The Better Half: An occasional series

Food critic Sarah Baker Hansen is from Omaha. Columnist Matthew Hansen grew up in Red Cloud. As a married couple they travel Nebraska to share with each other little-known people, unexpected stops and memorable foods. Come along and discover more of what the state has to offer.

Prepared with support from the Nebraska Community Foundation.

Nebraska City is the fortunate home of half a dozen generous family foundations, among them the Nelson, Kimmel, Wirth, Kropp, Kriefels and Steinhart Foundations. Their generosity has helped countless projects take shape in Nebraska City over the years – a new hospital, an addition to the lib…

This street was long ago wounded by the demise of its biggest industry — the biggest stockyard in the world — and its main reason to exist. It was long ago abandoned by department stores and taverns, and long ago fled by the grandchildren of immigrants who moved to Hanscom Park or Millard or Papillion. Omaha left South 24th for dead decades ago. And yet, in 2017, it is oh-so alive.

One of the most surprising insights from a survey of more than 6,000 middle and high school students, conducted by Nebraska Community Foundation, is that kids think living in a small town is just fine. In fact, only 12 percent said they thought their hometown was too small.

Columbus has a history of being a center of industry. The "City of power and progress" is one of the most highly industrialized cities per capita in the state, and it is careful planning and investment that keeps the city living up to its reputation.

Nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs is key to growing our economy. Thanks to support from the Valley County Community Foundation Fund, young people in Ord, Nebraska, and the surrounding area have plenty of opportunities to explore their strengths, creativity, and their interest in…