If I have a deadline it will meet it. If I tell someone I’ll do something, it’s done. If I have a commitment, it will be met. In my world, that’s the only way to be. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are in my world.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Talk about NOT writing about what I know. I know about many things, but I do not know a lot about exercise.

It’s the holiday season, and it’s hard to avoid conversations about home decorating. People are buying their trees and decorations. Homes all over the city sparkle with holiday cheer.

Aryeh Azriel has been the senior rabbi of Temple Israel for almost 28 years. Over the years he has been a great rabbi, as well as a friend. He has given many good sermons, but, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, there is only one that I remember well.

In the good old days it seems like communication skills were so much more important. In elementary and middle schools we spent quite a bit of time learning letter writing, as well as telephone skills, and even conversational skills.

I have a filter problem. I tend to say what’s on my mind, without ever thinking of the consequences.

My father, Richard Gummers, was the individual who shaped my life and personality the most. He was a remarkable man who gave so much to everyone he knew.