"'Hamilton' is something we can enjoy together, complete with little inside jokes — like when she goes to the neighbor’s house and I tell her 'you’ll be back' by dinnertime. Or that she should 'meet me outside.'"

Q: I want to legally change our daughter’s name. No one pronounces it correctly, and I think it’s going to cause her more problems as she gets older. My husband doesn’t want to, however. He says that changing it will confuse her. She’s 19 months old, for crying out loud! If she’s confused fo…

In the safety of the exam room, doctors can emphasize the importance of young adult independence, and help young adult patients and their parents define healthy boundaries. This, with other guideline-driven ways of supporting young adult patients, can lead to successful transition to independent care.

The next time I see another mom struggling with out-of-control kiddos, I will offer her support and grace because I’ve been there, too. I will not judge her or her kids on one rough moment because we all have them. Let’s show up for one another and lose the judgement once and for all.

Nowadays, homecoming — and other school dances — looks more and more like a money pit. Parents shell out hundreds — sometimes thousands — of dollars to give their children the perfect night. But at what cost?

Yes, there are studies “proving” that kids who co-sleep with their parents are as well-adjusted as kids who sleep in their own beds. So what? First, research in the so-called social sciences proves nothing. Second, if kids who don’t co-sleep are as well-adjusted as kids who do, then what is the point of co-sleeping?

"I have a son who danced, and I have taught many male dancers. These are some of the bravest and strongest individuals I have encountered. Even as we make strides towards acceptance and inclusion, it’s a stigma still facing men in the fine and performing arts, particularly dance."