50 handprint crafts you can make with your child


Your kids are only little for a short amount of time, so why not freeze a moment during that time by creating a hand print craft with your child?

You and your child can make one-of-a-kind ornaments for your Christmas tree and to give as special gifts.

The gifts become keepsakes that can be kept or given away if you like, and these 50 blogs explain how to create several different hand print, fingerprint and even footprint projects so that you can make some of your own.


Hand print ornaments are a unique way to preserve each year of your child’s life. If your kids are older, they may want to add felt scarves to hand print snowmen or use a paint pen to make reindeer out of fingerprints.

If your kids are younger, make ornaments by pressing hand prints into clay. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a baby to keep his hand open, so you may have to wait until he is asleep to get his hand print. Make a small hole in the clay before you bake it or allow it to dry so that you have a way to hang it when it’s done. You can paint the clay or leave it white.

Check out these 10 blogs to learn what steps to take when creating hand print ornaments.

DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament Let your child create snow friends out of his hand print.

Hand Print Christmas Ornaments, Hand Print Santa Card, Polar Express Bracelet, and More Fun Kids’ Christmas Crafts This ornament project takes advantage of the child’s full hand by making the palm portion the snow.

Homemade Hand Print Ornaments Using salt clay you can roll out some circles and help your child press his hand print into the soft clay. Allow it to dry before painting.

Salt Dough Hand Print Ornament This ornament is made with two hand prints that can be from one or two of your children. No painting required.

Easy Craft for the Not-So-Crafty: Hand Print Ornaments If you don’t want to mess with making your own salt dough you can use air dry clay instead, which will make the project much simpler for the time crunched mom.

Make These Now! Hand Print Snowmen Ornament Follow the step-by-step instructions for making these snowy ornaments for your tree or to give as gifts.

Baby’s First Homemade Ornament Using homemade salt dough, this blogger decided to imprint the hand in the dough and then paint the hand to add some color.

DIY Baby Hand Print Ornament Take a clear ornament and some washable ink and press your baby’s hand into the ink to make a print on a paper towel. Read more of this post to learn how to get the print from the paper towel to the ornament.

20 Minute Crafter–Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament You can do as many or as few reindeer as you’d like on this ornament and use whatever color works for your tree.

Christmas Craft #1 A variation on the snowman craft, this blogger used various colors of ornaments with white paint and accented each snowman with a felt scarf for a 3-D look.


Ceramic dishes are a clever and practical way to preserve hand prints, footprints and fingerprints. There a many clever ideas for turning footprints and hand prints into animals and other objects that can be used on holiday platters, cups and bowls. Depending on what surface you are putting the prints on you can use ink, paint or glitter glue to get a good print that will stay.

For more tips, take a look at these 10 blogs.

Hand Print Keepsake Thanksgiving Plate Craft Your kids will never get too old to make a turkey out of their hand print when doing this plate craft.

Hand Print Soap Dish Tutorial Try this clever project with your kids that’s perfect for their bathroom.

Homemade Gift Idea for the Holidays Help the kids design and make this hand print platter that will become a keepsake.

Cute DIY Hand Print Mother’s Day Crafts Make this plate using your child’s hand to keep for yourself or to give as a gift.

Christmas Thumbprint Trivet Make this Christmas light trivet using your own thumb or that of your kids.

Painting on Ceramics Using Porcelain paint and your child’s hand you can make a hand print Christmas tree on a plate or platter.

Fingerprint, Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Ideas Use these ideas to create your own keepsake plate, platter or mug.

Fingerprint Platters If you’ve got a bunch of people that you want to include in a thumbprint project, this one might be just the thing.

Christmas Carolers Thumbprint Plate Include the whole family when you make this thumbprint project.

“My Heart Belongs to Dad” Baseball Plate This clever baseball plate is an ideal gift to give to dad on father’s day.


You can never have too many ways to make gifts for the people that you love and care about, and your kids can help make gifts for friends and family. Involve your child in the decision making process to determine what type of craft you will make to give away as gifts.

If the gift recipient loves to cook, make him an apron. Maybe grandma has a collection of dish towels and you can make her a new one that celebrates her grandkids.

These 10 blogs will explore other gift ideas that use a child’s hand or footprint.

Clearly Christmas: Se7en Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults Let the kids go crazy with paint pens, markers and their hands to create this one-of-a-kind apron for a loved one.

