Monte Shaw, executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, said moves by former Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt contributed to less ethanol being blended in 2018 than the year before —breaking a streak of increasing ethanol usage that stretched back more than two decades.

Flooding pushed thousands of pounds of ice across the land around the Niobrara River. Smaller chunks are melting but larger pieces could take months. Ann Marie Kepler calls the nearly-mile long chunk on her leased property an iceberg. Do you have photos of the "icebergs'' on your land? Send …

Designing a robot with a gentle touch is among the biggest technical obstacles to automating the American farm. Reasonably priced fruits and vegetables are at risk without it, growers say, because of a dwindling pool of workers.

For decades, U.S. farmers, landscapers and builders tapped a seemingly endless supply of cheap labor: the waves of undocumented immigrants coming across the southern border. The workers arrived in time for harvests and construction booms. They did the low-wage manual labor that Americans were unwilling to do.