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You're a busy parent — appointments, to-do lists, deadlines and other commitments fill the hours of your day. And if you're not careful, something can slip through the cracks.

As many of us enter the new year with goals and aspirations to be better and generally stay on top of things, that leads to the question of "how?" There are many tools available to help us stay organized, but one of my favorite tools is a planner.

Any trip down Target or a search on Amazon may leave you feeling overwhelmed with choices. I've broken down the main types of planners and their benefits so you can pick the right one for your lifestyle.

1. The daily planner. A planer with a daily layout is perfect for you if you operate best when taking it one day at a time and have a schedule to stick to. Most daily planners have an hourly format, perfect for scheduling appointments or for time blocking! Some of the more popular brands for this type of planner combine a daily schedule and to-do list on one page.

2. The weekly planners. Weekly planners are great if you like seeing your week at a glance, as it offers a more holistic view. This is also a great option if you have a rolling to-do list with commitments that don't necessarily have to happen on any given day. Weekly planners also offer the biggest variety in layouts — ranging from vertical and horizontal to morning/afternoon/evening sections. Whatever your preference is, you’re likely to find it in a weekly planner, which makes this the most common type of planner available.

3. The goal-setting planner/journal combo. If you want to take your planning up a notch and use it not only for scheduling, but also as a tool for setting goals, then a goal-setting planner is for you! What’s great about this style of planner is the structure given to identify your goals and break them down to the quarterly, monthly and weekly level. By breaking down goals to smaller pieces, they seem more manageable to achieve. Most goal-setting planners also have an area to track daily habits, gratitude and assess what went well and what can be improved upon for the following week.

2020 might already be here, but it's never too late to get a planner. When picking out the right type of planner for you, it ultimately comes down to the option you’ll actually use. As with any tool, it will only work if you use it. Planners, plan on!


Haley Rogers is a professional organizer and women’s life coach. She uses her personal experiences of decluttering along with her Type A and structured personality to help others simplify their homes and lives. She often taps into her professional experience of advising and project management to keep her clients motivated and on track. Find more about Haley here.

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