If you want your baby to cry less, try a baby carrier. A much-cited study published in the journal Pediatrics found that baby-wearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying significantly — 43 percent overall and 51 percent at night. A more profound reason to wear a baby, though, might b…

My husband and I haven’t slept solidly through the night since that one time my mom took the girls overnight. We had no idea that having babies had made us lightweights, so we found ourselves wildly drunk off a glass of wine as we stumbled our way back to the Old Market Marriott.

"I'm not sure when parents today started feeling the pressure to throw an Instagram-worthy party at every birthday. I'm vowing to take it easy. I'm focusing less on the party details and more on my child. I'm focusing on spending as much time with them as I can on their special day and not on making sure my house is perfectly spotless or whether the homemade decorations are just right."

I found myself — a woman who once appreciated beef carpaccio marinated with lemon and capers — living a flurry of contradictions. I was bringing my son to McDonald's for exercise and protein.

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