What are Muck Boots?


Raise your hand if you can define “muck boots.”

No? That’s okay, me either. Well, I couldn’t until about five hours ago. I was a “muck boot virgin” or what some would call just a plain “city slicker.”

If you are muck boot enlightened, keep reading as I am certain you will find the following story humorous. If you are still scratching your head and asking, “what the heck is a muck boot?” read on.

Wisegeek.com gives this definition, “Muck boots are waterproof rubber boots that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. There are special muck boots for equine use, farm work, fishing, hunting, gardening, and other outdoor activities…they keep feet dry and comfortable in harsh weather and messy working conditions.”

The children and I have been invited to visit a working farm, complete with horses, mud and manure. The handout and forms indicate we will get very messy, should bring towels to cover car seats on the ride home, and recommended wearing old clothes and shoes, preferably boots that can be easily washed.

Lily recently outgrew her ladybug rain boots, Nolan only has bright orange snow boots, and the only boots I own are definitely not easily washed and sport a three-inch heel.

So, as any good Sewardite would, I took the kids and we set out for Orscheln’s Farm and Home store. Lily ended up with a cute, horse-printed muck boot. Nolan preferred the basic, all black boot. While they marveled over the toy horses, tractors, and dump trucks lining the same aisle, I tried on a few pair.

Much to my disappointment, the only options were solid black, olive green, and the same horse-print as Lily’s. I quickly ruled out the horses; but found myself grimacing at the final two options. I could have really gone for a houndstooth pattern or something that mimics patent leather. Now that I’ve done my research, I see I could have found a much more aesthetically pleasing option online, but I needed a muck boot stat.

I decided black is classic and brought home my first pair of farm-worthy boots. The kids were excited to show Daddy their footwear when he walked in the door tonight. He gave his approval and then said, “Whoa, Mommy’s are going to make her feet look really big! Do those fit you honey?”

Turns out I did buy a size 8; a man’s size 8 and a women’s size 10. Clearly, I wasn’t aware that muck boots are generically sized, and should feel a bit clunky, but not quite as oversized as two sizes too big. Ha!

So, tomorrow morning we are sliding into our new muck boots and making a new memory.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can find that old bag of sequins and my hot glue gun…

Jessica Brashear is a stay-a-home mom to three children.

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