McCune, Mark L. to Swett, David E. and Lora E., 4961 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $195,000.

Freemyer, Leroy C. to Struck, Brett M. and Kelly M., 4448 S. 173rd St., $249,000.

Dymek, Angela and Bryan L. to Baxter, Adam J., 19261 Holmes St., $185,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Dymek, Angela M. and Bryan L., 18552 Drexel St., $271,500.

Novotny, Rachel L. to Herold, Mary E., 18186 Polk Plaza, $102,000.

Leibow, Kenneth R. and Deyanira L. to Luthercorp LLC, 17559 Z Circle, $265,000.

Birdnow, Thomas W. to Witt, Jeffrey A., 17024 Orchard Ave., $186,500.

Tindall, Becky N. to Logar Home Construction LLC, 16969 Polk St., $38,000.

Carrow, Anthony J. and Cynthia J. to TAB LLC, 16703 Riggs St., $162,500.

Aliano, Karen M. Trust to Burchard, Thomas E. Jr. and Ashley R., 5617 S. 171st St., $282,000.


Nguyen, Thanh Q. and Trang X. to WLR Properties LLC, 5818 S. 136th St., $123,000.

Cardin, Greg and Heather to Weston, Cassie E., 5305 S. 116th St., $141,000.

Walker, Randal C. and Michelle R. to Walker, Bethany L., 4965 Magnolia St., $125,000.

Holman, Christopher J. to Hofer, Michael J. and Emma D., 14929 Holmes St., $154,000.

Banks, Cynthia and Jason A. to Walker, Michael A. and Joan E., 11631 Tyler St., $162,500.

Herman, David G. Jr. and Stacy N. to Witt, Rebecca L. and Sheffield, Chad R., 11031 Madison St., $161,000.

Brown, Jerry L. to Burford, Alan, 11022 Washington St., $65,000.

Kenkel, Roselyn R. Marital Trust to Ellerbeck-Crouch, Casey C. and Ellerbeck, Maegan E., 5110 S. 143rd St., $128,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kracl, Corey L. and Maier, Kaitlyn K., 7807 N. 116th St., $194,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Spanheimer, Mary R. Trust, 7305 N. 139th St., $233,100.

McShane, Ian G. and Czyz, Alicia C. to Ferguson, Andrew M. and Teha K., 14229 Potter Parkway, $207,000.

Bartels, Cody R. and Ashley L. to Brewer, Hannah, 10865 Hanover St., $140,000.


Siciunas, Roman J. and Renada L. to Duarte, Mary and Dan, 14115 Cedar Circle, $260,000.

Schnepf, Kenneth C. and Karen J. to Pietro, Joseph and Elena, 13325 Shirley St., $220,000.

West, Virginia A., trustee for West Family Trust, to Wood, Brett and Michael, 14814 Martha Circle, $189,900.


Ronk, Michael S. and Tondi J. to Leu, Julie A., 8624 N. 57th St., $149,000.

Russell, Benjamin and Jennifer to Watchower Investment Group LLC, 7104 N. 50th Ave., $137,000.

Edquist, Keith B. to Sims, Walter L. Jr., 6611 Plum St., $73,000.

Beckwell, Dawn M. to B Douglas Construction Solutions LLC, 5065 Lockwood Lane, $105,000.

Royce, Michael and Elaine to Stoudamire, Raven J., 4719 Huntington Ave., $97,300.


Richards, Cheryl E. to Mathews-Thrasher, Rian, 1818 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $128,400.

Patrick, James T. and Jodi M. to Ognissanti, Anthony, 15005 Jackson St., $185,000.

Centris Federal Credit Union to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 129 S. 111th St., $99,000.

Walowski, Kathryn F. Trust to Sweetman, Diane M. and Christopher P., 12333 Charles St., $205,000.

Ajlouny, Issa, personal representative of Ajlouny, Jaad Estate, to Ajlouny, Victor and Audrey, 970 S. 150th St., $196,000.


Eschliman, Matthew W. and Jaime D. to Cruz, Oscar O., 6702 N. 110th Ave., $144,900.

Reiley, Gerald A. and Steffanie R. to Bremer, Jeffrey M. Jr. and Lindsay, 5624 N. 126th Ave., $146,000.

Bergman, Mores V. and Sandra S. to Lanza, Anthony R. and Ferguson, Kari J., 5623 N. 129th St., $153,000.

Rohren, Teresa J. to Ritchey, Zachary B., 2830 N. 126th Avenue Circle, $147,500.

Christensen, Lanna L. and Michael B. to Jiang, Chao and Qi, Yongyue, 2342 N. 143rd St., $127,000.

Werth, Carol M. to O’Connor, Martin K., 2168 N. 124th Avenue Circle, $135,000.

