"During the last seven years that I’ve lived with a toddler or preschooler, I’ve learned to pick your battles and that the truth isn’t always the best for your sanity. Here are a few fibs I’ve told my 3-year-old lately. And you know what? I don’t even feel bad about it."

"They have their whole life to deal with sadness, loss and pain, but the years they have to play, laugh and be completely innocent are numbered. I didn’t want to make them grow up any faster than they already are. "

"My daughter has a January birthday and has ended up with winter books as gifts for the past several years. They are some of her favorite books all year long and remind us how beautiful winter can be — even once the holidays have past."

If you’re looking to mix up your bookshelf this winter, check out the following books.

Kids are hilarious, but they can also be pretty tough. Here are three things this local mom has learned since becoming a parent — and they just might make your life a little easier during those tough times.

"I’m all for letting my child who feels miserable watch some extra movies or play on the iPad, but what I don’t love is when the sibling who isn't sick is also engrossed with TV for hours on end. With a 3-year-old, a streak of watching TV for two full days could end up in a routine that is nearly impossible to break without resistance and tears (from both of us)."