"While I don’t have the patience for 'playing,' I have the desire to see and do things with them. I take them places. We go and explore museums and the outdoors and parks. We love to go to restaurants and wander around Target together. And we love to talk."

"I’m going to be honest, these classes or seminars aren’t always easy. Sometimes they’re too revealing. Sometimes I don’t like what I learn. I’d rather everything be his fault. I hate admitting that I’m wrong. Sometimes we’re doing great, but when we dive in deep during a class, we find out that things aren’t as perfect as they seem and we have some damaging hurt to work through. Sometimes the classes we take bring out more struggle than our every day life."

"Somehow, despite loud-mouthed school friends and careless comments from adults, my kids still believe in Santa. All of them. Even my fifth-grader. I’m chalking this up to a miracle because they tell me daily that their friends no longer think the big man is real."

"Life is a mess with five kids as it is, but trying to get them to school on time and looking relatively presentable is a monumental task we only barely survive," wrote on Omaha mom. "And because of the mayhem I know we’ll be facing every morning, I do what I can to ensure my kids are set up for as much success as possible."

"We’ve let exhaustion and busyness get in the way of our intentional time together. We settle for movie nights at home and late dinners of takeout after the kids go to bed," wrote Rachel Higginson. "And while those are still opportunities for us to have an uninterrupted adult conversation, they’re not the same thing as getting dressed up in clothes not covered in tiny hand prints."

"It turns out kids can survive a long car ride without being plugged in. They saw things they had never seen before and experienced parts of Nebraska and Colorado that were completely new to them. They learned patience with each other and patience with me, and how to entertain themselves."

Baby-proofing has taken on an entirely new definition with the addition of Rachel Higginson's fifth. "Outlets no longer stay covered. They’re all ripped open, plastic plugs littering my floors and stairs, waiting to be stepped on. In their place are chargers. Endless chargers. Chargers that are then pulled out by my mobile 8-month-old and put directly in his drooly mouth at the same time his chubby fingers go straight for the open sockets."

"People are shocked to hear that I have five kids. And even more stunned that their ages are so close together," wrote Rachel Higginson. "When I take them to Target, perfect strangers ask if I meant to have so many of them. Or they volunteer to explain how babies are made. As if I need instructions. Hello, five of them, remember? My husband and I have got this down."

"I’m over homework, spelling tests and trying (and mostly failing) to be on time every morning. I’m fed up with projects and permission slips and dress codes. I’m done with school nights and organized activities and anything standardized," wrote Rachel Higginson. "Every single day becomes a stepping stone to what I want most. I want summer. And I want it now!"

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