The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Hald, Larry L. and Cynthia J. to Uggen, Jon C. and Jennifer T., 12004 N. 173rd Circle, $1,425,000.

Meade, Thomas and Stacey to Mercer, Darrin W. and Chelsea, 8630 N. 169th St., $323,600.

Vencil Construction to Martin, Patrick M. and Carol L., 16008 Reynolds St., $308,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Anderson, Joellyn J. and Gene L., 7403 N. 155th St., $293,792.

Fauble, Susan M. and Thomas L. to Emary, Rachel L. and James S., 7946 N. 154th Ave., $188,500.

Camgrave LLC to Wiles, Patricia J., 8658 N. 160th Court, $176,900.

Celebrity Homes to Wunder, Kathryn M., 8216 N. 147th St., $160,000.

State Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 8115 N. 158th St., $25,500.

Roewert, Timothy R. and Kimberly L. to Harding, Jenifer and Steven, 15040 Cherry St., $25,000.


Malibu Holdings to Coltvet, Jennifer K. and Rick J., 19513 Hamilton St., $653,367.

Zych Construction to Garner, Alyssa M. and Joseph J., 504 S. 201st Ave., $342,000.

Timberline Homes to Johnson, Ashlee and Steven, 18225 Dewey Ave., $326,686.

Timberline Homes to Wipfli, Gerald P. and Christina L., 18219 Dewey Ave., $319,000.

Mazgaj, Nicholas T. to Mountjoy, Sheila M., 814 Elk Ridge Drive, $315,000.

Ramm Construction to Meyer, Kirk and Jessica, 1313 N. 181st Ave., $310,500.

Boulevard Homes to Muhs, Mitchell A. and Melissa L., 804 S. 191st Ave., $307,465.

Patrick, Jeanne to Shimek, Larune A. Trust, 931 S. 199th St., $298,000.

Cambridge Homes to Sattem, Donald W. Trust of 2007, 18251 Farnam St., $291,700.

Timberline Homes to Brownell, Jennifer and Sterling, 18215 Howard St., $285,566.

Hildebrandt, M.J. and Bradley A. to Beller, Sara L. and Michael P., 204 S. 200th St., $275,000.

Gohr, Robyn A. and Jason M. to Shafer, Benjamin J. and Lindsay, 18617 Marcy St., $238,000.

Charleston Homes to Cooper, Gail A. and Gary R., 3315 N. 210th St., $210,278.

Brush, Marueen S. to Dearing, Bryan K. and Kathryn A., 1410 S. 218th St., $210,000.

Caniglia, Kylie L. to Danaher, Abby J. and Binderup, David, 2607 N. 189th St., $170,000.

Sant, Cristina M. to Hassler, Nickolas J., 1302 N. 209th St., $166,500.

Rising, Mark L. and Judy M. to Wolf, Tiffani M. and Craig M., 4813 S. 236th Circle, $98,500.

PAC 211 LLC to Nathan Homes, 1328 S. 211th St., $90,000.

ER-North Development to Dash, Kanchanbala and Alekha K., 19603 Charles Circle, $85,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Paulson, Maggie and Ryan, 19218 Grande Avenue Circle, $76,900.

PAC 211 LLC to Zych Construction, 1336 S. 210th St., $75,000.

FHS Ranchview to Capstone Construction, 2009 S. 214th Ave., $65,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Homes and Hildy Constrution, 4808 N. 192nd Avenue Circle, $59,900.

EVE LLC to Stewart, Geoff, 3129 N. 193rd St., $50,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Homes and Hildy Constrution, 20601 Ames Ave., $45,900.


Scheinost, Susanne C. and Barry J. to Rivett, Mary H. and Austin L., 509 Lakehurst Drive, $277,000.


McCloskey, John to Weston, John M., 5134 Decatur St., $189,000.

Ruppert, Christopher H. to Zigmantas, Stacy L. and Sampsell, Allen, 6027 Spaulding St., $127,000.

Stenger Brothers Properties to Looistra, Scott and Lynell, 3205 N. 70th Ave., $118,000.

Smith, Joann L. and Richard J. to Meh, Plee and Reh, Po, 4605 N. 55th St., $77,000.

Abide Network Inc. to RBC Properties, 5838 Sahler St., $57,000.

Edward, E. Brink to REO Asset Management Co., 4144 N. 65th St., $50,700.

Woodman, Dorothea M. and Duane to Properties by Pollock, 4511 Decatur St., $35,000.


Backens, Gilbert H. and Arbutis I. to Fisher, Mark, 2523 Leavenworth St., $275,000.

