The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Berg, Dedra and Seibold, Paul to Sirva Relocation Credit, 14711 Girard St., $314,500.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Truitt, Jill S. and Matthew S., 14711 Girard St., $314,500.

Christensen, Chad L. and Ruth E. to Walls, Stephen and Tamara, 15301 Tucker St., $150,000.

Ritonya, Justin S. and Melissa A. to Aslam, Munazza and Chaudhry, Hassan S., 8025 N. 146th St., $136,000.

Swistak, Mallory to Murphy, Jordan N. and Baker, Zachary R., 14537 Mormon St., $135,000.

State Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 8075 N. 158th St., $25,500.


Pete, Lawrence D. and Lori A. to Carleton, Donna and Brian L., 21401 Pine Circle, $775,000.

Bahma, Michael J. and Dixie L. to Schlirzkus, Lisa L. and Bankston, Bryan, 1518 N. 190th St., $650,000.

Carlson, Scott A. and Tami M. to Lary, Brian A. and Nancy E., 19027 Lafayette Ave., $550,000.

JKC Construction to Smith, Lillian L. Trust, 19002 Cuming Circle, $484,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Beumler, Stephen and Jean, 1607 S. 211th St., $420,421.

Castle Brook Builders to O’Neill, Patrick and Tiffany, 216 S. 197th St., $420,043.

Castle Brook Builders to Frink, Nathan and Schmolke, Megan, 19605 Decatur St., $410,000.

Carleton, Brian L. and Donna M. to Stork, Mary T. and Kevin V., 220 S. 197th St., $347,000.

Timberline Homes to Rosenbohm, Kimberly and James, 18231 Dewey Ave., $317,950.

Bahe, Jerry L. and Lisa R. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 20815 Sequoia St., $297,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Goodby, Paul R. and Kate D., 20815 Sequoia St., $297,000.

Cambridge Homes to Nelson, Ashley L. and Pelan, Tyler E., 18212 Harney St., $236,950.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Barron, Lynn A. and Thomas J., 19023 Lake St., $211,352.

Charleston Homes to Koenemann, Julie A., 20865 Flavin Circle, $198,940.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Grant, Andrew R. and Molly J., 19013 Ohio St., $189,285.

Ringeberg, Tod H. and Lorraine A. to Korth, Jodi L. and Nicholas D., 3011 N. 200th Ave., $172,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Barta, Gary T. and Rosemary W., 5738 S. 239th St., $80,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 19315 Spaulding Circle, $59,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes and Mark David Custom Built Homes, 4303 N. 208th St., $43,900.


Dial-Mallard Lake to Goldberg, Jennine L. and Marvin S., 4020 N. 265th St., $630,000.

CMTT LLC to Malibu Holdings, 4002 N. 265th St., $175,000.


Morehead, Eryka L. and Justin R. to Philipps, Kyle J., 5124 Parker St., $235,000.

Zinn, Annie F., personal representative, to Zimmerman, Darin L., 2520 Country Club Ave., $127,000.

Blackwell, Mark A. to Brooks, Jeffrey D., 3331 N. 47th Ave., $114,999.

Pane, Michael C. and Charles J. to Hoffman, Kristen and Joshua, 2719 N. 64th St., $104,200.

Huber, J.D. and Kathleen L. to Paw, Shee and Moo, Htoo S., 6168 Ogden St., $93,000.

Brown, Justin R. and Kristine F. to Jameson, Brent D. and Kelsey K., 6529 Seward St., $92,500.

McKee, Christopher T. to Soyulmaz, Burctan, 3123 N. 55th St., $89,000.

Thompson, Amanda R. and Ryan S. to Lawson, Timothy J. and Karen K., 3537 N. 57th St., $73,000.

Ostenson, Dan and Sara M. to Soe, Kyaw and Nyunt, Win, 4112 N. 64th St., $68,500.

Walls, Stephen P. and Tamara J. to Pryor, Aimee R. and Thomas M., 3801 N. 66th St., $56,625.


Freeman, Travis and Jeanine to Losole, Dion T. and Clare T., 4312 Woolworth Ave., $302,000.

Smith, Logan E. to Bethel, Michael T. and Kathryn M., 4016 Castelar St., $125,000.

Liang, Huixu and Zhang, Ming to Torchia, Sarah, 709 S. 38th St., $112,000.

Ohren, Marcella and Michael T. to Price, Cheryl D. and James R., 2345 S. 35th Ave., $110,000.

Eucker, Alice C. to Sandhoefner, Jill N., 3865 Arbor St., $94,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Vaughn, Timothy J., 2335 S. 34th St., $67,000.

Midtown Properties to Invest Omaha I LLC, 709 S. 37th St., $65,000.

Wallace, Donald J. and Sarah K. to Kaftan, Harold A. and Juliann, 814 S. 37th Ave., $58,000.

