House for sale

We are currently in the thick of trying to sell our house. We did the top to bottom cleaning routine and put everyone in the family to work making things shine.

But what do you do with kids when someone is looking at your house?

Last weekend we had to figure that out quick. Our house went live on Friday and by that afternoon we had two showings scheduled for Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday showings were booked soon after.

I anticipated a stressful weekend but, through trial by fire, we discovered a few things that actually made it fun. Here's how:

Quick thinking.

On Friday, my son had a play date with his friend. This particular friend comes from one of those magical families where their kids are friends with our kids. The mom and I are best friends and the dads are friends too. 

When the Friday showings popped up, I asked if they would mind a few extra tag-a-longs to the play date. Luckily, they are flexible and welcomed us with open arms. It was a great time for everyone and a nice way to get our minds off the stress of moving.

Plan ahead.

Saturday there was only one showing, so we had about an hour to kill. So instead of grocery shopping in the morning, we waited until the time of the showing to kill two birds with one stone. Coordinating the two made it feel like we didn’t lose any time in our day.

Imagination is key.

By Sunday, we had three afternoon showings to clear out for. Since it was a bigger hunk of time, we took advantage of a free pass to the local fitness center that had been lying around the house for months. We swam, played basketball, sat in the hot tub and tried out the fancy rowing machine. It was the highlight of our day.

In the end, even though we were kicked out of our house three days in a row, everyone in the family was able to have a good time.

It's never easy to sell your house or move, but quick thinking, planning ahead when you can and, above all, using a little imagination are key to making it fun while relieving everyone's stress (at least a little).


Jenni DeWitt is married and has two sons, the youngest of whom battled childhood leukemia — and won. Jenni writes weekly for She is the author of “Forty Days” and “Why Won’t God Talk to Me?” You can read more about Jenni here.

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