Everywhere I go, parents are high-fiving the end of summer. I get it. Bored kids and no schedule are a parents nightmare.

I, on the other hand, am dreading the start of school.

No offense to our amazing education system, which I value and respect, but I love my kids being kids and never want it to end. It’s hard to pinpoint what I’m the most sad about regarding summer ending, but here are my top five things I’ll miss.

1. My son loses his buddies. My daughter and our neighbors play together everyday — mostly all day, everyday — and my almost 3-year-old adores them. They all play together so nicely. But pretty soon, that crew will go down to one. The big kids will all head off to school this week, and my little guy will be left with just mom. He is going to be so confused and his little heart may break. I’m not looking forward to that.

2. Late nights. We sit in the driveway while neighborhood kids play, laugh and figure out how to get along. The kids are happy and we have some of the best times with our neighbors. I’ll be sad when we need to go in by 7:30 p.m. to get a full night sleep and have that early morning wake up call.

3. Swimming. We have swam 90 percent of the summer days and have loved it. My oldest joined the swim team and has learned how to dive. It’s so fun watching her grow and make memories. Plus, it’s great exercise!

4. Vacation. Not having to plan around school or activities and being able to go whenever we can is awesome. We’ve done adult trips, trips with friends and kids and trips with family. They’ve all been full of fun. I’m going to miss heading out for the weekend and not having to plan around the school calendar.

5. Summer schedule. My oldest has done golf, tennis and swim team this summer, which gets us up and moving in the morning (not TOO early of course). This allows us to have plenty of time for fun in the afternoons. It’s the perfect balance of staying busy and free.

I know every summer will be different, but this summer I only heard “I’m bored” twice, which is pretty amazing.

I also know there are so many things to look forward to during the school year, including a lot more time to get things done and a lot more “me” time post-bedtime to read and relax. Plus, my oldest getting to be with her friends at school and starting fall activities will be fun for her.

Still, I’m completely in love with summer and seeing something you love go away is never fun. So this isn’t goodbye, summer. It’s see you later.


Jaime Wyant is a 33-year-old Omaha native, wife to Bret and mother to Marin and Liam. She writes monthly for Momaha.com. Read more from Jaime here.

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