Even the Tooth Fairy's rates are rising


My Granny made me a special pillow as a child specifically designed for holding a lost tooth. I remember eagerly cleaning off the white kernel, placing it in the tooth pouch, trying to fall asleep, and waking with the sun to see how much money the Tooth Fairy had left behind.

It was usually a quarter. Molars profited a bit more, but not much. Let’s just say, if I had saved all my tooth money years ago, I wouldn’t be using the interest to pay off my student loans.

That same cheap Tooth Fairy made her first visit to our house last week. (Tear.)


After we cleaned up the blood, rinsed off the tooth, and celebrated with our daughter, I wished I still had Granny’s tooth pillow.

Daddy put the tooth in a snack-size zipper bag (how anti-climatic) and we tucked her in.

She was fast asleep and we were soon surfing Google to see the Tooth Fairy’s going rate.

We must not be the only parents seeking this vital information, because she has created a website to help parents calculate the appropriate payment for lost teeth! No joking… put in your personal demographics and it will dispense the appropriate tooth rate based on your specific information. There’s even an app on iTunes.

Investorplace.com reports the average tooth is worth $3, up 15 percent from 2011. Thirty percent of children receive exactly $1 and 26 percent bank $5 or more. The price of enamel must have gone up with gold!

Our children will fall among the 30 percent earning a George Washington dollar bill with each traded tooth.

Lily was over-the-moon with the green bill left in the plastic baggie; truth be told she was even proud of the baggie. A one dollar bill to an almost 5-year-old might as well be $100.

We tried to convince her that she should save her $1.

“One dollar won’t buy you much honey, but if you save all the dollars the Tooth Fairy will bring you, after a while, you will have $15 and that will buy you something really special, like a doll!”

The protest and look on her face was clearly read as “Mom and Dad, you are a total buzz kill.”

She’s now the proud owner of a purple ribbon twirler. Seems like a fair trade to me, first tooth for a plastic wand with cheap ribbon attached. Yeah, right.

Regardless, our first born has a toothless grin and has reached another major milestone into full-blown childhood.

Now, I’m looking for the app that gives answers to all the post-Tooth Fairy questions.

“Where did my tooth go? What will she do with it? How many teeth does she have? When will my next one fall out?” And on, and on, and on…

Jessica Brashear is a stay-a-home mom to three children.

Read her blogs every Monday on momaha.



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