Reynoso, Joanna and Gamboa, Miguel A. to Jimenez, Rene, 1030 S. 30th Ave., $25,500.


Anderson, David L. and Elizabeth S. to Fogarty, Morgan T., 5521 Pierce St., $135,000.

Hynek, Michael J. and Dawn C. to RPH Enterprises, 5105 Center St., $120,000.

Nicholson, Larry G. Jr. to Short, Steve L. and Ellen K., 5007 Martha St., $108,000.

Fitzpatrick, Meghan K. to Pojar, Anthony T., 2231 S. 58th St., $92,500.

Stowe, Celilia A. to Bates, Brandon D., 4628 Krug Ave., $76,000.

Brunning, Emmet G. Trust to Brunning, Taneille B. and Michael S., 3714 S. 49th Ave., $60,000.

Brunning, Emmet G., trustee for Family Trust to Brunning, Taneille B. and Michael S., 3714 S. 49th Ave., $60,000.

Bruhn, Debra L. and James to Tenhammer LLC, 4689 Pacific St., $52,000.


Rodriguez, Raquel and Villicana Rodriguez, Jesus to Mosqueda, Raul R., 4605 S. 35th St., $76,000.

Richter, William F. and Janice F. to Vega, Maria D., 6207 S. 30th St., $68,500.

Hall, George Trust to Menjivar, Merlyn and Twins Daycare, 2221 Washington St., $60,000.

Shestak, George D. to Long, Jason S. and Jaylynn S., 2702 Monroe St., $58,500.

GMD Investments to Silva, Ramon S., 1506 Drexel St., $32,000.

JKT Properties to Narce, Georgia C. and Olivier M., 2510 H St., $31,000.

Karasek, Robert and Cynthia E. to Roya LLC, 4457 Hillsdale Ave., $25,000.


Penning, Delores J., personal representative, to Louria, Debra A. and Edward J. II, 2713 S. 19th St., $77,500.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Venditte, Patrick L. and Janet M., 1214 S. Sixth St., $50,000.


Gaine, Frances to Adams, Gale, 2233 Locust St., $40,000.


Polland Window and Doors and Polland, Rodney J. to Mendoza, Gaspar and Edvin P., 4244 Burdette St., $22,000.


Intercessors of the Lamb to Brickner, Alice F. and Dorene C., 12541 N. 40th St., $210,000.

Kelly, William B. and Mendi L. to Bostwick, Troy Jr., 3421 Sheffield St., $107,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Mesenbrink, Jeffrey, 7718 N. 28th Ave., $52,000.

Roi US Holding LLC to Devin Brad Mike LLC, 2426 Redick Ave., $24,000.


Kovar, William R. and Mary C. to Foley, John P. and Terri, 9918 Harney Parkway North, $433,500.

Walz, Charles E. and Linda L. to Flowers, Stafford A. and Jo A., 1223 N. 98th Court, $275,000.

Pohland Custom Homes to O’Connell, Mary and James, 9414 Davenport St., $260,000.

Hunter, Nicole M. and Gregory M. to Downard, Nathanael, 767 N. 73rd St., $192,500.

Stewart, Douglas D. and Jean M. to Wells, Martha J. and Rita L., 1711 N. 75th Ave., $145,000.

Borsheim, Victoria L. and James C. to Williams, Keri, 9205 Meadow Drive, $142,100.

Constantino, James C. and Anne M. to Sterns, Laurelin P. and Nesbitt, Daniel D., 8219 Franklin St., $136,000.

American Real Estate Processing PC to Andersen, Paul V. and Peggy A., 1029 N. 77th St., $114,000.


Auger, Christopher and Tracy to Gosch, Suzette L., 3220 N. 161st Terrace, $450,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Hunter, Greg and Nicole, 2729 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $431,196.

Advantage Development to Vernon, William M. and Brenda S., 17810 Patrick Ave., $420,000.

Paulson, Ryan J. and Maggie R. to Johnson, Thomas J. and Lisa M., 14883 Jaynes St., $283,000.

McMahon, Sean and Tracy to Overly, Kellie and Brian, 2448 N. 147th St., $280,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Urbano, Jammie L. and Urbano-Uribe, Daniel, 3109 N. 172nd St., $278,000.

Zacharia, Renee and Jeffrey S. to Fitzgerald, Annelie and Edward J., 15802 Bedford Ave., $252,500.

SB Villas LLC to Hobbie, Ronald D. and Susan A., 14707 Himebaugh Plaza, $251,400.

Celebrity Homes to Natarajan, Somasundaram and Vadivelu, Poonguzhali, 4621 N. 175th St., $224,400.

Ajlouny, Audrey I. and Victor A. to Christianson, James M. and Lori R., 2309 N. 150th Ave., $218,000.

Hernandez, Dora to Driesen, Steve T. and Michelle R., 14610 Kansas Ave., $199,900.