Turgeon, Judith L. to West, Virginia A., 14229 Huntington Ave., $172,000.

Jensen, Daniel L. and Irene A. to Fredrichs, Anne M., 13752 Camden Ave., $234,000.

Rusev, Iliya S. to Brunmeier, Jordan, 12205 Patrick Ave., $138,500.

Johnson, Lee D. and Janice B. to Smith, Danielle, 11223 Curtis Ave., $136,000.



Harris, Christopher D. and Jennifer M. to Sutton DePennes, Michael R. and Gabriela, 1017 Bert Murphy Blvd., $130,000.

Langbehn, Joshua L. and Kayla K. to Ludwig, Stephen, 1326 Franklin St., $116,000.

St. James Methodist Church to Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County, 1501 Hancock St., $19,000.

Sweenie, Richard W. Jr. and Thompson-Sweenie, Monica S. to Thornton, Matthew H., 215 Douglas Drive, $160,000.

Husker Properties LLC to Hernandez, Kevin and Jasmine M., 2407 Jackson St., $110,000.

Nelson, Benjamin F. and June M. to Hartzell Real Estate PC, 3009 Vicki Circle, $93,000.

Allen, Brett and Kristine to Anstine, Bryan E. and Micayla M., 306 Brooks Place, $178,000.

Semin, Joe and Shelly to Pineda, Maria, 804 Bellevue Blvd. North, $140,000.

Farrell, Gail F. and Forest F. and Yolanda S. to Wendl Properties LLC, 903 Lincoln Road South, $40,000.

Vazquez, Felix L. Jr. and Vann-Vazquez, Sherry L. to Brown, David J. and Sarah M., 904 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $165,000.


Clark, Steven M. and Jennifer B. to Neil & Steve Construction Inc., 12116 S. 214th St., $49,000.

Copper Ridge LLC to Moore, Eric D. and Sarah J., 12117 Bobwhite Road, $75,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Ring, Jason D. and Jessica M., 17320 Jessica Lane, $255,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Lautenbach, Scott D. and Kelly S., 19316 Robin Drive, $295,000.

Morgan, Bowdrie J. to McClure, Daniel J. and Brianna L., 19825 Acorn Drive, $177,000.

200 Properties LLC to KMZ Enterprises LLC, 209 Shamrock Road, $60,000.

Andrews, Patrick and Candice to Ledward, Christian and Jennifer A., 21336 Blackstone Circle, $303,000.

Ellis, Janelle L. and Duster S. to Bader, Thomas M. and Stauffer, Trenah J., 21811 Highview St., $203,000.

Kirwan, Kody and Holli to Steffens, Bradley and Sherri L., 23211 Fairview Road, $525,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to McRae, David R. Jr. and Jennifer L., 448 Sherwood Drive, $287,000.

Gagnon, Bill and Allison K. to Herrmann, Andrew P. and Jessica L., 7112 S. 201st St., $380,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Anderson, Joan and Robert D., 7916 S. 193rd Ave., $373,000.


Showcase Homes Inc. to Streett, Robin B. and Stephanie J., 10114 S. 123rd Ave., $420,000.

Lusero, Steven A. and Patricia A. to Kellberg, Kristopher and Shelly, 1019 Hogan Drive, $209,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Hailey, Douglas A. and Bridget A., 10207 S. 124th St., $434,000.

Bies, Todd M. to Barry, John and Tammy, 533 Bonnie Ave., $132,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Goldsberry, Mark A. and Tammy S., 10122 S. 124th St., $490,000.

Severson, Peter D. and Jennifer D. to Roundtree, Terry, 10905 S. 113th Ave., $310,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Reha, Craig G. and Christine E., 12023 Pintail Drive, $380,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Bresette, Micah and Violet, 12316 Freeboard Drive, $359,000.

Hollinger, Jared W. and Kimberly J. to H & S Partnership LLP 14926 Edna St., $99,000.

Lemke, Bradley S. to Chavez, Nathan N. and Wentz, Bonny K., 201 Valley Road, $150,000.

Langabee, Sarah and Vincent to Kaufman, Brody D. and Samantha L., 2314 Quartz Drive, $238,000.

Keuter, LaVonne E., trustee for Keuter, Edwin L. Trust, to Steinke, J.W. Jr. and Kathy A., 600 Kent Drive, $275,000.

Hollinger, Jared W. and Kimberly J. to H & S Partnership LLP, 600 Pioneer Road, $98,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 8129 Ponderosa Drive, $71,000.

Douglas, Joel K. and Kelly D. to Winsick, Glenn A., 906 Buckboard Blvd., $163,000.

Boykin, Deborah L. Trust to Keith, Robert F. and Mari A., 909 Iron Road, $225,000.


