"When they start talking about “killing” someone in a video game, our parental red flags automatically go up...So one night, after we put the kids to bed, my husband sat down to play Fortnite. We were going to have a first-hand look and decide for ourselves if we thought it was appropriate."

Having two sons of her own changed how this mom, who grew up with one sister, felt about boys. "But it struck me on the way home from a fishing trip there's still one thing I definitely don't have in common with boys — and that's what they take as a compliment."

"We make sure our kids eat their vegetables, but how often do we get the recommended serving? We take our kids to every sports practice known to man, but somehow we can’t manage to squeeze in a 30 minute walk for ourselves."

"When you read your own book, it's actually good for your kids," wrote mom Jenni DeWitt. "I don’t know about you, but I’ll do just about anything for my kids. If doing my No. 1 favorite hobby is going to help them — I’m in! Double bonus. It’s go time! So here are three great books for November to get us started."

"Like a bad Cinderella story, I promise myself I can read if I get all the chores on my list done. But lists are never done when you’re a mom, and my reading wasn't getting done when I put it last," wrote Jenni DeWitt. "So I decided to set up a certain time each day when I could read — guilt-free."

"I’d sit down at the computer to order a new car seat and hours later I’d still be sitting there, hair standing on edge from where I’d run my hands through it with stress," wrote one Nebraska mom. "I’d read every safety review known to man and all the comments and ratings any crazy person ever took the time to leave on Amazon. The worst part? I still hadn’t made a decision."

During her time as a work-from-home mom, Jenni DeWitt has learned something about being home for hours and hours on end: "Things can start to get a little strange," she wrote. "Now the strangeness, for me, has changed over the years. It started with dancing in the kitchen with my baby and has slowly evolved into talking to myself and considering my cat as my co-worker."

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