"We adopted our terrier-mix pup about a little more than a month ago and the nipping will not stop," this dog owner wrote. "It’s gotten to the point where the kids can barely pet her or even want to play with her because she bites them or knocks them over." Read Dog Gone Problems advice.

"Recently, we left for two hours to run some errands and came home to a nightmare! The Great Dane had tried to chew through three windows, destroyed the front dash of the motor home, broke countless items from a shelf near a window and dribbled spit and small amounts of blood throughout."

"When we ask the male dog to eat his food, he looks at the female dog as if asking for permission while she barks and scratches behind a bar fence. We tried to separate them in order for the male dog to eat, but he continues to seem dominated or controlled by the 5-month-old female Husky. How can I fix this problem?"

Every time this owner's roommate comes home or leaves her room, her dog reacts aggressively towards her. 

"He honestly scares her. She's scared to come home or leave her room. Please help, I hate that my dog gets this stressed and I hate that my roommate is terrified in her own home."

Read Dog Gone Problems advice.