"My childhood was spent in southern California, where condos were much more the norm. When we moved to Nebraska, we lived in a spacious, maintenance-free apartment," wrote local mom Shea Saladee. "I grew accustomed to apartment living. My husband, however, did not, and has let me know that since we moved in together. Now, we’re finally in a place where we can own our own home, and I’m excited — and slightly terrified."

"I don’t think summer could be any more special than when I was a kid. Call me crazy — or nostalgic — but summer in the 90s was magical," writes this Omaha mom. "I want (my kids) to have some of that same summer magic."

"Whether it's a day trip to nearby landmarks, a weekend getaway to a neighboring state or a week-long vacation somewhere even farther, try to give your kids an educational experience they won’t forget. Go out and travel!"

"I swear I wasn’t always impatient, frustrated or running late. I used to be the complete opposite. But then I had kids," writes Papillion mom Shea Saladee. Here are some ways she's learned to be patient with her kids.

These cold winter days can make us long for an escape. Is there anything better than banishing those wintertime blues with a good book? Check out these six recommended reads. 

Even on its best days, parenting is tough stuff. There's always some new mess, mishap or meltdown to navigate. We parents could use a little help along the way. Here are 26 parenting hacks to help make life a little easier.

"(Thanksgiving) has always been my favorite (holiday), which, apparently, is an unpopular opinion. I’ve always been big on family and traditions, and having kids makes it all the better," wrote Shea Saladee. "Here are 13 reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday — and why it just might become yours, too."

"We had high hopes for him as he entered middle school — finding like-minded peers in his honors classes, band and other extracurricular activities. Even more exciting was the school’s adopted theme for the year, 'Be Kind.' But none of this was enough to protect him, shield him and prevent (bullying)."

"Unfortunately, we probably don’t vocalize these challenges enough — primarily out of fear of hurting feelings. But as our children — and our relationship — grows, I think it’s more important than ever that we talk about and share some of the challenges of being a stepparent. "