Social media has been over the top lately. It was especially so during the election circuit.

Because of this, I appreciate the non-political posts that appear in my newsfeed. Those random super fast recipe videos (that I’ll never make, but save anyway), Instagram photos, weight loss pictures, pet pictures, #blessed statuses and, of course, kids.

I sincerely love the variety of statuses I see out there. It breaks up the day and gives me insight into my family and friends’ lives who I might not get the chance to talk to every day. I know it’s all curated social media brouhaha most of the time, but I eat it up.

Which led me to wonder, “What the French toast is my curated social media life?”

Kids. Uncool check-ins. Kids again.

What was my curated social media life before? It was WAY more entertaining. Those pesky and amazing Timehops always let me know how much funnier and fun I was.

Case in point, random status in the fall of 2011: "Realized the only thing I have to wake up for tomorrow is to party! And I already made Funfetti dip!"

I was planning on partying ALL DAY LONG, and apparently made Funfetti dip!

Random status in the fall of 2016: "No, I'm not on the verge of crying, I'm just allergic to the world at the moment. Fall allergies FTW!"

Allergies. That was the most noteworthy thing I had going for me.

Taking an audit of my social media life, I realize I may have lost a couple viewers. I post way too much about my children, and I know it. I get they may only be interesting to a select few. Those who do not have any interest in my children are kind enough to give a random thumbs up; but it might have been just a fluke.

I promise I have hilarious conversations just like I did a few years ago. Granted, most of these will be with a 3-year old, but man she is funny! I promise I still have an active life that is entertaining ... to me. I don’t think I evoke any "fear of missing out" feelings with my current picture postings or check-ins.

So for those still on my social media friends list, thank you. I know you are keeping me on there because you are honestly invested in my life. Or maybe you have my statuses hidden (because you didn't want my friend list to kind of you) and therefore forgot about my existence. Either way, thank you.

For those who had to get off the Kristine-on-social-media train, I don’t blame you! I’m not everyone’s cup of tea! I used to be a lot of fun, write funny hangover antidotes or post a #groupselfie on a Wednesday at a super fun bar! Now I post weekly about my kids, something directly related to being boring (see allergy post) or my “date night with husband” check-ins.

You were done. I get it. I do. However, if you ever feel like being social media friends again, I welcome you with open arms.


Kristine Rohwer resides in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, step-son, daughter, son and two neurotic dogs.

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