I started my business after my oldest son, Ethan, turned 1. Since then, my life has been a great balancing act.

Working from home seems ideal right? You can stay in your pajamas, don't have to deal with morning traffic and can set your own schedule. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to work from home!

Well, add two kids and a husband who works overnight and suddenly, being a work-from-home mom is no easy task. I'm usually managing my business' social media while nursing my baby and answering my 3-year-old's questions.

On the business side, I handle just about everything on my own: scheduling appointments, maintaining my website, scheduling social media, writing blogs, doing public relations, marketing and promotions, answering phone calls, emails, maintaining business finances and contracts and, finally, producing all my video tutorials. In addition to what I do from home, I go out to client homes, businesses and charities to help them become organized.

Being a stay at home mom is hard enough – I know because I've done it – but add running a business into that and it becomes 10 times more difficult. It's always a challenge trying to make time for myself. I always see everyone else's needs being met before mine. 

Trying to balance working from home with motherhood and taking time for yourself isn't easy, but it can be done. Here is what helps me:

1. Create a to-do list. I don't know how I would get anything done if I didn't create a to-do list. I have them for absolutely everything, whether it's a project for my business or things I have to get done around the house. Arrange your list in order of priority and start checking things off as you complete your task. Eventually, everything will be done.

2. Take advantage of nap time. On the odd chance my kids fall asleep at the same time, I take advantage! You might want to take a nap along with the kiddos, but this a prime opportunity to get as much done as possible. So add new pictures to your website – or do that pile of laundry, which has been sitting in a basket for days.

3. Utilize the people around you. My husband works overnight, but once he wakes up, he gives me three hours of alone time so I can do whatever I want. I usually work on my business, but sometimes I'll do the grocery shopping or a project I've been wanting to do around the house. Of course, I don't get my three hours every single day, but when I do, I make the most out of the time I'm given.

4. Remember to make time for yourself. Since I've been a mom, I haven't made myself a priority. I'm still working on this and definitely have room for improvement, but sometimes you just need to take time for yourself when you're not doing something for the kids or hubby. So go catch up with a girlfriend or get your hair done. As moms, we do so much for others but we need to remember to take care of ourselves.

If you're a work-from-home mommy, hang in there. One day our kids will be in school and we'll have all the time we've ever wanted to grow our businesses.

* * *

Naeemah Ford Goldson is a mother of two boys who lives in Atlanta but is originally from Omaha. She’s the owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing, LLC. Read more posts from Naeemah » 

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