Armentrout, Robert L. and Deborah A. to Snyder, Richard and Papstein, Natalie, 440 N. Second St., $250,000.


Tumbleson, Jeremy A. and Brandi H. to Egglezos, Rusty C., 10411 S. 26th St., $147,000.

Meyer, Travis J. and Danita to Horton, Michael R. and Kathleen A., 13307 Brookside Drive, $178,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walker, Paul M. Sr., 13804 S. 42nd Ave., $181,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cooper, Kevin and Brittney D., 14802 S. 21st St., $280,000.

Jensen, Alexandrea and Ryan to Sorman, Jerrid M. and Mezick, Jacqueline D., 3013 Coffey Ave., $159,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Czyz, Douglas A. and Deborah R., 14808 S. 22nd St., $251,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rogers, Jennifer L., 15003 S. 20th St., $249,000.

Drey, Loyal J. and Marlene M. Trust to Finley, Joshua W. and Sarah J., 17321 Ivy Circle, $400,000.

Toledo, Margarita M. to Hobbs, Stephen and Tiffany, 2920 Rahn Blvd., $265,000.

Young, James A. and Billye J. to Gillespie, Luke, 3218 Coffey Ave., $173,000.

Richards, Johnathan and Mary to Aristegui, Anibal D. and Kimberly L., 3312 Duane Ave., $126,000.

Ramos, Mark E. and Jessica to Myrick, William K., 3414 E. Dutchman Circle, $139,000.


Ahern, Thomas R. to Norrie, Robert J., 7008 Harvest Hills Drive, $250,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schmitt, Nicholas, 7010 S. 185th Circle, $228,000.

Carrison, Jonathan D. and Vanessa A. to Sharipov, Nozimjon, 7804 La Vista Drive, $189,000.

Shepoka, Kevin and Jennifer to Marco, Charles T. and Tara, 7809 S. 98th St., $212,000.

Colanino, Melanie to Hesselgesser, Elwin D. and Claudette M., 9523 Honey Locust Circle, $224,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Schrader, Steven and Felici, Ann, 9949 Olive St., $410,000.


Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Crim, Jeffrey S. and Shauna G., 11016 Edward St., $429,000.

DeReus, Darrin L. and April to Cunningham, Joseph A. III and Stacey M., 11828 S. 52nd St., $281,000.

Liberty Court LLC to Petit, Diana E. and Michael A., 1508 Savannah Drive, $173,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Madler, Aaron J., 6705 Elmhurst Drive, $237,000.

Agne, Douglass and Swann, Audrey to Morgan, Heidi, 1605 Charleston Drive, $138,000.

Stawniak, Gary A. and Janet M. to Spratlen, John S. and Kimberly A., 2108 Dana Lane, $252,000.

Langston, Timothy H. and Michelle L. to Feauto, Ryan F. and Amy M., 2123 Bear Creek Road, $210,000.

Bosiljevac, Jeffrey A. and Joni M., co-personal representatives of Bosiljevac, Elaine E. Estate, to Lemke, Bradley S. Trust, 405 Summerset Drive, $155,000.

Hansen, James E. and Sheryl K. to Perlic, Kevin M. and Robertson, Whitney R., 4519 Anchor Mill Drive, $225,000.

Chambers, Thomas W. and George, Gary E. to Durkin, Michael and Kristin, 7003 Beth Ave., $380,000.


Showcase Homes Inc. to Neeman, Kelsie N. and Slobotski, David M., 10624 S. 190th St., $380,000.

Nelson Builder Inc. to Cooperider, David A. and Reed-Cooperider, Mardi L., 10620 S. 190th St., $375,000.

Ruh, Nathaniel D. and Amanda M. to Weeks, Emily C. and Matthew L., 16144 Redwood St., $185,000.

Obermeier, Justin J. and Rachael E. to Badura, Jason and Stacie, 16402 Greenleaf St., $278,000.

Kempenar, Jason M. and Amber L. to Merritt, Chris and Dona, 16415 Redwood St., $214,000.

Schuler, Stephen and Jacalyn D. to Tieskotter, Jacob J. and Kimberly L., 16615 Loop St., $260,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 17831 Edna St., $121,000.

Casanova, Sandra P. and Sanchez, Juan M. to Luo, Jianying, 17865 Olive St., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Davis, Jerade D. and Abigail K., 18928 Redwood St., $230,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Neilsen, Jenifer, 7002 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $193,000.

Farrens-Fink, Denise C. to Musiel, Beverly, 7123 S. 180th Ave., $165,000.

Daniels, Jeffrey L. and Steven W., co-personal representatives for Daniels, Dorothy M. Trust to Kortus, Dempsie and Diane, 7127 S. 180th Ave., $197,000.