Fitzpatrick, Mary M. to AJR Properties, 535 S. 26th Ave., $207,000.

Harwood, Anna M. to Ploog, Christina L., 2305 S. 33rd St., $140,000.

Toscano, Eugene P. and Esther L. to Wagner, Trevor J. and Owen-Wagner, Julie E., 4414 Pierce St., $125,500.

Woodard, Mary A. and Mark A. to Connolly, Stephanie C., 3222 S. 44th Ave., $112,500.

Vannier, Matthew to Brummel, Mary J., 2115 S. 35th St., $93,000.

Firenze LLC to Mejia-Cruz, Bernardo and Ramirez-Lopez, Yolanda, 1543 S. 25th St., $48,000.

Caniglia, Tony to Palencia, Hilda L., 1321 S. 25th St., $39,000.


Gannon, Megan M. to Masada, Megan R. and Freeman, Matthew H., 5815 Mason St., $171,000.

Zimmerer, Timothy F. and Jacqueline L. to Lappe, Carly and Jay A., 4614 Grover St., $165,000.

Steier, James M. Jr. and Boland, Regina M. to Schmoker, Benjamin S., 4839 Pine St., $163,000.

Everett, David R. and Abigail C. to Petto, Samuel J. and Meyer, Leah S., 2131 S. 61st Ave., $135,000.

Wolfe, Margaret A. to Schmid, Aaron D., 1930 S. 51st St., $118,800.

Wolf, George D. to Tarwater, David, 4920 Curlew Lane, $100,000.


Holtmeyer, Karen K. and Daniel E. to Jenkins, Sarah R., 5110 S. 37th St., $85,000.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust to Loarca, Isabel and Vargas-Velasquez, Eleodoro, 3532 Monroe St., $80,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to O&H Properties, 1537 Monroe St., $39,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Scow, Regan J., 2701 Washington St., $36,135.


Taqueria El Rey Inc. to Estrada, Maria V. and Uriostegui, Ciro, 1011 S. 22nd St., $113,000.


Lambert, Carnell B. and Chenelle M. to Dunn, Jerel T., 3412 Burdette St., $55,000.


Goodman, Sanford M. and Bradley, Kathleen A. to Cimino, Holly and John, 330 S. 93rd St., $749,000.

Quinlan, John L. to RME Properties, 553 S. 90th St., $187,000.

Herman, Eric C. and Janelle R. to Kuvin, Kyle, 1001 N. 75th St., $148,000.

Yale, Tonya M. and Shawn M. to Moore, David P. and Pipher-Moore, Vicki L., 7612 Lafayette Ave., $130,000.

Vacha, Julie A. and Thomas J. to Pauly, Lorianne M., 1809 N. 84th St., $119,500.

Vacha, Julie A. and Thomas J. to Pauly, Lorianne M., 1809 N. 84th St., $119,500.

Wetzel, Kati to Franco, Gretchen C., 1725 N. 93rd St., $115,000.

Ciciulla, Charles A., personal representative, to Hammond, Elias J., 824 N. 88th Ave., $113,500.

Weekly, Susan J. and John W. Jr. to Anderson, Steven B., 8217 Hillside Drive, $112,500.

Villwok, Barbara K., personal representative, to England, Stephanie and Nitz, Jason D., 9165 Charles St., $100,000.

Marino, Susan C. and Andrew C. to Perkins, Samantha J. and Jonathon L., 1037 N. 75th St., $97,500.


Gillespie, Stanley D. and Holly B. to Bergers, Gaylin F. Trust, 15717 Lake St., $375,000.

Reikowsky, Carolyn J. and Frederick A. to Uppala, Naveena and Yeluri, Sai K., 17117 Dora Hamann Parkway, $325,000.

Berg, Anthony B. and Jody M. to Aspegran, Merritt E. and Jon, 16540 Bauman Circle, $295,000.

Klabunde, Richard K. to Link, Holly R. and Christopher D., 15054 Taylor St., $276,500.

Logeman, Ryan and Kristi to Urzendowski, Michele and Ryan J., 5602 N. 152nd St., $265,000.

Pool, Dennis L. and Brenda L. to Kleymann, Maureen and James Jr., 2455 N. 150th Ave., $262,500.

Beran, Steve L. and Amy M. to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, 15960 Ames Ave., $244,000.

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Johnston, Betty L., trustee for Johnston Living Trust, 15960 Ames Ave., $244,000.

Aschenbrenner, Duane M. and Michelle J. to Jackson, Larry C. and Lorrie L., 16433 Sherwood Ave., $211,500.

