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​​​​​The Insurance Hackers is a rapidly growing consumer awareness portal based out of Toronto, Ontario. Tackling the car insurance industry, they are dedicated to providing their customers with information about everything-car-insurance. The goal of the portal is to inform users of the lesser-known facts they need to know to save on their everyday car insurance premiums.

“After getting my own insurance policy I quickly realized that it had become one of my biggest expenses. I started looking into steps I could take to lower my premium. I want to provide customers with the knowledge they need to know to cut down on this necessary, yet controllable expense. The main objective is to provide customers with the right information so they can save money, even if it begins with a few dollars per month, it all adds up,” says the founder, Nazeer Rasul. 

The information on the portal is readily available to anyone online. An even more notable aspect of the platform is the ease-of-access to information all in one place. Rasul has created a portal accessible for everyone on the spectrum, ranging from novice to experienced drivers; including consumers who prefer to research on their own and those who prefer to be walked through the experience by an insurance agent. 

“I want them to have the resources to make an informed decision for themselves. At the end of the day, doing proper research will get you the best deal, so I have set up a virtual library where customers can soak it all in.”

More than 50% of drivers are overpaying for their car insurance. With any current set up, there are multiple ways users can make their insurance payments more manageable. While this may seem too good to be true, the reality is there is always room for improvement. The portal provides users with an array of information on how they can save on their current insurance policy as well as take potential steps for a new policy.

Rasul has taken his time to develop his website, which is growing exponentially, due to the exposure he gets from sharing his URL and active marketing efforts. Word of mouth has been one of his most prominent sources of traffic as a lot of people share the good news with friends and family to have them save a bit each month.

“When I completed the website, I shared it with a few friends and family- just for input. I was repetitively told that the information that they received was priceless! They further passed it on to the people they knew to help them save money too,” says Rasul.

Nazeer Rasul, the founder of The Insurance Hackers continues to work with insurance companies across the United States to provide his users with lower insurance quotes than what they currently have. This comparable information educates users on car insurance trends that help them save on their premium each month. 

For more information, please contact Nazeer Rasul of The Insurance Hackers at:

Email: Website: ​​ Phone: (647) 896-3192

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