The air is painted with color during last year’s Holi festival at UNO. This year, the public is invited to participate in Sunday’s festival.

If there’s one thing to remember while you prepare for Holi, it’s this: wear white.

The Hindu festival of color, in which springtime revelers coat each other with brightly pigmented powdered dye, returns to the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus this weekend. And this year, festival organizers want the public to know the event is open to the whole Omaha community.

“You get to meet different people here,” said Kumar Vikash, vice president of UNO’s Indian Student Association, which produces the event. “I don’t see a kind of barrier in these events. You see all the people enjoying themselves together in one place.”

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday at the UNO Pep Bowl. Tickets are available in advance here. Each ticket purchase comes with two color packets. Additional packets can be purchased on-site.

During the celebration, participants dance to Bollywood beats and toss handfuls of color at each other. The day also includes free Indian snacks and a flash mob.

Vikash suggested participants wear sunglasses to avoid getting dye in their eyes.

The celebration has become increasingly common in the United States, most notably on college campuses with populations of international students.

The traditionally Hindu festival marks the beginning of spring and is usually celebrated during the Hindu month of Phalguna (February-March). This year, the festival fell on March 21. In Omaha, the Indian Student Association usually delays its event a few extra weeks until the weather warms.

“We don’t celebrate it here in the way we celebrate it in India,” Vikash said. “Here it’s just a way to celebrate happiness.”