When I was a new parent, I worried about a lot of things. Sleeping patterns, jammy tightness, sleep on the back, sleep on the front… it all occupied a lot of intellectual capital. But the one that occupied the most was food.

I am not a tech novice. Mind you, I do not work in the tech sector or have any formal education in the skill either, but I can do many techy things, including mild programming, networking, maintenance, and so on. I can even work on a Windows device for more than five minutes before I want to…

Holiday traditions are a funny thing. As parents we desperately seek them, less for holiday ease and more for wishing our kids to have lasting memories of the season; however…

It’s a memory from my youth that played out a hundred times in the same way. The location changed, as well as certain specifics, but the scene always played out like this.

Being a dad blogger, I get all kinds of questions. So, today, I’d like to take some time to address a particularly good one.

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