Kevin, Sam and Elliott

Kevin Coffey with sons Sam, left, and Elliott.

I never questioned whether my husband would be an amazing dad.

In fact, his patience with me while I was in labor with our oldest son, Sam, proved me right. Looking back, I was a bit like an over-tired and hungry toddler, easily irritated by anything and everything.

For me, it was the smell of this cherry lemonade lip balm he was wearing. Every time he’d walk through the breathing exercises my brain had just magically forgotten — thanks, Pitocin, for the mind-numbing contraction pain — he’d blow that smell all over me.

Finally, I erupted. “Will you stop breathing on me?!”

Later, after Sam was born, I remembered my outburst, and I apologized. I felt awful. He assured me his feelings weren’t hurt. How could he be upset with me, he asked, when he saw what I had to go through to deliver this precious bundle of joy?

Since then, he’s continued to be our rock.

So, here’s to all the dads out there who let their independent-minded toddlers climb into the car on their own, even though you’re already 10 minutes late. Who gladly clean up puke when their child throws up at 2 a.m. Who are the first to volunteer to get up with the kids in the morning and let mom sleep. Who go the extra mile to make Mickey Mouse pancakes.

This is for the dads who sing the same lullaby for the seventh time in a row. Who don’t mind reading an extra bedtime story — and who will gladly do all the character voices.

Thank you to all the dads who are present as often as they can be. Who work full time and sometimes extra jobs on the side so their families can go on a nice vacation or do something extra fun on the weekend.

Thank you to the dads who reassure worried moms. While I sit and fret about the idea of our kids getting older, Kevin keeps me focused and excited for all the great stuff we have to look forward to. It was his idea to have Sam do T-ball this year, despite my protests. And I’m so thankful we did it. It’s really given me a taste of all the fun to come.

To the dads who teach their kids it’s OK to have feelings. It’s OK to cry. There’s no toxic masculinity in our house. Our sons are well aware girls rock and can do anything they can do, thanks in large part to Kevin. I have no doubt they’ll grow into fine young men thanks to their father’s hard work and love.

To say we’re spoiled by Kevin is a gross understatement.

I plan to get Kevin a Father’s Day gift. Something he likes. Something the boys can help me pick out. But more important than that is letting him know how much we appreciate him. That’s a gift all good fathers should receive, and it’s easy for you to give it to them., 402-444-1075,

Ashlee Coffey is the editor of She is married with two sons — Sam and Elliott. Follow her on Twitter @AshleeCoffeyOWH. Phone: 402-444-1075.

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