He’s almost 4 weeks old, weighs more than 200 pounds and is “full of personality.”

Marshall the Indian rhinoceros calf made his public debut at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium on Tuesday.

The calf’s mom, Hellary, 11, followed him closely as he explored a bit of his outside enclosure in the Asian Highlands exhibit.

Marshall, born Aug. 30, is Hellary’s first calf and was fathered by 11-year-old Jontu.

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Dennis Pate, the zoo’s director and CEO, said the mother and calf have been doing well.

“If you were to write a book on how to be a good mother rhino, you could use her as a model,” Pate said. “We always worry about things with first-time moms. She has been the perfect mother for us.”

Pate said he’s hopeful that Hellary will have another calf in a few years.

Marshall’s birth, the zoo’s first rhino birth, is one of “the most significant births we’ve had at the zoo in many, many years,” Pate said. Rhinos have a 16-month gestation period and can typically give birth every three years, which can make population growth challenging.

Marshall is the 82nd Indian rhino in the country.

Zoo officials said the best time to see Marshall is in the morning, before mom and calf’s afternoon nap.