Longenecker, Erin L. and Matthew S. to Thernes, Marcy and Matt, 4709 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $195,000.

Arney, Timothy D. and Karen A. to Kahfahl, Helen P. and Edward, 4250 N. 164th St., $183,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hedrick, Jami L., 16260 Saratoga St., $182,400.

Nordquist, Derek A. and Julie to Trede, Nicholas J., 14602 Meredith Ave., $174,000.

Hull, Robert and Blackman, Kathleen to Arkfeld, Suzanne L., 4759 N. 149th Circle, $170,000.

Hill, Florine R. to Peterson, Joyce A., 15315 Armstrong St., $165,000.

Jacobi, Diane E. Trust to Maastricht, Robert J. and Roberta L., 15035 Camden Ave., $165,000.

Price, Stephanie E. and Matthew H. to Gomez, Kelly N., 2920 N. 155th Circle, $157,200.

Gibbs, Jeffrey L. to Keedy, Brian M., 4123 N. 169th St., $155,000.

Dettmer, Sara and Zachary W. to Williams, Silas and Ronelle, 17238 Manderson St., $154,000.

Nuss, Debra F. to Bennett, Susan M., 5122 N. 177th St., $149,900.

Davis, Brett J. and Colleen to Goodro, P.T. and Julia C., 14505 Grand Ave., $147,000.

Eno, Blake and Cassie to Allen, Cory E., 4210 N. 172nd St., $140,000.

Hanus, Mary B. to Eckley, Susan K., 3010 N. 148th St., $129,000.

Divin, Sharon K. and Foster, Arlene M. to Anderson Properties, 3914 N. 173rd Ave., $122,000.

Owen, Tanya M. to Ellison, Deldon D. and Patricia L., 16754 Arcadia Plaza, $109,360.

Preucil, Amy H. and David L. to Wieland, Natalie J., 14660 Sprague Plaza, $103,000.

Legacy Ranch to Vetick, Chloris G., 16658 Ellison Ave., $43,000.

MJA LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 3109 N. 172nd St., $36,000.


Kimble, Glenn E. Trust to Hooten, Jimmy L., 5623 S. 49th Ave., $50,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Palos, Martin H. and Silva, Agueda, 4729 S. 48th St., $36,000.


Eske, James A. and Thomas, Deborah L. to Korth, Randal and Pamela F., 17219 Howard Plaza, $425,000.

Jonas, Todd S. and Elizabeth R. to McKibben, Jesse, 1723 N. 171st St., $280,000.

Nigh, Rob J. and Brooke D. to Miller, Cora L. and Christopher, 15758 Jackson Drive, $253,000.

Sutton, Mary C. to Dahlbeck, Barbara F., 17094 Western Ave., $175,000.

Vanden Hoek, Debra A. and Douglas D. to James, Linda L., 1830 N. 175th Court, $125,000.


Pond, Renee and Brett to Buckingham, Alisa M. and Clifford C., 7526 N. 106th Ave., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes to Scheibeler, Joseph T. and Emily B., 7425 N. 88th St., $162,800.

Hughes, Mary E. to Palmer, Brian, 8815 Wyoming St., $161,500.

Celebrity Homes to Cleveland, Ann M. and I.L., 7320 N. 90th St., $137,950.

Sheldrick, Grayce L. to Cer, Hoi and Bawi, Hman, 6519 N. 75th St., $135,000.

Mikesh, Amanda J. and Shawn to Daniel, Seth A., 7805 N. 86th Ave., $121,900.

Special T Masonry to Chase, Beau J. and Nietfeld, Abigail K., 7718 Howell St., $118,500.

Fowler, Janice E. to Andre, Jacalyn and Richard, 7522 N. 77th Ave., $116,000.


Williams, Kristin N. to Leach, Donelle S., 9915 Rockbrook Road, $360,000.

Parrott, Cynthia G. and Douglas E. to Naimoli, Danita K. and Vincent G., 9125 Shirley St., $319,500.

Keilig, Brian M. and Jennifer L. to Pekula, Matthew P. and Tadajewski, Nicole M., 3517 S. 106th St., $220,000.

Hiffernan, John M. III and Cristen D. to Munusamy, Nalni R. and Dass, Gerard P., 1513 S. 97th St., $185,000.

Tess, Robert F. and Tara S. to Schenken, T.P. and Alanna, 2522 S. 105th St., $159,375.

Hill, Lauren K. and Meyer, Ryan J. to Eulie, Darlene E. and Stephen F., 3637 S. 91st St., $126,100.

Bruning, Michael S. and Tanelle B. to Brummet, Lamonte J. and Amy J., 3706 Westgate Road, $125,000.

Kemp, Marvin D. and Connie C. to Rental Solutions, 10323 Hansen Ave., $120,000.


Christ, Melvin L. Family Trust to Whitmore, Keegan R. and Svajgl, Amanda N., 6612 S. 73rd Ave., $150,000.