Doss, Brandi and William R. to Williamson, Damon and Megan, 4717 N. 163rd St., $195,000.

Escobar, Mary to Tinsley, Clyde T. III, 2618 N. 154th Ave., $187,000.

Andresen, Michael K. to Kofoed, Raechel L. and Maxwell N., 16013 Larimore Ave., $182,000.

Carruthers, Nathan and Bassett, Tara A. to Fiedler, Jennifer L. and Benjamin J., 4807 N. 150th Ave., $170,000.

Boldt, John and Sara to Hagan, Jeffrey D. and Carla N., 14519 Fowler Ave., $169,900.

Cottle, Laverne Trust to Gerber, Jenna R. and Todd A., 15209 Saratoga St., $169,000.

Ray, Emily A. and Nicholas G. to Intravartolo, Rusell W., 16381 Butler Ave., $160,000.

Sweazy, Sarah and Denver to Blankenship, John N., 15116 Evans St., $148,000.

Young, Rhonda J. and Sondag, Andrew J. to Barth, Dan, 6416 N. 149th St., $147,500.

Jahanian, Jason and Michelle E. to Kudron, Bonnie J., 16304 Camden Ave., $139,950.

Carpenter, Jalene S. and Ryan P. to Willett, Richard N. and Lynne D., 4308 N. 173rd St., $139,900.

Valenti, Lynsey and Andrew to Cain, Cami M., 3803 N. 171st Ave., $130,000.

TJL Consulting and Charles Thomas Homes to Stork, Andrea H. and Jeremy M., 17720 Corby St., $65,000.

Palmer, Glenn C. and Heather D. to Hanson, Brett and Kelly, 2702 N. 177th St., $55,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Brown, Eric P. and Lindsey D., 6207 N. 159th Circle, $42,900.

Sherwood Homes to CR Thompson, 16514 Kansas Ave., $35,000.

Woodland Homes to Richland Homes, 3109 N. 175th St., $32,950.

Woodland Homes to Richland Homes, 3101 N. 175th St., $32,950.

Woodland Homes to Richland Homes, 17501 Wirt St., $32,950.


Collins, Eric J. and Michaela to Slater, Kevin J., 6707 S. 45th St., $131,000.

Slepicka, Ryan C. to Croft, Ted J. and Ludwick, Jill M., 5819 Fay Blvd., $95,000.

Scarborough, Gary to Archer, Jill, 4517 S. 62nd St., $75,000.


North, Christopher W. and Jeanna J. to Crowell, Bart and Julie A., 214 N. 163rd St., $289,000.

Tullock, Heather M. and Bradley D. to Bell, Robert and Jennifer, 217 S. 161st Ave., $248,000.

Huang, Xiaona to Jamal, Joseph N. and Jennifer A., 406 S. 159th Ave., $234,500.

Hillyer, Chad M. and Holly to Ward, Kay L. and Timothy J., 1749 N. 176th Plaza, $133,000.


Faltys, Amber L. to Rodenburg, Denise D. and Tanner C., 8819 N. 83rd Ave., $150,000.

Hackett, Leslie A. and David W. to Laseinde, Olaoluwa P., 6969 N. 88th St., $135,500.

Ferguson, Tysa A. to Zamudio, Blaken K. and Kali L., 7823 Bondesson St., $130,000.

Hagan, Jeffrey D. and Carla N. to Nignan, Yves E., 7219 N. 90th St., $121,500.

Olson, Diana L. and David G. to Leeper, Torrey H., 7664 Potter St., $118,000.

Hussey, Susan R. and James G. to Lindsley, Chelsey J., 7868 Newport Ave., $115,565.


Anderson, David G. and Kathryn G. to Halpain, Robert L. Trust, 1306 S. 94th St., $235,710.

Mitchell, Kelsey J. to McGuire, Rebecca A., 2806 S. 106th St., $218,500.

Kiefer, Kurt N., trustee for Kiefer, Betty W. Trust of 2012 to Stevens, Corey D., 8116 Gold St., $138,500.

Smith, Shannon L. to Smith, Jennifer S., 7523 Spring St., $125,000.


Arkfeld, Gerald L. and Carolyn G. Trust to Vana, Charles T. and Kimberly A., 10266 Washington Drive, $310,000.

Hammond, Marcia J. and Kenneth R. to Christensen, Morris W., 6123 S. 95th St., $171,000.

Wiley, William M. and Kathleen A. to Sauer, Adam and Megan, 10326 N St., $140,000.

