"School supply shopping is always a major deal at our house. In the past, a friend and I have loaded in the car and drove an hour to the closest Walmart where we diligently followed the teacher’s supply list to the letter. But this year was different."

"Vaccines are a hard topic for me. It’s strange because I understand when parents choose not to vaccinate their kids. That choice is coming from a place of deep love and a desire to protect their kids from harm. I get that. But I can’t help but look at the choice of whether or not to vaccinate from a cancer mom’s perspective."

"My boys have daily chores they do (most days). Things like scoop out the litter box, carry laundry to the laundry room or practice their instruments. But they also have one glorious job to do that has changed my life. I feel like there should be a giant drum roll here because it’s just that amazing. It’s called 'the Mom job.'"

"I’m a chronically late person. My family jokes about it. They even tell me we need to be places 30 minutes before we actually need to be there so I don’t make them late," wrote Jenni DeWitt. "It’s a bad habit and something I’ve been working on for years, but the final straw came when my kids started getting tardies at school."

"As kids get older, there’s a new twist to the whole screen time internal battle. A 5-year-old might not notice you just told them to get off their iPad while your own nose is buried in a screen, but a 10-year-old sure will. And they’re not afraid to call you out on it."

"So, just as I’d turned to books to help me teach them their letters, shapes and numbers, I turned to books to help me teach them how to handle their anger. Here are three books about anger that ended up being my boys’ favorites over the years."

"If I chose what my boys were for Halloween, I'd like to think the costumes would be a little more creative — or at least different from year to year. With that being said, here are five Halloween costumes I wish my boys had worn over the years."

The school year has begun, and I’m struggling with a serious case of “meal amnesia.” The moment I sit down to figure out what I want to cook that night, my mind is utterly and completely blank. My memory wiped clean. I cannot think of one single meal idea. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook. It’s not even that I don’t have most of the ingredients on hand to make many, many meals. It’s just that I can’t think of one plausible option.

So I made a plan to help my “meal amnesia."