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The holidays are coming up, and grandparents everywhere are starting to think about which magical day will work for the entire family to get together.

Grandparents, as you make your plans, here are five epic ways to be the cool grandma and grandpa this holiday season.

1. Get a Fortnite account (or whatever your grandkids' favorite video game is). Have it updated and ready to play when the grandkids get there — and make sure your wifi speed is fast enough to support gaming on a few different devices at a time. Then join them in a few games. Even if you are horrible, they will think you are the bomb for even trying. This is the stuff grandparent legends are made of. Better yet, make it a family affair and have a Mario Kart tournament. Nothing better than beating grandma and grandpa in a car race!

2. Make sure you have some tried-and-true games available like Scrabble, Clue, Life or Monopoly. Bonus points if you can tell them funny stories about when their parents played the same games when they were young. This will keep everyone busy and having fun when it's time to take a break from technology. And don't forget a few decks of cards. Now is the perfect chance to pass down all those favorite card games from when your kids were growing up.

3. Have their favorite snacks and fun drinks on hand when they arrive. We all know there are a few snacks mom and dad think are a waste of money or just not a healthy choice. But at Grandma’s house during the holidays, you can usually get away with treating the kids a little bit. So have those favorite treats and drinks on hand when the kids arrive. Don’t know their favorites? Text and ask them. (Pro tip: create a Snapchat account and “snap” them to ask what they like.)

4. Make sure they have their own bedroom where they can escape from the loud noise of the family for a few minutes. This is especially important if you have an introverted grandchild. Have a few of their favorite snacks and drinks stashed in the room for them to enjoy and your coolness will be off the charts. Want a less messy alternative? Set out mom or dad’s old yearbooks. There is no better way to take a mental break than to laugh at how dorky your parents were in high school.

5. Give the neighborhood kids a heads up that your grandkids are going to be in town. Invite them to pop over and see if they want to play outside. This is a great way to get your grandkids away from the video games and outside for some fresh air. Plus, the adults will love you for the peaceful house it provides. Even better is if you have a fun new outside game like KanJam or bases for them to set out to play baseball. Be sure to use a soft ball and bat so your windows are safe!

Grandparents are the best at making fun, special memories such as baking cookies together or carving the turkey. But to really take your game to the next level this holiday season, give a few of these ideas a try. The kids will be begging to go back to grandma and grandpa's house again.


Jenni DeWitt is married and has two sons, the youngest of whom battled childhood leukemia — and won. Jenni writes weekly for She is the author of “Forty Days” and “Why Won’t God Talk to Me?” You can read more about Jenni here.

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