Opperman, Janis to Elshire, Astrid A. and Robert L., 10731 Berry Plaza, $149,000.

Sticklett, Brent R. and Amanda M. to Lang, Ona M. and Eric N., 5523 S. 102nd St., $127,000.

Anderson, Rodney F. to Stoffel, Ryan M., 7732 Oakwood St., $53,000.

Walker Valley Investments to O&H Properties, 8859 Holmes St., $50,300.


Fitzpatrick, Edward and Yoshiko to Li, Guiyuan and Chao, 19461 Walnut Circle, $650,000.

Patera, Thomas P. and Sharon S. to Tierney, Brent and Kelli, 1823 S. 194th Ave., $640,000.

Nelson Builders to Romo, Jaime and Eva E., 19706 Nina St., $379,104.

Woodland Homes to Frey, Ross M. and Jennifer L., 19652 Lamont St., $378,000.

Hensch, Travis and Samantha to Mohanty, Pallavi and Biswa R., 3810 S. 192nd Ave., $332,000.

Malley, Keane P. and Fara J. to Bachman, Lindsey M. and Ryan J., 19664 Lamont St., $269,000.

Steuter, John and Pamela to Smith, Shannon and Andrew J., 17332 Poppleton Ave., $239,900.

Sweeney, Karen to Roshak, Connie J., 1303 S. 196th St., $230,000.

Nuzum, Georgia L. and Degroff, Randy L. to Sadu, Pallavi and Praveen K., 2917 S. 165th Ave., $219,825.

Lane Building Corp. to Munjwar, Sheetal and Rupali, 19813 Frances St., $219,510.

Krause, Shawn M. to Dalke, Shae E. and Michael K., 3809 S. 191st St., $186,000.

Dalke, Michael J. and Shae E. to Kettler, Orlyn G., 19027 Ontario St., $174,000.

Willman, Jake G. and Julie B. to Egger, Mark D. and Kelly A., 16918 Woolworth Ave., $165,000.

Huerter, Doralyn O., personal representative, to Sechser, Anthony and Rubin, Ron, 1435 S. 162nd Ave., $90,000.

Copperfields LLC to Stallmann, Lisa M. and Michael R., 3570 S. 203rd Circle, $53,000.

Blue Sage Development to Whit Smith Construction, 1515 S. 198th Ave., $50,000.

Whitehawk Development to Pine Crest Homes, 19616 Grover St., $46,950.


Armbrust, Herbert J., personal representative, to DMLS LLC, 119 N. 41st St., $225,000.

Taylor Made Printing LLC to Ingerbrigsten, Don and Rachel A., 131 S. 39th St., $75,000.


Anderson, Rodney and Stephanie to Sirva Relocation Properties, 5302 Izard St., $700,000.

Sirva Relocation Properties to Fannin, D.M. and Karen M., 5302 Izard St., $700,000.

Miles, Ann E. to Hooper, Barton B. and Gretchen A., 113 N. 54th St., $600,000.

Basye, Alison and Ryan to Wilwerding, Melanie and Nicholas, 652 N. 58th St., $530,000.

Goldberg, Marvin S. and Jennine L. to RLD Land and Cattle, 5113 Cass St., $464,000.

Naughton, John P. and Phoebe M. to Reimer, Gerald S., 5203 Chicago St., $437,500.

Huber, Janet R. Trust to Smith, Brooker L., 5003 Western Ave., $175,000.

Anderson, Kelly J. to Thiry, Sarah N., 4907 Davenport St., $110,000.

Lavey, Betty A. Trust to Barney, Justin L. and Elizabeth A., 6623 Western Ave., $92,500.

Costello, Carol N. to Costello, Melanie G. and Daniel J., 106 S. 68th Ave., $91,120.

Mihulka, Stella D. to 6928 Lafayette LLC, 6928 Lafayette Ave., $55,000.


Fischman, Ellen and Leonard to Tegeder, Gregory M., 4647 N. 78th Ave., $137,600.

Miller, Kaitlin B. to Moss, Kimberly L. and Floyd, Daniel V., 9559 Tomahawk Blvd., $110,000.

Amend, Lola M., personal representative for Amend, Dirk to Claborn, Shane J., 5020 N. 106th St., $78,500.


Phillips, Steven Y. and Linda F. to Hegge, Brandon and Kristin, 17601 O St., $475,000.

Sodoro, Michael A. and Cheryl A. to Goodlett, Timothy R., 17527 Welch St., $350,000.

Woodland Homes to Larrieu, Allison A. and Noel, 19624 H Circle, $315,000.

Kretz, Steven D. and Veronica J. to Bailey, Shawn and Wendy, 17521 K St., $291,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Ekeler, Nikole and Amy, 17355 Y St., $275,000.

Lothringer, Rodney J. and Lori D. to Klaasmeyer, Jessica M. and Aaron M., 16754 M Circle, $246,000.

