Last year the Nebraska Unicameral bravely followed several other states by banning texting while driving.

This was meant to eliminate what many considered to be the biggest distraction for drivers.

I am sure that I speak for many Nebraskans when I say that I am grateful those menacing thumb-pounders have been forced to put both of their hands back on the wheel where they belong. But I fear our fine senators have ignored for far too long a much greater danger distracting drivers all over this fine state.


These maniacal creatures constantly cause Nebraska parents to forget where they’re going with their intermittent, for-no-apparent-reason, screams. They force parents to weave all over the road because they demand that one toy they threw down in disgust 5 minutes ago but must have RIGHT NOW. They insist their parents stare into the rearview mirror and read their lips instead of looking ahead at the traffic because they cleverly mix up their screaming with inaudible mumbling. They demand their parents give them their full attention despite the fact they are hurtling a 2-ton hunk of metal down pot-holed streets.



“What’s that, Daddy?”

“Why is that thing over there?”

“DAD!!! I want… (barely audible).”

How can a driver focus on the road with all this going on?

I, as a parent to four of these such devils, am appalled that our senators have refused to do anything about this! They “claim” to be concerned about our safety by making us wear seat belts and now forcing us to keep our thumbs off our smart phones while behind the wheel.

Why then are they allowing our children to ride in our backseats and keep us from safely navigating Nebraska roads?!

Sure, they like to go places, but is that worth the risk to my safety and the safety of every other Nebraska driver?

I say it is time to ban children from vehicles! We must stand up to these wretches of wreckage and let them know they will never again be allowed to distract their parents while driving to the grocery store or soccer practice or the gym.

They have no lobbyists. They can’t afford lawyers to overturn such a law in the courts. Heck, some of them can’t even talk!

This should be a no-brainer, slam-dunk bill to pass. Every senator is a parent or has been nearly run off the road by one who is trying to get an inconsolable baby to stop crying about nothing, so it certainly will win almost universal bi-partisan support in the non-party-affiliated Unicameral.

It is time to make our backseats quiet and our roads calm and safe.

It is time Nebraskans put not only our thumbs back on the steering wheel but both of our hands, eyes and ears, too.

Please join me in demanding the Nebraska Unicameral vote to ban children from Nebraska vehicles and save thousands or hundreds or at least a few parents’ lives.

Or, well, at least their sanity.

Al Watts is the president of Daddyshome, Inc. – The National At-Home Dad Network and an at-home dad of four children living in west Omaha.

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