For some people, the Super Bowl and food go together like Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann. Or Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Famous quarterbacks and their receivers who came up big on the big day.

Super Bowls are big days for another reason. Except for Thanksgiving, it's the biggest day for food consumption in the United States.

There's a cost to all of that yummy goodness. Most Super Bowl snacks are filled with calories that will ruin your diet quicker than a fumble in the end zone.

Charles Platkin, Ph.D., MPH, editor of and executive director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, offers a fun way to work off those calories, Super Bowl style.

Here are his exercise equivalents for some of your favorite football-watching snacks.

Three slices of Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Love's large original pan pizza

Working it off: It’s 460 calories per slice, and you would have to run 141 football fields (100 yards each) at an average speed of 5 mph to work off all that goodness.

Fit tip: Get thin-crust pizza with veggies and eat it for lunch, not just as a halftime snack.

A handful of peanuts

Working it off: One ounce of peanuts has 166 calories, so you would have to clean your house for 41 minutes after your Super Bowl party to work them off.

Fit tip: Nuts are healthy. Peanuts are packed with nutrients, including vitamin E, folate, fiber, niacin and magnesium. One of the best things about peanuts is that they contain a large amount of protein, and protein helps to keep you feeling full longer. But they’re also very high in calories. Don’t sit with a huge bowl in front of you. And try to eat one at a time; don’t shove a handful at a time in your mouth.

Two pieces of KFC extra-crispy chicken

Working it off: Get ready for 957 touchdown dances.

Deep-fried chicken is very high in calories. Each KFC chicken breast has 520 calories for a total of 1,040.

Fit tip: Coat skinless chicken with whole-grain bread crumbs and bake it.

Four bottles of beer

Working it off: Start doing the wave, 2,828 times.

Beer and football just go together, but keep in mind, each 12-ounce bottle of Budweiser has 145 calories, or a total of 580 calories. That's a lot of waves.

Fit tip: Planning to have a few bottles? Best bet is to try sampling a few very light beers before the game to see which ones you prefer.

Three Tostitos restaurant-style tortilla chips with seven-layer dip

Working it off: Get your uniform on. You'll need to play a full game of professional football.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are only about 11 minutes of actual ball-playing in a football game. That means you need to play one full game of professional football to burn off 3 chips with dip. Twenty calories for each chip (yes, 20!!) and 30 to 40 calories for about 1 tablespoon of the seven-layer dip. 

Fit tip: Pick baked, low-calorie chips at about 120 calories per ounce and have one at a time. Don't put out huge bowls of them. If you make the dip yourself, try using low-fat cheese and sour cream with black beans, not refried. Or you could switch to salsa: 2 tablespoons have only about 15 calories.  

One foot-long meatball sub

Working it off: Jump up and down 92 minutes after your team scores.

Meatball subs are loaded with … well, meat, cheese, bread and sometimes other stuff, too. So they’re high in calories − a Subway Meatball Marinara Sub is about 870.

Fit tip: Try using turkey meatballs, pita bread and light cheese.

Six Doritos chips

Working it off: Eight minutes of football training camp intensity.

Just one handful of nuts can mean loads of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, sprints and more. Just one Dorito has 12 3/4 calories. Imagine if you had a couple of handfuls (about 280 calories). 

Fit tip: Look, if you have only a few chips, I think you’ll be fine, just don’t eat the entire bag. 

Two handfuls of potato chips

Working it off: Where are your pompoms? That takes 30 minutes of cheerleading.

Each handful is about an ounce, so two handfuls of chips have about 300 calories. Oh, and if you add just 2 tablespoons of onion dip (60 calories) that’s another 6 minutes. 

Fit tip: Make homemade whole wheat pita chips and use nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream to mix up the dip.

10 buffalo crispy chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

Working it off: Climb those stadium stairs − for 150 minutes.

The wings are fried and high in calories, and that blue cheese dressing can be caloric suicide. Ten chicken wings at 95 calories each is 950 calories. Three ounces of blue cheese dipping sauce have 460 calories.  

Fit tip: Use hot sauce without the blue cheese, and make the wings yourself. Go skinless, and bake them instead of frying.

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