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^Climate change surprise: It is helping grow more corn and soybeans in the Upper Midwest<

ENV-CLIMATECHANGE-FARMING:MS — The uneven impact of climate change is actually helping corn and soybean farmers in the Upper Midwest.

Higher temperatures and heavier precipitation have increased yields for corn and soybeans in much of Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas, according to a statistical analysis conducted at the University of Minnesota. The study highlights the disparate effects of climate change, even within a region.

500 by Adam Belz in Minneapolis. MOVED


^After Aliso Canyon, a gas pipeline exploded — and Californians lost $1 billion<

CALIF-PIPELINE:LA — Two years after methane gas began leaking from Southern California Gas Co.'s Aliso Canyon storage field, one of the company's key pipelines exploded, starting a fire in the desert and leaving a smoking crater in the ground.

Nobody was hurt, and the October 2017 explosion went largely unnoticed outside the energy industry.

But the damaged pipeline was taken out of service — severely constraining gas supplies in Southern California, especially with storage at Aliso Canyon restricted. Together, those infrastructure failures would fuel higher energy prices across the state, ultimately costing California ratepayers at least $1 billion.

2450 (with trims) by Sammy Roth in Los Angeles. MOVED



^As EVs evolve, automakers look beyond boring hatchbacks<

AUTO-ELECTRICCARS-EVOLUTION:DTN — Mainstream automakers are finally catching on to the fact that no one said an electric vehicle had to look — or drive — like an under-powered jelly bean.

The next several years are expected to deliver a slew of fully electric vehicles that are more attractive, more capable and look a lot more like the trucks, SUVs and cars seen on roadways today. That would be a departure from the tiny mainstream battery-electric vehicles that General Motors Co., BMW AG, Nissan Motor Co. and a few others have failed to popularize.

1350 by Ian Thibodeau in Detroit. MOVED


^2020 Ford Explorer's new tires fix themselves, representing a coming trend for drivers<

AUTO-EXPLORER-TIRES:DE — The 2020 Ford Explorer will offer tires that patch their own holes. Drivers may not even know they ran over a nail, but here's what they should know:

The tires allow them to keep traveling after a puncture, in some cases continuing for days without a repair. They use different technology than run-flat tires, which have been criticized for rough rides.

650 by Mark Phelan in Detroit. MOVED


^Got a Tesla? Elon Musk hints it could soon drive itself<

^AUTO-TESLA-SELFDRIVING:SJ—<Is a real, honest-to-goodness, self-driving Tesla on the way?


400 by Rex Crum. (Moved Wednesday.) MOVED


^Is he a Tesla stalker or just a very meticulous researcher? A judge will decide<

AUTO-TESLA-TRIAL:LA — Is Randeep Hothi a stalker, a harasser, a perpetrator of violence and an imminent threat? Or is he a mild-mannered academic engaged in legal if unorthodox research for his investments?

Is Tesla's Elon Musk an intimidator who uses his wealth, power and Twitter account to silence critics? Or is he simply trying to protect his employees from possible harm?

Those questions are being asked in Alameda County Superior Court, where Tesla seeks a permanent restraining order against Hothi.

1200 by Russ Mitchell in Los Angeles. (Moved Tuesday.) MOVED


^How much would it take to get you to buy an electric car? California could increase rebates<

AUTO-CALIF-ELECTRICCAR-REBATE:SA — What would it take to motivate more California drivers to buy electric cars the next time they go to the dealer?

A California lawmaker who in the past has proposed banning sales of new gas-powered cars wants to find out.

650 by Elizabeth Shwe in Sacramento, Calif. (Moved Thursday.) MOVED



^Auto review: 2019 Pacifica Hybrid efficient, roomy, practical — but does it go the distance?<

^AUTO-PACIFICA-REVIEW:PH—<2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited: A second chance at a first impression.

800 by Scott Sturgis. MOVED


^Auto review: Kia rolls out the all-new 2020 Telluride, a big family crossover starting at $31,690<

^AUTO-TELLURIDE-REVIEW:FT—<Kia has a brand-new midsize crossover for 2020, its biggest and boldest ever with an exciting view of the world and remarkable capacity for exploration and adventure.

The Telluride goes against the current trend for sleek, curvy SUV styling with a boxy hood, sheer sides, and right-angled patterns reminiscent of older SUV design.

1350 by Emma Jayne Williams. MOVED


^Auto review: More than a decade later, the 2019 Maserati GranTurismo MC convertible refutes the beauty of youth<

^AUTO-PRINTZ-COLUMN:MCT—<As we constantly search for the latest and greatest in everything, gimmickry is mistaken for modernism. We no longer have the emotional bandwidth to simply age gracefully and appreciate what we already have as the moment overtakes the millennia.

And it's why the 2019 Maserati GranTurismo MC (Maserati Corsa) convertible goes criminally overlooked. Playing the part of classicist rather well, it's captivatingly modern yet enthrallingly timeless something too many of us no longer appreciate. This is a nice way of saying it's been around a while.

1050 by Larry Printz. MOVED




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^Under the Hood: Why is battery draining so quickly?<

^AUTO-HOOD:MCT—<Q: I saw your column and was hoping that you could offer suggestions for my battery issues.

600 by Brad Bergholdt. MOVED

^The Week Ahead: Begin at the beginning again<

^WEEKAHEAD:MI—<Amid all the talk of tariffs, interest rate cuts and geopolitical tensions swirling around the stock market, it's easy to forget this investment fundamental: Buying a stock is a bet on a company's future profit potential. In the week ahead, investors will be reminded of that as second quarter earnings season gets underway.

400 by Tom Hudson. MOVED






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