Overhue, Frank and Robi to Filter, Gib H., 8841 Holmes St., $125,500.


Starlin, Richard C. and Heng, Julie R. to Makens, Thomas J. and Velinek, Jacob J., 19321 Briggs St., $600,000.

Mosser, Matthew R. and Jennifer L. to Lehl, Bradley W. and Kimberly S., 18407 William Circle, $525,000.

Khan, Anthony N. and Seena to McDonald, Christopher G., 1728 S. 181st St., $435,000.

Fulton, Mark to Zettermna, Jolene K. and Corey V., 2363 S. 183rd Circle, $417,000.

Koegel, George O. and Judith B. to Craig, Joel A. and Cheri A., 18232 Nina St., $324,500.

Pelletier, Linda M. to Mack, Raymond E. and Marie M., 19236 Lamont Circle, $285,000.

Hupp, Mary S. and Corey J. to Cook, Jill A. and Gary T., 17763 Martha St., $283,000.

Peluffo, Andres and Azari, Natalia to Zhang, Young and Xie, Jingwei, 17217 William Circle, $250,000.

Wood, Pamela K. and Daniel W. to Johnson, Jaime P. and Edward C., 17303 William Circle, $227,955.

Rysavy, Sharon O. and Joseph V. to Gordon, Rosemary T. and Jay R., 1719 S. 173rd Court, $212,000.

Shimek, Laurene A. Trust to Moulton, Christopher and Joan, 16835 Pine St., $203,000.

Rowe, Jessica and Andrew to Salzbrenner, Stephen G., 1719 S. 171st Court, $182,000.

Rubin, Ron and Halpine, Kathleen C. to DJW Enterprises, 1435 S. 162nd Ave., $125,000.

Gilson, Lori L. and Marty M. to Li, Eddie, 16011 Dorcas St., $117,000.

Whitehawk Development to Pine Crest Homes, 19676 Grover St., $46,950.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 4019 Burt St., $127,500.

Jarper, Lise K. to P3 Properties, 3828 Cass St., $87,000.


Fowler, Anne M. and John D. to Peters, Allison and Theodore, 5024 Lafayette Ave., $177,000.

Casey, John J. and Karen A. to Wollschleager, Michael B., 5812 Hamilton St., $141,500.

Horning, Fred H. Trust to Schon, Arthur J. Trust, 810 N. 47th St., $70,000.


Fringer, Nancy M. and David W. to Oberhauser, Kiley A., 10605 Nebraska Ave., $170,000.

Ballard, Sandra A. to Loza, Lorena and Felipe, 9512 Redman Ave., $102,000.

Northman, Kathleen to Matheny, Cindy and Jay, 9230 Browne St., $101,000.


Norton, Terry L. and Jenae S. to Ferdico, Heather M. and Batt, Robert E., 6433 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Kugler, Kevin C. and Michelle S. to Wischnowski, Benjamin J. and Emily J., 6423 S. 157th St., $243,000.

Crews, Angela M. and Roger A. to Frey, Kelly L. and Matthre J., 6033 S. 161st St., $241,000.

Velasco, Kathryn and Ivan Jr. to Martin, Judy A. and Thomas P. Jr., 6207 S. 160th St., $230,000.

Lafave, David E. and Elizabeth A. to Klute, Lauran M. and Kyle D., 17310 I St., $226,000.

Murphy, Dustin N. and Karissa J. to Armstrong, Sarah L. and Josh E., 6209 S. 161st Ave., $222,500.

McClenahan, Donald E. to Keller, Brooke N. and Aaron D., 17456 L St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes to Donohue, Jennifer L., 18601 Polk St., $204,900.

Celebrity Homes to Hollings-head, Elizabeth C. and Derrick D., 5818 S. 191st Ave., $165,900.

Kozisek, Heather M. and Charles to Nyman, Nathan G. and Keeley L., 16316 Riggs St., $162,000.

Smith, Brenton and Kelcey to Zadina, Gerald R., 16514 Riggs St., $159,900.

Celebrity Homes to Taylor, Adam R. and Lindsay S., 19611 S St., $154,700.

Hardy, Emily A. and Anthony to Hebrew, Debra, 19631 Laci St., $130,000.

Chromy, Nicole and William to Moore, Jon C., 19103 T St., $127,000.

Nyman, Keeley L. and Nathan G. to Eilenstine, Matthew and Jaylene, 19620 Laci St., $124,000.


Books, Cindy and Derek to McDermott, Mark C., 11645 Drexel St., $177,000.