Karimi-Asl, Alexander A. to Clements, Pamela A. and Gregory L., 17038 Patterson Drive, $244,000.

Fox, James R. and Lucia M. to Pollack, Carly L., 6035 S. 166th Circle, $237,000.

Brooks, Jimmy C. and Melissa D. to Cardiel, Rachelle S. and Eric A., 5524 S. 163rd Ave., $225,000.

Van Meeteren, Jennifer and Tyler A. to Sokerka, Linda L. and Richard A., 19152 W St., $220,000.

Goodlett, Tara J. and Timothy to Jochims, Ryan J. and Holly J., 4815 S. 187th Ave., $211,950.

McNew, Lora L. and Orth, Phillip B. to Zach, Craig D. and Alice M., 15915 T St., $194,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gifford, Kristen M., 19159 X St., $190,400.

Walker, James J. and Stecklberg, Sara K. to Williams, Nancy A. and John G., 5818 S. 159th St., $183,000.

Miner, David D. to Martinez, Pablo, 16505 Ohern St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes to Merts, Joni L., 19359 X St., $153,900.

Johnson, Thomas J. and Lisa M. to Oetken, Angela M. and Ryan C., 17663 I St., $149,500.

Wendt, Andrew and Ashley M. to Dolton, John and Carrie, 5314 S. 194th Ave., $137,000.

Stark, Tara R. and Phillip J. to Kneifel, Krista K., 19633 W St., $136,000.

Cooper, Bradley R. and Shannon M. to Fate Investments, 18627 T Circle, $134,000.

Pickering, H.J. to Metz, Barbara, 17407 Polk St., $129,000.

Cooper, Kyle A. and Shona A. to Johnson, Sausha A. and Ewing, Ryan T., 19370 X St., $118,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 19619 Adams St., $42,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 19502 Z St., $29,000.


Christenson, Rodney B. and Diane R. to Damkroeger, Kristy S. and Maurice A., 6224 Oak Hills Plaza, $246,000.

Poulsen, Shirley L. to Bellows, Chadwick and Bridgette, 12515 Oakair Drive, $206,000.

Stahlnecker, Alvah C. III, trustee for Stahlnecker Family Trust to Rocole, Jessica J. and Galen X., 15218 Sharp St., $195,000.

Britton, Jason T. and Abbie M. to Miller, Gary D., 11104 U St., $161,500.

Katskee, Mitchell D. and Judy J. to Lamson, Andrea D. and Shane S., 5607 S. 111th St., $160,000.

Kaspar, Timothy and Melissa A. to Caffery, Timothy S., 6021 S. 109th Avenue Circle, $153,500.

Barnard, Vicki A. to Thomsen, Maureen S., 14706 Walnut Grove Circle, $139,000.

Allen, Geoffrey M. to Pane, Michael, 4929 S. 124th St., $135,500.

McIntosh, Russell to Johnson, Stacy J., 13968 Birchwood Ave., $135,000.

Skradis, Chase and Maureen to Janecek, Amanda T. and Jacob R., 11412 T Circle, $124,000.

Bohrer, Leslie J. to Latta, Patricia and Charles III, 12764 Deauville Drive, $29,000.

Harsh, Leslie J., trustee for Cecil, Barbara J. Trust to Latta, Patricia and Charles III, 12764 Deauville Drive, $29,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Irwin, Katherine, 7710 N. 116th St., $207,650.

Sundermeier, Michael P. and Jennifer to Klassen, Emily, 7313 N. 112th Ave., $129,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Prairie Homes, 12320 Grebe St., $49,500.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to A-1 Built Homes, 7343 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $34,000.


Kleinschmit, Tyrone and Frederick, Lori A. to Watson, Kailyn B. and James T., 14925 Brookside Circle, $224,800.

WT Properties to Basalay, Nicholas P., 2532 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $183,000.

McDonald, Jeanne L. and John R. to Brown, Justin R. and Kristine F., 15208 Arbor St., $175,000.

Brauer, Debra and Lance R. to Morton, Emily and Elizabeth A., 3031 S. 122nd St., $130,000.

Miller, Krista J. to Lorenson, Natasha S. and Brett R., 12314 Hascall St., $105,000.


Edquist, Keith B. to Leonard, Shari A. and Michael P., 6807 Plum St., $60,000.


Monzingo, Valerie L. and Robert M. Jr. to Williams, Ann E., 1518 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $390,000.

Beckman, Kenneth and Elizabeth to Greenfield, Kourtney A. and Olsen, Jeffrey E., 14156 Franklin St., $336,500.

Beller, Paul V. and Nanette S. to Nich, Robert and Brooke, 15403 Windsor Drive, $289,000.

Marshall, Mindra L. and Bradley G. to Larsen, Amy R. and Mike D., 14929 Cuming St., $248,000.