Teacher Gifts: Fingerprint Pots Turn fingerprints into all sorts of garden themed characters using porcelain paint markers.

Fingerprint Charms These necklaces are simple to make and the kids can use their fingerprints or you can use yours.

Craft Blogger: Handprint and Footprint School Supply Flower Teacher Gift Use both hand prints and footprints when you make this teacher’s gift.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Fingerprint Pendant Using polymer clay you can help any child in your life to make a keepsake necklace for their mom or grandma.

Dr. Seuss Zentangle Thumbprint Tree Art Combine the old with the new if you decide to make this thumbprint tree for a teacher.

Super Cute Grandparents Gift–Kids Feet and Hands Christmas Rug Using everyone’s footprint you can create a family of snowmen on this welcome mat.

Mother’s Day Project Make a sentimental gift for mom by creating a heart shape filled with fingerprints. Top it off with a special poem for the perfect gift.

Fingerprint Memory Art Your computer comes in handy on this project as you crop your child and use him in this artwork of a bouquet of fingerprint balloons.

Handmade Gifts: Art for Your Home There are several fingerprint projects on this blog post that you can frame and make into a sentimental keepsake.


These 10 blogs share various art projects that can be hung on the wall or used as holiday decorations. The thing that all of these crafts have in common is that they are all simple enough for the kids to help. These projects will involve letting your kids get their hands dirty, so the kids will most likely love it. If you use a washable paint and protect your child’s clothing you should be set to go.

Check out the art projects featured in these blogs to get you and your child started on your own project.

Hand Print Sunflower Let the kids get messy when they make a sunflower out of several yellow hand prints.

Hand Print Christmas Wreath In this craft project the hand prints are cut out of construction paper and glued to a paper plate to create a wreath.

Hand Print Peacocks Try these colorful works of art with your child and see what she can create.

Kids Hand Print Artwork Create this four piece art ensemble for your wall using your child’s hand print.

Thumbprint Art 101 Get the kids to use their creativity by making artwork out of their thumbprints.

Fun Kid Craft: Easy Hand & Fingerprint Tree Using their hands and fingers let the kids create these magical trees.

Fingerprint Art Time to see how creative the kids can be! Let them put their fingerprints on some paper and then hand them a marker to turn their prints into something else.

Fingerprint Caterpillars This is a fun craft to do in the spring when you are talking about caterpillars turning into butterflies.

Hand Print, Footprint, & Fingerprint Animal Crafts Find this comprehensive list on how to create animals out of your prints.

Bouquet of Fingerprint Flowers Who wants a bouquet of real flowers that will wilt and die in a week? Make these fingerprint flower bouquets instead.


Help your child stamp their hand on a T-shirt and then finish up the design by turning the print into a Canadian or American flag. If you can’t decide which hand or footprint project you want to do you might be able to do them all and put together a table runner made out of placemats.

Kids love knowing that they helped make something, so be sure to display the project prominently. These projects don’t have an age limit, so make sure to include everyone from your infant to your teenager.

To get the step-by-step instructions for these and other projects take a look at these 10 blogs.

Hand Print and Foot Print Dish Towels–Great Gift Idea! Personalize a dish towel to hang in your kitchen.

Hand Print Canada Day Flag Shirts Instead of a maple leaf you can use a hand print to make the Canadian flag on a shirt.

Hand Print Tote Bag Help your child create a flower using their hand prints as the petals and then finish it off using a toothbrush and a sharpie paint pen.

Painted Placemat Table Runner Using footprints and hand prints, various placemat scenes were sewn together into a holiday table runner.

See How Easily You Can Make Fourth of July Hand Print T-Shirts Buying shirts for every holiday can get expensive, so instead make your own!

A Twist on Hand Print T-Shirts Try these colorful shirts with your kids using an inexpensive T-shirt and some paint.

Hoop Art Tutorial: Hand Print Keepsake No paint is involved in this project. Trace your child’s hand print and use it to cut out a fabric hand for this simple sewing project.

Turkey Hand Print Towel: A Thanksgiving Gift Craft Instead of making a turkey out of your child’s traced hand, he can make one out of his painted hand print.

Flower Hand Print/ Footprint Towel This tea towel will be a true keepsake after you stamp your child’s hand and footprint on it to make flowers.

Tote Bag Mother’s Day Craft for Kids Help the kids in your family make this fishy fabric tote bag.

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