"My favorite part of these stories are the cameos. Kate always requests tales about her siblings and people she knows — grandparents, Target checkers, teachers and classmates. And, more often than not — as per her request — they are turned into animals by scary witches."

"I swear these kiddos accidentally drink out of each other’s water bottles all the time, even though they’re well aware of which Disney character is on their own cup," wrote Omaha mom Lynn Kirkle. "If this happened at my place of employment, and I accidentally sipped out of a heavy equipment mechanic’s water bottle every day even after he told me it was his each and every day, I’m fairly certain I would get to have a nice visit with one of delightful HR representatives."

"My kid is enamored by everything all of a sudden. She’s like a peewee-sized version of Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Elf.” She has questions and comments for every little thing — from why the car stops at a red light to the reason why the bird in our tree sits there by himself instead of at home with his family. It’s an amazing thing to witness, this awe of the mundane."

"I watch a fair amount of kid television, so I get to see all the commercials for things like candy, juice, cereal and toys. I’m on autopilot for most of the commercials, but there are two that get my full attention whenever they come on. They are both for games, and every time I see them I’m filled with a mix of awe, horror, amusement and utter disbelief."

From the captain's log of one mom's late night adventure in parenthood: "11:45 p.m.: Carried soiled bedding downstairs. The expelled food bits from toddler’s digestive system were exceedingly chunky, requiring me to go outdoors to shake and scrub the contaminated items. I really hate the smell of vomit, but managed to keep my screams and gags to a minimum while ridding the linens of solid waste via violent pounding upon the deck railing. The temperature hovered around zero."

"The other day, though, when my toddler was having a meltdown in the checkout lane and a very sweet woman said, 'Poor baby. Shopping isn’t fun, is it?,' I felt that statement. That’s not fair," wrote Omaha mom Lynn Kirkle. "I didn’t feel like shopping either, but if I started whining and making grunting noises at other shoppers who dared to look in my direction, would anyone take pity on me? Of course not."

"So many resolutions are unreachable, especially if you’re an underachiever like me. So this year, I’ve decided to offset the lists created by good, organized parenting experts with my own list of very, very realistic resolutions."

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