Renteria, Michael A., trustee for Renteria, Patricia A. Trust to Basye. Allison D. and Ryan, 542 S. 118th St., $220,000.

Holland, David L. and Gina D. to Klein, Megan and Jonathan, 15418 Hamilton St., $211,000.

Wall, Courtney L. and Michael H. to Spies, Stephani M. and Wesely, Jason E., 15042 Fieldcrest Drive, $182,000.

Vrtiska, William J. and Dawn M. to Hartman, John W. III and Erin N., 14814 Decatur Plaza, $174,500.

McCuish, Mary T. to Skradski, John E., 305 N. 154th St., $155,500.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 987 S. 150th St., $104,600.

Loewenstein, M., trustee for Loewenstein, Richard L. to Loewestein, Michelle and Belisle, Judy, 12535 Leavenworth Road, $96,000.

Great Western Bank to REO Asset Management Co., 987 S. 150th St., $94,400.

Bramlage, Deborah A. to Todt, Maryann T., 12128 Burt St., $94,000.


Carmichael, Doris E. to Yaffe, Rita Y. and Robert J., 13473 Meredith Ave., $235,000.

Nelson, Kristine L. and Kyle S. to Vandergriff, Matthew W. and Kristi L., 4921 N. 136th St., $219,500.

Kingston, Kristine W. to Berthelsen, Brian T. and Trisha M., 13503 Boyd St., $191,500.

Winter, Phyllis M. to Brown, Phyllis K. and Self, Richard L., 13837 Sprague St., $168,500.

Lenaghan, Patricia A. and Kropf, Gary G. to Hall, Lance, 11023 Sahler St., $162,000.

Hedin, Kevin N. to Barnes, Brian and Susan, 5514 N. 129th St., $142,500.

O’Bara, Donald D. and Marti A. to McLaughlin, Angela M., 6515 N. 112th St., $140,000.

Kiichler, Travis S. and Tara to Khaukha, Victor and Keaira, 11411 Camden Ave., $135,500.

Erskine Properties to Higgins, Adam, 12717 Erskine St., $135,000.

Peacher, Paula J. and Carl to Jensen, Brittany and Ray, Jared, 4730 N. 108th Circle, $132,000.

Zach, Craig and Alice to Fincham, Brian S. and Rebekah A., 5817 N. 127th St., $130,000.

Shostak, Brandon A. and Amy L. to Kindschuh, Cody, 6510 N. 110th Ave., $128,000.

Walker, Richard to Moore, Angela M., 12230 Erskine Circle, $126,950.

Smith, Stacey L. and Penington, Linda to Vaszquez-Ramos, Maria, 12924 Curtis Ave., $125,000.

Roberts, Nathan J. and Heather G. to Medina, Nina R., 11506 Rambleridge Road, $117,700.



Stayer, Mark and Marcy to Taylor, Scott and Courtney, 1018 Day Drive, $206,000.

Cadwell, Terry L. and Linda C. to Hoogeveeen, Gregg D. and Susan J., 1104 Bruce Circle, $157,000.

Black, Carol A. to Urwin, Jared M., 1201 W. 15th Ave, $100,000.

Wendl Properties to Peden, John L. and Mary J., 2307 Robbie Ave., $133,000.

Thompson, Misten and Heath to Wolf, Nathan J. and Michaela, 406 Westcott Drive, $130,000.

Kimsey, Phillip and Micalah to Cooper, Kyle and Shona, 703 Lila Ave., $132,000.


Kostka, Frank J. to Prairie Homes, 10612 S. 211th St., $37,000.

Tonjes, Nathan J. and Heather D. to Cupich, Robert B. and Melissa S., 10707 S. 212th St., $279,000.

Thomas, Eric and Cari to Liehs, Douglas E. and Linda S., 11627 S. 202nd St., $293,000.

Sieburg, Douglas and Valerie to Howell, Ruth, 12012 S. 203rd St., $355,000.

Hawkins, Matthew and Tracy to Britton, Jason and Abbie, 12750 S. 234th St., $190,000.

Larrieu, Allison A. and Noel to Forch, Christopher J. and Kristina L., 21203 Shiloh Drive, $211,000.

Drey, Charles J. and Amy D. to Bowden, Scott R. and Rachel E., 21768 Highview St., $155,000.

Anderson, Henry W. IV, trustee, to Spaccarotella, Pamela L., 22833 W. Angus Road, $276,000.

Parish, Robert L. and Mary L. to Kiner, Curtis A. II and Noe, Machelle, 7118 S. 194th St., $375,000.


Richland Homes to Pease, Krista J. and Christopher S., 10620 S. 111th Ave., $234,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Gregg, David J. and Michelle F., 12417 S. 73rd Ave., $326,000.

R&A Builders to Reynolds, Richard G. and Amy L., 12536 S. 81st Ave., $483,000.

Redler, Daniel L. to Douglas, Sean S. and Guerrier, Shelby A., 1710 Hardwood Drive, $225,000.