Kemp, James W. and Jane E. to Deaver, Idonna C. Trust, 4409 S. 145th St., $165,000.

Lisko, Roger J. and Jane A. to Gilsdorf, Abbie L. and Harper, Blake T., 14822 M St., $158,000.

Hitsman, Kevin L. Sr. and Terri L. to Ridpath, Robin E. and Richard L., 13844 W Circle, $150,500.

Riteway Oil and Gas Co. to Pfeifer, Todd and Felici, Anthony L., 13525 Millard Ave., $150,000.

Thronton, Jodie A. Trust to Hulsebus, Sharon L. and Larry L., 14970 Orchard Plaza, $146,000.

Lawler, Karen A. and Christopher M. to Berns, Hillary A. and Brian C., 4923 S. 129th St., $134,500.

Tiefenthaler, Joan E. to Karloff, Emily L., 5716 S. 110th Circle, $123,500.

Titze, Julie W. to Walke, Marilyn J. and James D., 11224 Z St., $82,000.


Diamantis, Steven J. and Nicolette M. to Robertson, Cliff A. and Carol A., 12313 Scott Circle, $789,000.

Bauder, Michael J. and Melissa L. to Ibrahim, Balgees, and Elatta, Mohammed, 12253 Ida Plaza, $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nitsch, Patricia K., 14221 Wood Valley Drive, $147,550.

Maclin, Makayla S. to Osborne, Megan M. and Kelsey L., 7520 N. 110th Ave., $123,000.

Platinum Builders to Collier, Carolyn M. and William R., 13037 Craig St., $52,000.


Wurdeman, Richard L. and Jolene K. to Olson, Nancy D., 1366 S. 137th Ave., $210,600.

Mack, Marie M. and Raymond E. to McClenahan, Ann and Mark, 13579 Crawford Circle, $210,000.

Hasna, John D. to Gordon, John T., 2025 S. 130th St., $199,000.

Best, John and Kylee J. to Garvis, Celeste, 12317 Crawford Road, $174,500.

Hector, Shannon to Andersen, Patricia and Ronald, 13628 Hascall St., $141,000.

3128 South 123rd Street LLC to Christenham, Stacie J., 3128 S. 123rd St., $120,250.

England, Trevor to Setlak, Suzanne M., 2911 S. 118th St., $119,000.

Stenslokken, Bradley J. and Michelle to RA Holdings, 12605 C St., $62,500.


Clayton, Owen J. and Charlene R. to Jewish Federation of Omaha, 107 S. 132nd St., $300,000.

Talbott, Denise and Courtney, J.S. to Christensen, Ruth E., 623 N. 152nd Ave., $190,000.

Afana, Anas to Francis, Judith M., 15510 Parker St., $175,000.

Behnke, April L. and John C. to Roorda, Craig and Jilene L., 15334 Westchester Drive, $130,000.

Graham, Timothy E. Trust to Ryan, Michael J. and Amy, 11815 Mason Plaza, $126,000.

City of Creston to Toth, Dianna, 713 S. 111th St., $95,000.

Harwood, Jane M. to Bifaro, Kathie and Danielle, 12727 West Dodge Road, $81,000.


Kelley, David J. and Marina V. to Rogole, Corey M., 5536 N. 140th St., $290,000.

Phillips, Kelli A. and John J. to Feltus, Elizabeth and Garry R., 13716 Camden Ave., $235,000.

Carlson, Gary V. to Kuenning, Tami S. and Bruce H., 4524 N. 112th St., $168,000.

Neesman, Maria S. and Steven A. to Kallenbach, Jason, 13041 Patrick Circle, $153,500.

Shafer, Benjamin J. and Lindsay A. to Messersmith, Kaylee R. and Ayala, Luis A., 12111 Burdette Circle, $151,000.

Janssen, Kevin and Keim, Sarah to Berton, Zachary M. and Yvette M., 12129 Burdette Circle, $149,500.

Frederickson, Jeff and Jamie to Holm, Tyler M. and Brianne L., 11325 Ellison Ave., $134,000.

Baine, Lisa and Michael J. to Christensen, Jodi M., 6726 N. 108th Ave., $125,000.

Tworek, Chris M. and Lindsay L. to Slowinski, Makenzie L. and Joseph J., 12980 Redman Circle, $117,500.

Christensen, Jodi M. to Miller, Laurel, 4724 N. 131st St., $110,000.



Marincovich, Benjamin Robert to Waid, Daniel, 1016 Denver St., $145,000.

Miller, Mary A. Trust of 2011 to Leblanc Holdings, 1021 W. 23rd Ave., $99,000.