Beach, Greg and Katherine to Nathan Homes LLC, 17512 Summit Drive, $70,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burr, Gary and Beverly, 7713 S. 188th St., $248,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Harrison, Dustin M. and Amanda R., 7815 S. 188th St., $262,000.


Mullins, Steven J. and Jennifer A. to Stevens, Shawn and Bailey, 13518 Grissom St., $160,000.

Merritt, Chris and Dona to Polson, John P. and Julie A., 14110 Margo St., $167,000.

Austin, Barbara J. to Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC, 14208 Rose Lane Road, $43,000.

Hartwell, Frances E. to Burns, Daisy, 7016 Highland Blvd., $143,000.

Dolezal, Tyler and Alyssa to Peters, Clarissa A., 8225 S. 152nd St., $160,000.

Peterson, Phillip A. and Jodi A. to Coshow, Walter K., 8406 S. 139th Circle, $145,000.


Belek, George C. and Berra, Carol A. to Huff, Benjamin S., 4009 Greene Ave., $125,000.

Onate, Amy L. and Francisco to Sol Construction Inc., 5008 Glasgow Ave., $80,000.

Powers, Brian C. and Nichelle N. to McCormick, Mitchell, 7221 S. 33rd St., $127,000.

Krantz, Sherri J. and Timothy to Brown, Wade K. and Karen S., 8500 Cedar Island Road, $102,000.

Osborn, Chris to Cuevas, Jose, 8504 S. 17th St., $20,000.

Parajuli, Amrit and Shova to Martin, Shawn E., 9601 S. 27th Ave., $229,000.


Sudar, Petar to Roberts, Christopher and Amber, 4818 Red Rock Ave., $142,000.

Macaitis, Walter F. and Josephine to Armendariz, Viridiana A. and Hector G., 4909 Glasgow Ave., $165,000.

Jenkins, Cody and Lexie to Smith, Michael A. and Lisa M., 8437 S. 64th Ave., $219,000.



BP Quality Homes LLC to Fox, Lori J. and Randy D., 3212 Middle Ferry Road, $274,000.

Western Iowa Land Development LLC to Bryan, Kateland, 2335 Ave. M Way, $142,500.

Adler, Ronald G. and Pam to Kremin, Chelsy L. and Mark W., 3451 Fourth Ave., $36,000.

Dimmitt, Kenneth P. and Shelli V. to Myers, Jeffrey R. and Julie L., 2111 Ave. K, $130,000.

Brammer, Brandon L. and Kaitlyn and Miller, Howard and Tamera D. to Donaldson, Christin and Justin, 3610 Stuart Blvd., $20,000.

Davids, Lewis E. and Vicki S. to Little, Corey J. and Stephanie A., 3432 Seventh Ave., $120,000.


Liston, John and Rebecca to Allen, Matthew N. and Rae A., 5140 Providence Road, $396,000.

Westcott, Gary A. Sr. and Susan K. to Hargrave, John J., 23125 Hunt Ave., $250,000.

Hargrave, John J. to Heine, Timothy J., 23125 Hunt Ave., $250,000.

Vollmer, Jeffrey A. to Jones, Cassandra K. and Pfleger, Robert J. Jr., 18555 Hampton Lane, $450,000.

Plunkett, George W. and Sondra J. to Plunkett, Robbie L., 728 Mynster St., $53,500.

Harvey, Joseph A. to Maiefski, Antonio J., 113 Charlotte Ave., $108,000.

Fisher, Brandy and Shawn to Fisher, Jessica K., 433 S. Sierra Drive, $109,000.

Kugler, Gary D. to Little Venez LLC, 234 Lincoln Ave., $46,500.

Keesee, Rodney and Sheryl M. to Greiner, David and Melissa, 420 Harrison St., $60,000.

Matis, Lizabeth L. to Little Venez LLC, 203 Turley Ave., $145,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Sorensen, Cheri and Rodney, 15261 State Orchard Road, $105,000.


United Housing Inc. to Wever, Bethany R. and Douglas W., 1321 Lindwood Drive, Carter Lake, $78,000.

Anfinson, Ernest W. to Anfinson, Darlene M. and William E., 95 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $59,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to H & S Partnership LLP, 1519 Ave. Q, Carter Lake, $98,000.


Nielsen, April I. to Hines, Dennis L. and Janine L., 256 S. Walnut St., Avoca, $70,000.


Allen, Marlin E. and Shirley A. to Brandon, Amanda and Tate M., 411 S. Cayleen Circle, Carson, $199,000.


Maiefski, Antonio J. to Alsup, Marjorie S., 306 Park St., Oakland, $62,500.

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