Blair, Rex L. Jr. and Michelle L. to Wert, Scott J. and Jennifer L., 1806 Port Royal Circle, $275,000.

Phillips, Tyler D. and Rachel A. to Kohler, Richard L. and Rose M., 1808 Ridgeview Drive, $162,000.

Powell, Micah P. and Sabrina M. to Williams, Todd C. and Elizabeth E., 2001 Stillwater Drive, $275,000.

Howser, Chad R. and Christine M. to Syphers, Margaret, 501 Laramie Circle, $141,000.

Hines, Mary A. to Wall to Wall Properties, 505 Crest Drive, $110,000.

Wyllie, Dean L. and Peggy D. to Stewart, Daniel J. and King Grill, Marni C., 526 S. Jackson St., $165,000.

Ghosh, Hitendra B. and Sheila V. to Melcher, Kevin and Lindy, 6301 Kentucky Road, $270,000.

Laughlin, Debra S. and Drew to Kimball, Mark E. and Lauren E., 810 Auburn Lane, $247,000.

Mickells, Timothy J. and Kristine R. to Reagan, William E. and Michelle R., 8103 Reed Circle, $413,000.


Mahloch, Quinten R. Trust to RTR Development, 15304 S. 144th St., $1,385,000.


Brassill, Brenda C. to Desautels, Jaime D., 11308 S. 210th Ave., $170,000.


Celebrity Homes to Wallman, Adam and Kelsey, 13809 S. 43rd Ave., $165,000.

Rich, Sharon L. and Sales, Mark to JMC Enterprises, 10319 S. 26th St., $95,000.

Kovanda, Victor L. and Karolyn M. to Toyne, Pamela L., 10505 Lewis & Clark Road, $136,000.

Jones, Mellisa A. to Badger, Orrin and Torres, Diana, 11008 S. 24th Street Circle, $145,000.

Christopher, John G. and Debbie J. to Schield, Jeffrey K. and Tonya M., 11915 Gow Lane, $170,000.

Nichols, Paul D. and Katherine E. to Batien, Brennan D., 1203 Terry Drive, $160,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Libby, Steven W. and Becky L., 14810 S. 22nd St., $240,000.

Lacasse, Peter R. and Dawn K. to Hewitt, Christopher W. and Carmilea A., 2504 Rahn Blvd., $230,000.

Pasieka, Joy D. and Timothy A. to Wright, Larry D. II and Brandi D., 2905 Birchwood Drive, $188,000.

R&B Properties to Dickerson, William B. and Kadie C., 2920 Leawood Drive, $169,000.

Ibarra, Junar to Ibarra, Junar and Cox, Nora, 3401 Mirror Lane, $63,000.

Vasilieva, Olga S. to Patrick Kaye Enterprises, 3742 Gayle Ave., $86,000.

Celebrity Homes to McCoy, Christopher A. and Taylor M., 4408 Brook St., $196,000.


Belt Construction Co. to Leick, Andrew and Danica, 1021 S. 103rd Circle, $325,000.

Sidzyik, Nicholas J. and Gina M. to Barnes, Jeffrey S. and Rachelle L., 6837 Michelle Ave., $204,000.

Gillespie, Davy L. and Overta J. to Ruhl, Darryl A. and Elizabeth A., 7005 S. 74th St., $128,000.

Pribyl, Cory W. and Maribel F. to Bandars, Heath A., 7008 Emiline St., $87,000.

Griger, Kim M. to Norman, Joshua S. and Danielle L., 7016 Balsam Court, $178,000.

Reynolds, David and Emma to Nelson, Erin W., 7403 S. 77th Ave., $112,000.

Murphy, Becky S. to Yost, Jana J., 7506 Susan Ave., $128,000.

Bank of America to Aspect Homes, 8101 Marisu Lane, $84,000.

Tuma, Patricia S. and Angela S. to McGuire, Bernardina C. and Gonzalez, Virgilio C. and Marivic T. and De La Rosa, Vergelieta G., 8132 S. 93rd St., $235,000.

Ralston Investment Group to GIRI LLC, 9849 Giles Road, $560,000.


Gauther, Michael L. and Kristine I. to Cooper, Bryan and Katherine, 12114 S. 49th St., $299,000.

Bailey, Peter K. and Kelli S. to Anderson, Robert E. Jr. and Marisol S., 212 Longwood Drive, $295,000.

Ashenfelter, Gregory S. and Chong A. to Vihstadt. James J. Sr. and Joanne L., 4719 Coffey St., $311,000.

Rogers Development to Blair Construction & Remodeling, 9050 S. 71st Avenue Circle, $58,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Klostermeyer, Scott and Corrie, 10902 S. 172nd St., $255,000.

Rush, Dennis M. and Janes E. Trust to Maddox, Merilyn J. and Gary J., 15725 Gertrude St., $178,000.