Rau, Sally M. and Tussey, Ruth C. to Steffy, Brian D., 107 Gregg Place, $158,000.

Botsford, Jeffrey M. and Leigh M. to Killpack, Chase J. and Aubrey L., 1113 Kingston Ave., $115,000.

Campbell, Marvin R. to Kreis, Andrew R. and Kimberly W., 1401 Cobblestone Lane Circle, $380,000.

Dingman, Lester G. and Rosemary F. to Smith, Krista M., 1401 Wilshire Drive, $116,000.

Quelle, Phillip A. and Terese D. to Field, Eric, 2405 Wayne St., $87,000.

Weiss, Randy B. to MLEH Investment Properties, 3510 Hancock St., $24,000.

Amato SVCS LLC to Langabee, Vincent T. and Nanfito, Amy, 502 Bellevue Blvd. North, $171,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 502 W. 33rd St., $94,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 509 W. 33rd Ave., $128,000.

Martin, James R. Jr. and Mia K. to Campbell, Rebecka A., 702 Harrington Ave., $284,000.


Celebrity Homes to Roff, Jill E., 10025 S. 203rd St., $243,000.

Dowd Grain Co. to Lehan, Christopher M. and Lisa M., 10769 S. 231st St., $122,000.

Dowd Grain Co. to Lau, Richard and Tiffani, 10815 S. 231st St., $125,000.

Dowd, Duane J., trustee for Dowd Grain Co. to Howell, Jason and Kristy, 10841 S. 232nd St., $150,000.

Dowd Grain Co. to Flannery, Thomas J. and Rachel J., 10854 S. 231st Avenue Circle, $125,000.

Anderson, Anthony D. and Amy S. to Marsh, Allen J. and Jane M. and Polley, Rebecca M., 11307 S. 213th Circle, $145,000.

McCune Development to Nelson Builders, 11624 S. 201st St., $37,000.

Pamdal Family LP to Voss, Ryan and Shelly, 11714 S. 209th Ave., $157,000.

Swanson, Loren D. and Jean L. to Mix, Gordon C. and Sharon G., 12228 S. 219th Circle, $209,000.

Vanderbrouke, Mark and Mary to D&E Custom Building & Design, 12302 S. 218th Ave., $30,000.

Bellbrook Development to D&E Custom Building & Design, 19858 Emiline St., $45,000.

McCune Development to Nelson Builders, 20007 Maple St., $39,000.

McCune Development to Trademark Homes, 20010 Maple St., $38,000.

Barkosko, Chester E. and Ferrier, Gloria M. Family Trust to Boe, Beverly K. and Robert T., 22014 Bobwhite Ave., $175,000.

Dowd Grain Co. to Herzina, Jeff and Rebecca, 23103 Shiloh Drive, $130,000.

Bellbrook Development to Beaudin, Edward and Susanna, 6905 S. 198th St., $84,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Showcase Homes, 8113 S. 193rd St., $48,000.


Chatterton, Sharon A. to Gerdes, Bradley J., 1213 Royal Drive, $117,000.

Chapman, Steve K. and Lacia R. to Yates, Albert K. and Joni S., 12213 S. 78th St., $427,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 12393 S. 73rd Ave., $52,000.

Woodland Homes to Fontenot, Michiel R. and Deborah K., 12393 S. 73rd Ave., $380,000.

Smith, Gary and Patricia to Brack, Matthew J. and Amy J., 201 Matthies Drive, $183,000.

Gruttermeyer, Steven J. and Molly to Short, Kevin and Adle, Kim, 201 Matthies Drive, $310,000.

McLain, Brian P., personal representative for McLain, Daniel W. Estate to 602 Pinto LLC, 602 Pinto Circle, $79,000.

Klahn, Trish G. to Smith, Amber M., 721 Dublin Drive, $120,000.

Advantage Development to Bushardt, Keith and Linda Family Trust, 7509 Leawood St., $505,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Reznicek, Richard J. and Glatter Reznicek, Victoria J., 906 Gayle St., $211,000.


Kildow, David P. and Marla K. to Buhr, Stanley A. and Kimberlie A., 265 Fourth St., $120,000.


Wade, Mary B. to Trout, Lloyd C. Jr. and Karen B., 11821 S. 33rd St., $130,000.

Cohoon, Dennis L. and Dehl Cohoon, Beverly J. to Reece, Christpher and Kayla, 13308 S. 21st St., $136,000

Kimel, Bethany B. to Schurman, Mark A. and Jill C., 13710 S. 18th St., $280,000.

