The desert dome at Omaha's zoo.

The Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium reached a statistical landmark over the weekend: 50 million total visits.

The zoo started counting visitors in 1966. At the time, less than 90,000 people visited the zoo annually. Now, that figure is above 2 million.

Construction of the Lied Jungle in 1992 helped the zoo attract 1 million annual visits for the first time, setting a new annual standard. Averaging out the zoo’s attendance over the past 53 years, the zoo has attracted nearly a million each year.

“We are very proud of our increased attendance over the years, specifically because it allows us to contribute more to our conservation efforts at the zoo and around the world,” zoo Director Dennis Pate said in a statement.

Alongside attendance growth, the zoo has seen a drastic transformation in memberships over the past 50 years, growing from fewer than 1,000 memberships when the zoo started counting in 1972 to nearly 90,000 today.