Kluver, Troy J. and Allison to Vaughn, Jeffrey A. and Erin E., 16443 Briar St., $241,000.

Colvin, Donald K. and Janet M. to Mattley, Randy G. and Kristi K., 17637 Colonial Ave., $330,000.

Moore, Luther J. and Wendy A. to Stec, Peter P., 7013 S. 164th Ave., $208,000.

Fondren, Armand G. II and Teresa J. to Colyer, Timothy E. and Emily T., 7709 S. 156th Ave., $160,000.

Marquardt, Daniel J. and Susan D. to Carter, Barry and Julie C., 9318 S. 171st St., $220,000.

Espinosa, Ricardo and Ramirez, Virginia to Meisinger, Bryan and Doyle, Jennifer, 9514 S. 173rd Ave., $278,000.


Brau, Scott to Tuma, Angela S., 13007 Margo St., $145,000.

Wiltgen, Daniel P. and Joan M. to Hraban, Larry D., 14112 Edna Circle, $235,000.

Wright, Heath A. and Amanda S. to Simon, Julie A.and Charles E., 7740 S. 155th St., $247,000.

Zessin, Dana S. to Farivari, Mohammed, 8605 Meadows Parkway, $87,000.


Capital Investors to Castlebridge Homes, 2107 Lola Ave., $31,000.

Catlett, Brent L. and Josie A. to Ramel, Rachel and Travis, 8804 S. 15th Circle, $228,000.

D&J Vogel Construction to Ashenfelter, Chong A. and Gregory S., 9202 S. 17th St., $230,000.

Miller, Colby F. and Cortez, Yolanda to Berthiaume, Justin D. and Rachael L., 9509 S. 26th Ave., $197,000.


Sill, Kimberly S. to Aschencio, Daniel and Rosalia, 4905 Copper Hill Drive, $217,000

Wooden, William E. and Lisa M. to Swiostek, Tomasz and Maria, 5223 Gertrude St., $118,000.



Evans, Gwendolyn B., trustee for The Vasieck Family Trust to Evans, Weston D., 3534 Eighth Ave., $67,000.

Strickland-Vetter, Patricia and Vetter, Herbert J. Jr. to Lett, Gerald B. II, 3016 Ave. H, $107,500.

Floyd, Charles E. to Johnson, Schuyler S., 1421 Seventh Ave., $38,000.

Baker, Theresa A., trustee for Baker, Jerry E. Trust to Taylor, Michele L. and Robert D., 3459 Sixth Ave., $95,000.

J&S Partnership to Lewis, Debra A., 4027 Twin City Drive, $30,500.

Scott, Rodney and Shelly to Brazel, Gina, 1606 24th Ave., $136,000.

Graves-Kennedy, Susan K. to Keister, Cathie R. and Robert D., 2659 Fifth Ave., $20,000.

Johnson, Barbara E. and Steven D. to Andews, Gable J. and Natalie M., 5413 Navajo St., $180,000.

Wilson, Angela and Timothy L. to Perez, Blanca, 2016 12th St., $110,000.

Metzger, Jerald L. and Lynn E. to Liberty Investment Properties, 1206 17th St., $65,000.


Hornback, Loyd R. Jr. Family Trust to Honig, Charles M. and Dawn C., 202 Blaze Lane, $200,000.

Entringer, Brianna L. and Charles to Rodenburg, Sue E., 106 Mielke Way, $123,000.

Rybensky, Kathryn A. to Johnson, Joshua R. and Leah M., 1406 Oran Drive, $235,000.

Ulmer, Michael C. to Klynama, Karen J., 1004 Madison Ave., $113,000.

Recher, Colleen and Guy to Jackson, Angela E. and Paul V., 24629 Richfield Loop, $330,000.

Solgat, Suzanne M. to Watson, Connie, 166 Park Ave., $28,000.

Mackland, Tina M. and Chad to Haynes, Amber and Trevor, 306 Carly Circle, $210,000.


Odd Properties to TPC Corp., 1110 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $20,000.


Woodard, Robert R. to City of Avoca, 210 Maple St., Avoca, $12,000.


Mutual of Omaha Bank to Valley View Holdings and Walters Holding Group, 10928 370th St., Macedonia, $55,000.


Barrier, Korlys K. to McCool, Charlene and Gerald, 504 Third St., Neola, $76,000.

Orme, Helen L. and Randall C. to Dickerson, Denise D. and James D., 30605 Second St., Neola, $136,000.


Harris, Janice M. and Lynn W. to Rice, Jennifer and Mitchell, 717 Schieman Court, Oakland, $180,000


Stewart, Eric M. to Meinke, Alisha M. and Rath, Austin P., 6 Holst St., Treynor, $70,000.


Cherry Ridge Construction to Schumacher, Andrew J. and Clarissa I., 22221 Bret Loop, Underwood, $308,500.

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