Philippon, Albert and Nancy Family Trust to Noble, Beverly K., 13910 Tregaron Ridge Road, $141,000.

Cora, Natalie to Smith, Adam M. and Walker, Ashlynn N., 14108 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $134,000.

Celebrity Homes to Curtis, Emmeresst E., 14902 S. 23rd St., $221,000.

McCusker, Douglas E. to Jurado, Troy and Sandra, 15003 Normandy Blvd., $168,000.

Showcase Homes to Dickey, Nathan and Sarah, 2206 Oriole Drive, $283,000.

Fitzpatrick, William E. and Christina D. to Wright, Lecia E. and Dalen L., 2508 Coffey Ave., $229,000.

Pearson, Daniel G. and Teresa M. to Huntley, Adam J. and Amanda K., 2617 Ponderosa Drive, $165,000.

Dickey, Sarah S. and Nathan to Wilkins, Michael and Tammy, 2708 Morrie Drive, $172,000.

Pierce, Nicholas to Stille, Stanley P. and Mari M., 2810 Olive St., $117,000.

Boganowski, Amanda K. to Hernandez, Robert and Whitney, 2901 Spring Blvd., $136,000.

Rance, Jason L. and Miriam to Mackey, Morgan D. and Chandra S., 2903 Kelly Drive, $235,000.

Buckingham, Clifford and Alisa to Augensen, Daniel and Harley N., 2917 Redwing Circle, $164,000.

Weisz, Teri A. and Steven B. to Bowers, Curtis and Korrin, 3106 Joann Ave., $144,000.

Miller, Justin K. and Dawn M. to Bigelow, Jonathan A., 3315 Jessie Marie Drive, $145,000.

Bear Homes to Cohoon, Dennis L. and Dehl Cohoon, Beverly J., 3402 Mirror Lane, $170,000.

Fraser, Margaret J. to Fraser, Paul M., 3411 Faye Drive, $133,000.

Smith, Paul E. and Lula M. to Qualman, Kurtis S. and Christina H., 3513 Lynn-wood Drive, $150,000.

Wilson, Randy A. and Pamela K. to Robinson, Quincy T. and Kaoru, 9801 S. 24th St., $178,000.


Portal Ridge Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 10429 Gary St., $35,000.

Ayivodjim Anicet M. and Amanda to Call, James, 7001 S. 69th St., $71,000.

Rook, Jill M. to McCracken, Jennifer, 7209 S. 69th St., $90,000.

Wiseman, Peggy K. and Paul J. and Suzanne to Goduto, Bonnie R., 7522 S. 101st St., $165,000.

Peterson, William C. and Mary L. to Leblanc, Brian J. and Mary A., 9228 Hillcrest Drive, $183,000.

Kulus, Kenneth M. and Heather A. to Hill, Steve and Nanfito, Amy, 9710 Melissa St., $223,000.


Hood, Jon M. and Glenda R. to Nelson, Vickey L., 11616 Ridgeview Circle, $190,000.

Lynam, Margaret M. to Philippon, Nancy N. and Albert E., 11723 Lakeview Drive, $175,000.

Evans, Kathy V. and William M. to Lombard, Todd G. and Karen M., 13804 Clearwater Drive, $235,000.

Hawkins, Armon L. and Bonnie J. to Witt, Brad T. and Kari L., 16008 S. 63rd St., $77,000.

Hawkins, Armon L. and Bonnie J. to Hilburn, Cody N. and Ashley N., 16012 S. 63rd St., $289,000.

Ertz, Michael B. and Sohee K. to Holmes, Timothy and Julie, 2129 Liberty Lane, $236,000.

Charleston Homes to Zoucha, Jeffrey A., 4607 Sheridan Road, $268,000.

Young, Thomas D. and Debra D. to Clark, Leslie A. and Gregory D., 703 Fleetwood Drive, $345,000.

Clemsen, Mindy M. and Michael E. to Schuler, George J. and Jami L., 709 Fall Creek Road, $283,000.

Sand, Stacey M. to Baluyot, Vilma S., 712 Tupelo Lane, $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Graser, Jeremy M. and Amanda N., 8620 S. 68th St., $181,000.

Buckland Homes to Thiele, Raymond and Julia, 9408 S. 70th Ave., $340,000.


Rieg, Daniel J. to Holst, James A. and Susan L., 16106 Birch Ave., $138,000.

Lichenwaldt, Mary A. to Johnston, Jason D., 18004 Josephine St., $134,000.

