Enjoying the toddler years

Everyone makes excuses from time to time. Adults have an arsenal for everything from tardiness to weight gain. Teenagers come up with justifications for late assignments, messy rooms or missing curfew. However, these excuses rarely cause laugh-out-loud chortles that come with toddler reasoning.

Recently, a little boy became a YouTube sensation when his mom confronted him about drawing on a mirror with lipstick. The tot’s excuse? “Batman did it.” (View the adorable video here.)

For some Omaha toddlers, it’s not superheroes that make trouble at home, it’s the villains. Preschool teacher Nicole Bremer, 32, of Omaha caught her son, Corbin, 2, throwing all of his toys behind their sectional couch. When Bremer asked him why, he simply said, “Because Darth Vader said to!” Bremer responded in laughter, of course, and now it’s Corbin’s go-to excuse that still gets giggles.

Other children take the biblical approach. Pediatric therapist Jessica Hatch, 31, of Omaha found herself in the middle of a negotiation with her 3-year-old daughter, Everley.

“OK. Here’s the deal. I will eat my dinner and then get a treat,” Everley said.

When Hatch explained she did not have to accept the deal, Everley asked, “Why not?”

“Because who’s in charge around here, Everley?” Hatch asked.

Everley paused and said, “God.”

Even though her religious beliefs did not get her a dessert, the 3-year-old did provide some smiles and laughs for her mom after dinner with her excuse.

Other children blame family members for misbehavior, even ones that aren’t born yet!

Teacher Sandy Dubois, 32, of Omaha discovered her 2-year-old son made a mess in the house. His excuse? His little sister did it. The problem? Sandy was still pregnant with the baby girl.

When our little ones make silly excuses, our first instincts are to laugh. Although outlandish fibs such as “Batman did it” make for hilarious videos or stories to share with your child as they grow older, it’s also important to use these little laughable moments as teaching opportunities about telling the truth — after you document the cuteness on video, of course.

What creative excuses have your children employed?


Jen Schneider is a middle school teacher and mom to two children.

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