I have devoted an entire cabinet in my kitchen to baking pans. And then some. It's a little embarrassing. Square pans in multiple sizes. Round pans in multiple sizes. The new loaf pans. The old, maybe-I-can-still-use-them loaf pans. I could go on.

Sweet corn season is upon us. Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year (for corn lovers), any Nebraskan or Iowan will tell you sweet corn can be rather messy to eat. Don’t make it a job to eat corn on the cob. Try one of these utensils and tools to make eating corn a littler simpler this summer.

Food memories are funny. While I remember distinctly the very first time I tasted a fried pie, I find I can't really recall its flavor, texture or any particulars. More, I remember my brain darn near exploding with the idea that a pie could be fried. And it was with that fuzzy recollection that I began figuring out a sweet cherry fried pie, something I dreamed about, imagined, and just had to try to make.

These yummy desserts on a stick will be the talk of your next barbecue. The warm grilled strawberry kebabs with the chilled whipped cream? Heavenly. The fruit version? Tastes just like pie but with no forks needed. The recipes are easily customized, so don't be afraid to mix it up and throw in a few more interesting flavors or family favorites. The Momaha taste testers' verdict? Fast, fresh and fantastic

Quick-cooking and delicately flavored, yellow summer squash and zucchini are favorites in Mediterranean cuisines and perfect for a light side dish. To create a fresh, simple recipe, we started with very thinly sliced squash, using a peeler to make even “ribbons” and discarding the waterlogged seeds.

Minneapolis taverns are famous for the Jucy Lucy, a moist beef burger stuffed with American cheese. Replicating the Jucy Lucy seemed easy enough — but our burgers, cooked to well-done to melt the cheese inside, were dry and tough or the cheese melted through the meat, leaving an empty cavern where the cheese had been.

I often wonder which family memories will stick in my children's minds as they grow up and craft lives of their own. Will it be the forced family hikes, the loud and competitive game nights, the trips we've taken where the suggestion of a hotel room seemed more enticing than the destination itself? Or will it be the smaller, less structured times together hanging out on the couch watching a baseball game or laughing over a big pancake breakfast?

While I appreciate the finer details of making pastry, I leave those to the experts. When I cook at home, I want dessert to look and taste fabulous - but it must also be easy to throw together. As a rule, if it can be described as "rustic," it is right up my alley.

There are many reasons I love the arrival of spring. One of the biggest is the return of my backyard herbs. That's about the greenest my green thumb gets, especially when a bunch of them - the rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint - reliably grow back every year. Soon enough, I'll be inundated with herbs and scrambling to keep up and keep them fresh.

We wanted a coleslaw with crisp pieces of cabbage lightly coated with a flavorful buttermilk dressing that would cling to the cabbage instead of collecting in the bottom of the bowl.

You can show your family and friends that you truly care about them by giving them your own homemade candy bars. Just as a side note, of course, the happy recipients are certain to be impressed — stunned, actually — and grateful.

The problem with many grilled corn recipes is they assume a cook's attention is focused solely on those ears. Unless you're just having corn for dinner, however, most backyard barbecuers are multitaskers, keeping a watchful eye on ribs, burgers, sausages and more.

Whether competing recreationally, at an amateur level or professionally in front of the world, proper nutrition is a key component of any athlete’s performance. A variety of nutrients come into consideration, but one seems to get the highest level of attention: protein.

When I look around our house, I'm struck by what a booze-cluttered lair it is. There are bottles in our dining room, bottles on my office bookshelves and in the closet. There are bottles in our exercise room, so when I get on the elliptical machine, I can hear them clinking menacingly, a sound that, in movies, usually signifies an earthquake. Should a spark ever hit my office bookshelf, the fireball will be seen from space.

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