Franklin, Roger D. and Marcia K. to Wagaman, Jack D. and Donna M., 18107 Gertrude St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes to Finochiaro, Stacey A., 7033 S. 183rd Ave., $157,000.

Weber, Ashley M. to Rook, Jill M., 7112 S. 177th St., $140,000.

Charleston Homes to Reichenberg, Nicholas D. and Dana M., 7732 S. 162nd Ave., $30,000.

Legacy Homes to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7926 S. 162nd St., $17,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hardy, Anthony J. and Emily A., 8010 S. 190th Ave., $174,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kocourek, Brenda M., 9315 S. 168th Avenue Circle, $210,000.

Palisades Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 9616 S. 173rd St., $48,000.

Gurbacki, Greg L. and Carol J. to Parker, Chris A. and Kristina M., 9701 S. 173rd St., $317,000.


Barr Homes to Johnson, Nathan M. and Heidi L., 6911 S. 197th St., $355,000.


Beebe, Judith A. to Wilwerding, Duane C. and Sandra C., 13595 Chandler St., $125,000.


Karst, Gregory M. to Neemann, Erik M., 2606 Fairview St., $188,000.

Rios, Francisco J. and Murillo, Cardenas M. to Rios, Jose M., 2812 Olive St., $31,000.

Mathias, Kimberly K. to Martin, Carolyn S., 7318 S. 41st Ave., $79,000.

Barton, Jeffrey A. and Tiffany A. to Camacho, Maria, 7657 S. 41st St., $120,000.

Locher, Thomas, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 7702 S. 41st Ave., $66,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Fergeson, Ronald D. II, 9304 S. 21st St., $301,000.

Thalhofer, Brian A. and Alicia to Ryle, Corey and Joan, 9612 S. Ninth Ave., $135,000.


U.S. Bank to Starkus, Amber, 4932 Bernadette Ave., $94,000.



Griffis, Anna M. to Ayala, Crystopher G., 1412 Ave. K, $50,000.

Woodward, Glenn C. and Vickie L. to Geier, Michael G. and Toni L., 2318 17th St., $126,000.

United Housing Inc. to Richmond, Beth, 925 Third Ave., $68,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Collins, Charles, 3534 Third Ave., $32,000.

Pham, Cat T. to Button, David R. and Totusek, Mallory M., 2314 16th St., $140,000.

Daggett, Tessa J. and Miller, Casey N. to Kerkman, Rodney A. and Stacy A., 2713 Seventh St., $31,500.

Gilbert, Richard M. to Penney, Scott D., 2406 Second Ave., $62,500.

Gatrost, Dennis W. to Adkins, Linda S. and Robert D. Jr., 4807 Gifford Road, $130,000.


Fox, John W. and Michelle L. to Vanderwoude, Lori A., 21951 Meadowview Parkway, $385,000.

Owen, Carol S. and Mary L. and Richard L. to Lowman, Dianne M. and Phillip L., 45 Lynnwood Drive, $130,000.

Tibbles, Lawrence M. and Sherie L. to Tibbles, Billy J., 831 Grace St., $25,000.

Darby-Sell, Frankie D. to Bouska, Jason A. and Keely N., 104 Beal St., $150,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to Town, Anna M. and Robert D., 11 Kingsridge Drive, $237,500.


Boetteger, Robert M. Estate to Odd Properties, 1502 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $21,000.

Boettger, Catherine Estate to Odd Properties, 1502 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $21,000.


Voggesser, Betty Estate to Meurer, Don R. and Jeanette R., 1007 Poplar Drive, Avoca, $85,000.


Patrick, Adam G. and Jill R. to Jepessen, Lynelle and Mark, 218 Oak St., Carson, $210,000.


Fatka, Matthew D. and Tiffany to Burns, Brandon, 21318 McClelland Ave., McClelland, $230,000.


Henderson, Melva to Henry, Robert, 206 Brodbeck St., Macedonia, $110,000.


Eagle Ridge Rentals to Ronfeldt, Cassandra K., 600 Fourth St., Neola, $80,000.


Jepessen, Lynelle M. and Mark R. to Pierce, Junellyn, 936 Oakland Ave., Oakland, $110,000.


Knox, Lori L. to Fisher, Joseph D. and King, Courtney K., 17 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $150,000.

Latham, Amanda C. and Jeremy S. to Graber, Amy J. and Jerry D. 12 Hillside Drive, Treynor, $123,000.


Marshall, Melanie and Brian to Pribyl, C. Michael and Kristin, 23365 Panama Ave., Underwood, $275,000.

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