Baby king penguin chick

A baby king penguin chick, born at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in February. The chick can be seen beginning Thursday.

There’s a new king at the zoo, and it has webbed feet.

A 4-month-old king penguin hatched at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium this winter. After being raised by hand off-exhibit, the new chick is ready to make its debut.

On Thursday, the penguin will waddle into its exhibit for the first time, joining 20 other king penguins at the Scott Aquarium.

The chick’s sex is not yet known, and it’ll be awhile before it grows waterproof feathers. But the new king is growing quickly — it’s almost to the adult weight of 30 pounds, and it’s eating whole fish already.

It was born Feb. 15 to a pair of wild-hatched birds, which, according to the zoo, means it is more valuable to the gene pool of its species.

The new chick will remain in a chick pen within the exhibit for about a month before assuming its regular penguin duties.