It’s spring, which means standardized testing season is upon us. Public school students in Nebraska will be taking Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System tests in English-language arts, math and, in some grade levels, science. Here are ways parents (and teachers) can help.

We don’t know everything, and not all our advice will work in every situation with every student, but teachers do provide a wealth of knowledge for parents trying to be their child’s best advocate at home and school. Here are some things teachers at all levels want parents to know to help their child succeed.

Valentine’s Day may bring to mind romance, flowers and chocolate candy, but for parents, love extends to our kiddos. Here are three ways to celebrate the day with your kids and even give a little love to others in the community.

Not every family can get passports for everyone and fly around the globe. We have jobs, bills to pay and schools to attend. However, there are so many things you can do to expose your children to the world. Here are some tips from one local mom.

When students don’t understand what autism is, they may think a student is just being mean or weird. As parents, we should be asking our kids about their classmates, teachers and what’s happening at school. Teenagers will often try to avoid these conversations, but if we start early with communication, it will become an expected and welcome habit.

When I read the recent study by Child Guide magazine which found 53 percent of kids own a cell phone by age 7, I was a little surprised.

Last Monday, I went to bed thanking God for my career choice. On Wednesday morning, I did the same thing again when the phone rang with the familiar message from the school district, letting me know school would be cancelled due to inclement weather.

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